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💥Somebody To Love (Live at the Bowl) Part 2💥 . 👉So I posted the first part of this performance for you and I told you it holds a VERY special place in my heart. Well since it's kind of the anniversary of the creation of this page I'm gonna tell you why this rendition of the song is so important for me: . 👉This performance of this song was the first time I realized...or better say the time I fell in love with Freddie Mercury 16 years ago. . 👉Of course I knew Queen from "We Will Rock You" by then but whenever I saw Freddie I referred to him as Queen (like so many people still do) but when I saw this performance of "Sombody To Love" on some Persian-American TV channel about 16 years ago I got to know his name and I remember thinking "Is this the face of that voice I always heard? Damn he's hot! And what a passion!" And from then on i was hooked. . 👉And believe it or not I discovered this song way before "Bohemian Rhapsody"...whenever there was a Queen concert on TV I always looked for Somebody To Love which sadly they rarely played but it's awesome to know that STL was also Freddie's favorite composition ever...as if out love story was always meant to be ❤ . 🎥 Live at the Bowl (Milton Keynes) 1982 . #FreddieMercury #SomebodyToLove

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freddiemercuryclub. I'm just gonna leave this here... 😁
Keep calm....if you can! 🔥🔥🔥

I'm just gonna leave this here... 😁 . Keep calm....if you can! 🔥🔥🔥 . Credits to @ready.freddie.1977 for making this🙏 . #FreddieMercury #keepcalm

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freddiemercuryclub. Happy birthday to the lovely (and very lucky) @JaneSeymour who turned

Happy birthday to the lovely (and very lucky) @JaneSeymour who turned 68 today ❤🎉 . 📷 Jane & Freddie as bride and groom at Fashion Aid 1985 . (Fashion Aid was a single venue benefit event, created as an alternate funding initiative following on from the success of Live Aid earlier in the same year to raise funds for relief of the ongoing Ethiopian famine. Billed as the "largest gathering of fashion creatives in the UK", the event was held at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England, United Kingdom attended by 5,500 people.) . 👉P.S. I have posted about Fashion Aid before and this won't be last time I talk about it cause I personally can't get enough of Freddie's irresistible gorgeousness and raw charisma 😉❤ . #FreddieMercury #JaneSeymour

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💥Somebody To Love (Live at the Bowl) Part 1💥 . 💛 So simple yet so sublime... 🙌 . 💛 Sometimes I just want the whole world to disappear with everyone and everything in it...absolute darkness, absolute silence, with nothing to remain except Freddie and his piano ❤ . 💛 You're looking for somebody to love? There he is... on that stage... with all his being... Freddie is LOVE and his voice MUSIC... . 💛 This specific performance of this song has a VERY special place in my heart and I'm gonna tell you why later... . 💛 Right now just let the divinity of this piece consume you... . 🎥 Live at the Bowl (Milton Keynes) 1982 . #FreddieMercury #SomebodyToLove

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freddiemercuryclub. Happy Valentine's everyone... ❤🌹
Whoever you love, whatever you lov

Happy Valentine's everyone... ❤🌹 . Whoever you love, whatever you love, remember to celebrate it and don't ever let your love be judged by how others define it... #loveislove . #FreddieMercury #ValentinesDay

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freddiemercuryclub. Happy Valentine's Day from me and this sexy loverboy right here my lov

Happy Valentine's Day from me and this sexy loverboy right here my lovies ❤🌹 . "I'm possessed by love -- but isn't everybody?" -Freddie Mercury . P.S. Stay tuned for my Valentine's Day posts... 💌 . #FreddieMercury #HappyValentinesDay

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freddiemercuryclub. 💥Liar💥
On February 14th 1974, exactly 45 years ago today, Queen re

💥Liar💥 . On February 14th 1974, exactly 45 years ago today, Queen released "Liar" as the second single from their first studio album Queen. . ✨Written by Freddie Mercury in 1970, the song was originally titled "Lover". . ✨The song featured on the band's 1973 debut album Queen and it makes prominent use of the flanging effect, especially on the drums and cowbell. . ✨A heavily truncated version of "Liar" was released as a single – backed with "Doing All Right" – in the United States by Elektra Records and in Thailand by Royal Sound in February 1974. . ✨The music video (the one I posted) was filmed at a Brewer studio in 1973. . ✨In the band's early years, "Liar" was a concert staple, performed as a conclusion to their main set and often lasting for up to ten minutes. "Liar" would start to be played scarcely by The News of the World Tour, to being dropped from the setlist for the Jazz Tour. . ✨The song also contains a bass solo performed by John Deacon, the most substantial solo he ever performed live. . ✨As confirmed by the transcription on EMI Music Publishing's Off The Record, this is one of three Queen tracks, the others being "Now I'm Here" and "Under Pressure" (their collaboration originally with David Bowie), to feature a Hammond organ. . ✨This song briefly brought up the issue of songwriting credits within the band. May queried which band members would be credited for developing the music for each song, to which Mercury concluded the discussion, stating that the lyricist, or otherwise the individual who originates the song, should be credited as its writer, a practice that continued until The Miracle. . 👉P.S. Even though this is practically Freddie's first single EVER, I think it has one of the band's strongest intro guitar riffs which is why I used to think it's a Brian song. But when you hear the different sections of the song and the lyrics you realize it's definitely Freddie's. I also love how lean and cute the 27-year-old Freddie looks in the video 😍 . #FreddieMercury #Liar

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Wouldn't you give everything to see this man like this all casual and boyish out and about stopping to give an autograph...? 😩❤ . I mean just look at him in that yellow t-shirt tucked into those red pants as he walks up the street with his hand on his...ehem hip as he looks into the camera with that priceless expression on his face and then hops on the stairs like the cutest little boy ever...😩💛😍 . And then he kindly signs an autograph for that lucky dude...god he's so huggable ❤ . There's this quality about this footage that makes you think it was taken yesterday...💙 . 🎥 Freddie on his way to Musicland Studios in Munich to record "One Vision" in 1985 . #FreddieMercury #autograph

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freddiemercuryclub. \"The next morning Diana Moseley (the costume designer for the Magic To

"The next morning Diana Moseley (the costume designer for the Magic Tour) arrived at our hotel suite delivering for the first time Freddie's campest costume, a deep red cloak trimmed in fake ermine and a jewelled crown for royalty. It was extraordinary to watch him as he threw the cloak over his white towelling robe, put on his crown and struted around the room. Freddie sashayed around regally but said something was missing. Then he grabbed a banana and used it as a microphone. He flounced about, trying to work out the way the cloak fell as he moved. He loved it. And so did all the fans that night." -Jim Hutton . 👉P.S. This is one of those photos that can describe Freddie very well. The royal majestic quality coupled with the down to earth cheeky yet witty humor that were always an inseparable part of his unique personality. 😍👑🍌 . #FreddieMercury #KingofQueen

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💥We Will Rock You (Milton Keynes) Part 2💥 . And here's the part that was requested by one of you here 😏 . 👉 I love that closeup of Freddie's face and his lips in duck face position (the only man who could actually pull it off btw 😏 ) under the shadow of that sombrero 😍 . 👉 "Mud on your face...big disgrace" Freddie's in perfect sync with Roger's beats and he accentuates the beat with his fists and air punches which only make the lyrics come off more powerful and captivating 💪 . 👉 I also love the lighting as Freddie seems to be the center of light like he's the sun that shines and gives life to everyone...❤☀ . 👉"Yeah give it to me" And they give it to him 😎 . 👉 I wanna focus on Brian's solo believe me I really really do but Freddie makes it impossible when he blocks him with his sexy back and perfect a...I mean figure 🔥🔥🔥 . 👉 And even then he struts away in a fashion that leaves you mesmerized 😍🔥 . 👉 But here comes the best part: Brian can't resist and bops Freddie's hat with his hand wearing that smug look on his face and I love it. For me this is THE coolest thing Brian May has ever done on stage 👏 . P.S. Just can't get enough of him... . 🎥 Queen on Fire-Live at the Bowl (Milton Keynes 1982) . #FreddieMercury #WeWillRockYou

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freddiemercuryclub. 💥Freddie & Kenny Everett💥
✨Kenny Everett was Britain's most flambo

💥Freddie & Kenny Everett💥 . ✨Kenny Everett was Britain's most flamboyant radio DJ and television comedian. In 1974 when Freddie appeared on Kenny's breakfast radio show on Capital FM the two hit it off instantly. . ✨They were both flamboyant, eccentric and saw themselves in each other as they had many things in common. So a friendship was formed that would last for over 10 years. The two were NEVER lovers though. . ✨They both struggled with their sexualities and both lived with women while they knew were gay. Kenny even went as far to mary his "girlfriend" Lee Middleton (see 3rd photo) to try a "conventional" life while Freddie broke things off with Mary and embraced who he was. Kenny's sham marriage ended in divorce but like Mary, Lee was very accepting towards Kenny's sexuality and remained his friend and never stopped loving him. . ✨Everett was so unhappy living a lie that he even had a suicide attempt but thank god Freddie "killed" that man in himself metaphorically in his song Bohemian Rhapsody and that set him free. . ✨When Freddie played Kenny "Bo Rhap" he absolutely loved the single and while everyone else refused to even acknowledge the 6 minute suite Kenny famously played it 14 time in 2 days on his radio show. . ✨Kenny helped the promotion of Freddie's career and Freddie in turn helped him feel at ease with his sexuality and realize he could live gay without being so publicly "out". . ✨They were a staple of the London nightlife throughout the 70s but in mid 80s they had a fall out over drugs and also as Kenny's ex book about their life came out in 1988 he behaved badly towards Lee and so their mutual friends (Freddie & also Elton John) took sides with her. . ✨Kenny Everett died in 1995 (due to aids complications) at age 50. . ✨It is said that the two patched things up as they got sick but it's not really true and the only thing we know for sure is even though they never went back to being besties they referred to the good memories. Kenny used to say we're gonna meet up there soon so we'll probably make it up when we're there...and I'd like to think they made up in the afterlife and are having a laugh right now. ❤ . #FreddieMercury #KennyEverett

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💥We Will Rock You (Milton Keynes) Part 1💥 . I wanted to post only the end of this performance but there's no way I would let you guys miss out on the Freddie Mercury entrance 😏 . 👉No one absolutely no one knows how to make an entrance like Freddie does 💪😏 . 👉Wearing that sombrero with fit white jeans and a perfect sweaty bare back with a white towel around his neck...and I'm good to go 🔥🎩🔥 . 👉Prancing on to the stage preparing his weapon that is the mic, Freddie pauses by Deaky so we can appreciate his figure better 😏🔥😍 . 👉And then he unleashes that powerful voice which is the only voice that could give meaning to those lyrics 👊 . 👉Every word and every move is right on the beat and Freddie and Roger are in perfect sync and harmony as always 💪❤ . 👉And the whole crowd is in his command of course... not just a singer and a performer but the perfect showman 👑 . P.S. See you later with part 2 of this...😉💛 . 🎥 Queen on Fire-Live at the Bowl (Milton Keynes 1982) . #FreddieMercury #WeWillRockYou

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freddiemercuryclub. Happy birthday to Axl Rose who turned 57 today ❤🎉
\"If I hadn't had

Happy birthday to Axl Rose who turned 57 today ❤🎉 . "If I hadn't had Freddie Mercury's lyrics to hold on to as a kid I don't know where I would be. It taught me about all forms of music... it would open my mind. I never really had a bigger teacher in my whole life." -Axl Rose . 👉P.S. I don't wanna add anything else to that... Swipe to see the video I made too 👊 . #FreddieMercury #AxlRose

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freddiemercuryclub. Freddie & the pole 🔥😁🔥
That awkward moment you're jealous of a fr

Freddie & the pole 🔥😁🔥 . That awkward moment you're jealous of a freaking pole 😩😍 . P.S. Good luck getting back to sleep after this 😁😈 . #FreddieMercury #polelove

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freddiemercuryclub. 💥Innuendo (Album)💥
On this day in February 1991, exactly 28 years

💥Innuendo (Album)💥 . On this day in February 1991, exactly 28 years ago today, Queen released their fourteenth studio album Innuendo. . ✨Produced by David Richards and the band, it was the band's final studio album to be released in Freddie Mercury's lifetime. . ✨ It reached the No. 1 spot on the UK album charts and stayed at that position for two weeks, and also peaked at No. 1 in Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, staying at No. 1 for three weeks, four weeks, six weeks, and eight weeks, respectively. . ✨It was the first Queen album to go Gold in the US upon its release since The Works in 1984. . ✨The album was recorded between March 1989 and November 1990. In the spring of 1987, Mercury had been diagnosed with AIDS, although he kept his illness a secret from the public. The band and producers were aiming for a November or December release date in order to catch the crucial Christmas market, but Mercury's declining health meant that the release of the album did not happen until February 1991. . ✨Stylistically, Innuendo is in some sense a return to Queen's roots, with its harder rock sound, complex musical composition (title track), psychedelic effects ("I'm Going Slightly Mad"). Nine months after the album was released, Mercury died of AIDS-derived bronchial pneumonia. . ✨The album cover was designed by Queen and Richard Gray. The booklets and single covers from the album are by Grandville, or are inspired by his illustrations. Innuendo was voted the 94th greatest album of all time in a national 2006 BBC poll. . 👉P.S. Even though I really like Made in Heaven and I'm grateful for the posthumous tracks on it, for me, Innuendo is the LAST Queen album in any sense... . 🎶 My favorite songs from this album are of course "The Show Must Go On", "Innuendo", and "Bijou". But I'm also moved by the gothic mood of "I'm Going Slightly Mad". What about you? . 1. Innuendo 2. I'm Going Slightly Mad 3. Headlong 4. I Can't Live with You 5. Don't Try So Hard 6. Ride the Wild Wind 7. All God's People 8. These Are the Days of Our Lives 9. Delilah 10. The Hitman 11. Bijou 12. The Show Must Go On . #FreddieMercury #Innuendo

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freddiemercuryclub. Happy 71st birthday to @AliceCooper the Godfather of Shockrock ❤🎉

Happy 71st birthday to @AliceCooper the Godfather of Shockrock ❤🎉 . P.S. Wonder what they were talking about... 😏 . #FreddieMercury #AliceCooper

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freddiemercuryclub. #currentmood 😁
\"Oh you've caught me in a good mood\" 😈😍
👉P.S. I

#currentmood 😁 . "Oh you've caught me in a good mood" 😈😍 . 👉P.S. I would give anything to be the guy who brushes his hair 😩❤ . #FreddieMercury #mood

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freddiemercuryclub. \"I hadn't warned my father how extraordinary looking Freddie was and s

"I hadn't warned my father how extraordinary looking Freddie was and so I think my father handled the situation very well. Sadly, my mother never met Freddie as she had died four years earlier. My father opened the door and just stayed very calm and treated Freddie very warmly. There were a few glances and comments from the neighbours. Afterwards I realised bringing home this musician must have been quite a shock for him." -Mary Austin . 👉P.S. This is one of my favorite photos of these two so entangled that you can't tell whose hands are whose 😍 while Freddie's hypnotizing you with that intense look... 🔥 . Can you just imagine taking that stunning long haired rockstar Freddie home to meet your parents? 😏😍 . 📷 Photo by Mick Rock in 1974 . #FreddieMercury #MaryAustin

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💥MJ Attending a Queen concert💥 . Michael used to go watch Queen shows at the LA Forum and in fact the video you see here is the only footage that shows him backstage following Freddie and the boys into a Queen concert. 😍 . It's at one of these occasions that an interviewer asks Michael: 💭"Can I tell my viewers that Michael Jackson is a Queen fan?" And Michael's answer is why I love him so much: 💭"I'm a Freddie Mercury fan." 💛 . Yes Michael wasn't exactly a Queen fan but a Freddie Mercury fan. He admired and idolized Freddie, his character, his voice, and especially his stage presence. Michael attended the concerts to see Freddie perform his magic. 💪 . 👉P.S. Freddie's walk of champions is enough to get your heart beating "faster faster" especially with that outfit looking too hot to handle. And those claps 👏 makes my blood pump with such anticipation and excitement and on top of that you see Michael at the end about to witness a showstopping performance...👑 . 🎥 Michael Jackson backstage with Queen at the LA Forum, Inglewood, California on 15 September 1982. . #FreddieMercury #MichaelJackson

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freddiemercuryclub. #10yearchallenge ❤
\"I don't worry about my age because I know I look

#10yearchallenge ❤ . "I don't worry about my age because I know I look beautiful anyway... 😍😏 But having said that, I just think that sometimes age is a good quality because age means experience. And I'm using all the experience I've gathered over the years to benefit by. And to be honest I don't worry about it because why should anybody worry about age because there's nothing you can do about it. You can't get younger. And as far as I'm concerned I just want to pack in as much of life and fun and having a good time as much as I can within the years I have." -Freddie Mercury (From an interview in 1985) . 👉P.S. Words to live by...💪 . 📷 Many of you guys asked me to post this photo so here! Credits and thanks to @ardgelinck for making it🙏 . #FreddieMercury #age

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💥Freddie & Montsy (Part 2) 💥 . And here's the story of how these two love birds met in Freddie's own words: "At that time they asked me who was my favorite singer... And I said Montsy (see how her face lights up when he calls her that 😍 ) I told them that but I didn't say it because I was in Barcelona because that sounds corny but then after that it was like a dream true...but of course I thought about it, I wondered if our voices would match or whether she would accept and I think rumor went round from the record company and friends and everything and I think she was approached or asked or whatever and she said yes. It was just one of those things. And I came to Barcelona for the first time to see her and I played her a few tunes and she liked it. And now she's a rock n roller" 💪😍 . 👉P.S. Remember the first part of the interview where Montsy asks Freddie to call her Montsy and not Montserrat? and here he does it and she laughs like a little girl in love... A match made in heaven ❤ . 🎥 From an interview the RTVE channel did with the two before the release of Barcelona in Ibiza on May 1987 . #FreddieMercury #MontserratCaballe

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Mood... . 📷 Sanremo, Italy 1984 . #FreddieMercury #currentmood

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freddiemercuryclub. Happy 68th birthday @officialphilcollins 🎉
\"Freddie's a one-off you

Happy 68th birthday @officialphilcollins 🎉 . "Freddie's a one-off you know. You don't get too many people like him." -Phil Collins . 👉P.S. Well said sir. You don't get ANY people like Freddie cause he was the one. And every day we had him it was just like "another day in paradise"... ❤ #FreddieMercury #PhilCollins

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