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Biiiig squat double for @marcus.leoni. “335kg / 739lb x 2 TOP SET (PR ✌🏻). Prep is cruisin along nicely. Cutting down on my top set volume and increasing intensity 2/3% every week now until about 3 weeks out. Lucky to have my Hybrid fam here to push me until meet day.” Click the link in our bio to join the online team today!

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Protein Cheat Sheet! 🥩 🍖 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Here’s a protein cheat sheet to help you hit your macro targets! When we first start tracking it can be hard to know what to eat. Nothing seems to fit! It’s either too high in fat, carbs or you end up eating the same source all the time. This is why I made a list of some of my go-to protein sources! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ What are some of your favourite protein sources? Drop a comment or tag anyone who may find this helpful 👇 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Depending on what brand you get some of these may have higher/lower fat or carbs and will fall into another block. By @simonchang3

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HYBRID SQUAT PROTOCOL ______________________________________________________ This is a lower body specific program designed to exponentially improve your lower body strength, correct leg strength discrepancies and improve overall lower body composition in a way that will be transferable to other sports. In addition to the squat, the program includes a wide variety of carries, kettle bell exercises, unilateral exercises, as well as exercises to promote trunk stability under load and under fatigue. ______________________________________________________ If you're ready for some serious lower body gains click the link in bio! #hybridAF

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Hybrid athlete @rachelleblancbazinet with a 92 kg / 202 lb snatch (4kg over the current Canadian record)!! #teamhybrid Join the online team by clicking the link in our bio!

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Hybrid Deadlift Protocol - This is an every other day training program that runs for 12 weeks and focusses on the deadlift as well as other core strength and stability exercises that will help to improve your deadlift 1RM. This program can be used on its own or in addition to a program you're already using! Sign up today and start training your deadlift like a pro! <sign up link in bio>

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hybridperformancemethod. “Working with Samantha (@samanthapetrich) these last 4 months have bee

“Working with Samantha (@samanthapetrich) these last 4 months have been life changing! My biggest hurdle was accountability. I needed someone to hold me accountable when I knew I couldn't, and Samantha definitely did that! She made it really simple to track my macros and helped me reach the weight I needed to be for my meet! While losing weight and gaining strength I get even more motivated to keep pushing through my limitations, I'm excited to keep on working with Samantha as my nutrition coach!” - Edgardo Loeza Make a life changing decision right now and join Edgardo by working with your personal Hybrid Nutrition coach today!

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hybridperformancemethod. @itsderjuan with a nice triple @ 275 kg / 606 lb.

Join Michael and th

@itsderjuan with a nice triple @ 275 kg / 606 lb. Join Michael and the rest of the Hybrid online team today by clicking the link in our bio!

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hybridperformancemethod. \"Hybrid Nutrition had everything I was looking for. Accountability for

"Hybrid Nutrition had everything I was looking for. Accountability for me, Hands-on coaching, genuine interest in my goals and how to achieve them. I am stronger than I have ever been and at much lighter body weight. In 8 weeks, I was able to lose 15lbs almost effortlessly. My body is now at a point where I'm able to eat much more food than I was before Hybrid, stay lean, and get stronger simply because I am getting what my body needs. I used to starve my self of carbs to lose even 5 lbs before and know they're the biggest part of my diet:) I am happier and healthier than ever. I also feel the need to mention that because of Greg (@greg.sut) getting a great new opportunity within Hybrid, I had to switch coaches on week 3. I was VERY cautious of this but Simon (@simonchang3) has become my main dude. There wasn't even the slightest hiccup in the transition, and he has put me on a very successful road. This kind of thing usually will ruin an experience for people. Imagine when you get a new server in the middle of your meal. It can be a train wreck. Luckily, all the Hybrid nutrition coaches are professionals who know what they are doing and have your best interests in mind.” - @arthurrankin_js

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LEG DRIVE IN THE BENCH PRESS is misunderstood by a lot of liters. It is not a technique that works for everyone- some of the strongest powerlifters don’t use much of it, but its worth a try just like any other technique variation. The main benefit of a well executed leg drive is to help you stay tighter throughout the movement to produce a greater force onto the bar. Here are some things to consider when trying out this technique. . - Leg drive is NOT a hip thrust. Think about pushing onto the floor with the purpose of sliding yourself towards the edge of the top of the bench. - Initiate the lift from a tight position, don’t wait until the bar is on your chest to “drive” and create tension on your torso. Once you place your feet on the floor stay tight from start to finish. A mistake some people make is disengaging leg drive between reps or during reps. - Squeeze the bench between your thighs and squeeze your glutes as you drive into the ground. This one is particularly helpful for people who place their feet narrow. . Drawing by @pheasyque

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Training goals and interest can change... a lot. That’s why we’ve designed Hybrid to be your 1-stop-shop for online programming. One membership is all you need to get access to 13 programs. No matter how often your goals and interests change you’ll be able to switch your Hybrid program accordingly. . These are the great programs included in your membership: - Hybrid Performance - Hybrid Lite - Hybrid WOD - Hybrid Weightlifting 2.0 - Hybrid Powerlifting - Intro to Hybrid Powerlifting - Hybrid Deadlift Protocol - Hybrid Push-Only - Hybrid 101 - Hybrid Squat Protocol - Hybrid Gymnastics (add-on program) - Hybrid Pull Up to Handstand (add-on) - Hybrid’s Corrective Bodybuilding for Strength Athletes - Intro to Hybrid Strongman - Hybrid Strongman 2.0 . Best of all your data and place in each program is saved when switching so you can always pick up where you left off. Read more about our programs and how to become a Team Hybrid athlete by clicking the link in our bio! #hybridmethod #lookliftmove #hybridaf

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Supercharge Your Core This is an exercise library of Hybrid's favorite core exercises. There's 12 example core workouts provided but you can mix and match exercises however you please. These exercises focus on the core in a three-dimensional way taking into account specificity, which in our case is exercises that will improve your performance under a barbell, as well as attacking the core from all aspects. Having a stable core is about more than having strong "abs". Your core involves a blend of muscles, including your obliques, multifidus, transversus abdominis, diaphragm but requires stability from the muscles that attach on the hip as well in order to function optimally. Just like you wouldn't expect to lose weight by tracking your macros one day, core stability requires consistent and dedicated efforts. The road to a healthy core and back and bigger weights on the bar starts here! Click the link in our bio and go to the “downloads” section to get your digital copy now!

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From 221 lb to 166 lb in 37 weeks. "When I began my powerlifting journey four years ago, I bought into the notion that I had to overeat in order to make progress in the weight room. One day while on vacation in Vietnam, I found myself shirtless on a beach. It hit me then that while I was bigger than everyone on the beach, I no longer looked like an athlete. Despite training hard and consistently, I had accumulated a significant amount of fat. It was at this point that I was lucky enough to be introduced to Hybrid Nutrition, and was assigned Vanessa Zingaro as my coach. I had never worked with a nutrition coach, and I had no idea what to expect in terms of a realistic and desirable outcome. For the past eight months, Vanessa has empowered me to change my life. Not only has she guided my nutrition, she has done so through some of the most difficult times in my life. Despite work and relationship stress, international traveling, family medical issues, and depression, she has taught me how to stay on target and crush my goals. To say that she is a competent coach would be a gross understatement: Vanessa sets the high standard that Hybrid Nutrition is known for. Thanks for getting me here Vanessa. I can't wait to see what we achieve in the years ahead!" - Nick Kucharski Start your Hybrid Nutrition program today by clicking the link in our bio!

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