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kinoyoga. Enter to win one of five signed copies of Sharathji’s new book Ageless

Enter to win one of five signed copies of Sharathji’s new book Ageless. To enter, comment below and tag a friend. Winner announced next week in my stories. You can also find his new book on Amazon 😊 And if you haven’t heard, my teacher @rsharathjois is coming to the US. As the Paramaguru of Ashtanga Yoga it’s a blessing to practice with him. And we have a scholarship! Details on this link below to apply— https://sharathjoisusa2019.typeform.com/to/Z5oXiO US tour dates— April 22-27 Stanford @sonima May 1-7 Miami @miamilifecenter May 10-14 @eddiestern Register for class here— https://www.sonima.com/sharath-2019-register/ Come practice #AshtangaYoga !!! Vid 🙏

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kinoyoga. This is version two of handstands in the sun. It’s a little sunnier. W

This is version two of handstands in the sun. It’s a little sunnier. Which one do you like better? Practice with me on @omstarsofficial And in Australia and New Zealand for workshops! Details on www.kinoyoga.com #yoga #yogi #handstand #beach #miami #miamibeach

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kinoyoga. Life is better in the sun. Or at least it feels that way to me. If I h

Life is better in the sun. Or at least it feels that way to me. If I haven’t felt the warmth on my skin, or the salty ocean breeze I feel like I’m not myself. I take every chance I can get to soak up the sun. It brings me joy. Have you don’t something today that brings you joy? If not, there’s still time! Practice with me online @omstarsofficial www.omstars.com Next workshops— Australia New Zealand 🙏 #yoga #beach #handstand #yogi #yogini

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Love is an all-consuming fire, big and grand and beyond your control. Only those willing to risk everything truly experience the totality of love. _ Nameless, timeless, eternal, love is all there is. _ Hate is safe, small and predictable. Hate you can control because it’s smaller than you. Choose hate and you belittle your greatness with a groveling weakness that is beneath you. But, so many do because the other option is terrifying—to choose love is to risk everything, not knowing, no guarantees, no timeline, just a leap into a waterfall that sounds like infinity. _ If you come to the practice of yoga and think it’s just about some poses you will find out that we are seekers on an ancient path of awakening. As yogis, we pray at the highest temple, the altar of love, the unquenchable fire that burns through all impurities, leaving only the glowing heart within, filled and overflowing. _ I cannot be conquered by anyone or anything. But I can choose to willing surrender into the arms of love. And I choose it every single time. _ What you seek also seeks you. So in your seeking set your sights on something worthy of your worship. _ #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime Photo @sigismondiphotography Outfit @omstarsofficial c @liquidoactive 🙏

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kinoyoga. Sometimes I feel like I’ve lived a thousand lives already, like I’ve b

Sometimes I feel like I’ve lived a thousand lives already, like I’ve been born again and again, each time with just a bit more wisdom and compassion. It is said that only by exposing yourself to complete and total annihilation will you discover that which is indestructible within yourself. _ I’m not saying I have all the answers, certainly I don’t. I’m not saying I’m anywhere or even that I am anything or anyone. But what I can say is that I have touched the spark of the unmoved, if only for a momentary glimpse, and it has destroyed me over and over again, and left me lying face down, prostrate in front of the highest altar, the temple of love, a space so sacred that you only get in after you bare all your heart and all your soul. _ #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime 🙏

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kinoyoga. It’s certainly feels like summer here in Miami! Someone told me there

It’s certainly feels like summer here in Miami! Someone told me there are snow flurries in the Northeast US. That seems so far away from reality when I’m standing here next to this beautiful water with a few clouds rolling by. My next one week Mysore Intensive @miamilifecenter starts tomorrow. It’s sold out and limited to 30 students. The next one is in August, so be sure to sign up soon. And, as always, practice with me on @omstarsofficial www.omstars.com #yoga #ashtanga #miami #miamibeach #kinoyoga

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In moments of distress, the last thing you want to hear is “calm down”. When you’ve been wronged, hurt or abused, the least consoling thing is to be told not to be angry. I know first hand. Just because I’m a yogi doesn’t mean I don’t get triggered into the “negative” side of the emotional spectrum. But when I do, it’s like people hold me to some lofty standard of perfection and say that I’m no longer a good yogi because I’m anxious, upset, distressed, depressed or angry. Let be clear. I’m human. I come with the full range of human emotions. I make no claims to be beyond my humanity. Nor does yoga state that you will never feel negative emotions again. Yoga does not promise that after 1,000 downward dogs you will experience good vibes only. _ The promise of yoga is a tool that helps you maintain a center or resolution, like a rock that withstands even the most challenging storms. Yoga teaches how to work with, understand and accept yourself wholly, so that means your good, bad, and in between days just the same. Being on the spiritual path doesn’t mean you’ll be perfect (even though in your imperfection you are already perfect). What it means is that you’re willing to do the work, to face, love and make peace with yourself in totality. You have to be willing to drink yourself and all of life in fully, not just the parts that are easy to swallow. _ For those of you who are angry, sad, depressed, anxious, upset and otherwise triggered, here is what I say to you. Do not deny your emotional reality or else you will deny yourself. If people look down upon you when you’re in thick of your struggle, it’s their own discomfort with their own shadow reflecting back on them through you. Their rejection of you has nothing to do with you. You don’t owe them anything. You owe yourself everything. Every tear that sits uncried is a burden on your heart. Every scream that remains silent strangles your voice. Your feelings are valid, the nice happy ones and the dark twisted ones too. Both sides of the emotional coin are working for your spiritual evolution. Find a way to say yes to it all and you will say yes to your whole being. This is yoga. 🙏

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I don’t ever want to live in a world that is beyond hope. I don’t ever want to stop believing in the dream of love as the most powerful force in the universe. In the story of my life I will always hold on to the idea that if it’s not ok yet, it’s not over yet. _ And yet, I don’t believe we will always be happy and cheerful, that no more tears will ever be shed. We will be angry, disappointed, heartbroken, divided, ready to fight. We will be gutted, wounded, tossed aside. We will forgotten, hurt, used, abused, and misunderstood. Our own words will be twisted into knives and used against us. We will let ourselves down more than anyone else ever could. This will all happen, has already happened or is happening right now. And yet... _ I have faith. Faith in basic goodness, an unwavering belief that the m common ground that connects us outweighs the divisions that separate us. My faith only needs to be the size of a mustard seed to move the mountain of doubt. _ It starts with a crack. In the darkest moments of life, amidst even the most charged and heated arguments there is a heart underneath it all capable of love. _ There is always a path that leads back to the truth. There is always a song playing, a call to prayer, whose music carries tune of a long journey home. What opens your heart to the quest is the very resonance that brings you back into harmony with all that is. The beginning is the end, and, the moment you start searching you are already found. _ #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime Photo @ifilmyoga and Happy Birthday Agathe, love you 💗

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kinoyoga. Sometimes what I need is vitamin sea more than anything else. In the l

Sometimes what I need is vitamin sea more than anything else. In the land of endless summer it’s yet another beautiful day. It’s a blessing to call this beach my home. I’m grateful every chance I get to play in the waves. _ Come practice with me in Miami this August for a one week Mysore Retreat @miamilifecenter _ And practice with me LIVE online today at 3 pm EST and always on @omstarsofficial _ #yoga #miamibeach #yogi #beachyoga

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There is always hope, even in a hopeless place. Light seeks you out when you are not able to search for it. Just think about the way dawn breaks and suddenly the whole world is flooded with glory. Even if you try and block it out, the sun manages to shine on you. Even amidst the darkest night there is a promise of a new day. _ As someone who has lived through my own inner struggles I know how easy it is to fall down into a hole that seems endless. I’ve spent days, months, even years spiraling in free fall, caught in a trance of unworthiness, hopelessness. But even then, if I look back I can see the relentless nature of goodness trying to get through to me in all the cracks. I’m here today to say one thing to you—don’t give up. There is meaning in all your suffering, there is a promise of love held within all your pain. Nothing you can do, nothing you have done and nothing that has been done to you is irredeemable. Your very soul is made of eternality. You are life. _ #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime _ Last day of #ashtangabasicschallenge (I’m late!) is Urdhva Dhanurasana, Backbends with me on @omstarsofficial Comment below if you joined every day. _ Outfit is my design by @liquidoactive Photo @sigismondiphotography 💗

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Snowga ❄️ _ I’ve been seeing all these pictures of people in the snow lately and it was so hard for me to conceptualize it. But now I’m here in Michigan and I can really feel the cold. And they say it’s balmy today! _ Please note: I don’t recommend actually trying to do yoga in the snow. A picture is fun, but really it’s way too cold to practice. After this I ran back in and warmed up again. _ Day 9 #ashtangabasicschallenge is Baddha Konasana with me @omstarsofficial _ Photo @hilltopyoga where I’ll be teaching again tomorrow! Last chance to join me for class before I head back home. _ Leggings @liquidoactive 💗

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To keep an innocent heart despite ups and downs of life is what yoga is about. It’s easy to be wide-eyed and filled with wonder when you’re young, before life has had its chance to beat you down. But to stay innocent, open and free even after your heart has been broken and your dreams haven’t come true, well that’s something else entirely. _ Yoga is a path of awakening, a rebellion against the chains of the mind that bind the heart. When you choose to practice you’re part of a revolution of the spirit that has the power to change the world. _ Did you practice today? _ #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime Day 8 #ashtangabasicschallenge with me on @omstarsofficial Photo @ifilmyoga Outfit @liquidoactive 🙏💗 _ Teaching all weekend in Michigan @hilltopyoga I seem@to have brought the sun (but not the heat). 😊

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