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hybridperformancemethod. Hybrid Lite 
is a combination of olympic weightlifting, powerlifting,

Hybrid Lite is a combination of olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding and other functional accessory work. This program is a condensed version of Hybrid Performance and is 3 days per week. It also peaks you to hit PRs (Personal Records) in all 5 of the big lifts (snatch, clean & jerk, squat, bench, and deadlift) at the end of each training block. This is a perfect program for in-season athletes or any athlete who also wants to do their own conditioning, gymnastics or other additional training along with their Hybrid program. ______________________________________________________ Sign up for one of our @hybridperformancemethod online teams by clicking the link in our bio! #hybridmethod #lookliftmove #hybridAF

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hybridperformancemethod. Our bros, @bros_md, back at it again with the knowledge bombs!


Our bros, @bros_md, back at it again with the knowledge bombs! Cardio in Strength Athletes — We previously covered cardio briefly in terms of concurrent training but how important is general cardio and how should we incorporate it? — @gregnuckols gives us a interesting insight regarding cardio with strength training — 1️⃣ Strength training is just as much aerobic as it is anaerobic. The stronger your aerobic conditioning, the less fatigue you’ll feel during a set and also better recovery in between sets and overall. 2️⃣ An ideal conditioning plan for strength athletes will combine different modalities such as low intensity cardio, lifting to failure and high intensity intervals while making sure it does not negatively effect recovery from strength training. 3️⃣ A good place to start should be with low intensity cardio (bike), 2 sessions per week for about 20-30 minutes with your HR around 130 or 60-70% of your max heart rate. — For more specific recommendations and information, check out his article!

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Hybrid 101 Jumpstart your fitness in 90 days with HYBRID 101: a combination of strength and circuit training that will boost your overall strength, work capacity and improve your body composition. - This program works best for people who have little experience with strength training, people who want to get back in shape but don't want to step right into weightlifting/powerlifting specific programming, people wanting to use it as a bridge program between prep cycles or people coming back from injuries. This program focuses on developing a solid strength base in combination with rehab/prehab specific exercises and multi planar movements to boost your athleticism. - If you love Hybrid training and want of be a part of it but aren't sure where to start, this one’s for you! Click the link in our bio to read more about it. #hybrIdAF @hybridperformancemethod

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Hybrid WOD Are you interested in doing focused, specific strength and conditioning work that actually improves your crossfit abilities and doesn't just leave you beat up and in pain? Curious how exactly high end athletes develop their seemingly endless engines? Maybe you have goals of competing in a local or even regional competition. Look no further. . Hybrid WOD utilizes a focused approach to best develop ability in the squat, hinge, push, pull, and lunge, through barbell, unconventional, and gymnastic myodalities, taking into account adequate recovery time, with volume in challenging movements that cause the least amount of damage and offer a high amount of transfer. Join the Hybrid online team today by clicking the link in our bio! 🏋🏼‍♀️: @luluskie 📸: @fraziergraphix

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@hayden.bowe with 600lbs x 2 + about 50lbs I’m band tension (650lbs at the top). . Join Hayden and the rest of the Hybrid online team team by clicking the link in our bio!

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hybridperformancemethod. 15lbs down! 210-195lbs “I’ve been trying to lose weight all my life. W

15lbs down! 210-195lbs “I’ve been trying to lose weight all my life. Went to college, ate whatever I wanted, hit the gym 6 days a week around 2 hrs a day, and my strength went up, but I never saw the results I wanted to see. Then I found out about the keto diet, thought it was easy enough, had some good progress, but then gained back some weight once I started eating carbs again. My girlfriend started getting her nutrition programmed and she was having some crazy results so I figured why can’t I do that too? I had heard of hybrid nutrition and had seen the results they have with their clients all over instagram. So I decided to pull the trigger and I do not regret it at all. I don’t feel restricted, I get a ton of support from my coach and I know he’s got my back when my nutrition is on point and when I slack.” - Jason Ramos Start your 1-on-1 nutrition coaching with Hybrid Nutrition today by clicking the link in our bio!

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Hybrid Deadlift Protocol - This is an every other day training program that runs for 12 weeks and focusses on the deadlift as well as other core strength and stability exercises that will help to improve your deadlift 1RM. This program can be used on its own or in addition to a program you're already using! Sign up today and start training your deadlift like a pro! . <sign up link in bio>

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“Once you UNDERSTAND the concept behind flexible dieting, dieting becomes second nature. During the holidays I make sure to enjoy myself, but these are some of the rules I adhere to in order to make sure I don’t sabotage myself: . 1. Eat enough protein: a good target is 1-1.2g per lb of body weight. Eating enough protein not only helps curve hunger, but also helps you maintain lean muscle mass. The easiest way to get enough is having protein powder handy especially if you’re traveling. 2. If you know you’re going out to dinner, eat modestly for breakfast and lunch: have some lean proteins and basic carbs like rice, oats, potatoes or fruits and keep fats as low as possible 3. Don’t be a pig. Enjoy a full plate of anything you want but don’t overstuff yourself. 4. Drink in moderation 5. Don’t use the holidays as an excuse to skip workouts or to eat like shit all of the time 6. Move around more: the easiest way to get some steps in is with periodic 10 min walks, one after every meal at least. . Or if you ignore all of these and find yourself in a slump after the holidays, hit us up at @hybridperformancemethod For 1-on-1 nutrition guidance.” - @steficohen

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hybridperformancemethod. Great info from our friend, @pheasyque! ⭕️IS BUTT WINK BAD ?⭕️ ⏪⏪SWIPE

Great info from our friend, @pheasyque! ⭕️IS BUTT WINK BAD ?⭕️ ⏪⏪SWIPE LEFT!⏪⏪ - A very relevant post to my latest series on pelvic tilts. Yes, we’ve heard it countless times: “keep your spine neutral, else you’re going to have a bad time!” - And while there’s truth to that... it’s not actually ALWAYS true. - Let’s start by saying that “neutral spine” doesn’t mean a fixed position.. rather, it means a range where the spine can move (flex/extend) without troubles. - Quite infact, if you’ve ever squatted ATG (ass to grass) you’ve noticed your pelvis rolling backwards at the bottom and no matter how hard you try not to, if you really want to get deeper, you’ll have to go through that. But, is that a bad thing? - Not at all: It’s a physiological mechanism that occurs to make up for the lack of space at the hips, when performing a deep squat. - Everybody who squats ATG experiences some type of buttwink, to a degree, and there’s nothing wrong with it. - The problem comes when the lumbar flexion exceeds the “neutral range” and it becomes evident. That’s where problems start to happen. - Bottom line: IF you’re keeping your chest up, back tight & neutral, while breathing through your diaphragm to keep your torso up, and squatting the weight through your legs... the butt wink won’t be a problem. - On the other hand, if you’re actually squatting the weight up wih your back, well, you need to re-evaluate your technique! - 🔥🔥🔥TAG somebody who needs to see this!!

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“If you’re ready to go and lift, clap your hands 👏 @hybridperformancemethod” - @natashaughey_ . Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. - Our goal is to provide affordable top notch programming for people looking to increase their strength, aesthetics and athletic performance in or outside of iron sports- all levels welcome! In addition to programming our athletes have the ongoing support of the Hybrid online community and well regarded coaches from different disciplines such as Crossfit, Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting, who are there to provide feedback on technique and to help you modify your workouts to fit your individual needs and goals. . Sign up today through the link in our bio or download a FREE week sample of any of our programs by clicking the link in our bio and going to the training tab of the site!

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Interested in Hybrid but not sure where to start? That’s okay, with Hybrid one subscription gives you access to 13 ongoing programs which you can switch between at any time. You’re not locked in to the program you choose first so you can change the plan as your goals and interests change! . These are the great programs included in your membership: - Hybrid Performance - Hybrid Lite - Hybrid WOD - Hybrid Weightlifting 2.0 - Hybrid Powerlifting - Intro to Hybrid Powerlifting - Hybrid Deadlift Protocol - Hybrid Push-Only - Hybrid 101 - Hybrid Squat Protocol - Hybrid Gymnastics (add-on program) - Hybrid Pull Up to Handstand (add-on) - Hybrid’s Corrective Bodybuilding for Strength Athletes - Intro to Hybrid Strongman - Hybrid Strongman 2.0 . Best of all your data and place in each program is saved when switching so you can always pick up where you left off. Read more about our programs and how to become a Team Hybrid athlete by clicking the link in our bio! #hybridmethod #lookliftmove #hybridaf

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@steficohen with an easy 110kg/242lb clean (2x bodyweight) at Hybrid HQ. . Join Stefi and the rest of the online team today by clicking the link in our bio! Not sure which program is right for you? Don't sweat it. Our monthly membership gets you access to ALL 13 subscription programs!

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