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kaimal.manoj. When time expand. Plan was to go up in 10 seconds and come down in 20

When time expand. Plan was to go up in 10 seconds and come down in 20 seconds. And I was so sure that was the case. But cold reality of the video timer showed I took only 5 seconds to go up and 13 to come down #handstand #handbalancing #armbalance #pikepressup #handstandpress #yoga #gymnastics #calisthenics #manasayoga

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kaimal.manoj. Just wish there was some more structural space available between my sp

Just wish there was some more structural space available between my spinous processes. But then we work with what we have, and be grateful #handstandpractice #hashtags #igyoga #yogateacher #backbend #backbendpractice #mexicanhandstand #calisthenics #armbalances

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After one week of exclusively teaching the philosophical aspects of yoga ( which I loved so much), it’s great to resume the movement teaching of yoga too. Full blast ashtanga primary series today #yogateacher #ashtangavinyasayoga #ashtangaprimaryseries #ashtanga #yoga #flexibilitytraining #movement #manasayoga

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We need to develop strength to meditate in the presence of restlessness , disease, dullness, suspicions, confusions... yes yes I have done all that. But I have never done it with some cute innocent crawles moving above and around me. Maybe it’s because it’s just not the type of lizard I have ever seen. Not the smallest either. But I know they are harmless. They just make these crawl sounds on the wood when they move. That should be ok right? Not for me this time. Hopefully next visit here I will be cool 😊. This time I Just could not keep mind exclusively on breath. Felt the difference between the faculty called buddhi or discerning witness and manas or mind. Buddhi knew couple of other living beings is ok to meditate with. But mind just could not. So a big namaste to our earlier yogis who did their long practices in thick jungles and caves with real danger lurking all around. #meditation #meditationspace #mindfulnessmeditation #yoga #patanjali #obstacles

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Yoga philosophy is like an ocean. These ten teacher trainee students of the @allyogatraining program made their tentative foray into it 5 days back Like how matsyendra softly waded into the ocean. Sanskrit terms temporarily scattered their attention, but like how ash particles churned up to become gorakhnath, . they too gathered their scattered attention and held it in firm listening to the lectures. Their eyes widened on understanding that yoga is a darshana, a seeing practice rather than a stretching practice. They were soon considering their mimamsa (daily rituals), and practical applications of all 6 darshanas. Second day they learnt about the energy spiral which fell ( pat) on the anjali mudra of great yogini Gonika, and hence the name Patanjali. Then was a deep dive into the first three sutras. And the 8 limbs of yoga. Third day they listened to patanjalis words that life is suffering. The three kinds of duhkha. But was glad to know that there is a way out. Then it was the anatomy of a vrtti. Pratyaya and samskara first confused and then got clarified. Next was the four qualifications of yoga practice and non attachment. Then contemplated on patanjalis teachings on asana. Fourth day took a deep look at dhyana. Then shifted context to Vedanta. Karma, it’s five movements, the rules and the three karmic impacts fascinated them. The three shariras, five koshas and the nature of self as sacchdananda stretched their comprehension but they kept up. And fifth day , nadi, kundalini and chakras fascinated them so much that some of them wished I started early with the chakras. And that’s the way to end. Leaving them curious and thirsty. That’s the only way to keep receiving and growing. Such a pleasure teaching them with the rest of amazing faculty. Namaste and wish you all the very best. And now can’t wait to be back in KL and be with @sandhyamanoj , @sidharthmanojj and @shivaniimanojj and the @manasayoga family ❤️ #yoga #yogateachertraining #yogateacher #yogafriends #yogaphilosophy

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‘I did my yoga practice today!' As innocent as this statement might sound, this implies that most likely the person is referring to a mat based practice. However the philosophical context of yoga encourage students to expand their vision of yoga, beyond the mat (though not excluding the mat). For a serious yoga student, practice is continuous, and it never ends with the mat practice. And hence we cant refer to practice in the past tense, as in ‘I did my practice’. Its a process, and hence always about ‘doing’. In my case, this morning my wrist was sore. So the usual #childpose #downdog #headstand #handstand seq had to be shelved. But that doesn’t mean yoga practice is aborted.So today was to gaze at the sky, see the trees, the sea and especially at that far horizon where the sea and sky seems to be merging into each other. The effort was not only in gazing, but also inwardly checking whether any feeling of resonance emerges at the heart. First few minutes, the eyes looked, but the mind was still preoccupied with thousands of other thoughts. Later, a glimmer of a sense of connection. A subtle sense of the continuity of the observed view and the observing mind/ intellect. Similarly the sky space, the continuity of it into the space of the cabin I live in now, as well as the space within the shape of this body ( here, a deliberate yoga effort to refrain from prefixing the cabin and body with ‘my’). A humility and wonderment about the universe. And gratefulness towards life, towards awareness. And as I step off the balcony, yoga practice continues through whatever has to be engaged with. Of course this do not always happen. But that is the direction of yoga practice. So what are you doing now? How can you evolve yoga in it? Namaste! #yoga #yogaphilosophy #practice #yogapractice #sutra #manasayoga .

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kaimal.manoj. I and @sandhyamanoj are honoured to be featured on the cover  of the J

I and @sandhyamanoj are honoured to be featured on the cover of the July edition of the premier yoga magazine of Malaysia @yogalifemagazine There is also an in-depth article covering our journey in yoga and dance. The magazine hits the stands in all major bookshops in Malaysia this Friday. Make sure to get your copy #yoga #yogamalaysia #coverfeature #yogamagazine #yogaposes #yogateacher #manasayoga

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Early morning practice at this beautiful location. So amazing to see moon dazzling the sky at even 6 am #handstandpractice #presshandstand #straddlepresshandstand #yogaposes #hashtags #calisthenics #gymnastics #manasayoga

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@manasayoga practitioners, I am in Thailand this week teaching the philosophy segment of the TTC program of All Yoga Training. Will be back on Saturday night and resuming teaching from Sunday morning 8 am class. This is a morning sun salute in dedication to all Gurus and to all of you #handstand #handstandpractice #sunsalutation #ashtangayoga #vinyasa #presshandstands #gurupurnima #yoga #yogateachertraining #yogateacher #yogainspiration #yogainversions

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Reached studio early and so just goofing around with some stuff I have never tried before #handstandlover #handstand #handstandpractice #oahs #peacockpose #yoga #calisthenics #gymnastics #manasayoga

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7.30 am class. All about hip abduction strength, adductor length plus balance work #hipmobility #flexibilitytraining #yoga #yogafriends #yogaschool #manasayoga #vishvamitrasana

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Wednesday hamstring-psoas class in progress #hashtags #backbend #flexibility #flexibilitytraining #yogaclass #yogafriends #yogateacher

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kaimal.manoj. Morning session- giant set of block hspu 1 rep, one arm hanging leg ra

Morning session- giant set of block hspu 1 rep, one arm hanging leg raise, handstand side shift, inverted split. Repeat 8 sets. #hashtags #handstand #hanginglegraises #coreworkout #handstandpushups #hspu #calisthenics #yoga

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Bridge pose. Setu bandha sarvangasana. Setu means bridge. Sarva anga means all constituents of the body. Bandha means hold. At Manasa we interpret setubandha sarva anga as the bridge of energy/ awareness which holds together all the parts of the body. Infact one of the meaning of Asana is ‘the seat’. So the invitation is, can we take a seat on this great power which is unknown to us but which holds together and coordinates all functions of the body? This context is then expanded as the bridge between the individual and the universal; the known and unknown and so on. Of course, integrated with the psycho-philo+spiritual context is the neuro-physio-muscular context. In this aspect the shape of the pose reverses our pelvic-soinal-shoulder orientation. Normally legs are in front of pelvis {flexed hips) whereas in bridge legs are behind or beneath the pelvis ( hip extension). This lengthens the psoas. Also the lumbar spine’s extension is allowed to express well in this pose reversing the passive slouch flexion we subject it to during couch/ car sitting. In terms of Shoulders , the arms are usually in front of chest and in bridge they are taken behind. So on all counts it’s a wonderful reorienting position. To do this , What u need is couple of folded blankets and yoga blocks or some pillows/ bolsters. Lie down with head just off the blankets so that the cervical curve is protected. Lift the pelvis up and put the block or support under sacrococcegeal area. Straighten the legs so that front of pelvis is the highest point of the position. If you are very comfortable u can keep two blocks under pelvis. Hold for multiple sets of 1 mt. Eventually one long set of 3-5 mts. Happy #yoga #yogapose #asana #bridgepose #setubandhasana #backbend #philosophy #mindfulness #flexibilitytraining #manasayoga #yogateacher #yogafriends

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At the end of class I was saying “Formless boundless space and the organisational energy/ intelligence therein manifests itself as it’s very opposite - shapes with boundaries, such as our body; which if we look deep into , say through a microscope will reveal itself as space , through layers of tissue, cells, molecules, atoms etc. Similarly if u watch , the mind space projects itself as names, forms and feelings. Normally these formations are so strong and luring that that we can’t sense anything more to it. But right now, at the end of this 1 hr practice , with your gathered attention , sense the energy impulses behind the movements of this mind space -as the continually forming verbal narratives and visual forms ... “ and then, I said as I usually say, “if u wish to sit, sit with this awareness for a while and then gently lie down to shavasama”. Normally most people plop down to mat instantly. But today the 7.30 am class, all of them sat for quite some time. That was beautiful. Thank you class 😊🤗🙏🏻 #yoga #yogaclass #yogapractise #yogaphilosophy #mindfulness #yogateacher #meditation #manasayoga

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