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Sometimes it’s the simplest things that bring you comfort. I have been to way more doctor’s offices than I can count over the past 15 years. Some appointments have gone very well and some have been very bad both physically and emotionally. I am blessed with an amazing internist who is the keeper of all of my health concerns and is empathetic and compassionate as well. Quite a remarkable feat these days. But no matter who I see I still get appointment anxiety. Even for routine checkups. I always have the fear of the unknown- the new dx, the discontinued med, the “well we’ve never seen that before” or “ that just doesn’t happen”. - Today is just a quarterly checkup with labs with my trusted internist but there are still complications to discuss. Overall as a patient with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and a laundry list of other diagnoses, I’m doing better than most and for that I am grateful. I am also grateful for my encouraging doctor who is always willing to research every aspect of every new med, procedure, treatment or research study. She has kept me working. - Last night I was talking to my bestie and I used the 🦸‍♀️ emoji. She said my super power is stubbornness and I think she might be right. I will stubbornly fight everything thrown at me. -but with a little help from family and friends and of course coffee and carbs! One of my calming routines is to do my labs, grab a coffee and a roll and wait the hour or two to see my doctor- the simple things that make me feel better about it all. And then remind myself of the things I am grateful for- #gratefulglasseson - Happy Friday everyone!! - - - - #fridayfeels #doctoranxiety #coffeeandrolls #chronicillness #chronicillnesswarrior #breastcancersurvivor #mcas #eosinophilicesophagitis #toomanytolist #stubbornnorwegian #justkeepswimming #willpower #ecseteacher #spoonielife #outofspoons #starbuckscoffee #mydoctoristhebest #thankfulformytribe #friendsandfamilyarethebest #itsalmostchristmas

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Well we have a name: Indigo Grace. I fell in love with her blue eyes the day I saw her and we’ve all been saved by God’s grace. We will call her Indie and then we have Izzy and Indie. Izzy is getting used to her little by little. She even let her share the couch. - She is already bringing a lot of joy to the house- Liv could hardly go to work and I’m sure it will be tough for me tomorrow morning too!! - We are so thankful for her and her cute little snuggles and ability to crash most anywhere! She seems to be acclimating to the house quite well and has explored a lot more today. She’s definitely the best decision I’ve made in a while. She’s currently laying on my arm while I type this. Spell checking I’m sure 😂 - I hope you’ve had a great Sunday and are ready for the week ahead! - - - - #catsofinstagram #kittensofinstagram #sleepingkittens #blueeyedcat #indigo #tinykitty #shewantstomakefriends #sheshilarious #snugglekitty #christmaskitty #ilovemycats #tomorrowismonday #iwanttohangwithmycat #iloveizzy #indiecat #izzylife

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So you may have noticed in my stories that I adopted a new kitten. My daughter @livwells17 always sends me pictures and videos of cats and kittens and I always say no! We don’t need another cat! We have our 13 year old cat Izabella who is very stand-off ish and truly only loves Olivia. She’s extremely finicky and hisses at most people. Liv has been threatening to take her when she and @athomp523 get married this summer, so I’ve been thinking about a new pet. - So when I got the Snapchat of this kitten at @anna.whitcomb ‘s house I just knew it was #meanttobe. I HAD to have this little #bundleofjoy. I had no moment of doubt at all. I immediately texted Livvie “YES”. - Honestly I’ve been working harder to #findjoyinthejourney lately. It’s gets easy to fall into the well of grief, disappointment and irritation at the little things. I just knew that this little peanut would bring a smile to my face and she is such a snuggler already!!!! - Izzy is not too happy with her right now, but she will adjust. Liv wants to take her with her too, but no way-this one is My Little Buddy for sure. - Her owners called her smudge for the little spot on top of her head. It is kind of sticking. But to me she’s much more. She is my #sunshineonthedarkdays so we may call her Sunshine Smudge with every possible nickname derivative you can think of. But I may sleep on that and decide for sure later. #atleastshesmine ♥️🥰🥰 - - - - #catsofinstagram #kittens #kittenssleeping #kittensofinstagram #adoptedkitten #blueeyedgirl #snuggles #myjoy #tinykitten #sosweetcats #ilovekittens #merrychristmastome

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First #snowday of the year! Enjoying finishing up Christmas decorating! My carpet was supposed to be installed today so I could leave for the weekend and let things air out, but with the storm they are unable to get out of the mess that is #downtownminneapolis . We are shooting for #fridaythe13th and hoping for better luck 😂😂. - I have a #lovehaterelationship with the holidays. I LOVE the family time and celebrating things to be thankful for and Jesus’ birthday. But I HATE the cold and snow and the relentless #shortdays. I need the sun so much ☀️. Our family has suffered a lot of loss during the months of Nov-Jan as well so there is always a feeling of loss and sadness that goes along with all the celebrations. - I am grateful that our family is also growing with the addition of my brother’s biological mother and my kids’ significant others though. I’m grateful that Andrew’s family has taken me in as part of their own as well. They are such a special family! #inlawsfromheaven - So today, on this snow day, I’m focusing on the #joyoftheseason looking forward to family celebrations tomorrow, and #blackfridayshopping with my mom after that! - #btw I was able to shovel my sidewalk and a few paths of my driveway this morning for the first time in 4 years. #progressbaby #beachbodyresults for sure!! Another reason to #celebrate - - - #jesusisthereasonfortheseason #seasonalaffectivedisorder #snowdaysaremyfavorite #teacherlife #thanksgivingwithfamily #homeremodel #farmhousevintage #workinprogress #babystepsarestillsteps #sadnessintojoy #focusonjoy #doallthingsinlove #cantwaitforchristmas #giftgivingismylovelanguage #mcas

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I came across this photo from workshop week this morning and it immediately made me smile. Do you have someone in your life that just makes you SMILE!! @jessmariedauw is so much fun, is one of the kindest and most intelligent people I know and is also a warrior. I am so thankful to get to work with her everyday. She makes the obstacles and stress we face everyday to do our jobs so much better and I just wanted to shout her out today! Love you friend, you are amazing! Thanks for all the amazing talks and all the LAUGHS 🤗❤️😘😂 ( and for keeping me going doing what we LOVE to do). And I know she’ll laugh when she sees this is as close as I could get to tagging our school...🤔 - - #workbesties #myfriendsfriend #pivot #friendsforever #bestgalever #overcomer #warrior #heartofgold #sothankfulforher #wegotthis #shesgotyourback #couldntdoworkwithouther #ecseteacherlife #teacherbesties #shesthebest❤️ #beautifulheart

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How blessed we are to have such an amazing pastoral team. Pastors Jim and Tina speak so much truth into my heart. They have been doing a series on Healing and it couldn’t have been more timely for me. Being prayed over by our prayer team and a soul sister today refreshed my soul and brought joy into my heart. I have been grasping at every ounce of joy lately through my grief and chronic illness despair. Family and friends have really helped me keep things in perspective and this team of pastors, along with all of the others pastors @newlifefoley have been and continue to have an immeasurable impact on my life. I am forever grateful 🥰🙏🏻

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What a fabulous day! Exactly the bright spot our little family needed! Olivia took about two hours of trying on dresses today before she found #theone. It was very special to be the three of us, Liv, me and my mom. We have been trying for weeks to get her bridesmaids and us together in the same day to do this and finally just picked a day to go. We couldn’t get an appointment at The Wedding Shoppe but decided to go look other places. Then late last night she looked one more time and there was a 9 o’clock appointment open for this morning! #meanttobe so we got up early and headed to St. Paul. #whatanamazingexperience - They were so helpful and pulled just what she wanted for her style. We highly recommend them. This #bridetobe2020 is one happy girl tonight. I am so thankful and filled with joy. 🥰❤️💍 - and a great lunch @breadandchocolatemn #bride2020 #892020 #august92020 #motherofthebride #shesaidyestothedress #theweddingshoppemn #breadandchocolate #weddingdayiscomingsoon #checkingofftheweddinglist #threegenerations #mamasgirl❤️ #bridesofinstagram #weddingdress #weddingdressshopping #bestdayever #sogladiwasthere #thankfulforgrandma #fostervoldstrong #perfectday #mybabygirl #mybabysgrowingup

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Leg day was hard today not gonna lie. I had 2 weeks off of real workouts and with the #nastyminnesotacoldsnap my joints are on fire. But I pushed through the pain and I actually feel better than before I started. This is a very good lesson for me. I learned I need to at least attempt my workouts even if I’m in pain before I start. #perseverance needs to be in my mindset. . I have worked late the last few nights to get caught up on some of the work that’s been piling up on my desk and it’s helping my anxiety quite a bit. The last few weeks have been pretty off the rails. Hoping I have some #momentum going and that things will start turning around. . I’m pretty wiped out tonight, but by taking control of the things I can control it’s helping to not be so overwhelmed by the things beyond my control. . Day 2/21 of #21dayfixrealtime is in the books and I’m proud of that for now! . . . . . #progressnotperfection #getbackonthehorse #howamisosoreaftertwoweeksoff #teamliftandbelifted #controlwhatyoucan #chronicillness #mcas #spoonie #ecseteacher #legdayworkout #pullupyourbiggirlpanties #warrior #makebrendaproud #igotthis #chronicillnesstobeautifulwellness

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We interrupt this program for an important announcement: Ok, so it’s not so important to all of you, but it is to me. I’m bringing it back to my tribe and my “why”. Many of you know I started my journey toward a life with improved health this summer and part of that was my coaching business and the new workout program I was doing #morningmeltdown100. 40 days in I was feeling better than I had in years. Daily shakes and improved nutrition were helping as well. - But sometimes life has different plans and due to things beyond my control my illness returned with a vengeance. Toss in a few other big stressors and my workouts got tougher to accomplish physically and I’ve been fighting the urge to give up. I’ve withdrawn from posting in my accountability groups with my team and feel #knockedonmybutt - This week I lost my dear beloved cousin to cancer. It has rocked me in so many ways. But that girl NEVER GAVE UP! So after #cryingmyheartout I’m #puttinonmybiggirlboots and I’m evaluating my bruises and starting over. - I made it to 60/100 on mm100 but the program is too challenging right now so instead of stopping all together like I have #letsbereal I am bringing it #backtobasics. I am starting my first program over again. I have to remember my “why”. I did #21dayfixrealtime as my first program when I was at the worst shape of my life and it was great. 3 weeks of progressive workouts ( and a nutrition program too for those that don’t have my food allergies). Right now I know I can do it, it will get me back on track with my routines and I can reach a goal In 3 weeks. I really need something I can conquer right now!!! - I know I will finish 61-100 one day but for now tomorrow is my day 1/21! #thisonesforyou @brenda_a_reynolds - . . Let me know if you are interested in joining me on another journey! I’ll dm you the details. I need #alltheaccountabilitybuddies I can get! . #teamliftandbelifted #happyhealthyhumble #teamreppinforreynolds #holycrapwhataride #itsoktostartover #noquitters #igotthis #mcas #chronicillness #chronicillnesswarrior #spoonielife #spoonies #notquittingjustpausing #biggirlpanties #iwontletyoudown #gonetoosoon #2019onewordhope #tribe

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hopefullynnlife. There is always joy to be found in times of trial.  Liv and Andrew had

There is always joy to be found in times of trial. Liv and Andrew had their engagement pics taken last night. We got a few sneak peeks today and they just make me smile so much. It’s not an easy week this week for many different reasons. This is a very big bright spot ❤️❤️❤️ 📸 @clairemarjoriephotography . . #engagementphotos #livlovesandrew #brightspot #happilyeverafter #roughweek #findjoyinthemoment #892020 #cantwait #truelove

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Perseverance is my thing. My bestie Angie reminded me of that yesterday. She reminded me that I ALWAYS OVERCOME. A few weeks ago in church @newlifefoley we had to write a new “Hi my name is...” tag describing who we are with God as our light and Savior. I was feeling fantastic at that time. My health was tip top and I was in such a good place. I choose “Hi my name is Overcomer”. It’s still true right now, in this current setback of spontaneous anaphylaxis and allergies to new and unidentifiable things. I go into hyperdrive trying to protect myself during these times. I have a lot of medical trauma and it’s my go to self preservation mode. But God is my protector. And Angie was right. I have fought back from ground zero several times before and I’ll continue to do so every time I get knocked down. With God’s grace and strength I’ll be back where I was after this battle has been won!❤️❤️🙏🏻💪🙌🏻 . . . #mcas #overcomer #chronicillness #spoonie #butyoudontlooksick #chronicillnesswarrior #mastcellactivationsyndrome #anaphylaxis #hitsyououtofnowhere #groundzero #perseverance #fightlikeagirl #faithoverfear #2019oneword #hope #breastcancersurvivor #besties #shespeakstruth #godismyprotector #strengthandgrace #doorcounty #schoolhousebeach #youversion #washingtonisland

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Happy birthday @herbst.nancy! I can’t believe our friendship has lasted over 4 decades. It has seemed like the lifetime it is and a split second all at the same time. You are so selfless and caring. You listen to me talk endlessly with continuous support and you help me over and over when I am in need. Even on your birthday you ask about me and how things are going when you know it’s been challenging lately. God blessed me in the biggest way when he brought me you all those years ago and there are not enough ways to say thank you and I love you💋♥️ I’m so glad I got to see you and the kids tonight🎂🤗🥰. P.S. thanks for planning the best girls trips. You ROCK!

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My illness sometimes steals things away from me. My energy, my time, my mobility, my plans, my breath ... but I won’t let it get the BEST of me!! I can’t control my environment 100% of the time, although I work very hard to. I also can’t control the way my body reacts to my environment most of the time, even though I try to. But I NEED to have control of how I respond to the events in my life. It’s very easy to go down the road of fear and anxiety. To worry about all of the what if’s. I have had some set backs this past month with my health and at my job. I’m having to work very hard at how my brain responds to these things and it opens a lot of questions about what to do in the future. I’ve figured out a few things: 1. God has a plan for me and I may not see it yet, but it is there. 2. I will continue to choose my health before work responsibilities because without my health I’m not going to be working anyway. 3. I will continue to choose self care(rest, fitness, nutrition) and my faith, family and friends over things that rob me of these priorities. 4. I will hand over my fear and anxiety to God, and just keep plugging away. 5. I won’t give up. I may “check out” from social activities sometimes, as I need this time to rest, recover and reset my mindset. It’s not that I don’t WANT to be present, it’s that it is very Difficult For me to be and continue to stay healthy. Please grant me grace during these times. Also today my daughter @livwells17 showed up unexpectedly which will fill my bucket ❤️ as my buddies Owen and Logan would say @hodgie55 . So that is a blessing! Thanks for listening🥰. . . . #selfcare #faithoverfear #mcas #mastcellactivationsyndrome #pots #posturalorthostatictachycardiasyndrome #faithfamilyfriends #itsingodshands #yourwordsmatter #nonegativeselftalk #anxiety #depression #seasonalaffectivedisorder #hope #chronicillness #chronicillnesswarrior #spoonie #sothankfulforfamilyandfriends #quietweekends #cozyweekendsarethebest #sadnessisoktoo #thanksforyourunderstanding🙏 #I’ve got this #thistooshallpass #imissmydad #fillingbuckets #grantmegrace

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So glad I was able to #cashapp @alexwellsdrums coffee just as he was walking into @dunkindonuts_usa this morning. He’s been working hard at @mspairport and drumming in several bands and I’m really proud of him. I miss my boy and his beautiful girl @jdank__ . My #lovelanguage is usually tied at acts of service and gift giving. I also love coffee so gift giving coffee is my fave 😘glad my kids love it and thankful for money transfer apps so I can do it instantaneously. Hoping I get to see these two soon, love them #tothemoonandback! Hope you’re not freezing out there today buddy!😢💋😘🌨❄️ . . #itsonlyoctober #justsaynotosnow #weloveourcoffee #favoriteson #littledrummerboy #touringdrummer #airport #cutecouple #hehasmyheart #mamasboy #sothankfulforthem #mnfall #stopwiththesnowalready #wheresfall #missthemsomuch

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Say what? It’s FRIDAY?? Sweet!! Whipped cream in my coffee AND my shake!! #isaynotosnow #coffeefreak #tgif #alwaysyestowhippedcream #dreamingofthebeach #ilovehotweather🌞

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I hate that life gets so busy once school starts that I miss out on quality time with this beauty. @herbst.nancy and I had so much fun in #doorcounty this summer and I’m so happy and sad that it’s tucked away as another amazing memory with my bestie. The pictures are a good reminder to be #intentionalwithmytime and to remember my #priorities -faith, family, friends and health. Love you #girlsnight soon to celebrate your upcoming birthday!🎂 😘 - - - - #bestfriendsforever #sheknowsmesowell #amazingtrip #doorcountywisconsin #midcenturygirlstrip #wheretonext #wecanhavefunanywhere #lifelongbesties #missyou #sweetestfriendonearth

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Seriously folks I had g i v e n u p on today. My body just screamed for rest, yet I was so r e s t l e s s. So I decided to do some yoga. I started my yoga workout and was so distracted by everything in my head I SHOULD be doing today I couldn't focus. So I moved on to my next workout in #morningmeltdown100 which was 48/100 #fightclub. My other favorite. It's low impact and core focused so I thought I'd try even with my breathing issues. I had used my inhaler before starting so I thought may be OK. I'm so glad I did!! I had to move a bit slower but man did I sweat and work off some bad energy!! Sometimes it's hard to #teachanolddognewtricks but I need to remember to move my body even if I have #chronicpain happening. I may #hangoutinbedallsaturday but I #gotmyworkoutdone! . . P.S. I grabbed my #indy sweatshirt for motivation #justincaseitfit. I have had this sweatshirt for a few years and have never been able to get it on! I get #bonuspoints for losing so many inches I can now wear this inspirational sweatshirt from an amazing company!❤️ #imnotdoneyet go check them out @imnotdoneyetmn - ✌️out Saturday #tomorrowisanewday . . . #teamliftandbelifted #happyhealthyhumble #community #lovemyteam #ivegotthis #warrior #nothingwillstopme

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#amirightladies? definitely diving into the #trifecta this weekend over here. The constant rain and cloudy days are driving me batty. Anyone else??? My #lovehaterelationship with rainy days continues... Anyway, we are so close to finishing the painting in my house but with my #asthma and #mcas being so bad, too much painting is not good for me, especially if I'm doing it. So we have had a bit of a standstill in the house project. My mom was going to come up today to do some #anniesloanchalkpaint painting of my bathroom cupboards because it is so low odor, but she is not feeling well today! Prayers for my mama if you will! 🙏🙏 ❤️ ❤️ So today I'll use my #vogmask and get the cupboard doors off and prepped and she may come up later this week and paint while I'm at work. We are so anxious to see the #houseremodel finished!!! I'll take some before pictures of the bathroom today so I can show the transformation later! Meanwhile the #coffeeleggingsdryshampoo are calling! Make it a great Saturday!😘 . . . #coffee #leggings #dryshampoo #vintagefarmhouse #remodel #momsarethebest #rainydays #seasonalaffectivedisorder #ivegottheblues #bathroomremodel #prayersforhealth #letsgetthisprojectdonealready #justdoyourbest #inspirationneeded

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The #last90dayschallenge is upon us. The premise is to maximize the last 90 days of the year to finish strong with existing goals, start new goals and chronicle your journey. I'm the type that wakes up each morning and thinks about all of the things they could be doing better at, personally, professionally and spiritually. It can be sooooo overwhelming. Add to that chronic illness and planning my daughter's wedding and whew! I have a lot of personal goals in all of these areas but the next 90 [or so I guess] days I'm picking one in each area. Personally I'm going to set the goal of working out 6 days a week with one rest day. Because of my health I'm counting yoga when I can't do cardio. Professionally I'm working on focusing on the families I'm working with and not the chaos of the obstacles I'm fighting against in the district to get the job done well. Spiritually I'm going to spend at least a half hour a day with my Bible and/or devotions. I'm hoping that narrowing my focus a little bit will help me feel more successful and not as overwhelmed by all my "I should be better at"s. What will YOU focus on? Am I the only one that does this every morning???🤷‍♀️ . . . . #rachelhollis #stopapologizing #alexseeley #theoppositespirit #faith #beachbodycoachlife #ecseteacher #ecse #teacherlife #babysteps #nevergiveup #teamliftandbelifted #happyhealthyhumble #strongerthanilook #warrior #mcas #breastcancersurvivor #teambride

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Real talk. I honestly try to be a positive person. I try to look at adversity and turn it into comedy. Like after my #breastcancer surgery I have often joked about my "crooked headlights" because of the results of said surgery. I teased about #nohairdays instead of #badhairdays and about taking everyone I love to the emergency room with me sooner or later. But admitting #vulnerability can be much tougher- admitting the scary stuff- the #darkandtwisty stuff is harder for me. ( Sorry #greysanatomy reference) . . I have been posting about how well I am doing in my fight against my #mastcellactivationsyndrome #pots #eoe and #asthma lately. But dang if it doesn't still TRIP YOU UP OUT OF NOWHERE! Today really scared me and I'll tell you why. I had a chemical sensitivity induced asthma attack at work. A year ago I would have been in the ER very ill. Right now I just had to use my inhaler over and over and leave to another part of the building. But guys. All it takes is ONE MAJOR EPISODE to send me reeling backwards and lose all the progress I've made and it's freaking scary. The pain, dozens of medications, missed work, isolation from friends and family and LITERAL RISK OF DEATH are not exaggerations. Fear comes pouring back in and it stinks. . . So -I vented to supportive friends at work, went shopping with my bestie after work and am practicing self care tonight as well. I will be taking extra good care of myself this weekend and will work with my supervisor about my #healthaccomodation next week. Here's to breathing clear by Monday hopefully-thanks for listening! ❤️ya . . . #chemicalfreeworkplace #thisdiseasesucks #ifeellikeadramaqueen #sorrynotsorry #prayingforabetterweek #chemicalandfragrancefree #getthewordout

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