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First snow run of the year! #hofmarathon #medinacountyroadrunners

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Today’s run , 26 degrees and increase, first 20’s degree run of the year! Happy to run with these two this morning! #happyrunner #hofmarathon #runakron

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Fun first night run this evening run with these two buddies, makes for a little adventure that is always a great time! #happyrunner #runakron #halfmarathon

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Yesterday,10-27-19, Run with Scissors race was muddy, windy and rainy, but was a blast to running it! #happyrunner #silvercreekmetropark

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Run with Scissors 2019 was muddy, rainy, windy and fun today! #happyrunner #silvercreekmetropark

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Run with Scissors race 2019 today was a Fun muddy, rainy and windy run today! I always have a blast when running with my buddy Chip! #happyrunner #silvercreekpark #summitmotorsportspark #summitmetroparks

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25k Run with Scissors race 2019 today with my buddy Chip! We always have a blast when we run!

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Glade to get a run in this evening with these two! #happyrunner

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Chip and I ran a Memorable training run for the Run with Scissors race yesterday evening!

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We finished the Medina County Hiking Spree called Trekking Through Autumn today. This was the last park on the list! #hikingspree #hiking

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Yes, we have Summit County Hiking Spree Completed today! #summitcounty #hikingspree

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Fun morning run with Chip today! Did not knock out the miles would have liked, ran out of time! But thankful for the 9 we did conquer! #happyrunner

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Yesterday was a fun evening run with my buddy, Chip and his dog . Thanks Chip for pushing me! #happyrunner

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Medina County Hiking Spree, 7 of the 8 spot, with a total of 12 miles today. Joe and I enjoyed nature today! #ohiohiking

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Fun morning run with a little adventure! Always great time! #happyrunner #runwithscissors

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Beautiful run this evening with a great friend! #happyrunning #roadid

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Joe and I Hiking 10-6-19, we conquered the Fall Hiking Spree of Ashland County by hiking 6 Park. We did all of them in one day and did not end up finishing in the dark! Bonus ! It was a nice day to enjoy Mother Nature.

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Hiking on Saturday, 10-5-19, in hope to locate the Greenwood waterfall in Cuyahoga Valley National Park was unsuccessful! Joe and I hiked a total of 5 mile, it was a nice day in nature, but we could not locate the falls . #ohiohiking #ohiowaterfalls #cvnp

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Akron Marathon on 9-27-2019, mile 26.2, I am finishing strong and very great full. #happyrunner #runakron #roadid #swiftwick #ultimatedirection

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Akron Marathon on 9-27-2019, mile 23 with a new friend and I, finishing strong! #runakron #happyrunner #roadid #swiftwicksocks #ultimatedirection

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Glade to log some miles with a great friend this evening even in a little bit of rain! #happyrunner #roadid #swiftwick #runwithscissors

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Medal Monday: Two runners that meet on the Rittman County Line Trail this summer, unexpectedly, during a training run. Quickly become friends, connecting on one hobby, running. No label or judging. We both are at two different levels of running, but help each other and some time don’t even realize it. By Being accountable buddy’s, helping keep a fast pace, building endurance, running ideas pass each other, helping each other grow as runners, sharing knowledge, trying out different ways to stay hydrated ( hydration vest, lol), push each other when not feeling it during a run, sharing stories and most important laugh and knock the miles out, so each of us can conquer our own personal goal. Teresa, Congratulations on your first Half Marathon, the Akron Marathon. The best Fall Half Marathon around! Right Brian! :) I am very proud of how far you have came in so little bit of time and doing it safety! I am very proud of myself, the Akron Marathon was my 15th Marathon, last weekend I did the amazing NC24 run logged 59.5 miles. I am very proud and great I was able to conquer the blue line after last weeks long Run! #happyrunners #runakron #akronmarathon #nc24 #roadid

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This evening, I was very grateful to go on a hike with Joe! It was a relaxing, fun, and adventurous, 1 hour hike!

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My 15th Marathon! This morning we conquer the new blue line course of the Akron Marathon. Great course! It was a fun morning run with new and old friends! I glade to see friends before, during and after the race! #happyrunner #runakron #roadid

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