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Tampa Bay Running Tours w/ LB laurakbradley laurakbradley Posts

This morning did not disappoint... #cleargram #runflorida

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New hotel this week and the run views are hot fire! Literally.... #dadjokes #gorunningtoursflorida #runftlauderdale #vacationflorida

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Took some Go! photos in Orlando earlier... 😉🏃‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️

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Work is a calling - I’m not ready yet

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First official corporate running tour (in Tampa) in the books! This was absolutely an amazing experience for me with a super awesome group of ladies from all of the world! Thanks so much for sticking it out in the rain to discover Tampa with me, and to my guide Eric for making sure everyone was safe and also having a great time!

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Go! Running Tours Tampa Guide Training w/ Wim! Stoked to have you onboard! Plus now all of those fast runner guests have someone who can actually guide at the pace that they want! 😂🏃‍♀️🐢 #gorunningtourstampa #gorunningtours #runtampa #runtampabay #runstpete #runflorida #runningtours #downtowntampa #thisistampa

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It took me 8 years to buy prescription sunglasses... no idea how I survived the indoors without these, all those years...

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UT is always Instagrammable af

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Enjoy it while you can, “baby”... When you’re my age you have to run if you wanna treat yo’self... #gorunningtourstampa #epicurean #runtampa #runflorida #sohotampa @getawayst.pete swag 🏃‍♀️

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It’s great to be home and taking myself on my running tour of @tampasdowntown

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Got “Jacked” (JD equivalent of Icing) with my own Jack, but I’m stoked to be home, among friends and to have crushed 11 miles! #runstpete #stpetegrowlerrelay

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Back to back legs (11 miles) on just a sweet potato last night Bc my whole day was car breakdowns in Lauderdale.... These views help even if I have to walk some...

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Everyone forgot to bring beer, but we scraped it together to keep the Beer Mile Chuggers of Doom tradition alive!

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Bikram yoga about killed me as you can tell... I’m too stubborn to leave a class, but I definitely went into “sheet white and seeing stars” land in the standing series... Legs feel great, though!

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10k a day keeps the crazy away...

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I have horrendous handwriting, but I think that was my fastest 10k ever! Must have been those cooler temps! Thanks @getawayst.pete for a great race and for letting me be an ambassador! Can’t wait for next year! #gorunningtours #gorunningtourstampa #getawaystpete

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If you’re out here and you see me, come say “hey”! I need all the distractions I can get... I don’t do “cold” weather... #gorunningtourstampa #getawaystpete

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I didn’t hit 100 miles in October bc I was sick for like a month, but my goodness it feels good to be out here today! #nodaysoffnovember

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We need more photos of Tampa from this vantage point... #cleargram #hiddentampa #whereintampa #thisistampabay #vacationtampabay

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Who else is ready for the @getawayst.pete race this weekend?!?! I wanna know what distance you’re going for in the comments! I’m going 10k! And if you haven’t signed up, there’s still time! Promo code: LAURA10 - Let’s get it! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

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Look out!!! My first St. Pete running tour is in the books!!! A huge thank you to Eric and Mateus of Sweden for taking it easy on me during my first run since getting sick- feels great to get back out there! #gorunningtourstampa #runningtours #runstpete #runtampa #gorunningtours #runtampabay #tourstpete #downtownstpete #stpetemurals

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Dear Tampa, I’ve f*cking missed you... So glad I’m working from home this week... #cleargram #tampasunset #thisistampabay #whereintampa #vacationtampabay

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