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You have to get a little lost in order to be found. ⠀ October is a weird month for me. I was walking through life...scratch that- running through life, as quickly as I could this time last year. Flying here there and everywhere, thinking in order to truly live I had to see and do as much as humanly possible and grass growing under my feet simply could not and would not happen to me. I was flying cross country and back to see friends within 48 hour windows, I was saying yes to everything and everyone and I was burning the candle at both ends of the stick. ⠀ Then it all suddenly caught up with me. I ended up in the hospital and completely skipped over fall last year. I missed it all together. ⠀ As a result, here’s what I learned: I learned what I want and what I don’t want, I learned who my real friends are and how to choose more wisely in the future, I learned to say no, I started going to therapy, I stopped dating all together and dated myself instead, I saw more clearly what I wanted and how I could show up for someone else, I moved home for a while and connected with the people who matter most to me, I moved to a brand new city- the list goes on and on. ⠀ All of this to say- I’ll be present for fall this year and I prefer to let the grass grow under my toes. It’s been the most transformational year yet and I am grateful for every second. Cheers to the never ending journey of self discovery. Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is Victoria Brown.

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imvictoriabrown. Think back- was there ever a time in your life when things didn’t work

Think back- was there ever a time in your life when things didn’t work out? It’s a trick question, because the answer is no. Even when things “don’t work out” ...they do. It takes time to see it, it takes time to feel it, it takes even more time to understand it. But, the truth is, it all works out in the end. Rocking my fave @underarmourwomen set, post yoga- link in bio to scoop your own 🤗👊🏼

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Tough day? YOU BETTER DUST YA SHOULDERS OFF Flanked by the strong and fierce @erijayyyy & @greta.rose 👊🏼

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The believers, the doers, the movers and the shakers. I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with people who dedicate their lives to making other people better. Better- mind, body, and soul. Thank you to @michelobultra for bringing us all together and for curating the perfect weekend. I am grateful for the new friends I made and for the friendships I strengthened. Balance is the key to life. We worked hard and we played hard. Cheers🍻 #MOVEMENTbyMichelobULTRA

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You have to want the journey more than you want the outcome. The journey, the process, the work, THEN the outcome. It’s those moments in between, when we are suspended between where we are and where we want to be that count the most. Don’t get caught up in the end goal, fall in love with the right now. (Having to tell myself this evvvverryyydayyyy)

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I suffer A LOT from imposter syndrome. (Damn, it feels good to put that out there!) It’s this feeling of not being worthy of your position in the world. A feeling that you’re going to somehow be exposed, or that you’re not deserving of all that you’ve accomplished. I write a lot here about what I’m facing personally, on the off chance that someone else perhaps is feeling the same way. ⠀ What we have to remember is this: We did not end up where we are on accident. It was a series of steps and a lot of hard work over time. You have earned your seat at the table, you should sit with your shoulders proud and your head held high. Owning the space that you occupy in this world. Allowing your quirks to be seen, letting the nerdy parts of you shine through and remembering always- why you started. You deserve to be here. Wherever “here” finds you today. xxVB

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UNPLUGGED. And damn it felt great. I booked a job this past weekend that I last minute ended up not shooting- so I had this rare gift of free time on my hands. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it? I went back and forth in my mind a bit. I thought about booking a flight to LA to see friends, I thought about booking a flight to Miami to sit on the beach. But, I knew my mind and my body were craving to slow down a bit. So, I got on the googler, found an inn, in the middle of nowhere, rented a car and hit the road. I connected to nature, let the sun kiss my skin, listened to great music with the windows rolled down, sat on my front porch and wrote in my journal, read my book, ate my weight in cheese, drank beers, roasted marshmallows, laughed a lot and disconnected from the hustle of the city. -and it was EXACTLY what I needed. ✨💫 • Not every trip needs to be some giant production. When was the last time you did something very basic? Sometimes, it’s exactly the thing you didn’t know you needed 🤗

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The truth is- it was never my dream to work in fitness. I never fully intentionally set out to be where I am today. Yet, somehow I became a Senior Instructor at one of, If not the most recognized name in the game, @SoulCycle, while simultaneously a contracted @underarmourwomen’s Athlete. People ask me how all of the time. My response is not what one might think it would be. I stop and I consider where I was when I began. I didn’t have a vision board with those two accolades listed above written down. Those two things are what I am most proud of in my life today, but I didn’t set out to achieve either one. My advice, while considered taboo, is to take a step away from “goal setting” ...everyone will tell you that you have to do it in order to be successful- respectfully, I disagree. ⠀ I think we need to get really real about how we want to feel everyday, about how we want to make other people feel and become rooted in our purpose. I think when we are clear on our purpose and we continue to move in a direction that feeds our purpose- things begin to come to us that we never could have seen, yet somehow fit us so well. ⠀ Recipe: Do what feels good to you and success will follow. ⠀ I’m deeply connected to helping people find stronger versions of themselves through moving their bodies- no matter what level they’re on. I believe that fitness is for everyone and if you have a body, you are an athlete. That we can work through hardships, failures, heartbreak and loss through movement. (Shown above) I have closed out every class I have ever taught in the same way... Find what feels good, do that and remember “no matter where you are on your journey, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be” xxVB

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Monday reminder: Your value does not decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth ✨

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And there’s a dazzling haze, a mysterious way about you dear💫

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imvictoriabrown. “If you build it, they will come” ...the greatest things in life didn’

“If you build it, they will come” ...the greatest things in life didn’t happen overnight. They were built over time. Working diligently to have patience with the process. To speak my truth always and to find trust and faith in the trenches. The moments when you are quietly doing the work, the inner work, the outwardly work- all the above. I’ve always believed that if we stay steady on our path, the pendulum eventually starts to gain momentum and eventually starts to swing. Brush off those who have discounted you. Those who treated you as if you were any less than. Stay steady on your path, build your momentum and keep it moving. xxVB

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When you forgot for a second...who you were and what you were capable of. Then, you remembered, and the game changed. 👊🏼 • Big weekend in DC. Back with the community and team that gave me flight. Los Angeles is the city that gave me wings, DC is the city where I learned how to fly. #VBSquad I look forward to seeing you and connecting with you! Tomorrow 10:45AM BSDA and Saturday at the @whoteldc for a bootcamp class followed by an inspiring talk with three bad-ass women! Get ready to meet @alexaust_ , @oliviarogine and @shizuokusa! We are going to talk about the struggle we all face in releasing our ideas of perfection and rooting ourselves in authenticity. Both classes are SOLD OUT! I’m excited, I’m nervous, I’m hopeful, I’m inspired, I’m ready. Let’s do this! xxVB 🙌🏼

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Less, really is more. That’s where I’m at in my head right about now. I wanna wear less makeup, I wanna do less work, I wanna be on social media less. I think I could go on further...but I’m really just trying to do less ;) When I do “less” I realize I have so much more “me” to go around. I’m more present, and that counts for a whole lot. You with me on this one? ✨🦋🐛

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Current mood: mourning the end of “Hot Girl Summer” ✌🏼🍦💦

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Long weekend vibes 🙌🏼 Currently feeling great about hitting the refresh button on life before heading into Fall. Whenever the seasons change I like to remind myself that I get to choose who and what I’m leaving behind and who and what I’m bringing with me. Some things don’t have any business taking up space in our orbit any longer. Let them go✌🏼💫

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imvictoriabrown. Summer into fall. You gotta believe this is your season. ✨🌃

Summer into fall. You gotta believe this is your season. ✨🌃

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This past weekend did not disappoint. Heading into this new week Ready. To. Go. I’m sorting through the things and people that are the most important to me, and releasing what and who are just taking up space. I’m making less time for social media and more time for me. Stay tuned tomorrow for details on a DC event I’ve been working hard on for the past few months! Mark your calendars for the weekend of September 7 ;)

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imvictoriabrown. So many thoughts constantly swirling up in that head of mine ✨

So many thoughts constantly swirling up in that head of mine ✨

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