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gofit_dining_llc. We tend to focus on time. The time we’ve spent  battling an addiction,

We tend to focus on time. The time we’ve spent battling an addiction, a loss, defeat, or guilt. Sometimes it feels like we’re moving in slow motion, like we’ve been stuck in time, repeating the same battles year after year after year. The time we’ve spent hasn’t been wasted. The toughest warriors, the ones who have the ability to impact the most people, experience the most intense battles. Know that what you’ve been going through is for a purpose and the longer and harder the battle the higher you will rise. #riseabove #supportrecovery

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gofit_dining_llc. Our journey through life can feel like an uphill battle. Some of our j

Our journey through life can feel like an uphill battle. Some of our journeys have been plagued with addiction; the beast that seeks to steal our joy, our loved ones and life as we know it. Look around...that family who seems to have it all together, that college student, that grandparent, that business executive, that homeless person, that parent struggling to make ends meet, that brother/sister/relative/friend/neighbor are all touched by addiction. No one is exempt. We may not battle with the beast ourselves, but we all know someone who does. So, what will we do about it? One of the greatest gifts we can give that person is unconditional love and support. This provides hope, and where there is life there is always hope. As we consider our loved ones this holiday season, consider how you can give the gift of hope and healing, because addiction affects us all. With each set of GoFit Dining cards YOU help provide hope and healing to those battling addiction. Will you help us give the gift of hope? Make an impact today. Visit gofitdining.com with code: GFDGIVEBACK

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gofit_dining_llc. Seek to understand. So often we’re quick to judge or to make our point

Seek to understand. So often we’re quick to judge or to make our point. When we react instead of respond we lose sight of the bigger picture, the reason behind the life choices someone has made. We are the result of a compilation of our experiences and choices, each of which has a reason behind it and ultimately shapes our lifestyle. We’ll never understand the why behind it all until we take the time to listen. Sure, we can “hear” with our ears what someone is saying, but when we listen we use our hearts. #riseabove #supportrecovery

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gofit_dining_llc. Who will you inspire? We may not necessarily know the answer to that o

Who will you inspire? We may not necessarily know the answer to that or even be able to understand the magnitude of the impact our lives have on others. Sometimes we down play our ability to have an impact, but all it takes is one. The joy and hope that we carry with us through a season of struggle may be the encouragement someone else needs to make it through their own battle. The hope you gave that person may lead to a greater mission and impact that affects lives across the nation or even the world. Though we feel fragile while in the midst of the struggle, when we stay in peace, declaring our future success, we plant seeds of greatness not only in ourselves but in the lives of others allowing us both to Rise Above. #riseabove #supportrecovery

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gofit_dining_llc. What are you claiming and allowing to take ownership of your life? So

What are you claiming and allowing to take ownership of your life? So often we claim things that were never meant for us. Addiction, illness, depression, anxiety, feelings of guilt/failure/inadequacy...these things may have come into our lives, but they were never meant to stay there. When we lay claim to these things, saying “my addiction...my anxiety..” we allow them to control our identity. Over time the presence of these things in our lives becomes our new normal and we have a hard time seeing ourselves without them, they begin to define and own us. Don’t allow what may have started as a season of pain or hurt to turn into a life sentence. Declare your freedom from addiction, illness, depression, anxiety, feelings of guilt, failure, inadequacy before you even see it. Claim the healing that is yours and keep claiming it until you see it come to pass. When we speak it before we see it we take authority and ownership, calling into being the healing that is ours. Claim the healing. Rise Above. #riseabove #supportrecovery

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gofit_dining_llc. Decisions, decisions, there are so many decisions in life. We make upw

Decisions, decisions, there are so many decisions in life. We make upwards of 35,000 decisions a day. From what we eat to the thoughts we think and people we surround ourselves with, our decisions shape us and determine our future. A decision to be happy, to see the glass as half full, or even overflowing changes how we view a situation, the decisions we make in that situation and the lifestyle we choose to lead. What will you decide? Will you decide to be happy, to make the most of your current situation, knowing that where you are is just one step to where you will be? Will you decide to surround yourself with the people who encourage and bring out the best in you? YOU deserve to be happy, to be successful, to feel loved and valued. The decision is in your hands. What will you decide? #riseabove #sharehappiness

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gofit_dining_llc. In life we go through seasons; seasons of heartache, turmoil, imbalanc

In life we go through seasons; seasons of heartache, turmoil, imbalance, and stress. We may wonder why this is happening. When we ask why we begin to question the purpose in the pain and it can be easy to focus on the negative in the situation. Instead, let’s ask “how”. How can this pain, this momentary discomfort be used for good. How can this be used to inspire others, to help others keep pressing on. How can it be used to help others rise from despair to hope, and from pain to peace. In the midst of a struggle, when it’s easiest to focus inward on what’s not going right, choose to look up. When we focus on helping others succeed we find the strength to move past our own battles. We are stronger together. We rise by lifting others up. #riseabove #recoverysupport

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gofit_dining_llc. We all have seeds of greatness inside of us, but seeds need to be wate

We all have seeds of greatness inside of us, but seeds need to be watered to rise. Our seeds start in our mind, the control center of our body. What we choose to allow into our mind and thought life act as seeds that take root. The more we entertain these thoughts, allowing certain music, tv shows, and people to speak into our lives, the more water these seeds receive. Our actions begin to reflect what we’ve allowed into our minds, without realizing it we become what we’ve surrounded ourselves with - good or bad. So, plant the right seeds and surround yourself with uplifting people, words and thoughts, because the mind is a garden - we don’t want weeds! Surround yourself with a community of wellness and support that sows seeds of greatness into your life, because you’re future is bright! #riseabove #recoverysupport

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What’s holding you back? So often we allow limiting beliefs and comments from others to control our thoughts, decisions and ultimately our destiny. When you’re told that you can’t do something don’t accept that. We can only speak from our own experience and abilities, not from the abilities that reside within another person. Just because someone else doesn’t know how they could do what you’re striving to accomplish doesn’t mean that you won’t succeed. Choose to surround yourself with those who build you up and encourage and challenge you to be your best. Going into 2019, we’re building a community of wellness and support to help post-drug/alcohol treatment individuals excel in life. Exciting details coming soon! Please feel free to message us to find out more - we’d love to connect with YOU 😀 #riseabove #recoverysupport

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Life is a gift. One of the greatest gifts in life is to give and receive love. With this comes hope, a hope that promises a future and a life of more. When we look beyond ourselves to heal the hurts within others we give hope. When we share a smile, a warm embrace or give a word of encouragement we may be giving someone the hope and confidence they need to take steps of courage to change their life and reach their full potential. May we be mindful of our ability to impact the lives of others, giving them hope to rise above. #recoverysupport #riseabove

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In life we face storms, unexpected seasons of struggle. It’s easy to get down and question whether you’ll ever find a way out, and if there is a light at the end of the tunnel. When we give in to the lies that tell us to throw in the towel and quit we’re not only giving up our future we’re sacrificing the opportunity to help someone else heal. What we go through isn’t always about us. Most often the struggles we face are to prepare us to be able to help others, to show them that there is hope and a way out. While it’s never comfortable to be in a season of addiction, illness or lack, cheer up, it’s only a season. It’s not a life sentence. These seasons can lead us to our greatest calling, allowing us to touch lives in ways we never thought possible. #riseabove #gofitlifestyle #mission2019

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What’s keeping you balanced? The thoughts we entertain shape our reality, the decisions we make and the person we become and our ability to succeed. So, what are you giving authority over your life? Many times we feel we have control over a situation or area of our lives, creating a sense of balance...but, if we’re real with ourselves, we’ll realize that what we thought we had control over is actually controlling us. We go from being in control to being controlled. Sound familiar? We’ve all been there in some area of our lives. So, how do we overcome? How do we rise above? We acknowledge and become aware of the situation, which enables us to regain control, because we can’t change what we don’t know or aren’t aware of. We remain above it all by placing ourselves in a community of wellness and support, because we are stronger together. Together we lift each other up, helping one another succeed. Who will you surround yourself with to rise above? #lifestylebalance #riseabove

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Rise. Rise up. Rise above. To rise is to move from a lower position to a higher one, to go up. Before we’re able to go up we have to start looking up. We need to speak and declare the positive before we even see it. By doing this we’re increasing our belief that it will happen. We’re sowing seeds for our future success. We rise even faster when we take our eyes off of our struggles and help someone else rise, because there is power in numbers. A simple word of encouragement, helping hand, high five, or warm embrace may be the loving touch someone needs to rise. So, who will you help rise? As we press forward to 2019 we’re rising to new heights to further our mission to support drug and alcohol recovery programs and create a post - treatment community of wellness and support. Our messaging will be focused more on empowering and strengthening the recovery community to help cultivate this lifestyle. We’ll continue to reveal more details as this exciting journey progresses! Join us as we Rise Above! #riseabove

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​​Did you know you are great?! Yes, YOU! You have seeds of greatness inside of you. When we do things that strengthen our bodies this inner greatness has the power to shine. So, fuel your body with fresh, flavorful foods and move your body, c’mon and move your body, every, everybody and let your inner star shine! A balanced lifestyle is one you won’t want a vacation from. #gofitlifestyle #riseabove

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Eating well is just one component of feeling great, and we all want to feel great, right?! I’m pretty sure no one wakes up saying, “I really hope I feel terrible today”...said no one ever! Okay, so we’ve focused a lot on good foods and great places to eat and where to workout, but it’s time to bring the two together + a little mindfulness and relaxation for good measure! We’re so excited to be sharing all of this with our giveback partners as we move forward, because lifestyle balance is so important with drug and alcohol recovery. #gofitlifestyle #riseabove #recoverylifestyle

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What is your WHY? What lights a fire inside of you to want to make this world a better place? Who has touched your life in such a way that it has literally changed the whole trajectory of your life? GoFit Dining was created from a fire inside to make a difference in the lives of those battling drug and alcohol abuse. It started as a giveback to support these programs, but as the fire continues to grow it’s expanding to a mission, a mission to support recovery programs nationwide and build a post-recovery program community of wellness and support. Recovery is a lifestyle. Life at its best is life with the ones you love. #riseabove #gofitlifestyle

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We’ve been so blessed this past year to have had such great support of the GoFit Dining card sets and our greater mission to giveback to drug and alcohol recovery programs. A big THANK YOU to everyone who has been part of this effort. You are truly providing hope and healing to those battling addiction. To those who have battled addiction themselves or have had loved ones who have/are battling addiction, our hearts go out to you and we believe that where there is life there is hope. We look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead and the lives that will be transformed! #hopeandhealing @livingfreerecovery

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​​We remain grounded with the support of others. We find purpose and meaning in life when we are part of a community. We rise by lifting others up. We rise above + conquer when we persevere, strive to understand not judge and love not hate. We seek balance in life, but balance requires strengthening. We find strength from our faith, from our family and from within. GoFit Dining was established with the desire to help others rise above, to rise above addiction to drugs and alcohol, the addiction that so easily entraps the lives of loved ones and holds captive the hearts of friends. We give back to recovery programs to give hope and share love with those who have seemingly lost all hope. We’ve been in those shoes, we’ve walked that path with family and it is our mission to shine a light in the darkness. This past year, the GoFit Dining card sets have not only given you the opportunity to enjoy deals at great restaurants throughout the Twin Cities, they’ve allowed us to give back to local drug and alcohol recovery programs. As we look ahead we’re so excited to expand our give back mission, encompassing all areas of wellness into a lifestyle approach to help others rise above. #liveforagreaterpurpose #recoverywarrior

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