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Havenโ€™t trained bendbacks for a while but training the scorpion pose seems to have kept it pretty flimsy

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A little over halfway through #movember The tash is starting to look pretty rank- perfect time to donate โค๏ธ Here is the link https://mobro.co/jasonrocca?mc=13

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Saturday night play Day 1 #2weeksofpincha

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Day 15. Feet slightly lower. But head and chest are up a bit more

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First time doing a handstand in over a month due to shoulder pain. Very happy with this effort considering. Not close to being straight but still ๐Ÿ˜€

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Letting me down @conradmarcus1984

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Scorpion pose progress.... very slow progress

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First time growing carrots. These were picked early because I am impatient but still tasted great ๐Ÿคค

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First time trying to add weight to these. This was 2 x 8kg KB. Next up barbell

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MOvember time!!! For those who do not know what this is. Every year during the month of November men are encouraged to grow a mustache to help raised funds and awareness for menโ€™s health (both mental and physical). The last 5 years I have tried to do the same. If you are able to support me in any way I would appreciate it. Here is the link (DM me if you canโ€™t be bothered copying it) https://mobro.co/jasonrocca?mc=13

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All the berries I have with fruit. From left to right Strawberryโ€”> Blueberryโ€”> Mulberryโ€”> Marionberry โ€”> Blackberry. Still waiting for raspberry, loganberry, youngberry, silvanberry and kiwiberry to set feuit one day

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My next challenge Day 1 So much crapper than I thought I was ๐Ÿ‘Ž

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Final day of my splits challenge!!! Didnโ€™t stretch the last 5 days as I was too sore but still managed to get down. Had a couple of people give me lots of tips so thank you @allie.sko and @ashleighflanaganphysio

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It might not look like much but this a peanut plant. I planted the kernels a couple of weeks ago. If you have never seen a peanut plant google it. It is fascinating. Basically it is a little shrub. And when it flowers there are these little tendrils that grow towards the ground. Then the peanut forms underneath the soil

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Day 25 splits progress Wearing pineapple socks to protect my poor toes Anddddd trying to smile because I was told I dnt ever smile in split pics

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Pistol squats without a heel raise ๐Ÿ‘ Dragon pistol squats ๐Ÿ‘Ž These are so much harder and my adductors cramp every time ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

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As a martial artist it is important to refine your skills so you can adapt them in any situation. I now know I can fight imaginary people if I am stuck between chairs

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Day 20 - and im flat. Twisted AF but flat So Iโ€™ve been sick the last few days and have not stretched at all so super surprised this happened. I guess gin and tonic, neurofen and panadol work for stretching

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