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juliemontagu. • WE HAVE LIFT OFF •
I mean that literally and figuratively - as this

• WE HAVE LIFT OFF • I mean that literally and figuratively - as this 8 hour time difference jet lag makes me feel like I’m still flying in the air! 🥴 But seriously, the best thing I could have ever done for this jet lag was to spend my afternoon with @markkanyoga because now, I feel like I am high as a kite! So from airplanes ✈️ to kites ➡️ I didn’t expect very much today at my private with @markkanyoga but then this happened!!! . Something I’ve been trying to do for months but completely doubted myself until today. Mark kept saying, #yesyoukan (my fav hashtag) and on both legs, instead of kicking up and ‘hoping for the best’ I did my first ever, and pretty decent I might say so myself, float up to handstand. No kick needed. Mark showed me over and over again how to do it and where to feel it in the body. The key was to KEEP MOVING FORWARDS➡️ because when you do that, there’s no need to bring the top leg down and then jump up. But it’s feeling it in your body and practicing it over and over again - which I did today many, many times until it happened. . And then there’s a few more videos here to show you that ALL HARD WORK pays off. I’ve been practicing with @markkanyoga since October 2018 and in just 6 months, my strength has increased, my shoulders and back have opened significantly but MOST IMPORTANTLY- my belief in myself (and I’m not just talking about yoga poses here) has started to shine into me, through me and around me. And that is something that yoga (not just the poses) gives - if you allow it to. And now, off to cook my kids supper with a spring in my step because I now say: ‘jet lag? What’s that?!?’ xxJulie ✈️

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• WILL MISS • This Sunset: a beer🍺 in hand, real conversation each night, outside in the perfectly warm air, not a care in the world - with my Mom and Dad. ❤️ I may be from Illinois, but I’ve become somewhat of an Arizonian 🌵 since my parents moved here years ago. . But saying goodbye never gets any easier. I love the 🇬🇧and have loved living there for 20 years but the hardest thing ever, is being away from my parents and what I still call home 🇺🇸 - Floods of tears, bear hugs and a broken heart each and every time I say goodbye. There’s no place like home. xxJulie 🌵

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• I CAN’T GET ENOUGH • Of these Wheel Walkovers! But they are not a walk in the park for me, nor can I just go into wheel and kick over like it’s no problem. No way. A 2018 goal of mine was getting my handstands sorted. ✅ So when 2019 rolled around and at my first practice of the year, @markkanyoga asked us to come up with some goals (if we wanted to) and a pose that we wanted to sort out. I vividly remember thinking to myself that 2019 would be The Year of the Wheel Walkover. And now, 2.5 months later and a lot of hard work, I am here (cue video) 🎥 . But unlike the handstand which requires minimal warmup, the Wheel Walkover - for me at least - requires a FULL practice first in order for my arms, shoulders, back and hips to really, really open up. Once I’m open and ready, only then can I start to kick over. . So, as I promised you yesterday in my InstaStories, here are some tips that have helped me with my Wheel Walkover (when warmed up of course!) 1️⃣Walk hands and feet closer together until it’s comfortably uncomfortable. 2️⃣Push the chest through the arms towards the top of the mat over and over again to really feel those shoulders working. 3️⃣Keep the hips high by lifting up onto the balls of the feet. And when you feel all of the above and you’re ready to head on over to the other side - my last tip is to keep the chest pressing forwards the entire time because that is the direction you are going! Forwards. Up and over. Progress. Progress. Progress. xx Julie 💜

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• WHEN YOUR TROUSERS... • Match the sunset 🌅 It’s so good to be home 🌵 xxJulie

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• DESERT RAIN • Really it has been 🏜 ☔️ but am loving being home with my parents in Arizona. Despite the 🌧 I’ve been able to do a 1.5 hour yoga self-practice each day and walk a ton! Plus pick grapefruit off their trees and eat them for breakfast. 😋 And thankfully, the ☀️ has decided to shine all day long today. It’s so good to be home. xxJulie 🌵

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• CELEBRATE PROGRESS • No matter how big or small - no matter how many times you failed. For me, it’s not really about ‘Success’ that brings me happiness. It’s the PROGRESS. The effort. The never giving up. The keep going. The do it again and again and again. . @tonyrobbins gave an Interview to @cnbc in 2017 and said this: “I always tell people if you want to know the secret to happiness, I can give it to you in one word: PROGRESS, Progress equals happiness. That's because reaching a goal is satisfying, but only temporarily.” "There are levels of making it in life and whatever you think 'making it' is, when you get there, you'll see there's another level. That never ends, because if you stop growing, you're going to be unhappy," says Robbins. "When you achieve a goal, it feels good for — how long? You know, a week? A month? Six months? A year? And then it doesn't feel so good," he says. "I don't care what it is you've achieved, and the reason is because life is not about achieving the goals, life is about who you become in pursuit of those goals." . This is a snippet of my self-practice yesterday. I failed as many times as I succeeded but the failures are what make me more determined and stronger (inside and out) xxJulie 🌵in Arizona

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juliemontagu. • HAIR + MAKE UP CHAIR •
This will be a huge part of my life SOON! 😲

• HAIR + MAKE UP CHAIR • This will be a huge part of my life SOON! 😲 In one months time, I officially start filming my 8 episode TV series for @smithsonian_channel 🥳 But until then, and starting today - I am travelling a lot.... ✈️ to spend time with family, and to take some time out for me because once I start filming in April - and for 3 straight months - I won’t have a lot of time to see my family..... . SO, First up, I’m off for a week to Arizona 🌵 to JUST BE with my wonderful Mom and Dad. Then, off to Austria to ski 🎿 with kids and husband and lastly.... off to Japan 🇯🇵 for 12 days to spend time with ME on @markkanyoga ULTIMATE Yoga and Zen retreat! . Getting very excited for what’s coming up next in 2019! But making sure to spend time with those most important to me - FAMILY FIRST. xxJulie 🌵

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juliemontagu. • BRB •
Am in the midst of another @wholeselfyoga 200-hour Teacher Tra

• BRB • Am in the midst of another @wholeselfyoga 200-hour Teacher Training weekend with 36 students and I love them all! 🥰 . I’m then off to the 🇺🇸 on Monday for a week. So might not be on the gram page as much but will be on Stories - so be sure to watch 👀 my @wholeselfyoga Teacher Training from there (we had an amazing gong bath today by @soundbathlondon ) 🙌🏻 . And.....FINALLY got into this variation of bow pose all on my own last night at @m22chai amazing Dharma class. @markkanyoga Taught me to slide my hands further down towards the shins, gently rock back and press the shins back into my hands to help find the balance on my pubic bone - with the thighs and the knees pressing down into the mat. And breathe! Amazing heart opener! xxJulie 💕

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juliemontagu. • AD | DREAMING WHILE I SLEEP •
We need to sleep, in order to dream ri

• AD | DREAMING WHILE I SLEEP • We need to sleep, in order to dream right? And who doesn’t want both - good sleep and BIG dreams!?! ME PLEASE! 🙋🏼‍♀️ . When my head hits the pillow, that’s when I start dreaming about what I want next out of life: The goal, the milestone, the DREAM. . But in order to allow that dream to manifest itself while I sleep, I need to sleep! And sleep smart. If you’re like me and have had issues with sleep - whether that’s falling asleep, or waking up constantly or just NOT sleeping at all - I get you! . And I’m so keen on my dreams coming to fruition through smart sleep that I have small rituals I put into place every night….. An Epsom salt bath is a must 🛀 an eye mask and amazing pyjamas!!! Some days I never want to get out of my @dagsmejan_sleepwear pyjamas because these are like NO other pyjamas I’ve worn before. . These keep my thermal balance just right through their advanced breathability, NO sweating, softest touch (2 x as soft as cotton), and a perfect fit - this sleepwear literally moves with my body! So here’s to helping me make my dreams come true by sleeping smart. Use code JULIE15 for 15% off all @dagsmejan_sleepwear purchases! xxJulie 💤

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juliemontagu. • WALKOVERS • 
Video 1 might look like our WALKOVERS are a WALK IN THE

• WALKOVERS • Video 1 might look like our WALKOVERS are a WALK IN THE PARK….. WE wish! Don’t we @isabellankesteryoga - But it took us nearly 1.5 hours of practice with @markkanyoga to open up the back and the shoulders. . Video 2 and Video 3 show the reality to get to Video 1! 🎥 This walkover is FRICKIN’ HARD to do but we DO LOVE IT! . Plus, some more photos behind the videos that show what we had to do FIRST to get to HERE. Thanks @isabellankesteryoga and @markkanyoga for always being the best inspiration. #yesyoukan xxJulie ✅

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• YET ANOTHER TURNS 18! • I’m very careful posting anything here about my 4 kids - a decision I made years ago - so many of you here probably don’t even know what my kids look like! But today is special as my number 2 out of 4 @jackmontagu hits the BIG 18. 🎂 Officially a 6 foot 2 LEGAL ADULT 🍺 but will always be my little boy. What a year Jack. From making the 1st football ⚽️ team at Dulwich College, to being selected to play ⚽️ at the 400 year anniversary of Dulwich College (his school was founded in 1619!) to offers at amazing Universities. Despite the achievements, you are simply the loveliest, kindest, FUNNIEST, wonderful young adult. And we couldn’t be more proud. 💙

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juliemontagu. • WE ARE OPEN!!!! •

• WE ARE OPEN!!!! • Yes! THE NATION’S FINEST MANOR HOUSE 🙌🏻 Our family home @mapperton_estate is officially open to the public today and will be for the next EIGHT MONTHS! Here’s a chance for all of us.... . 🌺to get back in nature in our award winning 14 acre garden . 🌳enjoy long marked walks on our 2000 acre estate . 📚polish up on your EARL OF SANDWICH and MONTAGU history (this year our special exhibition is all about THREE STRONG MONTAGU WOMEN - The 1st, 3rd and 6th Countess of Sandwich) . 🥘Enjoy delicious food at our new @mappertoncafe THE COACH HOUSE (PS: I’ve helped create the menu this year... Julie’s Live Well Salad 🥗 Bowl anyone?) . 👫Kids love @mapperton_estate too especially since they can hang out with our newest Montagu member, Percy the Tortoise! 🐢 He’s so lovely and enjoys pottering about. . ‼️BONUS! Tickets are HALF PRICE until the 31st March! Head to @mapperton_estate now to book your 🎫 and well, you never know... you might bump into me as well filming my @smithsonian_channel TV series! xxJulie 💕

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