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freddiemercuryclub. So they're all in the middle of a photo shoot and suddenly...Froger ha

So they're all in the middle of a photo shoot and suddenly...Froger happens 😍😂 . 👉I don't know whose face and expression is more hilarious Freddie's or Roger's? 😂 . 👉Deaky's obviously enjoying the moment very much as well and he looks precious 😍 . 👉And don't forget to appreciate Freddie's shirt (the man had the coolest shirts ever 😏 ) . 👉P.S. This is me and my bestie in the middle of every group photo 😁 . #FreddieMercury #Froger

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freddiemercuryclub. 💥Freddie on His Performances💥
\"I couldn't get any more theatrical.

💥Freddie on His Performances💥 . "I couldn't get any more theatrical...(oh give it time Freddie you always outdo yourself 😁 ) That's the way I wanna perform you know. It's taking, grasping a song and delivering it the way I feel. I don't mean...I don't like sitting on a stool and doing the whole performance, at the same time I don't wanna run around all the time. I like to pace myself depending on what the song content is. I mean there are ballads, bawdy songs, there are songs that demand a lot of energy apart from just the singing energy...a lot of visuals. And I think I need to do that." . 👉P.S. Other than the fact that Freddie looks absolutely gorgeous in this interview with his open collar shirt and those big beautiful eyes and eyebrows and his full lips and jawline and that perfect nose (yes I have an obsession with his nose!) 🔥❤🔥 What was I saying? Oh yeah apart from all that gorgeousness (and also those videos mama mia) I'm always amazed at how intelligent Freddie is when he talks about his songs and his performances fully aware of what he's doing and why he's doing it. As much as he improvises, Freddie's super successful performances are not accidental and there's professional thought and unique perception behind every live rendition of the songs. So let the musicians and performers who wanna make it today watch the master in all his wisdom and learn how it's really done 💪❤👑 . 📌I've started making a surprise video combining two of our favorite things and I'll be posting it on YouTube as soon as it's ready so make sure you SUBSCRIBE to our channel (link in bio) 😍😎 . 🎥 ET 1982 . #FreddieMercury #interview

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freddiemercuryclub. 💥Heartmelting Fan Story💥
\"I met Freddie at the age of 15 with my b

💥Heartmelting Fan Story💥 . "I met Freddie at the age of 15 with my best friend and we just asked him, 'can we have your autograph?' but my friend's mother butted in and told him, 'Freddie, Freddie, Freddie, that's all my daughter talks about!' His response was to look down for a moment and then look up through his beautiful eyelashes and quietly say 'really' like he just couldn't believe it. He was shy, charming and lovely. Then we went to stand in line for the Queen concert. While going through the lobby, Freddie asked my friend's mother what coins were needed to buy a trinket out of a vending machine. She told him four quarters - and he bought a key chain set- a heart and a key. He took out the key and gave the heart to my friend's mother and said, 'Give this to your daughter.' The inscription read, 'he who holds the key can open my heart.' That's the kind of person that Freddie was." -GinMae (fan) . 👉P.S. Isn't your heart just melting at the thought of his unbeliavable sweetness and kindness and his childlike innocence and pure love for his fans? Yes that's the kind of man Freddie was ❤ And don't forget about his "beautiful eyelashes"... The mother in the story sounds a lot like mine btw 😁 Swipe to see the way Freddie's looking into the camera in the second photo 😍 There's no limit to loving this man... . #FreddieMercury #fans

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freddiemercuryclub. 💥We Are the Champions (Live Aid) Part 1💥
👉I really needed to see

💥We Are the Champions (Live Aid) Part 1💥 . 👉I really needed to see this today so I'm sharing my experience with you. And as happy as Freddie makes me Live Aid always overwhelms me more than seeing the rarest masterpiece ever could...❤ . 👉Just a simple white top tank is enough armor for conquering the world when you're an army inside...💪 . 👉Sweat never looked sexier because it represents his passion and hard work 🔥 . 👉"I've made a fewwooooh" always one of my favorite parts 😍 . 👉"I've had my share of sand kicked in my face..." the force of these words along with Roger's drum in the background and the changing lights hits me like a thunderbolt every time ⚡ . 👉"But I've come through" and Freddie inhabits the rhythm by shaking his head powerfully and dramatically like that (I involuntarily do the same) 👊 . 👉"We are the champions" And then you have a view of that lucky crowd moving like a huge wave of love...and this is when I get shivers all over my body like it's the day of reckoning and we're all summoned by his true majesty 👑 . #FreddieMercury #WeAreTheChampions

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freddiemercuryclub. 💥TFMTC Mix💥

My super mix of highlights from the 3 hour long #TheFre

💥TFMTC Mix💥 My super mix of highlights from the 3 hour long #TheFreddieMercuryTributeConcert ❤ . 📌Also available on our YouTube channel so go watch and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE (link in bio) . How could the stage withhold such amount of greatness that night is beyond me... 🙌 . I always break down when Liza says "Thanks Freddie! We just wanted to let you know we were thinking about you..." 😢 . 👉P.S. But more importantly I remember when I first saw this concert years ago I had two distinct feelings. I was overwhelmed by all the "tribute feeling" in the air as some of my most favorite singers and bands tried to perform Freddie & Queen songs. But I also realized then and there that (as great as a couple of performances were like George Michael's for instance) no one and absolutely no one can sing the songs that Freddie did and the songs just sound wrong and out of place when sung by any one other than Freddie. And these were the giants of music...so it's not a question of how good or bad the singers are as they're all good in their own right singing their own songs. But there's only one single man who could sing Queen songs not just technically but emotionally performing them with his whole being delivering the magic and every hidden meaning and living in every beat as if he IS the song... Immense respect and admiration once again for John Deacon for his decision to leave and for realizing that "without Freddie, it's just pointless" 💪❤👑 . #FreddieMercury #TheFreddieMercuryTributeConcert

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freddiemercuryclub. 💥The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert💥
✨27 years ago today, the wor

💥The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert💥 . ✨27 years ago today, the world remembered and celebrated "the life, and work, and dreams, of one Freddie Mercury." . ✨On April 20th 1992, the remaining members of Queen put together one hell of a tribute concert to give Freddie "the biggest send off in history." . ✨Among the artists who performed at this event were giants like David Bowie, Annie Lennox, Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin), Elton John, Metallica, Guns N' Roses, George Michael, Liza Minnelli AND more. WOW! I mean how bigger could it get?! I'm sure Freddie was watching down on the whole show feeling proud and giddy... . ✨The proceedings of the concert were used to launch The Mercury Phoenix Trust, an AIDS charity organisation. Having said that, you might remember Elizabeth Taylor's moving speech too. . ✨The concert was held for an audience of 72,000, at Wembley Stadium, the scene of many of Freddie's biggest triumphs. And it was also broadcast live on television and radio to 76 countries around the world, with an audience of up to one billion. . ✨Significantly, the show was also John Deacon's final full-length concert with Queen. . #FreddieMercury #TheFreddieMercuryTributeConcert

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freddiemercuryclub. 💥Body Language💥
On April 19th 1982, exactly 37 years ago today, Qu

💥Body Language💥 . On April 19th 1982, exactly 37 years ago today, Queen released "Body Language" as the second single from their Hot Space album. . ✨Written by Freddie, the song was categorized as dance/funk and was a hit in North America, where it received extensive radio play. . ✨Due to thinly veiled homoerotic undertones plus lots of skin and sweat, the music video was deemed unsuitable for a television audience at the time. As a result the video was memorably announced as the "first ever music video to be banned from MTV." It holds the Guinness World Record for it. . ✨"Body Language" is notable for its near lack of guitar; atmospheric guitar chords sparingly dot the body of the song, while a brief two-note riff is heard during the fade out. The song's key feature was its minimal, sparse production, with the emphasis of "suggestive" lyrics, a "slinky" synth bass (played on an Oberheim OB-X), and writer Freddie Mercury's moans and groans. . ✨The full title of the song, as printed both on the single and Hot Space album sleeve, is "Body Language ↑⬱". The usage and pronunciation of the arrows was never explained by any member of Queen, though the arrows did show up as part of the single's cover art and in its video, where they were painted on the bodies of models, while Freddie Mercury also wore shirts and a white leather jacket during the album's ensuing tour that had similar arrow designs. . ✨The drastic change in Queen's music caused the single to stall at #25 on the UK charts. However, it did far better in the US, where Americans appeared to be a lot more supportive of Queen's forays into dance music. "Body Language" peaked at #11 on the Billboard Hot 100 . . 👉P.S. Freddie's beyond gorgeous and steamy in his hot outfit demonstrating all that sexy "body language"🔥 and the other three are just hilarious and obviously confused 😍😂 . #FreddieMercury #BodyLanguage

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💥Not mine but beautiful💥 . 👉Ok this whole backstage episode is way too precious for me to post it all as one whole video so I'm gonna do it piece by piece 😎 . 👉First off, the baby Freddie's referring to is Rory Taylor in the arms of her mother Dominique (Roger's first wife) there 👶 . 👉Freddie's hand gestures and dramatic body language analyzing and describing an infant is too adorable to handle 😍 . 👉I love his ever present wit and humor when he says "not mine but very beautiful" 😂 . 👉And Freddie himself in that white jumpsuit with a generous open collar with his laughing face is beyond handsome and gorgeous🔥 . 👉That is probably the luckiest mother in the world who can't stop giggling in the presence of Freddie Mercury's charm and cuteness, eyeing him with infinite adoration as we all would...❤ . 👉P.S. See you with the rest of this episode...😇 . 🎥 Backstage at Wembley 1986 . #FreddieMercury #NotMineButVeryBeautiful

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freddiemercuryclub. Freddie & Gerry Stickells in 1986💛
✨Gerry Stickells (1942-2019) was

Freddie & Gerry Stickells in 1986💛 . ✨Gerry Stickells (1942-2019) was Queen's tour manager for the last decade of their career but according to Roger Taylor, he was much more than a tour manager for Queen, he was also a "father figure, a great friend, a teacher, and an island of calm in the midst of chaos." . ✨Gerry Stickells was often called "Uncle Grumpy" among the boys even though he was known as a bit of a joker and a comedian. . ✨When Freddie was living in New York in early 80s, Gerry Stickells' wife Sylvia found him a nice apartment there and even when Freddie was no longer living in America, Gerry would keep an eye on the property. . ✨Gerry Stickells is also memorably mentioned in "Let Me Entertain You" a Queen song on the Jazz album written by Freddie himself: 🎶 "If you need a fix, if you want a high, Stickells'll see to that..."🎶 😁 . 👉P.S. Ok all of this was just an excuse to post this super beautiful photo of Freddie here 😍 No one absolutely no one could pull off yellow like our Freddie. I mean he doesn't look just sweet and huggable in it but also extremely sexy 🔥 (So in love with that yellow shirt and those pants btw 💛) And to compliment the photo we have Gerry's yellow shirt as well painted with characters of A Kind of Magic album cover because yes this is the Magic tour 😏 And I love the way Freddie has his hand on Gerry's shoulder almost a fist position holding him tight with his own brand of Freddie Mercury energy and warmness 💪💛👑 . #FreddieMercury #GerryStickells

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💥Crazy Little Things Called Love (Bristol)💥 . 👉That closeup of Freddie's guitar playing and you know you're in for a jolly time 🎸😏 . 👉Bless the cameraman who has zoomed in on Freddie's beautiful face...❤ . 👉I love the way he looks aside and turns his lips into seduction mode right after the first "crazy little thing called love" 👄😘 . 👉That skin must be as soft as a new born baby 👶💛 . 👉The way he sings with his mouth so close to the mic as his lips caress it...that is one damn lucky mic 🔥😩🔥 . 👉"jellyfish" and the way his eyes look up all cute and adorable 😍 . 👉"Crazyhyhy" and "feveha" have always been my favorite parts during any performance of this song 😎 . 👉"Cool cool sweat" and his hand gestures 👍 . 👉The boys are all good but I like Deaky's dominant bass sound very much here 😍👏 . 👉And this was just a rehearsal my darlings...👑👑👑 . 🎥 Queen rehearsal in Bristol on December 1979 . #FreddieMercury #CrazyLittleThingCalledLove

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freddiemercuryclub. 💥New York Daughters💥
✨It was in August 1980 during Queen's North A

💥New York Daughters💥 . ✨It was in August 1980 during Queen's North American tour of The Game album that Freddie met "his own personal Viking", Thor "PP" Arnold. Thor was a nursing student in New York at the time and according to Phoebe, he was an "all-Amerocan boy" who was blond, tall, and beautiful. . ✨Freddie & Thor had a one night stand and with Freddie's life on the road they accepted it as just that. But it was a few days later when Thor showed up for Queen's concert at Freddie's hotel suite in Philadelphia and the surprise and thoughtfulness won Freddie over. It was the start of a great friendship that would last til the end. . ✨Thor introduced Freddie to three other New York friends of his in Manhattan; Lee "Kathleen" Nolan who was tall and dark haired and full of life working as a waiter in an Italian restaurant. And there were Joe Scardilli, and John Murphy who worked as the cabin crew for American Airlines. . ✨Soon Freddie called these four New York besties Thor, Lee, John, and Joe his "New York Daughters" and he was himself "The Mother" 😁. . ✨Mother Mercury & his daughters had a lot of fun in the 80s. In 1981 they all gathered in Freddie's suite to watch the royal wedding if Princess Diana and Charles with lots of hilarious comments from Freddie & the "girls". . ✨Even though they all had tight work scedules, they would show up for Freddie anytime. In 1986 for example, Freddie flew them all to London for one of the concerts at Wembley. . ✨Today out of the four New York Daughters, only Thor Arnold & Lee Nolan are alive and well living in California. They still share fond memories of Freddie and they're planning on writing a book about their fabulous times together. . 👉P.S. There are lots of stories about these besties that I wanna share with you but I thought it's best to start with an introduction first. I'm happy Freddie had such close great friends and had the time of his life with them so they should be known to everyone even if their names didn't make it into some one-dimensional deceptive movie. Freddie had a lot of real friends and he was loved by them all and I'm gonna let the whole world know about it ❤ . #FreddieMercury #NewYorkDaughters

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freddiemercuryclub. 7 seconds of Freddie gives me more peace of mind than 7 years in Tibet

7 seconds of Freddie gives me more peace of mind than 7 years in Tibet 😁❤ . Just leave whatever you're doing and look at this goofball of joy and fun and childlike enthusiasm 😍 . I mean he's 31 freaking years old here (1977) but it's the 3 year old inside him playing the piano that looks back and laughs and claps his hands together like that...and that's why I love him so much 😩 . And then he saunters onto the stage in his cute shirt and holds his head up and demonstrates his hands all camp like: "There you have it darling" 😏 . 👉P.S. His happiness is so infectious...so watch this bit every morning and I promise you a more happier and healthier life 💛 . #FreddieMercury #fun

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