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😂😂This video makes me laugh so hard. My goal with this instagram has always been to hopefully inspire someone with sharing my real life. Not just sharing a highlight real, but sharing reality! Things are not always perfect and beautiful during a workout. We have jelly rolls, we fail, we sweat, and we work hard! #whstrong

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I crush an @alexia_clark workout and then I crush a cookie sandwich! 😂 Jk @alexia_clark crush me and I eat dessert! Don’t forget to enjoy life after all those workouts! Don’t restrict yourself from the happiness of and ice cream cookie sandwich !

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Want to watch me try to spin around in a circle?! 😂 this is so much harder than it looks! Geez so killer for the entire body!! Happy Monday everyone! Time for an amazing week!

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Filming some partner exercises has turned into a comic show. Watching other people do these and trying to mimic them is just not realistic. You don’t get to see how they got in or out of the move or just how awkward it was. We have so much fun showing you exactly what happens. Turn up the volume to hear me laugh! Side note: WHO DAT!!!

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I think @alexia_clark has a thing for killing shoulders. I can’t move my arms! They have turned into actual noodles! 🤦‍♀️

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Friday mood for sure! Sometimes the wine wins and sometimes the salad wins!

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I was so close to not posting this video because I found it very unflattering of my body, but i decided these are the videos I should be sharing. I have rolls that you can see when I get in weird positions and I don’t care! I want you to see the real me! Side note @alexia_clark this move was killer and I loved it!

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I absolutely love my Tuesday bootcamp! I have personally grown so much from teaching this class. I have learned new moves, become very creative, and learned to go with the flow! I have people come ranging from never worked out before to people who workout 6 days a week! I love the challenge of beefing these groups together!

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If I could use one word to describe my lifestyle it would be FITISH! I absolutely love hitting the gym, but pizza and brownies are life!

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I get lots of questions every time I have cupping marks, so I wanted to share a little bit about it. @mayakravi uses cupping and other muscles release techniques to help release muscle tension and tightness. I constantly get asked it it hurts. Well it’s not a walk in the park, but not unbearable. The cupping is a strange pulling feeling. Picture putting a vacuum on your skin. 😂 Now when @mayakravi drops and elbow in your shoulder you will defiantly feel uncomfortable! 🤦‍♀️ I am normally sore for two days after and then I feel great. I try to get this done about every two months to consistently give my body some love!

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I completely crushed @alexia_clark workout today! Felt so good during that workout, but I can already feel the sore coming on! 😂 This weeks workouts were definitely not my best, but so proud of today! Happy FRIYAY friends!

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Please watch if you want to see me completely struggle with an exercise! One side of my body could just not get this at all and I wanted to share that with you! I can’t always do everything! I will give everything a try, but sometimes I need some work at it! No one is as perfect as they look on instagram!

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True! I just ate advocate with lime, salt, and pepper for a snack! 🥑 #avocado

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When you are holding that last 15 seconds, but think you are going to die! 😂 It is that little extra push that sets you about the rest! Make every second count!

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Apparently @fit_factor_houston doesn’t mess around on Mondays! Today’s workout absolutely destroyed me! There was lots of sweat and me laying down dying! Give this move a try next time you want a burner. It’s a full body killer that engages your shoulders, back, and abs! 🤦‍♀️

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You are a badass no matter what. I planned to workout today and so far I haven’t done it yet! I was starting to feel a little annoyed that I hadn’t gone, but sometimes i just want to lay on the couch and do nothing! I will not be mad at myself for not going to the gum today and I am a badass!

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2.5 days of work and I already want to be back on vacation! 😂 Being at the gym is just not the same as sitting on the beach! I do have to say I feel amazing being back into a workout routine and good eating!

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The most epic awkward workout move ever! Please turn the volume on so you can hear what’s happening! Still a killer move, but I couldn’t stop laughing! Show us your partner workout moves!

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