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Very epic day of lifting for the local Hybrid Squad down at Muscle Beach. Thanks to everyone who showed up to watch these beasts throw around some crazy weight! #HybridAF

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Hybrid Deadlift Protocol - This is an every other day training program that runs for 12 weeks and focusses on the deadlift as well as other core strength and stability exercises that will help to improve your deadlift 1RM. This program can be used on its own or in addition to a program you're already using! Sign up today and start training your deadlift like a pro! _______________________________________________________ <sign up link in bio>

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CORRECTIVE BODYBUILDING FOR STRENGTH ATHLETES: Married to your coach/program but always feel like you’re low on accessory exercises? This program is NOT a traditional BB bro split but rather the exercises in this program are specifically hand picked to promote long term durability, balance and optimal performance in strength sports. #hybridAF _____________________________________________________ Once you sign up for any of our @hybridperformancemethod programs you immediately get access to all other subscription based programs.

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““Strong isn’t the new sexy... confidence is” - @steficohen - I’m so happy to be confident in my body. From being super insecure teen, to now flexin on the gram lol. What ever your body shape is rock the shit out of it!!!!!! - Big thank you to my nutrition coach @f_catalano from @hybridperformancemethod helping me gain back the weight I loss due to tons of stress. It’s great having an actual coach there to help you out. Feel free to ask any questions about my nutrition below! I’ll do my best to answer em” - @swoleesi . Join Amber and the rest of the Hybrid Nutrition team today by clicking the link in our bio!

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HYBRID STRONGMAN 2.0 . Hybrid Strongman 2.0 is designed to either be the next step after becoming proficient through “Intro To Hybrid Strongman”, or for use by more experienced strongman competitors. This program requires more time commitment in the gym and also access to most common strongman equipment. It is broken into blocks designed for hypertrophy, long and short duration contest prep, and strength building. All phases incorporate strongman movements. . This program is year-round, written and coached by 3x World’s Strongest Man competitor, @bbenzel. If you’re ready to take your Strongman training to the next level, this program is for you!

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Stinky toots since you changed up your diet? It might not be your protein intake but your choice of vegetables! 🥗🥦🥙🍆🌽🥕🍅🥦🍠🥗🌶🥕🥦🥙🌽🥒🍆🍅🥦
Getting your veggies in, increasing fiber intake and overall having a balanced diet is extremely important, we know this, but just because one veggie sits well with one person does not mean it will sit well with you.. or smell.. good.. with you.. Bloating and an uncomfortable amount of gas is very common and can occur when adding certain vegetables to your diet to help increase the volume of your food, micronutrient intake or to help bump up your fiber intake. The vegetables that most commonly cause these issues are ones that are high in something called Raffinose. Some of these veggies include broccoli, asparagus, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and other foods like some whole grains and beans.
This is just a bit of info that many of you might find helpful in dealing with your digestive issues but there is a bigger picture here that I want to get across… just because something is ‘healthy’ does not mean it is healthy FOR YOU! Always listen to your body, observe how your stomach, bowel movements, gas, bloating and other common digestive issues/ reactions when you make changes to your diet. If these problems are persistent, sometimes much more detailed investigating is necessary to find out the causes by keeping things like bowel movement diaries and food diaries. If your digestive system is under stress, inflamed or going through any issues, your ENTIRE BODY is going to be negatively affected. If you experience any of these problems, when persistent, should be taken very seriously. 🥦🥦🥦 . By: Hybrid Nutrition coach @greg.sut

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Hybrid Nutrition coach @greg.sut on: the vacuum. . I started doing stomach vacuum exercises with the goal of wanting to be able to hit a tight vacuum pose at my first Classic Physique competition. After doing some research I found that practicing the vacuum daily was not only going to improve my posing skills but it would also help with some low back issues I had been experiencing for the past year after herniating a disc in my low back. When you are sucking your stomach in (doing a vacuum), you are working your transverse abdominis, which is a muscle that wraps around your stomach. It is the closest thing to a built-in lifting belt as possible and is an extremely important muscle for core stabilization and back health. Like any other muscle, it needs to be exercised in order to be strengthened and if you want to improve your vacuum or core strength, practicing your vacuum daily will be key. My routine was simple, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach perform 5 max effort sets. While standing, completely exhale, suck your stomach in as hard as you can and hold. Often on the last set, I would pulse my stomach in and out getting as many “reps” in as possible before I needed to take a breath. I was not good at the vacuum at all when I started but after just two months of daily practice, it dramatically improved. Just another thing to add to your routine to help switch things up!! . Join the Hybrid Nutrition team and work with Greg directly by clicking the link in our bio!

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Anytime, anywhere! Take your fitness with you everywhere you go. 👉🏻 @vaness.zing getting her Hybrid workout done during her Costa Rica vacation. - The monthly membership gives you access to all 13 of our subscription programs! Go check out their description by clicking the link in our bio. Free 1 week program samples are available on our site as well through the “training” tab on the menu bar.

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Love this! If you have long femurs stop trying to set up like the drawing on the right! ・・・ ⭕️DEADLIFT SET UP: LONG & SHORT FEMUR⭕️ - "Your shoulders should always be on top of the barbell.." "You shouldn't sit too high, you want to be more up right with your chest up and tall.." - Many are the cues people give when trying to teach the deadlift. And while they might work for some, they certainly don't work for everyone. - Quite in fact, taller people will have a harder time following tips given by shorter ones, and will most likey end up injuring themselves, which is pretty common, because not deadlifting the way they're supposed to deadlift. - When performing this exercise, levers play a big role into setting up for it. - Long femured deadlifts: People with longer legs will always benefit from "sitting higher" - contrary to most people belief. Why? Because at a higher height, they'll be able to tighten up their back and keep it nice and neutral, preventing themselves from starting the exercise from a posteriorly tilting lumbar spine, which can potentially be a cause of injury - especially under heavy load, over time. - Sitting higher also means moving shoulders a little forward, beyond the barbell which is again, against the classic "cue" which has people always try and place their shoulders perpendicularly to the barbell. How high should you sit? "Sit" at a high enough height that allows you to tighten up your back and keep it neutral. If your lower back is rounded at whatever height you're starting the lift, sit a little higher than that and try again. . Short femured deadlifts: most definitely a more advantageus lever to pull the bar with. Short people can sit just above knee height and still maintain a proper neutral spine, without any rounding. This allows them to be more up right and be able to place their shoulders above the barbell. How long does your femur have to be to fall in one or the ther category? . I can't tell, but I would suggest you to try both stances and see which one works best for you. Record a video of yourself and see which stance allows you to perform the safest yet the stronger lift, and keep drilling that up. By: @pheasyque

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INTRO TO HYBRID POWERLIFTING ____________________________________________________ Interested in Powerlifting but don’t know where to start? This one is for you! Intro to Hybrid Powerlifting is an entry level powerlifting program. This program is designed for brand new lifters, or people looking to get back into Powerlifting style training after a long time off. This program is not percentage based as a means of loading, assuming the brand new lifter has never tested a max and will be relatively new to training "The big three" or Squat, Bench, Deadlift. The program is a total of 12 weeks long. The primary focus of the first 4 weeks is NOT weight on the bar, but technique and optimal movement. You’ll be asked to select weights that do NOT take you close to failure. The first 4 weeks will be tempo work, followed by some higher rep work. You’ll attempt to make SLIGHT increases in weight over these weeks as the reps decrease, but focus on maintaining tempo and form. The rest of the program will work on taking you from a beginner to intermediate level lifter and completion of this program will leave you fully prepared to take on our main Hybrid Powerlifting program. ____________________________________________________ Click the link in our bio to start your Powerlifting journey today!

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hybridperformancemethod. Hybrid Nutrition client Alex Bailey went from 81kg to 70kg in 3 months

Hybrid Nutrition client Alex Bailey went from 81kg to 70kg in 3 months. Check out that change in body comp! . “I never really worried about calorie counting prior to joining Hybrid Nutirtion. I based my eating on performance solely, but decided I needed to try something different as I was slowly gaining weight over a few years. I was already using Hybrid for my strength/gymnastics programs so trying their Nutrition division was an easy choice. Vanessa (@vaness.zing) worked around my multitude of food allergy and digestion problems to find a macro breakdown and food list that has been working extremely well. I’ve lost a ton of weight and have been able to keep strength pretty close to where it was when I started in the main lifts and improved everywhere else especially conditioning!” - Alex Bailey

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Strong IS NOT “the new sexy”. . Confidence is. Feeling empowered is. It’s not about how you look but about projecting how you feel. Some women are skinny.  Some are muscular.  Some are thicc. ALL of them can be sexy. The shift from thinking ‘skinny’ to thinking ‘strong’ is sexy changed some things but didn’t change others: We’re still idealizing a body type and chastising another. We’re still comparing, and are still measuring self worth by a number or look. . Feeling good, enjoying your life and feeling empowered about what your body can do Is sexy. Eat in a way that makes you feel good and happy. Move in a way that feels right to you. Being comfortable being YOU is sexy. . @steficohen

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