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Whenever you even think of travel. Think how @americanexpress can elevate your plans and take your trip from mediocre to out of this world! With our #AmexPlatinum we got not only our hotel room upgraded with @marriottbonvoy Gold Status but even our car! You always need a #Jeep when driving around any of the Hawaiian Islands. Being Platinum card holders we are part of @nationalcarrental Emeralds Club where we pay for midsize but get A LOT more! For more info visit their page and check out all their amazing Cards! We have 5 of them and just received more referral Links. So DM when your are ready to start living the #AMEXlife

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Want to make $100k a year? Hang around millionaires. You want to make $1M a year hang out with Billionaires and you’ll get there faster. If you are the smartest in the room; You are in the wrong room. Always strive to be around people that are better than you, smarter than you, and richer than you. If you are able to pick their brains and learn their skills and more importantly LEARN from their MISTAKES you don’t have to make them and YOU save TIME and MONEY getting there. Have a PRODUCTIVE weekend and stay safe. 🙏🏽

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To all that have fallen serving our country and allowing us the freedom to live our life to the fullest, THIS ONE IS FOR YOU🍻 to everyone able to celebrate this weekend be grateful and think of those that had to give their life to be able to enjoy this time with family and friends . Thank God for giving us people with that strength to volunteer and give the ultimate sacrifice. Don’t forget the meaning of MEMORIAL DAY and the long weekend. Be safe and have fun everyone MUCH LOVE 🇺🇸 🙏🏽

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What is she doing to me?!?!? Hahahaha I wasn’t complaining we were about to eat! @royal_hawaiian @marriotthotels @marriottbonvoy @americanexpress

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Getting lost in unknown locations are what make amazing memories. We actually ended getting locked in this place in the middle of nowhere haha 🤙🏽

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Grow up without growing up 😏😉

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Sincerity is the highest compliment you can pay.

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If you don’t want to travel the whole world or want to just can’t right now find a couple places that hold a big travel punch. @alex.floyd and I can always go to Hawaii and Cabo because they hold a special place in our heart and are beautiful. What are two vacation spots you could go to every year?

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Is pink my new color? Hahaha 🤙🏽

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Best day of the week to decide what kind of life you want.

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Crushing one mountain together at a time...

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Alex and I didn’t grow up traveling outside of California and dreamed to see the world at a young age, hell Alex never even left our small town. So we work hard as hell to see the beautiful things this world has to offer and we are slowly checking things off our bucketlist and hope you don’t lose that drive to provide travel for you and your family. I thank God everyday I wake up healthy and able to walk, see, and work. Keep moving and keep visioning yourself where you want to be. @royal_hawaiian @theluxurycollection @marriotthotels @americanexpress thank you guys for continuing to blow us away with your service and amenities.

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#Repost @sambakhtiar with @get_repost ・・・ Humans and animals have something we call a “Gestation Period.” - This refers to the amount of time a fetus or embryo is carried inside the womb. - And during that time changes occur rapidly. - If you were to observe from the inside of the womb, the fetus grows and develops and shifts and changes. - Week 6 looks so different from week 10 that it’s shocking and beautiful. - But if you were to look at the development of the fetus from the outside in you would see little to no changes. - In the case of a few weeks it would seem like nothing’s changed. The baby bump got a bit larger but barely. - But as humans we trust the gestational period and know that a little baby is growing rapidly in there. - Then at 9 months, the development is finished and out pops a beautiful little crying child. - Now what would happen if you tried to pull that baby out too early because you were impatient or saw someone else giving birth before you? - That baby would either die or come out with some serious problems because it didn’t come out in it’s due time. - The same goes for your dreams when you try to rush things; they’ll end up under-developed and pre-mature. - When you plant the seed, trust the process, let the soil take care of its part, let the water take care of its part, let the seed take care of its part and you take care of your part. - Be patient my friend, no seed planted and cared for stays below the surface. - And if it does, just plant another seed.

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Just out here living the life we were blessed with and another day to just smile, be happy, and make memories 🤙🏽🙏🏽

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Forever Forward. 🤙🏽 #NeverSettle

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Wake up everyday relentless! Go out and take everything you ever wanted!

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Forever chasing sunrises with @alex.floyd . Being a morning person is one of the best decisions you could make. #4AMCLUB

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