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Trying to get some AM calisthenics in which Finley uses to show me he knows down dog and up (-side down) dog poses... #thedrdandifference #primarycare #physician #doctor #morningworkout

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I think there's a dog somewhere in this slobbery rug...just a guy, a night of journaling and his ear-tackling pup. Perfect

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iamdrdan. When it's time for a walk but he remembers how cold it was last night

When it's time for a walk but he remembers how cold it was last night

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iamdrdan. A wild fluffrito appeared!

A wild fluffrito appeared!

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iamdrdan. Those rainy Sunday vibes

Those rainy Sunday vibes

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iamdrdan. Things don't always work out the way you want or expect them to. And t

Things don't always work out the way you want or expect them to. And that's ok! I finished my 12 week @hybridperformancemethod deadlift program and couldn't even match 5lbs below my previous PR. Not the fault of the program (which is amazing btw) but sometimes the body doesn't do exactly what we want for a number of factors. A subsequent back spasm made the last two nights of sleep especially difficult. I woke up this morning at 2am tossing and unable to get comfortable. Every fiber in my body screamed to just stay put and it would have been so easy to just give in and crawl back under the covers. 😖 Instead, I remembered that I still have some races coming up and that I could carry this negative baggage into my day or try to shake it off. I went down to the gym, gave myself a light warm up and pushed through 5 miles with almost no pain at all. The added bonus of a nice endorphin buzz was also more than welcome. 🏃🏻 I still plan to take it easy for a few days to keep my back from tightening up again, but even as a physician and health advocate i hit stumbling blocks along the way. The question becomes do you throw the whole plan out the window or find a way through the challenges that both promotes your health and pushes you forward? You decide. 💪🏻 #thedrdandifference #primarycare #physician #doctor #fitness #primarycare #internalmedicine #functionalmedicine #obesitymedicine #garmin #onemedical #hybridaf

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iamdrdan. Who's in!?

Who's in!?

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Getting that late day zen on...

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iamdrdan. Only get to enjoy a few more of these 🌅...

Only get to enjoy a few more of these 🌅...

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This month's book club reading (The Great Believers by @rebeccamakkai ), comfy sweats and the cuddle buddy in the world...couldn't ask for a better way to end an already gratitude-filled day! #thedrdandifference #physician #doctor #functionalmedicine #bookclub #reading

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Welcome back to the diner @sarabareilles and back to the stage @gavincreelofficial ! Thank you for an amazing experience. If you haven't seen @waitressmusical (or even if you have) do yourself a favor and go see these two powerhouses mesmerize on stage!

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The Gleaming Tower of Pies-a @waitressmusical @sarabareilles

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9th trip to the diner because I can't stay away when @sarabareilles sings her heart out. The frosting on the pie being getting to see @gavincreelofficial again since Hello Dolly! @waitressmusical #sugarbutterflour #thedrdandifference #broadway #theatre #musicaltheatre

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January challenge: X strict handstand push-ups X sets of 5 strict toes to bar Where X is the date. So today for 1/7 it's 7 HSPUs and 7 sets on 5. With @karipearcecrossfit launching her core challenge I have to catch up plus a chance to work on one of my favorite but weakest calisthenics moves. Goal for the month: 31 strict handstand push-ups and 31 sets of 5 ties to bar (yes, that's 155 total). 💪🏻 I prefer setting concrete goals rather than abstract wishful resolutions. I'll be discussing the difference more this month so stay tuned! 😁 #motivationmonday #thedrdandifference #physician #doctor #primarycare #internalmedicine #functionalmedicine #obesitymedicine #fitness #calisthenics @mercedesclubnyc

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Rocking out my @kingdomhearts fan fantasy with some original sketches of Mickey Mouse for Re:coded by Nomura.

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No better way to end one cramazing year and dive head first into the next. Thank you a million times over @celinedion for ringing in 2019 in the best way possible. #celinedion #2019 #thedrdandifference #doctor #physician #joy

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"I Kissed A Girl (And I Liked It)" - Katy Perry From sled drags and stripping shirts to drag brunches on the strip, can't get enough of this guy and his infectious energy and smiles @out.fit.usa

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12/30 means 30 sets of 10 push-ups...💀 Ready to end one roller coaster year and start another with more goals to crush! #thedrdandifference #doctor #physician #onemedical #primarycare #functionalmedicine #obesitymedicine #fitness #calisthenics #leadbyexample

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