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🌾Being my own boss has so many advantages but my favorite is the time freedom ✨ So I can spend time making absolute magic with my babe @taylluna finishing up our online #Reiki 1 course 👩🏽‍💻🧬 And also so I can celebrate the Full Moon and Spring Equinox tomorrow with my tribe 🌊 🔮What are you manifesting? Do you want to be your own boss? DM me!! 🌸Stay balanced friends ☯️ • 📸PC: @ashleyleephotos 🙏🏽😘

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🌴When you can practice pincha and make money at the same time💕🤑 So blessed to have so much more time freedom and financial stability since I joined @markethackersglobal 💸 So excited for @taylluna and I to start growing our team 😇 • 📸PC: @tayllunaphotos

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🌿Happy Monday Angels ✨❤️ Tropical vibes in my Shakti Ranger Reversible One Piece Swimsuit from @wolventhreads ✨🖤 Made from recycled water bottles #makesustainabilitysexy ♻️✨ • 📸PC: @tayllunaphotos 🖤😘

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💕Scared Shapes ✨So thankful for these goddesses and support and inspiration they’ve given me ✨Had so much fun playing with this pose with three people! Try a variation with your besties and tag us!! 🧘🏽‍♀️💕🙏🏽 • 🐺Wearing @wolventhreads #makesustainabilitysexy ✨ • 📸PC: @tayllunaphotos 🌿

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🍃✨”Every place I go, I take another place with me” ✨💕 • 📸PC: @xtinacash_ ❤️ #girlswithtattoos

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🌅Plans change 🚢Two weeks ago Casey and I were getting ready for our first cruise then last week he had surgery for 8 hours on Valentine’s Day and we’re told he can’t walk again for at least 3 months. This week we’re handicapping our whole apartment and postponing all our trips and vacations we had planned. Including going to our beach till we can get back out there in a wheelchair 🙃 at least the red tide is gone when he’s ready. • 📸PC: @ashleyleephotos ❤️

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✨💕Blessing for my babe @holladay.szn as he gets surgery today. Hoping for healing this Valentine’s Day and can’t wait to get him back home 💘🙏🏽 • 📸PC: @licata_enterprise 🌊❤️

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✨🖤”And now the dust will settle. And you are still here. Standing. Breathing. Living. Thriving. In spite of it all.” - @jessicaolie #writtenbyjessicaolie #loveher 🖤✨Posted this picture in b&w a little while ago but love this edit so much too 🙏🏽 #tbt ✨ 📿Mala: @malaprayer ❤️✨ 💁🏻‍♀️Hair: @fancimimi ❤️✨ 📸PC: @ashleyleephotos ❤️✨

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🌴✨Hope you are all having a beautiful February loves!! I’m pretty excited bc this weekend @holladay.szn and I will go on our first cruise ever to the #Bahamas out of Miami 😍🌴 He’s been killing it in his new business @markethackersglobal and they’re treating us to this #perks 🔥 • 📸PC: @holladay.szn 😘

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✨Can’t believe how busy this year has been already and all this colder weather for Florida too🙃 So much change already and more is coming but I’m so ready for it. Haven’t been spending too much time on here with all the fun events happening but will catch up soon! 💕✨ Also so ready to get back out on the silks with my babes @taylluna and @lbmay once the weather warms up! 💗 • 📸PC: @ashleyleephotos 😘🙏🏽

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🌊✨Happy Friday Loves 🧜‍♀️Missing our beach days with all this cold weather lately but hopefully it’s helping get rid of our red tide once and for all!! @taylluna and I are planning a little water healing meet up on siesta beach in the very near feature! If you’re local and want to join send us a DM! ✨💕 • 📸PC: @ashleyleephotos 🙏🏽😘

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✨🌾Happy Sunday and Full Moon Loves 🌕✨ Getting centered this full moon with the Eclipse coming soon and sending some healing vibes to our beach! So much comic energy right now!! Also @taylluna and I our finally putting together an online Reiki course to help attune everyone we can! ✨Do you use Reiki?? • 📸PC: @ashleyleephotos ✨😘

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🌴Filming some fun new aerial flows with @taylluna that we will post soon so stay tuned! So much shifting energy coming with our Full Moon and Eclipse this week 🌕 Letting go of a lot that’s not serving us to make space for all the new adventures we’re planning!! 💫 • 🦋Outfit: @wolventhreads ♻️ #makesustainabilitysexy ♻️ ✨Silks: @wildmoonyogatribe 🦋

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✨💕Open hearts this Year 💕💕Feeling all the Capricorn vibes and had so much fun at our clothing swap today with so many beautiful goddess!! Round 2 is Jan 27th if anyone wants to join! 💗 • 📸PC: @xtinacash_ ❤️😘

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🌱💗Been so busy since we’ve been back in Sarasota but so happy in the direction everything is going 🕉✨ so many good vibes this year already 😇If you’re local join @taylluna and I this Saturday for aerial yoga at 12pm and our clothing swap Sunday at 12pm!! So excited to meet some new goddesses clean out some clothes that need attention and revamp my wardrobe for 2019 💗• 💕Outfit: @segrasoul ✨ 🦋Silks: @wildmoonyogatribe ✨ 📸PC: @xtinacash_ 😘

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💕💜Making sustainable sexy in my @wolventhreads 💙 #makesustainabilitysexy 🌸 Also always feeling so happy in my silks 🍃💜 • 🧚🏼‍♀️💙 Manifesting some fun plans for this new year!! What plans do you have? 🦋 • 📸PC: @tayllunaphotos 🌸💓 @wildmoonyogatribe #yogacutie 💗

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✨🦋Happy January Loves 🦋✨ So thrilled to be settled back in downtown Sarasota with @holladay.szn 😘and really enjoying our new apartment 😍I’ve been changing things up a little and staying off social media to focus on being more present in each moment than spending countless hours making drafts or scrolling through for inspiration🦋 Were still doing our Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday classes at @wildmoonyogatribe through January so if you’re local sign up while you can!! #sarasota ✨Also if you want your own aerial hammock for the new year DM me!! 🦋 • 📸PC: @ashleyleephotos 🙏🏽✨

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🌲❄️Enjoying my last day in Washington with @holladay.szn but can’t wait to be in warm Florida again! Had an amazing vacation and flying home tonight to be back for NYE! 🎉 What are your plans for the New Year? • 📸PC: @holladay.szn ❤️😘

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