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Sun rise practice with my wife at her home in India #handstand #headstand #inversion #sunrise #yoga #manasayoga

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Thaipusam Today is thaipusam. Translated it means ‘mother’s gracce’. Yoga philosophy teaches that we all have three mothers. One is the great unmanifest singular energy of the universe (parashakti), which, of its own volition fractalizes its oneness into apparent manyness of the manifest universe. This power of spitting and differentiation is called maya Shakti, who is the mother of the manifest universe where everything seems separated. And then of course, our biological mother. Today, may the grace of all three mothers flow onto us. The posture shown here, the peacock, is the vehicle of the great force who has many names- shanmukha, Subramanian, sharavanabhava, murugan etc.. The peacock was originally a demon (surapadman), who did countless misdeeds. Subramanian defeats him in battle (only after he receives the grace of his great mother, embodied as the gift of vel, his weapon). The demon do not die, but changes shape into this beautiful peacock, which then Subramanian uses as his vehicle. In our yoga tradition, we see the demon as the underlying ignorant patterns within us. Which has made us do many foolish, ignorant and arrogant stuff which has hurt us as well as others. Instead of closing eyes to them, by the practice of yoga, may the eyes of awareness open at all of them (indicated by the eyes of the feather of peacock tail). Through those eyes, may through grace of the universe, may we forgive ourselves and others. And may all of that transform into the beautiful tail (tail refers to our past) of the peacock. And may we ride skilfully on top of it. Happy Thaipusam to all! #handstand #handstandpushups #elbowlever #qdr #calisthenics #bodyweighttraining #peacockpose #thaipusam2019 #lordmurugan #mayurasana #armbalance #yoga #manasayoga

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Ashtanga 3rd series in progress. Check www.manasa-yoga.com for information on teacher training, workshops and classes #ashtanga #vinyasaflow #3rdseries #flexibility #flexibilitytraining #contortion #yoga #yogainspiration #manasayoga

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kaimal.manoj. Some drills which somehow forgot about for a while. Not particularly d

Some drills which somehow forgot about for a while. Not particularly difficult but yet good to keep in touch. #handstand #handstandeveryday #bodyweighttraining #inversion #straddle #calisthenics #yoga #manasayoga

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Thursday handstand class is not just about handstand. Lots of abdominal and lower back work plus shoulder and other aspects. Come train with us https://manasa-yoga.com/classes-schedules/ #handstand #handstandpractice #coreworkout #abworkout #lowerbackworkout #armbalance #handbalance #practice #yoga #yogainspiration #inversion #manasayoga

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I had been indulging in thoughts of introducing stick practices in the studio for a while. The stick twirls are great for mobilizing the wrist, strengthening the forearm muscles, improve the range of rotations at the shoulder joint, great for concentration, and of course it’s kinda cool to do. So today it was such a great surprise to see around 20 bamboo sticks in a bag at the studio. I am so touched by the generosity of the student who brought them (Yap). And I could not resist but immediately grab two of them and try the two stick twirls. I haven’t did this even once in the last 25 years. So I am mighty pleased and amazed at the body’s amazing motor memory skills. March 2nd and 3rd, I am going to lead a ‘basics’ workshop and on 9th and 10th an ‘intermediate’ workshop. Details will be announced soon. I will definitely introduce some stick practices at the workshop. So yogis, something new is brewing for 2019. #yoga #skills #workout #training #bodyweighttraining #calisthenics #handstand #yoga #yogainspiration #manasayoga

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Due to a shoulder injury I couldn’t raise arms even for the last six days, let alone a handstand. But thanks to my Doctor (Dr Rajesh Singh), could load it this morning. Nothing fancy. Just the 5 entries I regularly use to enter handstand. For today, no goal making for 2019. Just happy to do this much. #handstand #handstandpractice #handstand2019 #inversion #balance #calisthenics #gymnastics #strengthtraining #yoga #manasayoga #presshandstand #straddlepress

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Time in yoga (tantric view) is a flow of creative (srsti) and absorptive (samhara) pulsations. Which we experience as the continual emergences and submergences of urges, thoughts, desires, inhalation/ exhalation and physical events. Most of the time we cant help but be whatever emerges. So irritation forms we are helplessly irritated. Doubt arises and we are then doubtful. Of course there are times (those rare times) benevolence forms, equanimity forms, and then we are that. One of the invitations of back bend practices is to partake in the creative power of the moment (because we are not separate from the moment), and actively create/ invoke radiant heart qualities, which yoga typically points out to empathy (sahrdaya), goodwill (mudita), compassion (karuna ), courage (dhairya), zealousness (utsaha), gratefulness (krtajna) etc. So yogis, intend all these qualities, embody it through some heart openers, and share that shine with the world. https://manasa-yoga.com/classes-schedules/ #yoga #yogainspiration #backbend #flexibilitytraining #philosophy #time #manasayoga

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So year 2019 kicks off at Manasa with the morning class today #yoga #yogaclass #yogapractise #yogateacher

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kaimal.manoj. A slight strain on my left shoulder means no over head movements for l

A slight strain on my left shoulder means no over head movements for left side plus minimum weight bearing. But being the 1st day of 2019 had to do something. Thank you chair. Wishing all insta friends a fantastic year . #yoga #yogainspiration #handstand #chairyoga #strengthtraining #balance #inversion #newyear #happynewyear

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There is a structure to our body. And then the function via cells, tissues, organs and systems. In yoga our premise is that all these functions are correlated. The firing of the neural networks not only brings up thoughts, but also result in hormonal responses via the endocrine system as well as muscular/ fascial responses via the sympathetic/ parasympathetic nervous system. The inter dependence of body patterns and mind patterns is something very important for the yoga asana practitioner to consider. Learning and receiving of insights is dependent on mind states, and mind states are dependent on body states. This applies the other way too. What is interesting for the asana practitioner is that the body state can be altered through a shape shift, which then can go on to alter mind states, making it conducive to receive wisdom. Paschimottanasana holds a special position in this regard. Paschima denotes west or back of the body. The premise is that whatever we are holding on of the past embodies as muscular/ fascial clenching patterns on our back. And working on paschimottanasana, consciously feeling the resistance along the back line of the body, giving it loving awareness, and with each exhalation mentally affirming ‘ I am releasing all unwholesome patterns’ can help a long way in cleansing ourselves (along with happier hamstrings, gastrocnemius, quadratus lumborum to name a few) to receive the New Year in all freshness. In this context today morning, urging you al to work a bit on opening up the hamstrings as well as lower and upper back 😊 #yoga #manasayoga #manasaaddicts #yogainspiration #yogaphilosophy #mindbodysoul #flexibility #flexibilitytraining #pike #stretching #hamstrings

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Last Manasa Yoga session of 2018. Was an awesome year and looking forward to 2019 #manasayoga #manasaaddicts #yoga #yogainspiration #yogamalaysia #flexibility #flexibilitytraining #contortion #practice

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Two students got ten second holds in the 7 in the #thursday handstand class. So proud of them #handstand #handstandpractice #handstanding #strengthtraining #balance #inversion #flexibility #yoga #yogainspiration #yogateacher #yogateachertraining #manasayoga For classes, workshops, retreats and teacher trainings check www.manasa-yoga.com

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