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✨🌾Happy Sunday and Full Moon Loves 🌕✨ Getting centered this full moon with the Eclipse coming soon and sending some healing vibes to our beach! So much comic energy right now!! Also @taylluna and I our finally putting together an online Reiki course to help attune everyone we can! ✨Do you use Reiki?? • 📸PC: @ashleyleephotos ✨😘

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🌴Filming some fun new aerial flows with @taylluna that we will post soon so stay tuned! So much shifting energy coming with our Full Moon and Eclipse this week 🌕 Letting go of a lot that’s not serving us to make space for all the new adventures we’re planning!! 💫 • 🦋Outfit: @wolventhreads ♻️ #makesustainabilitysexy ♻️ ✨Silks: @wildmoonyogatribe 🦋

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✨💕Open hearts this Year 💕💕Feeling all the Capricorn vibes and had so much fun at our clothing swap today with so many beautiful goddess!! Round 2 is Jan 27th if anyone wants to join! 💗 • 📸PC: @xtinacash_ ❤️😘

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🌱💗Been so busy since we’ve been back in Sarasota but so happy in the direction everything is going 🕉✨ so many good vibes this year already 😇If you’re local join @taylluna and I this Saturday for aerial yoga at 12pm and our clothing swap Sunday at 12pm!! So excited to meet some new goddesses clean out some clothes that need attention and revamp my wardrobe for 2019 💗• 💕Outfit: @segrasoul ✨ 🦋Silks: @wildmoonyogatribe ✨ 📸PC: @xtinacash_ 😘

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💕💜Making sustainable sexy in my @wolventhreads 💙 #makesustainabilitysexy 🌸 Also always feeling so happy in my silks 🍃💜 • 🧚🏼‍♀️💙 Manifesting some fun plans for this new year!! What plans do you have? 🦋 • 📸PC: @tayllunaphotos 🌸💓 @wildmoonyogatribe #yogacutie 💗

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✨🦋Happy January Loves 🦋✨ So thrilled to be settled back in downtown Sarasota with @holladay.szn 😘and really enjoying our new apartment 😍I’ve been changing things up a little and staying off social media to focus on being more present in each moment than spending countless hours making drafts or scrolling through for inspiration🦋 Were still doing our Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday classes at @wildmoonyogatribe through January so if you’re local sign up while you can!! #sarasota ✨Also if you want your own aerial hammock for the new year DM me!! 🦋 • 📸PC: @ashleyleephotos 🙏🏽✨

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🌲❄️Enjoying my last day in Washington with @holladay.szn but can’t wait to be in warm Florida again! Had an amazing vacation and flying home tonight to be back for NYE! 🎉 What are your plans for the New Year? • 📸PC: @holladay.szn ❤️😘

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🌲Hope you all had a beautiful Christmas 🌲 Staying warm and excited to explore more of Washington and see some snow this week before we head back to Florida! What are your plans for the rest of this year? ✨🌲 • 📸PC: @holladay.szn 💋

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❄️🎄HAPPY CHRISTMAS LOVES 🎄❄️ having so much fun with my babe @holladay.szn and his family out here in the PNW 🎁so thankful for him and his loving family making this such a great HOLLADAY 😏✨❄️ • 📸PC: @travelerpatti18 😍🙏🏽

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❤️🎄Merry Christmas Eve to you and yours 😘✨ Having so much fun connecting with @zoe_dewitt and @chroniecam out here in #seattle 🎁Can’t wait to play more soon!🎄❄️

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✨❤️Wheel Poses in Washington ✨❤️ It’s always fun figuring out what poses I can still do when it’s freezing and I’m wearing 4x as much clothing as I’m use too 😂❄️ Stay tuned for my attempts at more 🎁🎄 • 📸PC: @holladay.szn 😘❤️

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⛄️🎄Happy Winter Solstice Loves❤️❄️The first time you made me laugh I knew I was hooked. You were just so smart, quick, and confident and though you intimidated me a little at first I’m so happy we fell in love. Thank you for continuing to bring out the best in me and always taking care of me. Can’t wait to spend many more seasons with you. I love you @holladay.szn 😘🎄 • 📸PC: @barbzholla 😍🙏🏽❤️

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🍃✨Seattle bound this morning! Feeling so refreshed waking up so dark and early! Ready for some real winter weather with @holladay.szn and our winter solstice tomorrow! ❄️😘 Stay tuned to my story for the adventure! 🎄😇 • 📸PC: @ashleyleephotos 🙏🏽😘

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❤️🎁Want to stay wrapped in these silks all winter season 🎄DM me to get a pair of your own! ✨🎁 • 📸PC: @tayllunaphotos ✨😍

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🍃✨Happy Sunday Funday Loves ✨🍃 Getting ready for my trip to Seattle with @holladay.szn this Thursday and I’m so excited!! 🎄Time for some actual winter weather! What do you all have planned for the holidays? ✨ • 📸PC: @ashleyleephotos 🙏🏽❤️

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✨🍃December is already halfway through Loves! This year has been so busy but it helped it go by so fast! (Which is good bc I’m so ready for the New Year!) 🍃❤️Taking some time these next few days to reflect on this last year and prepare for the future! ✨Extra thankful for all the beautiful relationships I’ve made and how much I’ve grown because of them✨🖤Wearing @wolventhreads Shakti Ranger Reversible One Piece #makesustainabilitysexy • 📸PC: @ashleyleephotos 🙏🏽❤️

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🍃❤️So excited for our Holiday Photoshoot this Saturday! 🎁Only three spots left if you’re local and want to join! No experience needed but we have class this Wednesday evening and Saturday morning if you want to practice with us!🎄 Hope you’re all having a magical Monday❤️🍃 • 📸PC: @tayllunaphotos 😍🎁

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✨💕Happy Sunday Angels🍃✨ Had a beautiful morning teaching aerial yoga and then attending @taylluna new moon goddess circle 💓🌙So many good vibes ✨Were planning some exciting adventures for the new year including some online reiki courses, new photo shoots, and A RETREAT IN MIAMI, so get ready loves! 💗 • 📸PC: @ashleyleephotos 🙏🏽💕

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