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#24DoorsToOpenYourHeart ❤️🎄Tomorrow is Day 16, and it’s Fish Pose 🐠 Only one more week to go for this #yogachallenge ! Everyone who is participating has been very disciplined to practice every day! Love seeing your creative posts. #KickAssYoga #yoga #fish

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ADD SQUATS TO YOUR DAY I squat like this every day. Not because I have to. But because it feels comfortable and it stretches my low back. Many students struggle with this pose, which is why I want to encourage you to squat like this casually during your day. Maybe a couple of seconds at first, then possibly a couple of minutes. I read a book like this the other day for 30 minutes because chairs are over rated 💁🏼‍♀️. Try adding squats, even with a rolled up mat, for 7 minutes per day (in total). And let me know after how many days/weeks it started to feel less like your legs are gonna fall off! Outfit by @heyhoneyyoga 🎶 by @jeffkaale #KickAssYoga #yoga #squat #bodyweight #asstograss #yogafeature

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WEEKEND GIVEAWAY Happy to have teamed up with my fav cold pressed juice shop @bjuice_berlin 💚 Here‘s your chance to win a 7 day #shotbox with juices one for each day! Shots like Ginger Lemon help to recover, Clever Chlorophyll helps to get through the week & Luxury Lavender to relax. To win this box: Follow @bjuice_berlin & comment below how you keep yourself healthy during December using emojis. For example, mine would be: 🧘🏼‍♀️+🤸‍♀️+🍌= 💗 . . Good luck! #KickAssYoga #giveaway #trinkdichglücklich

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❤️🎄🏋🏼‍♀️❤️ I already had soooo many 🍪🍪 that I decided to start my own holiday challenge! And I will be taking you with me, so that we can start the New Year feeling strong 💪🏼 instead of bloated & hungover 🥴. Who‘s up for it? . . #KickAssYoga #yoga #christmas #ekapadabakasana #crowpose

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Day 1️⃣4️⃣ of #CollateralPractice and it‘s a Pose called #elephanttrunk or Eka Hasta Bhujasana and although I like L-Sits and such, it‘s not my fav thing in the 🌎. Haven’t practiced it in a while, which is why I‘m showing you the ‚easy‘ elevated version with prep poses to start with. Outfit by @bonvirage Music by @not_theking #KickAssYoga #yoga #yogachallenge #lsit

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Day 1️⃣3️⃣ of #CollateralPractice and it‘s a floating/hovering ASHTAVAKRASANA. If 8angle pose is easy for you, this one will be fun for you! Swipe 👈🏼 to watch how to get into this pose. Outfit by @heyhoneyyoga Mat by @luviyo #KickAssYoga #yoga #yogachallenge #ashtavakrasana #armbalance #yogafeature

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Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back and reasons to stay. - Dalai Lama Outfit by @beeathletica Pic by @sofiagomezfonzo #KickAssYoga #yoga #forearmstand #yogafeature #inflexibleyogis #pinchamayurasana

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I get asked a lot when I started yoga, and my answer usually is that I started about 14 years ago. But to be honest, at age 12 I got in touch with yoga for the first time in my life. I fell in love with a Croatian/Serbian yoga book (from 1974) & the funny looking, weird poses in it. Padmasana, Lotus pose was the most inspiring and still is. Swipe to take a look inside that book! #tb #KickAssYoga #yoga

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Day 8️⃣ of #CollateralPractice Totally forgot to post this! Here‘s that promised HOW TO enter Baby Visvamitrasana I was talking about...the easier version of yesterday’s beach shot! Swipe to see a video of how to prepare & enter! 👈🏼 . . Top by @kickassyoga Leggings by @heyhoneyyoga #KickAssYoga #yoga #yogachallenge #yogatutorial

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It‘s Day 1️⃣1️⃣ of #CollateralPractice and it’s #Visvamitrasana You can enter the full pose from the baby version which is kneeling at first and then extending the leg, or from a warrior 2 stance. Pic by @sofiagomezfonzo Outfit by @nuxactive Use code JELENA18 for a discount! #KickAssYoga #yoga #visvamitrasana #yogachallenge #yogafeature #inflexibleyogis

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BEGINNER FOREARMSTAND As promised, here’s a couple of things to consider when starting to embark the tricky journey towards a free forearmstand. It’s tricky, because it requires open shoulders & a flexible thoracic spine. If these aren’t given, you will need to compromise & arch your back (hollow) which can be risky for the lower back. Stretching these areas prior is def a wise choice! . . 🎶 by @philipemorris #KickAssYoga #yoga #yogatutorial #forearmstand #pinchamayurasana

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Day 🔟 of #CollateralPractice is kneeling #Vasisthasana and this pose may look like I‘m relaxing 😎 when it‘s suuuper active! Everything is 🔛, which is why I made sure my hip extension = glutes are awake (swipe to see the video 👈🏼). . . #KickAssYoga #yoga #yogachallenge #yogatutorial #yogafeature

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