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✨GIVEAWAY✨ LAST TWO WEEKS TO SOUL TOGETHER ✨ I've partnered with some of my favorite Instructors around the country to give one lucky rider a chance to win a $400 @SoulCycle gift card to push themselves a little extra during this #SoulTogether challenge! To participate: 1. FOLLOW ME! 2. LIKE this picture 3. Go to @Bai_Bai and repeat the steps 4. Follow these same steps on every account until you return back to the account you started on. Once you've completed the loop COMMENT BELOW & tag your Soulcycle bestie! 5. BONUS ENTRY! What does the Soul Community mean to you? Post a picture of you at #SoulCycle and tell us! Make sure you use our hashtag #SoulThisWay so we can see you! 6. Contest ends at Noon on Monday October 22nd just in time for a little extra push to finish this challenge strong! **See original post for all rules and regulations. This is not sponsored by Instagram or any of the brands pictured above. ***YES, that is a dog on my computer lol 🐶💻


Dig deeper, go higher. 💫👊🏼 • New @soulcycle x @p.e.nation ⚡️


Meet @CharleeAtkins she is my friend and my mentor. In the age of social media, I have found that people who are real, are hard to come by. Here’s a girl who is making a name for herself (follow @le.sweat ) and willing to lift everyone up on her way. When I first became an instructor she barely knew me, but she helped me with playlists and was there to answer a million questions. In 2015 she sent an email to @WilhelminaModels on my behalf. She pushed me to start @VeryBestSelf and has been there to give me advice on everything under the sun. It’s wild how many people have incredible things to say about me to my face or who have asked for my help with social media, yet are quiet publicly or don’t even like my photos. Be real. Lift other people up, do it when no one is watching and do it when everyone is watching. Especially do it for people you say you look up to. Double tap their photos and show support because there is always room at the top. Charlee, you’re a real one, thank you for being you. Tag your mentor, a co-worker or friend who has been there for you and keeps it real, or write a post of your own and shout them out! xxVB


I am not perfect, and I sure as hell don’t try to be- but I can promise that I wake up each day and do my best. I give it my best shot and I put my best foot forward. That’s all any of us can do! Follow along @VeryBestSelf Let’s find stronger versions of who we already are, together. 👊🏼 xxVB #VBSquad #beyourverybestself


Fall things 🍂🎃✨ • Went to a Pumpkin Festival today with a lot of my favorite people. Community is a really dope thing, @soulcycle brought all of these people together and nothing makes me happier than that. 🧡 #VBSquad

imvictoriabrown. Just do you. Honestly, though. ...I don’t know about you? But it’s exh

Just do you. Honestly, though. ...I don’t know about you? But it’s exhausting AF for me to try and fit into someone else’s box or subscribe to their idea of what or who I should be. I’m absolutely guilty of it from time to time- I catch myself trying to be a certain way so that I am liked more or accepted, but I simply can’t be bothered anymore. You don’t like me? Your loss. ✌🏼My life isn’t going to stop. Let those people go, keep staying true to who you are and the right people, who see your greatness, will find you. You want the people who are sure about you. The ones who are ready to love you with their whole heart, not just half it. Relationships, friendships, careers, all of the above. Don’t try to convince anyone to be in your orbit. They will be there on their own if they want to be. xxVB #VeryBestSelf #VBSquad


Hi, it’s me 🙋🏻‍♀️ • Focus on what feels right. Notice the moments when things feel easy- where you are and who you’re surrounded by. Go there, do that. ♡ xxVB • New tights by @SoulCycle and I love them! Also, another huge thank you to the squad who came out to hang last night! I love getting to know all of you better outside of the studio ❥


Feeling young and wild and free. There’s no greater feeling than moving your body to music, letting go of your inhibitions and connecting to yourself and the space around you. Come as you are, meet yourself where you’re at and LET GO. Suddenly the weight of the world that you try so hard to carry on your shoulders, doesn’t feel quite so heavy. xxVB #VBSquadComingSoon


What’s up Thursday?! Maybe you caught this message in my stories today? Maybe not?! Just stopping by to remind you that your dreams cannot be one dimensional if you want them to really happen. If they only live in your mind, what good is that doing you or anyone else? At a certain point, you have to put action behind the idea or it will forever remain, just a thought. Make it real! Bring it out of your head and into YOUR LIFE!!! xxVB #VBSquadComingSoon


It doesn’t matter how many times you fail. It doesn’t matter how many times you get let down. It doesn’t matter how many times you have your heart broken. What counts, what really matters- is your willingness to keep going. So the next time you get knocked down, give thanks for your rock bottom, then rise stronger. xxVB #VBSquadComingSoon


Monday AND October 1st?! Time to kick it into high gear 👊🏼 • Three months left in this year! Try and tell me that didn’t fly by?! It’s GO TIME! xxVB #VBSquadComingSoon


YOU GUYS?! That rainbow and light play just randomly showed up in this pic! There are apps where you can add things like that in post to a photo but this just happened an I’ve decided to believe that it’s a good omen...of what? I have no idea? But on this gorgeous Saturday, I’m just going with it ✨🌈 • Spent the morning at @WanderlustFest with two girlfriends, we did some yoga, did some meditation, walked around, soaked in the sunshine and also checked out the @SwissUSA set-up. At their #DestinationHappiness pop-up I found the perfect place to recenter amidst all the #Wanderlust108 madness and I learned that their hair, skin and nails Liquid is made from blood orange extract from Sicily- not only is it delicious but that Vitamin C helps the body naturally produce collagen, which we all know is a key building block for shiny hair, supple skin and strong nails! What better definition is there of #BeautyFromWithin?! Check out their line of supplements and vitamins from Australia so you can #CelebrateLifeEveryday #ad xxVB


TOMORROW! Stopped by @TrellisHouseDC today and took a tour, pre @sweatdc event tomorrow! Got to use their fitness facility and hang by the pool and was blown away by the lux that is hidden right in the middle of DC! ...if you are free tomorrow- There is a Sweat Fest VIP Party mañana from 12:30-2:30 by the pool! Come hang 🤗💦 just email Whitney @whitneyStringer.com to reserve your spot! #TrellisHouse #TrellisHouseDC #FitDC xxVB #ad


#WillMakesUsFamily #WEWILL • I have always been fascinated with athletes. My favorite books to read are books about athletes. @raylewis , @rhondarousey and @abbywambach all have INCREDIBLE stories. -But my favorite Athlete of all time is Ray Lewis. His story, what he fought through as a child, his faith, his resilience as a man, as an advocate and as an athlete are all examples of what I strive for. • I will never forget the game I watched on January 22nd 2012. It was supposed to be the year that the Ravens would go to the Super Bowl and I watched in disbelief as they missed an easy field goal and in that instant an entire season of hard work and dreams were crushed. It felt like a movie, it didn’t feel real. I remember he was interviewed after the game and neither his leadership nor his faith ever faltered. Of course he was broken, of course he was upset. He was asked how he felt and he responded calmly that it wasn’t meant for them this time but they would be back. • They did come back. The very next year and win the Super Bowl. Through failure, through a torn tricep, through controversy, he lead his team to victory and NEVER QUIT. His WILL has helped fuel my WILL. • I’ve been an athlete all of my life. I’ve never been the “greatest” but I love what being athlete means and how we push ourselves through sweat is a constant metaphor for how we live our lives. Pushing through what challenges us and practicing that daily, in every way, shapes how we handle what happens off the court, off the field, off the bike, outside of the studio, outside of the gym etc. #WillFindsAWay • Tell me what athlete inspires you and why below! Also if you recommend any other books about athletes! Can’t wait to read 👊🏼 xxVB *Fast Forward- The first photo was taken circa 2015 when I was a newer @SoulCycle instructor. Now, we are both team @UnderArmour so actual family as well.


✨✨✨GIVEAWAY✨✨✨ #DESTINATIONHAPPINESS I’m going to @Wanderlust this weekend and I have partnered with @swisseusa to give away a FREE ticket! OMG! 🤗 It will be an action packed day, full of workouts, food, giveaways and fun! How to enter: 1) Follow me 2) Follow @swisseusa 3) Tag two friends in the comments! ✨Announcing the winner tomorrow at 5PM in my story! GOOD LUCK! 🤗


We’re all so different- but that’s what makes us special. • Great afternoon connecting with these souls. We each have our own unique approach and style to teaching, but the goal is the same. As we went around the table today we answered a simple question “When I step on to the podium I am there to...” And with the answers that followed, I was reminded that we each walk our own paths but share the commonality that we aim to make everyone else’s day better when they walk into our room. Thanks for sharing your light’s with me today, it was exactly what I didn’t know I needed. ✨ #SoulPeopleAreTheBestPeople


Live your life on purpose. We hit the pause button unnecessarily all of the time. We’re afraid of what people might think of us, we are afraid of failing and we are afraid of succeeding. All the while, the world keeps spinning and time keeps ticking. Push play on what you really want. Your life is yours for the taking. xxVB


What an incredible weekend?! I AM STILL ON A HIGH! People have it backwards often times- they dread working out because it’s difficult to push yourself or hard to find motivation. I get that, I feel it too. The solution is to find your team. Find people who make it fun, lift you up, support you and make you laugh along the way. Suddenly it isn’t miserable at all. • This past weekend I got to spend time with like-minded people. We worked out, we meditated, we moved our bodies, we connected and we hydrated with cold beer at pool parties in the dessert heat. Talk about balance?! Fitness can be fun if you make it that way! • Thank you to @michelobultra and @underarmourwomen for having me! And shoutout to @trainwithmon for being a dope human and all of my new friends I met over the weekend! Until next year! 🙌🏼 xxVB #LiveULTRA #UltraFitfFest @michelobultra