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juliemontagu. • JUST WHEN I THOUGHT... •
I had gone backwards ⬅️ (I’ve had to take a

• JUST WHEN I THOUGHT... • I had gone backwards ⬅️ (I’ve had to take a week off of yoga for a pulled deltoid 😤 from skiing) - my muscles have actually strengthened a lot 🤷🏼‍♀️and once I got going with @markkanyoga today - I was opening up my shoulders and splitting my legs longer than ever before. PS - Videos 2 (I do crash out after a frickin’ long hold) and 3 my head is OFF the ground and trust me, this is bloody hard with THAT WHEEL!!!! 😓 And Video 4 is my fav!!! as I’ve really been working towards getting a near perfect split leg handstand!!! (Plus, my question to @markkanyoga at the end 😂 ) I can’t wait for more next week when my gal @isabellankesteryoga is coming with me for a duo private 👭with @markkanyoga . After days like today, I just wish I could retire and do yoga all day long 🤔- am contemplating how to do that right now. Any suggestions as to how to retire early let me know! 😂 Yoga in my 40’s and forevermore! xxJulie 💚

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juliemontagu. • BUILD YOUR YOGA BRAND •
Without it being photobombed 😂 But seriousl

• BUILD YOUR YOGA BRAND • Without it being photobombed 😂 But seriously, I just want to let you know that this will be the last chance to enrol in my BUILD YOUR YOGA BRAND (YACEP) online course initial LAUNCH offering. In 24 hours, the price for the course will increase by $100. I have worked on this for an entire year and wanted to share with you what I've learned that has 100% worked for me in building my yoga brand over the past 10 years. I started out teaching 4 - 6 people in my local church hall and sometime, NO ONE showed up! But rather than feeling defeated, I used that time to do my own self-practice and to also figure out ways to get more local people to come to my classes! I never gave up. And 10 years later, I now teach 75 people in just ONE class week in and week out with a consistent waiting list too. And I've put all that I've learned over these past 10 years into this course just for you. So to get you excited I wanted to give you sneak peek into the different modules AND NOW... the updated BONUS Section! In Module 1, we'll be taking a close look into the essential ingredients you need to build your yoga brand. Module 2 is where you determine who your audience is and creating intentions around your yoga brand. But what is your USP (Unique Selling Point)? Your goals, your opportunities, your existing relationships? Yup, all of this will be thoroughly discussed in Module 3! In Module 4, we look at my 6 different ways to boost your income and your yoga brand at the SAME TIME! So... LET'S LAUNCH! Yes! Module 5 we get deep! From the golden rules of building a website, to launching and growing your social media, podcasts, YouTube, content creation and publishing tips! This module rocks! And Module 6, we end on a high by looking at Traditional media (it's very much still alive!), national, local and digital media too because it's NOT just about the amount of followers or likes! But wait! There's more! Just when you think you've finished the course - I give you my BONUS section! . So if you’re ready to BUILD YOUR YOGA BRAND - both offline and online - click the link in my bio or head to my Stories to swipe up. xxJulie PC: @morganelay

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juliemontagu. • HAPPY WEEKEND!!! •
After a whirlwind trip to the @hehhotels @lefitzr

• HAPPY WEEKEND!!! • After a whirlwind trip to the @hehhotels @lefitzroy Alps 🏔 and back, meeting so many new and wonderful people, I’m taking over the @ernestleoty InstaStories today to give you a behind the scenes wrap up of these past 3 AMAZING days (and footage not seen on my Insta before!) So head over to @ernestleoty to see some more shots like this ☝🏻 from the incredible 📷 @morganelay xxJulie 🎿 . PS - yes, I am a 40+ mom of 4 and yes, I was freezing 🥶 here but have to say it was sooooo much fun to do! 💯 worth it!

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• WHITE OUT • While shooting here yesterday in @val_thorens at @lefitzroy for @ernestleoty and truly honoured to have met, hung out, and skied with these YOUNG GUNS @5inchandup @annarvitiello @cubicle @bettinalooney and @morganelay 📷 - PLUS, I’ve learned a heck of a lot more about FASHION 👗 from all of them too! An area I’m clueless about! 🙄 So.....BONUS! And now for some ☀️ today! xxJulie

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• FALLING • Head over heels (literally) as I try to drop back into wheel in ice and snow - 😐 it clearly didn’t work but the amazing @morganelay got this IN ACTION ‘slip and slide’ shot! 📸 ❄️ . And of course falling head over heels (figuratively) for @ernestleoty new collection. ♥️ xxJulie

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juliemontagu. • ENERGY •
I am so excited to share this with you! One thing that I am

• ENERGY • I am so excited to share this with you! One thing that I am always asked, is how do I have so much energy? 💫 I attribute this to a few different things. My self-care rituals (like taking the time to exercise and say positive affirmations each day) combined with the food I fuel my body with. . Because I know food plays such an important role in how we feel each day, my starter guide shows you how to eat more plants for a week. . Plants give us the energy, the fuel, and the nutrients we need for optimal nutrition. If you’ve ever heard me speak, you know that fad diets and feeling bad about what you put in your body isn’t my style. . I’m all about eating more of the good things and reducing the things that aren’t quite as good. I’m about loving the food that you eat, rather than dieting, counting calories, and depriving yourself. . So with that, let’s get you started with the guide EATING PLANTS FOR A WEEK. This FREE guide comes with a plan for your entire week, 24 delicious recipes, and the nutrition information that you’ll want to learn. WANT IT? click the link in my bio above! xxJulie 🌱

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juliemontagu. • LONDON CYCLING •
I’m an avid cycler in London 🚴‍♀️ - to and from yo

• LONDON CYCLING • I’m an avid cycler in London 🚴‍♀️ - to and from yoga classes, to and from meetings and sometimes even the school run! And I need to be SEEN! 👀 It’s darker these days, colder these days and my safety is a priority! This AMAZING @provizsports stylish AND technical jacket makes sure I’m not only seen but that I #defythedarkness. . Utilising millions of tiny, highly reflective glass beads, the innovative material used for this REFLECT360 Outdoor Jacket is exceptionally waterproof. . The jacket has a soft cotton mesh lining which acts as a climate control mechanism. . And there’s even underarm ventilation perfect for when we do finally have those warmer days? (Remember last summer…. HOT!) . @provizsports makes women, men and children’s jackets and perfect for NOW - the colder season when daylight disappear quite early - especially on the school run! . Use code JULIE20 for a 20% discount at Proviz Sports! @provizsports #defythedarkness #ad

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juliemontagu. • GETTING THERE! •
One of my 2019 goals is to get this.... !!! 🙌🏻wit

• GETTING THERE! • One of my 2019 goals is to get this.... !!! 🙌🏻without a cushion! So today that’s what I worked on with @markkanyoga for a long, long time. And I am getting closer!!! . These personal goals are what creates happiness within me. Not things. This, right here, getting closer to a goal through a lot of hard work - little bits of progress every time I practice with @markkanyoga - makes me happy from within. 😊 . What goals have set for yourself that make you happy from within each time you get a little bit closer to achieving it? Would love to hear!👇🏻xxJulie

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juliemontagu. • REALITY SETTLING IN •
I’ve taken a few days off from posting anythin

• REALITY SETTLING IN • I’ve taken a few days off from posting anything here as I’ve had to take some time away and get my head around my new reality. New career. A lot of travel. And very soon - a 10-week leave of absence from teaching yoga. . The enormity of it all really hit me this weekend. I was in tears (albeit happy and nervous ones) to my husband all weekend. As my husband reminded me, ‘of course you are nervous - this is the biggest opportunity you’ve ever had - but being nervous just shows how much you care.’ . And that’s it. I care so much about this next venture. I want to give it my all. My 💯 percent in every which way. It has started. And it scares me. But rather than fleeing from my fear, I’m going to use my fear to fuel me towards courage. . I can’t share any details with you now and for several more months. But what I ask is that you’ll stick with me here, because when I can spill the beans after it’s all said and nearly done - I think you’ll be pretty darn excited too. So here’s to A NEW JOURNEY..... together. xxJulie 🙏🏻

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juliemontagu. • DAY 10 of 100 •
#100dayhandstands and SO many improvements happened

• DAY 10 of 100 • #100dayhandstands and SO many improvements happened in my Yoga session with @markkanyoga today - in particular my handstands!!!!! 🤸🏼‍♂️ . Firstly, @markkanyoga asked me why do I grip my hands in handstand? (See InstaStory to see the gripped hands) and I really didn’t have a reason 🤷🏼‍♀️apart from that’s how I was taught in the past. So we changed that today, to a much more flat 🖐🏻 (video one) whereby I’m using the whole hand rather than just the gripped fingers. And sure enough, I went straight up first time FROM DOWNWARD FACING DOG! 😲 . Second video is LIGHTLY - and with total control - dropping back into wheel with a soft touch. . Third video is that I now can float my back 🦶 up into forearm stand - over and over again. I don’t jump or hop anymore. And that was all through a lot of hard work with @markkanyoga week in and week out. I feel in total control now every time I lift into forearm stand for the first time ever. Oh, and check out the cutest kitten 🐱 in the background! . It’s the little bits of progress week in and week out - not nailing a pose - in my practice that makes me smile from ear to ear. xxJulie 🤸🏼‍♂️

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juliemontagu. • 15,000 THANK YOUS •
To those of you signed up to my weekly GET INSPI

• 15,000 THANK YOUS • To those of you signed up to my weekly GET INSPIRED (news) LETTER - keeping us ALL motivated, inspired and energised together.💫 . And for those of you want to stay inspired each week too 🙌🏻 - head to my InstaStories 👀 now and download either my ‘5 Top Weight Loss Tips (no dieting allowed)’ OR my ‘5 Tips to Sell Out Your Yoga Classes’ - or both! See you this Friday for another GET INSPIRED LETTER directly to your inbox. 📧 xxJulie

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juliemontagu. • FROZEN •
We literally skied in a blizzard 🥶 today. I was outnumbere

• FROZEN • We literally skied in a blizzard 🥶 today. I was outnumbered (I wanted to sit by a warm fire with Vin Chaud 🍷 all day) but 4 male members of my family said ABSOLUTELY NOT! However, the silver lining was that we were pretty much the only skiers ⛷ on the slopes 🏂 - no queues - no crowds - just us. 🥰 As for now...I am finally by a 🔥 with a 🍺 and a 😊 xxJulie

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