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First time @barrysbootcamp was an experience. It was a little bit overwhelming at first, but once we got in the groove we loved it. We accident ended up doing double floor and now my entire upper body is a noodle! 😂

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Yesterday I crushed my @runracepace class! I am pretty pumped about how much I have improved over the past year! I started out dying after only a couple of minutes and now I am able to run almost the entire class! Baby stepping to new goals!

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If you don’t work for it you will never get it. It’s the hard work and grind that no one sees you do that pays off. It’s the early mornings and late nights you push through. It’s the sweat and tears they get you to where you want to be!

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If you didn’t sweat does it even count?! 😝 @kelseywells really knows how to destroy the body some days! For those of you curious PWR has three different sections to it. You start with activation to get the muscles warmed up, move onto the pyramid which is your heavier weights, and then finish with a tri-set. I love this set up!

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We had the best time this weekend in New York, but now it is time to crush some workout goals this week. This week my goals are LOTS of water, 4 PWR workouts, 1 workout class, 1 walking day, and a happy week!

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Out workouts have been training us for the miles and miles we did today walking around New York! Best way to see a city is to walk it.....or eat everything you see! 😂

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Hard work pays off! Over 9 years ago I set my mind to something and this week I completed that goal. I officially became a registered professional engineer. This came with lots of ups and downs. I gave up all of my free time for months to study for a test I failed and had to do that same thing all over again. I cried a little got over it and prepared myself to do it again and I passed! Sometimes things don’t come easy, but if you jeep pushing they will come!

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@kelseywells killing me with some new exercises. Committing myself to a new program had been so fun! I love a challenge and something to hold me accountable!

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Today is a good day to have a good day!!!

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Back from the swamp lands after an amazing weekend of food, friends, and lots of drinks! I have learned the past few years that the couple of extra pounds I have are what I like to call fun weight! That’s from the nights on the lake eating hot dogs, from the drinking wine on the dock with friends, and from all the laughs over dinner! That doesn’t mean I am not ready to get back into my workouts, it just means I enjoy my life!

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I sweat for me! I do it for me to feel good! I do it for me to feel strong! I do it for me to kick butt. I do it all for me! Remember that this journey is for you and no one else!

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@kelseywells you were not playing with the back and biceps workout! I literally went full blown limp noodle mode! Someone please come help me function and lift anything!

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Sometimes we do things we are scared of or that are out of our comfort zone. These are the things that make us better in life! If you stay in your comfort zone at all times you will never improve yourself! Do one thing each week that makes you uncomfortable!

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We finished our first week of PWR by @kelseywells and we are feeling pretty good about! @journey2matt loves the structure of the workouts and we both love that they are easy for us to do together! We also do them on our lunch break!

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Sometimes we sweat insides and sometimes we take it outside! One of the biggest lessons I have learned throughout working out is to keep things interesting. I personally cannot do the same workout every day. If you told me to run 5 days a week I would not be working out. I think the key for me has been consistently training in different ways!

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Today we started a new 12 week challenge with ourselves! We are doing 12 weeks of the PWR program by @kelseywells! I am so excited to have a new goal and a new program to do! I had previously done weeks 1-24 so we are starting at 25! Who else is doing PWR?!

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Pretty pumped about my new bike! I have been talking about getting a bike for a few years now and finally bit the bullet and did it. I live close to so many places that are just a little far to walk, but now I can bike there. First stop @catalinacoffee!

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Your body will do whatever you tell it to do! Push it to do more!

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