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My favorite class in school was always art class. 👩🏼‍🎨 I’ve been thinking that I wanted to paint again for such a long time, I just always found myself distracted with other things. Finally last week before my 28th Birthday I went to the craft store and got everything I need. No more excuses 🙂 I know I still have a lot to learn but I am really happy I got to do this for myself. I hope this will motivate some of you to do that thing you’ve been wanting to do for a long time-trust me it’s worth it! 🎨

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Happy Easter everyone 🐣🐰🌸 📷 @nyclovesnyc

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Just a few of my new fave items 💕 #bagspill

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Oh hey it’s my Birthday 🥳 Thank you everyone who made my day special 🎂 🎁 Especially this guy @princetuli ♥️

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I’m always in search for zero sugar & zero calories beverages that actually taste good. Please don’t mind me while I continue to #Ruletheday with @Reignbodyfuel ⚜️ #ReignPartner #ReignOverNYC

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The other day at @piliani’s event ✨ Skin Care Talk & Happy Hour 🤪 with my glam date @petar_fox

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Makeup #bykokobeaute for @yogangsters newest campaign Model @queengotham Photographer @lucianapampalone

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Shooting @deborahlindquist Designs ✨ Swipe to see how this gorgeous bustier looks on @queengotham 📸 by @lucianapampalone

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It’s Friday which means preparing to spend my weekend in comfy clothes, hanging around my city. What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekends? #GrayIsAHappyColor

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Lovely afternoon with this lady boss @czjouer founder of @jouercosmetics at @theplazahotel celebrating the launch of their new Pressed Powder✨ Such a pleasure meeting your team and hearing an amazing story behind the brand #jouerpressedpowder #jouercosmetics

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Found this #unretouched shot of the beautiful @erinmichellexo 📷 by @kristina_mcmanus when we were doing out editorial for @qpmag Makeup #bykokobeaute Hair @jaidakbeauty Styling @nora_russell_

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Do you think I’m ordering an @uber or sending a risky text? 🤪

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Who wants to bathe in diamonds? 💎 📷 @sarashakeel

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Last week at @philippechownyc

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Happy Sunday ✨ Invest time in yourself & the people who matter! #happythoughts #springcleaning

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Come up with a good caption for this photo and I’ll send you a some of my favorite beauty products #Giveaway

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Aqua Gold Treatment with @hazelthebeautyrn! Check out my stories to see what @aquagoldfinetouch is and how does it work! #hazelthebeautyrn

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