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Consider this my application for #TheBachelor...will you accept this rose? 🌹lol Happy Valentine’s Day! #butseriously #bachelor

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Choose the people, places and circumstances that contribute to the strongest possible version of you. Among other important goals, I’m working on getting stronger physically this year. Here’s a glimpse of a Bosu Balance Trainer workout that you can try, if you’re also werkin’ on that physical part ;) Bonus, assisted pull-ups at the end for fun 🤷🏻‍♀️👊🏼🤪🥵 xxVB ✖️Alternating Bosu Squat Jumps ✖️Tricep Push-ups ✖️Up Down Planks ✖️Tuck Up Sit-ups ✖️Single Leg Hip Raises (both sides) ✖️ Bosu Lunges (both sides) Wearing @underarmourwomen from head to toe, rocking the new HOVR Sneakers that just dropped this week! 😍

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I’m on a different plan. You won’t catch me hanging at bars, wasting money on over-priced drinks, over uninspiring conversation. I don’t have it all figured out, that’s for damn sure. But I’m clear and concise about how I spend my time and about how I spend my money. 1) Family first. 2) Experiences>Material things 3) If it isn’t making me better, why am I doing it? 4) Figuring out how I can travel more and see the world. I was standing in the shower about 10 minutes ago, thinking about how I’m not going out tonight, and how rarely I do go out at all. First wondering if there might be something wrong with me? Then realizing I’m ok with it because I feel really happy with the state of my priorities and I’m very in touch with what’s important and what really matters to me. I like to talk about goals and priorities a lot on this account. I like to ask hard questions. I think how we spend our Friday and Saturday night, says a lot about how we feel about our lives in general. Are you living for the weekend? Who do you spend your time with? How do you spend your time? Are your choices contributing to what your future-self wants? • Challenging you to write down 4 guiding principles of your own. See if they coincide with your actions. Share them with me below, I would love to read them!Deep thoughts for a Saturday night lol #foodforthought ...I’m gonna go blow dry my hair now ttyl xxVB 💋

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Sometimes you just need to sweat it out 💦 • It’s been hard lately to be nice to myself. I think we all go through phases like that. My body is resilient but it’s been through a lot. Years of working out for a living and not properly recovering. I likely would have kept on like that if I didn’t end up in the hospital in November and have no choice but to stop. Not slow down, but STOP. After almost 2 1/2 months off of the bike and barely working out at all, I slowly started to feel ready to sweat again. Constantly being surrounded by fitness professionals and actually holding the title of “Athlete” by one of the biggest brands in the world will do a number on your self confidence when you’re forced to be inn-active, the number on the scale continues to grow and muscle mass is slowly fading away. • Did my body change? Yes. But, what also began to change, is my mindset. I’ve had to practice what I preach and give myself a dose of tough love. Daily reminders that- we are not defined by a number on a scale. That we have to think and speak kind positive words about ourselves and our bodies. That our bodies are a sacred vessel and we need that vessel to move through this life. How we feel in our skin is relative and proportionate to our own thoughts, feelings and emotions. We are all entitled to go through highs and lows. Thank you for allowing me to share mine. No matter your size, your feelings are valid. xxVB

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imvictoriabrown. The same things will continue to show up over and over again, if we co

The same things will continue to show up over and over again, if we continue to go around what’s uncomfortable. There’s no detour when it comes to life’s challenges and the unfortunate truth is: we have to go through it, in order to grow through it. • The next time you are presented with a roadblock, don’t take the easy way out, don’t attempt to go around it. When life gets hard I always say “Don’t Run away from it, run right towards it” xxVB

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Monday mood: Sometimes it feels like we are barely hanging on...but we always pull through. 👊🏼 • Missing classes tonight to celebrate my grandfather’s life. The rest of the week is business as usual and I’m feeling ready to put 👏🏼 in 👏🏼 WORK 👏🏼 • @underarmourwomen head to toe. Heatgear legging and TriBase Reign sneakers (which are the best for training/lifting) 👊🏼 #LFG #WeWill #Protectthishouse

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imvictoriabrown. Human-being v. Human-doing •

Let me know your thoughts below ✨👇🏼

Human-being v. Human-doing • Let me know your thoughts below ✨👇🏼

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Community is the currency 👊🏼 • This week was a tough one, I’ve been looking forward to this mornings workout since Monday. It felt so good to hit the bag and redistribute some of what I’ve been feeling. And doing it beside my teammate @lextrak13 was exactly what I needed. So proud of what you’ve built at @bash I know that you and @trainwithmon have poured yourselves into that space, and it shows! ✨ Special thanks to @motivatedbybrett for the words that inspired me to give my all today. • Can’t wait to be back! ...if you’re going through it, never underestimate stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new. You never know when it can turn out to be exactly what you didn’t know you needed. xxVB

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imvictoriabrown. When all else fails. Light some sage, wipe the slate clean, pick yours

When all else fails. Light some sage, wipe the slate clean, pick yourself up and keep going. You got this 💫

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imvictoriabrown. Friday mood: Stronger than I was yesterday 👊🏼

Friday mood: Stronger than I was yesterday 👊🏼

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imvictoriabrown. To infinity & BEYOND! 🚀 First sports, now space!

Major congrats to @

To infinity & BEYOND! 🚀 First sports, now space! Major congrats to @underarmour announcing today that they will serve as the Technical Spacewear Partner of @virgingalactic , part of Sir @richardbranson’s Virgin Group. One aspect of the partnership is to design custom space suits and footwear for Virgin Galactic passengers and pilots! To help astronauts prepare for the physical and profound experience of space travel, Under Armour is leveraging its athletic performance team to design programs for astronaut physical preparation and recovery with a focus on enhancing mobility, strength, fitness, nutrition, and sleep. Cue Frank Sinatra “Fly me to the moon” #VGxUA

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imvictoriabrown. Monday January 21, 2019...regarded now as “Blue Monday” It’s the third

Monday January 21, 2019...regarded now as “Blue Monday” It’s the third Monday of the year- Less than ideal weather, debt levels are higher, post holiday high and resolutions begin to fade. Therefore, today is supposedly categorized as the most depressing day of the year... Now that the negative part is out of the way. Here’s how we spin it. If you’re having those feelings, acknowledge them. Our perspective is everything. Listen, I get it, sometimes you just want to sit in your feelings and you actually fight feeling better. I had a day like that last Friday and I just gave myself the day. We can’t be happy beings all of the time. Grant yourself some grace and some time. It’s okay to not be okay. Just know that you can’t stay there forever. So, if you’re feeling the effects of today. Ask yourself what you need. Do you need to give yourself the day to feel what you need to feel or is it time to pick yourself up out of it, chin up, chest proud and get over it? Either answer is correct. I technically had “Blue Friday” so choosing the later today and I’m off to the gym to work through it. Whatever your choice, you’re right where you need to be. xxVB

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Happiness is a state of mind. Despite whatever is going on... :(: <- you get to decide.

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More than she was known for her accomplishments, she was known for the way she loved 🥀

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✨When you find your happy place✨ The last few months have been really difficult and I’ve been challenged in a lot of ways. I have always loved teaching from the floor and felt really grounded and connected to my room when I can teach from that space. But teaching from the floor because I want to or because the class is oversold is an entirely different feeling than doing it because I have to. Walking around and feeling great and looking healthy from the outside but still not being able to fully do what I love has been hard on me. I worried that I would be judged, I worried about what people might think or what people might say. However, those worries were temporary. The #VBSquad community has made me feel supported and made me feel loved, every step of the way, from coast to coast. I am getting stronger and not rushing myself but really close to getting back on that podium and working out WITH you. • Thank you for class today @sashmgash! I’ll be riding on Tuesday with @sammycoth at 10:45AM BSDA. If you’re taking my 9:45 right before, I’m challenging you to double with me! Let’s get stronger TOGETHER! xxVB

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A part of a bigger story. Spending the weekend with @underarmour building the story around “we” versus “me”👊🏼 • Honored to share space with inspiring thought leaders in the fitness space from around the world. Stay tuned on stories ✨

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I never saw myself as an athlete. However, I played sports all my life. Volleyball, basketball, lacrosse & swimteam in the summers. Yet, I always felt like the term athlete was reserved for the greats. Except for in volleyball, I didn’t really excel in any of the sports I played. I always got time on the court or the field but I spent a good amount of time on the bench, cheering my team on & waiting for my time to shine. I could have played volleyball at a small D3 school but chose to walk away from sports. Looking back at what I learned as a member of those teams, where I served as team Captain almost across the board, was that you didn’t need to be the best to be considered an athlete. I learned about teamwork. I learned that grit outweighs talent. I learned about leadership. I learned about comebacks & that just because you lost one game, it didn’t define you. That just because you had one bad season, you could still return the following year & dominate. All of these skills I brought with me into adulthood. I went on living my life, which brought me to becoming a fitness instructor. Somewhere along the way, @instagram came along. I shared my journey of fitness & my passion for teaching. I shared stories & unknowingly demonstrated the qualities I had learned through sport in my formative years. It’s those characteristics that caught the eye of @underarmourwomen. It wasn’t what I had learned to do on a field, or on a court, or how much I could lift in a gym. It was my ability to lead, my ability to inspire & my ability to understand community & team that deemed me an Athlete in their eyes. So now, a girl from Columbia, MD, a bench rider of sub par teams, who grew up & became an inspiring cycle instructor, stands on a world stage representing the greatest team she’s ever been a part of- @UnderArmourWomen. We are athletes because we move our bodies. You, me & everyone else who pushes themselves. Whether that is a walk around your neighborhood or a 100m sprint in the Olympics. Athletes are defined by movement & character. I am an athlete. Off to Portland today, heading to the @underarmour training facility for a summit with 30 athletes just like me.

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Your happiness does not lie in the hands of anyone else. It doesn’t even make sense to give someone else that kind of power?! ...I’ve learned that what you give power to, has power over you. My current agenda is to take back the power I’ve poorly distributed and put it to use where it will serve me a whole lot better: in myself. • Has your power been poorly distributed? Let’s shake it up in 2019. We can do it together 👊🏼 xxVB • Head to toe: @underarmourwomen 🙋🏻‍♀️ Short week @SoulCycle. Teaching Monday, Tuesday and Sunday. Off to Portland for a UA Athlete summit 🙌🏼 So, #BookatNoon 💋🚲❤️💦✨

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