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Taking Charlie Bean for a walk and practicing our leash skills! @mgilbert_87 we have a lot to learn about this little booger. #adoptdontshop

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This is the only circle of trust I need!

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HOUSTON!! You must go check out @compidhouston to learn more about your body! A DEXA scan (DXA) is the most reliable way to measure body fat, bone, and lean muscle throughout your body. It’s a simple and quick non-invasive procedure that provides a quantitative measure of your body composition. This allows you to optimize your program to suit your body’s needs. It literally takes less than ten minutes to learn all of this information!! So use code FUNKYFIT25 to get yours. ✌️

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of leaning some self defense moves from @realroyce. I never knew how easily you could get out of certain holds if you just don’t panic and you think for a second about your best move. Grabbing the person and trying to pull them off of you is most likely never going to work, but there is a “weak” spot in almost every attack move. I love to box, but this was a compete game changer for leaning how to protect myself in a different way! #whstrong

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🎤 drop

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When life gets tough put on your boxing gloves and sweat!

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We always have to remember that when something doesn’t go our way we learn from it, grow from it, and become better!

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CAR (controlled articulated rotation) - "Active, rotational movements at the outer limits of articular motion". @functionalrangeconditioning The reason someone loses range of motion throughout their life is not because they are getting old, but rather because they don't use that range for a long period of time. Get to doing your rotations peeps! #frc #functionalrangeconditioning

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We all know how much I LOVE me some sweets! So once a year I indulge in the most amazing fried Oreo gooey goodness ever! You know life is all about balance and if you aren’t enjoying the things you live then what’s the point! #rodeohouston

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My hips don’t lie or maybe they do! 🤷‍♀️ My hips are tight tho! On top of doing CARs (controlled articulate motion) and functional range conditioning almost daily, I try to also add in mobility moves like this to help strengthen the hips! My desk job makes the hip work very necessary!! #frc

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@alexia_clark played leg day hard! 10 minute EMON of squats and jump squats! 😂 My noodles can barely make it up the stairs now. You can catch me stuck on the toilet tomorrow! Also please enjoy a little butt cellulite! 😝

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Brownies are life! 😂 #bodypositive

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This is your Monday reminder that you are amazing and you are capable of anything! ✌️

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Had a blast tearing up the mountain with my family and teaching this one to ski! 🎿 He only fell a few hundred times but finally got it! 😝 #ski

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A long day of skiing calls for some wine and hot tub time! Some sore legs on day ✌️! #deervalley #ski

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Volume on! Just trying to give someone a compliment on their skin and it turns into talking about serial killers! Laughing always making abs harder😂

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Watch me tip over while trying to engage my hamstring. This is a great way to teach your body how to engage the hamstring and gluteals while performing and exercise. I am quad dominant so when performing a squat my quads automatically try to take over. So if I do a couple of rounds of these before I can learn to engage my entire lower body and not just my quads. The key to this exercises is to press your foot into the wall as hard as possible! #functionalrangeconditioning #frc

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Not the most exciting video to watch, but this is what functional range conditioning is all about. This is mobility and joint control training, which is based on scientific principals and research. You are putting your muscles in active and passive stretches for an extended period of time. This video is sped up, but we spent about 5 minutes on each side. You are learning to breath and teach your body it is okay to be in an uncomfortable position. The stretch running up the side of my butt was very intense 😂 #functionalranceconditioning #frc

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