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Climbers descending Emmons Glacier on Mount Rainier with Little Tahoma behind.

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Did you know that a squirrel’s front teeth never stop growing?

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Proudly presents: @tomfielitzphotography . Feature chosen by: @hendrysn . CONGRATULATIONS!! Your work is absolutely amazing! 🏆🏆🏆 . We are happy to present this amazing picture from this fantastic artist. Please take a moment to visit the gallery for the talented featured artist above. . Recommended friends hubs: @ig_nature_naturally @bestpicturesgallery @world_photo_shots @igbest_shots . #lovely_earthshotz #ipa_shotz #planetoutside #igbest_shots #ig_bliss #ig_myshots #magicpict #fingerprintofgod #igersmood #earth_shotz #special_shots #heatercentral #nature_perfection #instagood #earth #bns_earth #lost_world_treasures #earthfocus #splendid_earth #discoverearth

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Todos juntos.

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When the water is clearer than your future

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A portrait of the first puffin I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. For hours I sat here, watching these wonderful creatures pick grass for their nests and taking them back to their islands. A few curious ones even wandered right over to inspect me.

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Waking up above Cape Wien to what I thought would be a wonderful day. I was hiking the coast line of Jan Mayen from Olonkin City to the South cape with some peaks along. I already knew the islands inhospitable climate and nature. The weather changes in matter of seconds. The terrains looks adventures, but beneath this green fields it hides a volcanic landscape with small sharp rocks eating your shoes and feet up. There are not many trails here. The ones that are, is not so well established and used due to the islands low population and its nature reserve. Tenting is not ideal in summer time. The strong winds and loose grounds making it impossible to pitch the tent properly. Still didn’t expect to break camp three more times this following day and night. To be continued😄

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isoladelbaapp. Tipi da #spiaggia all'#elba nello scatto di @enkelejda_zoe_golden.

Tipi da #spiaggia #elba nello scatto di @enkelejda_zoe_golden. Continuate a taggare le vostre foto con #isoladelbaapp il tag delle vostre #vacanze #isoladelba.

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