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We’ve got a bit of a crush. It’s only been a few months, but we get butterflies every time we see @kimptonblythswoodsquare. This hotel is the total package; we’re talking charming townhouse vibes, luxurious five-star touches, and the ultimate location in Glasgow’s city centre. We know there’s an ocean between us, but you know what they say — distance makes the hotel stay even better… or something like that. Tell us your Kimpton-crush below. - - - #kimpton #blythswoodsquare #glasgow #uk #hotelcrush #inspirationtravel #visitglasgow

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Are you thinking what we’re thinking? We’re thinking about all of the cool, immersive #StayHumanProject rooms that are live — like, right now. Like our chic, neon-donned room at the @saintgeorgetoronto in ultra-walkable downtown Toronto. It’s got it all, and by all, we mean a curated playlist, a locally made large-scale map of the city and collaborative polaroid guest book. Okay, we know that’s probably not what you were thinking, but you are now, right? Check our link in bio to check out all our #StayHumanProject experiences. 📷 @kaylaroccaphoto - - - #kimpton #saintgeorgetoronto #visittoronto #canada #experiences #guestbook

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Mexico City is having its day in the sun, and we’re not just talking about the forecast. This vibrant hub of industry and culture boasts more museums than anywhere in the world, a thriving modern culinary scene, walkable neighborhoods filled with historic and modern architecture, taste-bud-blowing street food, and lively nightlife options for all. Actually, we don’t think there’s much this city doesn’t offer. Well, except maybe a Kimpton or two. But that will change in 2020 when we open two hotels in the IG-worthy neighborhood of Polanco. So bring your appetite, your love of urban adventure, and your sunscreen, because this city’s hottest days are just beginning. - - - #kimpton #mexicocity #polanca #visitmexico

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It’s kind of impossible not to love our next #KimptonOffTheRecord band, @stlucia. If you’re familiar with them, we bet you already have a smile on your face just thinking about their feel-good 80’s grooves and energetic, festival-style LIVE shows. We do recommend wearing flat shoes if you win tickets to their @thegoodlandsb performance though because, as the band says, “dancing is dangerous” — and you will be dancing. So run (or dance) to enter to win. Link in bio. - - - #kimpton #kimptonofftherecord #stlucia #thegoodlandsb

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If you know anything about us, you know we’re suckers for stand-alone bathtubs… and dogs, and wine, and Denver. This 👆 is pretty much our ideal situation; a day spent exploring the sunny streets of LoDo, sipping a micro-brew (or two), checking out the local art scene, and then heading back to the alpine modern @hotelborndenver for a little R&R. And if we know anything about you, we think you might be into that too. So go on, do it, but don't forget to BYOD (bring your own dog). 📷 @paigemm - - - #kimpton #hotelborndenver #visitdenver #colorado #randr

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Ooh, @alexishotel, we love what you’ve done with the place. A refresh of all 121 rooms, you say? Well, we can see you were inspired by the Pacific Northwest -- with the cool palette of grays and blues, the playful nautical nod to Seattle’s waterfront, and the art-deco windows with panoramic views of Puget Sound. Did you think we wouldn’t notice the upgrades as well? We’re living for those marble bar tops, Marshall bluetooth speakers and giant soaking tubs. And we really mean it when we say ‘living’, because we’re actually moving in -- that’s right, you’re stuck with us now. - - - #visitseattle #seattledesign #seattledesigners #nauticaldesign #neutraldoneright

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Meet Saeed, aka Hawk. Where his nickname comes from is a mystery 😉. Hawk is the lead bartender @everbarla, where he’s literally always shaking things up. He’s the executor behind Ever Bar’s extensive cocktail list as well as all their themed pop-ups — like that one time they did a secret #GameofThrones menu. Saeed is a born creator and perfectionist, so of course he knows how to make one hell of a cocktail — but he’s also an entrepreneur, creating his own brand of orgeats, collaborating on a TV show about mixology culture, and writing his very own cocktail book. Since you’re probably still stuck on the mohawk thing, you’ll just have to stop by @everlyhollywood and see Saeed. When you’re there, tell him how inspired we are by him. 📷 @cocktailsbyhawk #kimpton #kimptonstories

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Currently: Pouring ourselves a spiced rum cocktail; when @thepointsguy raves about your resort, you pop a bottle (mandatory). A big thanks to Scott for the awesome article about his recent stay with his wife on their anniversary at @seafireresort. We were so tickled to read that he knows about (and uses) our social password! He says: ‘The Caribbean has plenty of great hotels where you can redeem points — and our readers recently shared their favorites. But the Seafire is by far my new top pick. It’s stylish, luxurious and small enough that you feel like you’re getting personalized service. Oceanview sometimes means you can see the ocean but how you see it is often up for debate. I’ve been to some hotels where that means leaning out over your balcony, stretching your neck as far as possible and hoping to catch a glimpse of the waves. That was not the case at Seafire. We loved the view from room 610. Everything about the room impressed me. The beach, hotel and the service were top-notch. We can’t wait to return.’ 📷 @reikojames ➡️Follow @kimpton for more luxury vacation ideas. 💡 - - - #kimpton #seafireresort #caymanislands #thepointsguy #ihgrewardsclub

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What we ❤️ most about Social Media is how it lets us connect with our fave people (yep, that’s you). Okay, that and the employment opportunities it offers our team, but mostly the connection part. Even if we could be in all of our hotels every day, we’d never get to “know you” the way we do now. Thanks to Social we can put faces to names (errr, handles), meet your favorite traveling companions (the kids, pets and pals), see how you rock the robe and savour wine hour, and explore our cool cities and neighborhoods right along with you. It’s like a mini adventure for us every day. So thanks for letting us join you on your journey, and keep those amazing pics and stories coming because we can’t get enough of them. Happy World Social Media Day to our favorite people (yep, still you). - - - #kimpton #worldsocialmediaday #connection #socialmediaday #explore #travel #letskimpton

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Let’s cut to the chase: Austin, TX is the place to be if you ♥️ music. It’s got 250+ live music venues, bands playing in practically every bar, heck, even the airport has live music. It’s no wonder, then, that music is everywhere at the @hotelvanzandt, and we’re talking e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. You’ll see trumpet chandeliers, a state-of-the-art(ist) record player surrounded by vinyl “birds” and their on-site hot-spot, @geraldinesatx, which books incredible live talent 365 nights a year. We’re tapping our toes just thinking about it. 📷 @dcfoodporn - - - #kimpton #vanzandt #geraldines #livemusic #musicvenue #visitaustin

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They say you should dress for the job you want. Guess that means that @palladianhotel is applying for the position of coolest spot in Seattle, with its playful bold design, stylishly moody rooms that reflect the city’s counterculture, a social salon with a speakeasy spirit and deliciously complicated cocktails, an edgy but totally unpretentious pov, and a prime location in one of the city’s buzziest neighborhoods. So if you know someone who’s looking to really rock the Seattle scene, better tell them that job’s been filled. 📷 @sproutedkitchen - - - #kimpton #palladianhotel #seattle #visitseattle #pnw #hoteldesign

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With an estimated 23,700 artists in the city of Toronto, it's no wonder we tapped more than a few of them to make their mark on the @saintgeorgetoronto. The most noticeable piece is perched on the west-facing side of the tower, where street artist @jerryrugg (a.k.a. BirdO) graced us with a giant owl mural. As you enter the living room, you’re surrounded by curiosities from our favorite local artisans, along with a hand-painted mural by @tishamyles. The corridors’ decorations include water colours from @jenmannart, who painted a different piece every day for a year. Inside the closet of each room (spoiler!), @paolodiaque added a white squirrel sculpture, as a nod to the famous albino tree rodents of Trinity Bellwoods Park. We guess you could say we’re pretty into art. If you made it to the end of this post, we’re guessing you are too. You little art aficionado, you. - - - #kimpton #kimptonsaintgeorge #visittoronto #artinstallations

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