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juliemontagu. • MY INSTAGRAM •
I get a lot - and I mean a lot - of messages saying ‘

• MY INSTAGRAM • I get a lot - and I mean a lot - of messages saying ‘I love your yoga instagram’ account. Which a) thank you for these super kind words however b)..... . I think I need to just set the record straight. Yoga plays a HUGE part in my life - from a) helping me re-discover my true authentic self to b) making me feel energised, light, happy, grounded and well, overall good about myself and so because of that - and all my yoga training in the past (and present)..... . I DID create a yoga and wellbeing account @wholeselfyoga where you can find..... 💫 all my blogs posts every single Tuesday (last Tuesday’s blog post was ‘5 Ways Yoga Teacher Training Changed My Life’); 💫information on my upcoming retreats at @mapperton_estate 💫recipes and bits of excerpts from my 4 Wellbeing books 💫my 200-Hour Teacher Training 💫my Mandala & Mentoring Course and 💫my ‘just about to launch’ 15-Hour YACEP ‘Build Your Yoga Brand’ online course. So please do follow @wholeselfyoga for all of the above.👆🏻 . BUT this account here is just me and little bits about me - what I like, what I do, what I’m passionate about, of course there’s yoga (b/c obv that plays a huge part in my life), and bits of this and that - that have inspired and motivated me - to share here with you all. . So, the answer is No, this isn’t a yoga account or a wellbeing account or a healthy food account - it’s an account that has those elements because they play a huge part in my life but it’s also just an account of me drinking a beer 🍺 once and a while, embarrassing my kids, trying to get into that press handstand (and falling), and some TV stuff (yes more of that to come this week) And that’s it really. 😐😅 . So, I’ll see you back here for all of the stuff above - mostly light-hearted but definitely just the real me. xx Julie 📷: @moligophotography

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• AUTUMN • Has officially arrived at @mapperton_estate 🍂 magnificent autumnal colours surrounding the house and gardens all caught on camera by our Head Gardener @stevelannin 🍁

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juliemontagu. • SUPPORT, DON’T SHAME •

I’ve noticed recently here on the Instagram

• SUPPORT, DON’T SHAME • I’ve noticed recently here on the Instagram feed a lot of calling out - a lot of shaming. Shaming if you’re a democrat or a republican - a remainer or a brexiter - even as far as shaming if you don’t like a certain persons feed, a certain business or even a certain yoga studio. 🤷🏼‍♀️ . I have 4 kids - I don’t always agree with what they have to say 🙉 BUT…. I don’t shame them for it. I support their opinion because Opinions are GOOD! But shaming is NOT in my book. Have an opinion and support your democrat or republican, support your view on Brexit, support your people on Instagram, support the yoga studios you like - but don’t go shaming the ones you don’t like. . I want to teach my children that in life and here on this platform - opinions are needed, opinions are thought provoking - please have one! -but be mindful not to shame those who don’t have the same opinion as yours. And that’s it from me. . I shall now return to my light hearted, every day posts that make me smile and I hope they make you smile too. xxJulie 😁

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• LOVE MY OTHER JOB • TV presenter/host 🎤 here on @qvcuk for @lizearlebeautyco with the gorgeous @calizearle - so many amazing Christmas 🎄 gifts and SO MUCH FUN! xxJulie (hair and makeup by @kerryseptember 💖)

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juliemontagu. • FOR LATER •
#tbt in the Isle of Wight circa Feb 2018 with @lizearleb

• FOR LATER • #tbt in the Isle of Wight circa Feb 2018 with @lizearlebeautyco ..... but guess what?!? ➡️ I’m back in hair and make up 💄 later today with @kerryseptember 🙌🏻 as I’ll be on @qvcuk for @lizearlebeautyco tonight with my gal pal @calizearle talking all things skin care and the best holiday gifts! Yes, Christmas is coming!! 🎄 . But in the meantime, my real morning consisted of finding last minute cover for my yoga class this morning (thank you @gabriellaespinosa3 ) 🙏🏻 so that I could stay home with my unwell 12 year old. Calling my husband down at @mapperton_estate to come back to London earlier today so that our 12 year old wouldn’t be a second without one of us here. And packing up as I’m heading off tonight on a flight ✈️ - far far away - to headline a huge yoga festival this weekend - stay tuned for details later today! And now back to my reality xxJulie 🤒

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• THE ONE NIGHT A YEAR... • I’ve got to be a Lady. 💃 Thanks @historic_houses for an historic night out! xxJulie 👠

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juliemontagu. • AND NOW TO REST •
This is me today after....
a) my first every @wh

• AND NOW TO REST • This is me today after.... . a) my first every @wholeselfyoga retreat down at @mapperton_estate (thank you ALL 💖for you lovely comments on my last post!) . b) coming back to teach 75 of you last night at @triyogauk and . c) teaching 60 of you this morning at @triyogauk 💖 as you can imagine, my voice is a bit rusty so huge thanks to @athena_live_love_laugh_learn for leading everyone into sivasana this morning so I could come back home and rest. xxJulie 💆🏼‍♀️ 📷: @moligophotography

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• NO WORDS • Just 10 photos which still won’t sum up what my first ever @wholeselfyoga retreat here at @mapperton_estate means to me.💖 . This post is just one big thank you. Would love it if you could read thru the rest of this post because none of this would have happened without these ppl mentioned below 👇🏻 . Thank you to all 18 amazing women - from the bottom of my heart - who came and shared this with me. 🙏🏻 . To Laura and Mark at @mappertoncafe for the most incredible plant-based food, service, smiles, hugs and hard work - (we all can’t wait for Mark’s cookbook!)🙏🏻 . To Raymond, Beryl, Claire and Susan who work here on the Estate and were instrumental in making sure everything was ready for this retreat. . To my father-in-law, Lord Sandwich, who kindly and totally unexpected, gave a 1 hour tour of our historic house to all 18 guests.🙏🏻 . To my husband Luke and our fabulous Interior Designer Malcom who have spent over year getting both the Main House and the Garden Cottage renovated and ready.🙏🏻 . To my sister-in-law @harmsworth_fine_stationery for the beautiful Order of Events booklets and recipe cards, @calmiauk for the fab mats, straps and wheels, @spritzwellness for the Indulgent Liberty print eye masks and mat spray. @owlapothecary and @herbalharmony for wonderful mindfulness crafting and @ramblingroseflowers for setting and decorating last night’s dinner table with amazing flowers.🙏🏻 . And lastly but certainly not least! To my special little sis @moncits for being my rock and the official retreat photographer and to @ninayogaflow for helping me in more than just adjusting while I was teaching. 🙏🏻

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• IT’S NOT JUST YOGA • Here at my first ever @wholeselfyoga retreat at our family estate @mapperton_estate - We’ve had the incredibly talented @owlapothecary and @herbalharmony for our mindfulness crafting! 🎨 From smudge sticks to luna candles to therapeutic bath melts. 🛁 Check my InstaStories 👀 for a behind the scenes look! xxJulie 🍁

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• HAPPY FRIDAY • From all of us down here at @mapperton_estate moving, breathing, crafting and eating here on my @wholeselfyoga retreat. xxJulie 🤸‍♀️📷: @moligophotography

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juliemontagu. • EVERYONE CAN TRIYOGA •
My home away from home. My second family. Hon

• EVERYONE CAN TRIYOGA • My home away from home. My second family. Honoured in every way to be a part of this @triyogauk film. 💜My voice alway gets a bit shaky when I talk about what teaching and or practicing at @triyogauk means to me. This is my second family - and I tell you why in this snippet here - full film launching 12th Nov. Follow @triyogauk to see it all unfold. xxJulie 💜

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• READY & WAITING • After months of preparation and last minute discussions in the kitchen this morning with my husband 💖(pic 2), he’s now left to head back to London and well, I’m finally ready for my 18 guests - the first ever here at @mapperton_estate for my @wholeselfyoga retreat. 🙏🏻 . Thank you to @calmiauk for the amazing Eco Vinyasa Ultra-Grip mats, wheels and straps and @spritzwellness for the luxurious Liberty print, lavender scent Eye Pillows and mat spray. And of course, @moncits and her brilliant @moligophotography capturing it all! 🙏🏻 . PS: check out @moligophotography for more of her amazing pics and InstaStories 👀 about @mapperton_estate - SHE’S LITERALLY DONE A TOUR OF THE HOUSE! xxJulie 🌈

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