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I am happy to announce that I am now part of @womensbest team as one of their athletes. 💪❤️ To celebrate, I will choose 2 besties to win a 100USD Women’s Best vouchers each. (Girls, you can get the outfit I am wearing. I love it 🙈🔥) For a chance to win: 1) Like the photo 2) Follow @womensbest.me 3) Tag your bestie in the comment below

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A workshop that you definitely don’t want to miss! 🤩🔥 🇱🇧 @eryc_ortiz x @karenmattar There is something for everyone. In this workshop, we will give you our best tips that will help you on your progression towards your goals; not only physically but also mentally. Workshop breakdown (3 hours) •Mobility. •Inversions + press to handstand. •Core strength. •Skills (planche, human flag, front lever). •Partner acro. •Yoga/ flexibility. *Each section of this workshop is relatable to ALL LEVELS: beginner, intermediate and advance. . WHERE: @aabeirut WHEN: Saturday Aug 3 from 11am to 2pm HOW TO BOOK: via whatsapp @aabeirut 76000435 . WE ARE EXCITED TO TRAIN WITH YOU ❤️

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Here is a full body workout I did in my hotel room when I was in Sri Lanka. When you are in vacation it’s easy to find excuses not to workout. So I am sharing with you a simple workout you can do with 0 equipment. All you need is yourself and a bit of motivation🙃. 20 min would be enough. I recommend you doing it first thing in the morning after you brush your teeth 😬, wash your face, drink water (you can eat something quick and SMALL if you need to) and WARM up before (important) your body with dynamic stretches to avoid any discomfort or small injuries. When you do it in the morning, you get it out of the way and you have the whole day to do other stuff. Otherwise, you might skip it because other things come in the way during the day... We all know how it goes! So, here is the workout: •Burpees + tuck jumps x10. •Tiger push ups x 5 (option: on knees or regular push ups). •Hollow body scissors + knee to chest x10. •Bulgarian split squat jumps x10 each side. •Box jump x10. •Wall walks x5. 2 rounds- beginners 3-4 rounds - intermediate 5 rounds - beasts 👹

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He brings out the 🐒 in me 🤷🏻‍♀️.

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karenmattar. Chillin like a villain.

Chillin like a villain.

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There are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the limits of your mind.

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How many times did I say Wouuuuu ? 😂🌴❤️

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karenmattar. Here is a core workout for you guys 🍫🔥
1 - Fore

Here is a core workout for you guys 🍫🔥 LIKE/ SAVE / SHARE . 1 - Forearm plank knee to opposite elbow x 10 each. 2- Toes to hands x 20 (I am holding a 2.5kg plate). 3- Reverse table top to assisted L-sit. x 10 4- Ball knee to chest to pike x 10 5- Plank knee to elbow to side x 10 each. 3 rounds 🔥 Hate me while doing it. Thank me later. Tag me when you try jt out! I wanna see you 👀and share your stories/ posts. . 📸 @eryc_ortiz

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Your life only gets better when you do. Work on yourself and the rest will follow.

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Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.

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We were waiting for a strong wave to hit the rocks but it wasn’t happening for me 😂. Every time I got out of the posture splaaash 💦💦 a big wave came in. Mothernature didn’t listen to me. But she listened to @eryc_ortiz 😂. Check his post.

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Sri Lanka vibes 🌴 . 📸 @eryc_ortiz

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