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Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you what was quite possibly the best sandwich I've ever eaten, and I have eaten very many sandwiches in my long and fruitful lifetime! This is (these are?) "Pressing Matters," the @foxface_nyc interpretation of the classic Cuban. Roast pork, wild boar prosciutto, fontina, pickles, mustard, on an excellent roll. But while with any given Cubano you can always identify the individual parts (*chompchomp* yes, that's pernil *chomp* mhm definitely a pickle slice there *chomp* etc), what this sandwich is able to accomplish is remarkable: the ingredients come together coherently, in a gestalt…a gestalt sandwich! One is not able to put one's finger, or one's tongue, on any specific component: they work together in a blissful, holistic, harmonious way. Get this sandwich, is what I'm trying to say.

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This tiny place on E7 between 2nd and 3rd Ave has been in my radar for a while, and I only just got around to trying it. Excellent street-style Thai food served up with love by a family matriarch. This is Khao gar prow gai: minced chicken with basil over rice, stir-fried with chillies and a sunny-side up egg on the rice. Ordered it one notch down from Thai spicy, and it brought the sweat and the flavor! Asked for some spicy sauce (nam pla & chiles) to kick it up some more…hooboy! Can't wait to try the rest of their menu!

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howdini67. TONIGHT! 8PM!! @arlenesgrocery!!! BEEEE THERRRREEEE!!!!

TONIGHT! 8PM!! @arlenesgrocery!!! BEEEE THERRRREEEE!!!!

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Oh hey look: @pineapplestheband are playing THIS WEDNESDAY NIGHT at @arlenesgrocery at 8pm! It's the opening salvo in @tommylondonpresents ROCKTOBER series, every Weds at Arlene's, sponsored by @fireballwhisky! C'mon down and ROCK YOUR FACE OFF!!!

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Many, many thanks to all who came out to Arlene's Grocery last Thursday…we had a fantastic time, and the whole night was a blast! Well, here's a surprise for y'all: we're playing Arlene's AGAIN next Wednesday 10/2 at 8pm, kicking off @officialtommylondon's first night his ROCKTOBER series! ONLY $5.00!!!! And, to add extra icing to this fabulous rock candy corn cake, we're sharing the bill with the almost-too-rocking-to-be-actually-real @tentonmojo!!! You owe it to yourself to be there!!!!

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You are GUARANTEED to live at least ten years longer should you come see @pineapplestheband tomorrow night at @arlenesgrocery! And you should! NYC ROCK!!! Pineapples at 9! STEAK at 7! @novalentinenycofficial at 8! UM at 10! ROCK HARDER, LIVE LONGER!!!

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Wicked promo video for @pineapplestheband show next Thursday at @arlenesgrocery! Check out the DOOM SURF music soundtrack!

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A rare chance to catch Pineapples LIVE in all our glory! At @arlenesgrocery next Thursday, September 19, 9pm! Come and ROCK!!! Also playing: Steak! No Valentine!! Um!!! It's gonna be A FREAKOUT!!!

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There used to be a Malaysian restaurant on the rounded NW corner of Canal St. and Essex, where I was introduced to apam balik, a Malaysian specialty: a crispy, sweet, utterly delicious clamshell pancake filled with crushed peanuts and honey. Man, how I miss that place, but now we have the tiny, delightful Let's Makan on Bayard and Elizabeth St. They do it with sugar rather than honey, but it's still delicious. The first photo is their Saucy Noods: "house-cut rice noodles in Malaysian sweet sauce and chili sauce, curry pork rind, fish balls, sesame seeds, crispy shallot, and scallions." The sauce is wonderfully complex and layered with flavors: sweet, spicy, sour, umami…it's so good, so filling, and a *tremendous* bargain at $8.00.

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The stupendously, sublimely rocking @theloudsoftloud: solid songcraft, swaggering swing, a strong, confident and charismatic front woman…bands like this give me heartfuls of hope for the future of rock.

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Sometimes I miss the things that are right under my nose: Suki is practically around the block from me, has been open for a year, was reviewed by @ligayamishan in the @nytimes, is across the street from my favorite coffee shop, @abraco_espresso, in fact occupies the original, tiny storefront where Abraço started…and I completely missed it until today. Superb Japanese curry, homemade pickles, and small kale and cabbage salad. I ordered the curry with a spice level of 4 out of 5, and it was damn near perfect, most especially when some pickle was dropped onto the spoonful, making it more complex while adding some crunch. So good, and the chef-owner is super nice.

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Now THIS is a treat! Kway Chap pork belly noodles at @kopitiamnyc, an incredible Malaysian restaurant on the LES. Wide, flat handmade noodles, big thick slices of pork belly, fried tofu balls, braised egg (looks like a tea egg: I should have got it in the shot😞), cilantro, in an unbelievably aromatic, complex broth with enough heat to where I didn't feel the need to add those chilies. A real, satisfying winner. It's a summer weekend special according to the menu, but lucky for me they had it Monday evening. GIT SUM!!!!

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Now THIS place is a real catch (har har har!)! Fresh tuna steak, just shy of an inch thick, perfect medium-rare, on an excellent-quality roll with a nice spicy mayo. Eaten at a table with a beautiful view of the harbor. A new favorite!

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Fabulous home-grilled meal at our beautiful Eastham rental house. We bought a pound of haddock, which I was gonna broil, but the (terrific) fish market mistakenly gave us…a magnificent swordfish steak! So EVERYTHING was grilled! Three minutes/side and the fish was a perfect medium rare. Drizzled some beurre noir over it…SO GOOD!!!

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Day 1 brunch on the porch, Eastham, Cape Cod: frittata with potatoes, grape tomatoes, pea leaves, basil, summer squash, shallot. Lovely salad with more grape tomatoes, radish, cucumber, basil. Everything bought at the wonderful @brewsterhistoricalsociety Farmers Market. Vacation is nice!

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Great tacos on the LES at the new Delancey St. location of Harlem's famous Taco Mix. R-L: lamb barbacoa, lengua, al pastor. Salsas are chipotle (l) and habanero. Both good, the habanero is hotter but the chipotle is more flavorful. Photo 2 shows the pineapple being sliced off of the top of the al pastor trompo: PROPER! (They don't have their insta handle for this location yet, so I used the Harlem one)

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How do we know that we are living in a pre-fascist, dystopian Bizarro World? When local government is doing its best to protect its citizens from the Federal government: this is exactly opposite of what has historically happened in this country. Immigrants make NYC the great place it is, and the same thing goes for the other great cities of the US. We are a nation of immigrants, and we always have been. It is our greatest strength.

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