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Channeling my inner Baby 💃🏼 . Mein Baby gehört zu mir! What‘s your fav Dirty Dancing quote? #KickAssYoga #dirtydancing #franceshouseman

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💙 KICK ASS YOGA 💙 Almost 2 years ago my first book got published in Germany and it was a milestone in my path as a yoga teacher because I was able to show my style, my brand and my baby which I named KICK ASS YOGA. You can find this one in German in bookstores & in my online shop. My first KickAssYoga teacher training is planned for 2020. Who‘s interested??! #KickAssYoga #tb #yoga #yogabook #entrepeneur #founder #proud #author

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FLAT PANCAKE 🥞 I just remembered how I felt in the pic above! I totally forgot because the present is, well, so present right now. I finally understood what’s going on, and it really is a game between holding on and letting go and BREATHING! #KickAssYoga #yoga #middlesplit #pancake #yogatutorial #inflexibleyogis #yogafeature

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STRENGTH FOR HANDSTANDS Here‘s a couple of ways to strengthen your arms & core for handstands using a wall! In the beginning: you don’t have to walk as close as I do. Repeat these exercises 1-2 times per week so that you can slowly build strength & confidence on your hands! Music by @mettphonic Outfit by @beeathletica Mat by @luviyo #KickAssYoga #yoga #handstand #yogafeature Day 1️⃣0️⃣6️⃣// #365daysofhandstands

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2 Years ago I did my first transformation challenge: 12 weeks of lifting weights & eating clean with @weareathletescom . Now, you can practice KickAssYoga with me in Berlin for 8 weeks & get your custom nutrition plan. . 🇩🇪 FIT & BEWEGLICH in 8 WOCHEN Übe 8 Woche lang Yoga mit mir in Berlin, um Deine Beweglichkeit zu verbessern und Deine Traum-Bikinifigur zu genießen 👙: Ab dem 07.05. - 02.07. treffen wir uns jeden Dienstag Abend zum Yoga und Du erhältst zusätzlich Deinen Ernährungsguide von @weareathletescom ! Für mehr Infos: Swipe up in der Story oder gebe bei Eventbrite.com 👉🏼 KickAssYoga ein. #KickAssYoga #yoga #fitness #nutrition #transformation

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HOW TO: FUNKY LIZARD This arm balance is as tricky as it seems 😅 because you‘re trying to keep one foot down while lifting the other towards the sky. #KickAssYoga #yoga #yogatutorial

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MINDFUL MOMENT 💙 What sets your soul on fire? For me, it‘s playing around on my yoga mat and losing track of time because it‘s so much fun to move. . 🇩🇪 Achtung: Gewinnspiel! 🍀 Mindful moments gesucht! Was lässt Deine Seele hüpfen? Gemeinsam mit der @die_techniker und @soulsistermag suchen wir Deinen #MindfulMoment 🍀 Zu gewinnen gibt es eine 90 minütige Yogasession mit mir in Dresden am 14.06. zur Techniker Beach Tour. Poste einfach Dein Bild mit dem Hashtag #MindfulMoment und vielleicht landest Du in der nächsten Ausgabe der @soulsistermag Die beiden Gewinner werden jeweils mit Begleitung zum Event nach Dresden eingeladen. Die Anreise mit der Deutschen Bahn sowie die Übernachtung in Dresden ist selbstverständlich inklusive. Viel Glück! Swipe up in der Story, für den ganzen Artikel dazu! Day 1️⃣0️⃣5️⃣// #365daysofhandstands #KickAssYoga #yoga #gewinnspiel

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JUST A NORMAL DAY This is my happy place: where my kids get the task to annoy mom in her handstand things... 🤪. . . Day 1️⃣0️⃣4️⃣ of #365daysofhandstands Outfit by @flyinglovebirds #KickAssYoga #yoga #handstand

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Practice. And all is coming. - K. Patthabi Jois Happy Monday vibes everyone 🤙🏼 #KickAssYoga #yoga #minday #mantra

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CORNER HANDSTANDS Do you have a corner in your home or at your fav yoga place?? You probably do! Then try these wall handstands to play with straddle and 💎diamond shaped legs! Swipe 👉🏼 for the video tutorial. Day 1️⃣0️⃣3️⃣ of #365daysofhandstands Music by @mettphonic Bra by @mandalayogawear Leggings by @beeathletica #KickAssYoga #yoga #handstand #yogatutorial #handstands #yogafeature

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🔺FUNKY TWISTED TRIANGLE 🔺 This is a fun triangle with a twist and it feels much more intense than my calm face might suggest 🙃. Use both hands to twist deeper. Outfit by @beeathletica #KickAssYoga #yoga #yogatutorial #twist #triangle #inflexibleyogis #yogafeature

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When you love cats but don’t have one 🤷🏼‍♀️😛 . #KickAssYoga #catlove #cat #kettlebell #tb

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