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freddiemercuryclub. 💥Freddie Throwing Stuff Away: The Story of the Lost Whistle & Maracas

💥Freddie Throwing Stuff Away: The Story of the Lost Whistle & Maracas💥 . 👉"Oh shit I threw my whistle away actually" Freddie's biggest regrets in life 😁 . 👉"I bet you can't blow em like that" Oh no Freddie no one could ever blow em like you do 😏 . 👉"I hesitated actually I did. I threw it...I thought...I should ask for it back. I want it back." Our baby misses his toy 😁 . 👉Roger: "You threw my best fucking pair of maracas away on the first day...great sounding maracas...I mean it took me hours to steal them" Oh Roger 😁 . 👉Roger mimicking Freddie throwing wrist action "and he just goes" with a slam dunk 😂 . 👉Freddie: "Now they know I'm gonna throw this things...they were wonderful actually I must say. I'm sorry." He's such a sweetheart with a pure soul full of love for his audience ❤ . 👉Meanwhile John makes a cameo walking and throwing his eyebrows up at the camera looking real beautiful 😍 . 👉"They give me these horrible things with about two peas in side that go rattle rattle" Brian's enjoying Freddie's little backstage fun show so much 😂 . 👉"Lovely kitsch colors" And Freddie's joyfull face as he's about takes a sip from his drink 😍 . 👉"Kitsch colors...the real height of bad taste" and Brian doing one of his classic reproachful "haha really?" Oh dear not everyone has Freddie's fabulous taste 😏😎 . 👉Brian: "...throwing ME in the audience" Freddie: "You don't rattle as good" The way he says it with tilting his head with that bragging childlike laughing face is the most adorable thing ever 😂❤😍 . 👉P.S. So the lesson here is don't give your precious stuff to Freddie before a concert cause he just throws them away 😂 And also how lucky were these guys to hang out with such a cute bundle of joy...I just wanna squeeze him 😩❤ . #FreddieMercury #adorable

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Turns out all I had to do to make my like/comment/caption problem go away was simply to log out and back in again 😎 . And the fact that in the past 48 hours I did everything and yet it didn't occur to me to do something as simple as THAT...I feel so silly as if I've gone "arse over tit" 😁 . Meanwhile I thank you all my beauties for your messages sending me help and your sincerest love and support 😍 . So in return I send this gorgeous photo of Freddie your way...and I'm sure his dazzling delightful eyes and adorable curley eyelashes AND his most beautiful life giving smile will brighten up your day ❤ . 👉P.S. I love you 💛 . 📷 Freddie's official press conference to launch his first solo album Mr Bad Guy DURING Queen's The Works tour in Sydney, Australia on April 29th 1985. . #FreddieMercury #istillloveyou

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freddiemercuryclub. 💥Another One Bites the Dust💥
On August 22th 1980, exactly 39 years

💥Another One Bites the Dust💥 . On August 22th 1980, exactly 39 years ago today, Queen released "Another One Bites the Dust" as the fourth single from The Game album. . ✨Written by John Deacon the song was a worldwide hit, charting number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 for three weeks, (their second number-one single in the country). It spent fifteen weeks in the Billboard top ten (the longest running top ten song of 1980). . ✨The song is credited as Queen's best-selling single, with sales of over 7 million copies. . ✨The song won an American Music Award in 1981 for Favorite Rock Single and also picked a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal. . ✨It is said that John's bass line was inspired by Chic's "Good Times". . ✨John played most of the instruments: bass guitar, piano, rhythm and lead guitars and handclap percussion, with no synthesizers used. . ✨The band didn't want the song to be released as a single but after a Queen gig in Los Angeles, Michael Jackson suggested to Freddie backstage that it be released as a single. . ✨Interestingly, the Song was used to train medical professionals to provide the correct number of chest compressions per minute in CPR. The bassline has 110 beats per minute, and 100–120 compressions are recommended by the British Heart Foundation. . ✨This was the single that really broke the band in America. Queen found American Disco audiences, with many fans and journalists convinced it was a black man singing lead vocals. Roger joked of having fans shouting "you guys are bad!" in the street, and he had to ask does that mean good or what?" . ✨Brian May says about the song: "A fantastic bit of work from Freddie really. I mean, I remember Deacie having this idea... he was trying to suggest to Freddie how it should be and Fred was so into it and he just went in there and hammered and hammered until his throat bled." . #FreddieMercury #AnotherOneBitestheDust

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freddiemercuryclub. Story of my life 😁
P.S. Congrats to \"Don't Stop Me Now\" for hitting

Story of my life 😁 . P.S. Congrats to "Don't Stop Me Now" for hitting 500m views on YouTube. I'm sure it's much more by the time I'm posting this and let's make it so by watching it again right now 😍 Freddie must be unstoppable up there now ❤ . #FreddieMercuy #DontStopMeNow

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freddiemercuryclub. 💥Pain Is So Close to Pleasure💥
On August 20th 1986, exactly 33 yea

💥Pain Is So Close to Pleasure💥 . On August 20th 1986, exactly 33 years ago today, Queen released "Pain Is So Close to Pleasure" as the sixth single from A Kind of Magic album. . ✨Written by Freddie Mercury & John Deacon the song began as a riff idea by Brian May but was turned into a song by its principal writers with John playing the rhythm guitar. . ✨The title also appears as a line in "One Year of Love". . . ✨Like most of Freddie's songs, the song has prominent keyboards and like most of John songs, it has a strong bass line. . ✨It is also one of the few songs in which Freddie sings all the vocals in falsetto. . 👉P. S. I have to admit the first time I heard this I thought it was a Bee Gees song I know right? 😁 But Freddie's falsettos are really EPIC... And I think we can agree that this is yet again another Deacury masterpiece 🙌 . #FreddieMercury #PainIsSoCloseToPleasure

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freddiemercuryclub. 💥Robert Plant on Freddie💥
A big happy birthday to the legendary @R

💥Robert Plant on Freddie💥 . A big happy birthday to the legendary @RobertPlantofficial who turned 71 today 🙌❤🎊 . For me Robert Plant has always been the second best frontman (Freddie being the 1st of course) because of his raw sex appeal and energy on stage as well as his unique voice and singing style 👊 . P.S. That triple "ready Freddie" gets me every time btw 😢 . A few personal words on the occasion of the Led Zepp man's bday: 👇 👉It's no surprise that whenever there's a poll of the best songs of all time Bohemian Rhapsody and Stairway to Heaven always come on top... And it's funny how I came to know Led Zeppelin through Queen! You might have heard how much the two bands were actually compared in the early days of Queen.  They are both the most classic of the classics of rock music and timelessly brilliant in their own ways 🙌 . 👉Watching the tribute concert, it amazes me that even the iconic Robert Plant who was extremely flamboyant himself can not hold up the torch to Freddie's songs and he bravely admits that and let's not forget that he's no 'popular' singer. He's a freaking ROCK GOD! 💪 . 👉I also love Robert as a person, as well as a performer, because of his integrity and commitment to preserving authenticity. After Bonham, he and the rest of the band could easily get a new drummer and carry on but instead they decided to "disband" and go on with their solo projects and that is why to me the Led Zeppelin name is still like an untouchable empire 👑 I still feel great respect and admiration whenever I read their last note to the public after Bonham died: 💬 "We wish it to be known that the loss of our dear friend, and the deep sense of undivided harmony felt by ourselves and our manager, have led us to decide that we could not continue as we were". -Led Zeppelin . I send you my best wishes and a "Whole Lottta Love" Sir Robert Plant ❤ . #FreddieMercury #RobertPlant

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freddiemercuryclub. 💥Making of One Vision💥
\"One dump, one turd, two tits, John Deacon!

💥Making of One Vision💥 . "One dump, one turd, two tits, John Deacon!" 😁❤😂 . Wrapping up Deaky's birthday posts with this epic jam session 🙌 . 👉P.S. When you've written so much good lyrics that you realize it's just a shame to see them waste away and decide to jam anyway 👊😂 . #FreddieMercury #JohnDeacon

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freddiemercuryclub. 💥Favorite John Deacon Song💥
🎶What is your favorite Queen song wri

💥Favorite John Deacon Song💥 . 🎶What is your favorite Queen song written by John Deacon?🎶 . Here's my top 6:🎼 🎵1. I Want to Break Free 🎵2. Another One Bites the Dust 🎵3. One Year of Love 🎵4. Spread Your Wings 🎵5. You're My Best Friend 🎵6. Need Your Lovin Tonight . And these two:👇🎶 . 🎧 Back Chat . 🎧 Under Pressure Intro 💬(Even though the song is mostly composed by Freddie & David Bowie, I personally consider that first bass intro by John as a complete masterpiece on its own) 🙌 . I also love these Deacury songs which are co-written by both John and Freddie: . 🎧 Cool Cat . 🎧 Friends Will Be Friends . 🎧 The Miracle . . 👉So what about you? What's your favorite John Deacon song? . #JohnDeacon #FreddieMercury

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freddiemercuryclub. 💥Freddie on John💥
As Freddie said:
\"He's sort of quiet, lots of pe

💥Freddie on John💥 . As Freddie said: "He's sort of quiet, lots of people think that. Don't underestimate him, he's got a fiery streak underneath all that..." Yeah he does 😏 ❤😎 . 🎥 Some bits and pieces I put together as a tribute to John...enjoy! 🎬❤🎶 . #FreddieMercury #JohnDeacon

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freddiemercuryclub. Happy 68th birthday to John Deacon, the sweetest, most talented and mo

Happy 68th birthday to John Deacon, the sweetest, most talented and most loyal bassist I've ever known 🙌❤🎊 . ❤I have to admit when I first got into Queen John was always the "quiet" one for me, the least noticed member of the band... But now (for more than a few years now) he has become my most favorite member of the band (after Freddie of course) 😍 . ❤ I love, respect, and admire John not just because of deciding to leave the band when he did after Freddie passed away saying the ultimate truth: "There's no point in carrying on. It's impossible to replace Freddie"...but also because during these past few years or so I've come to know him as an incredibly talented musician and songwriter who's highly underrated 🙌 . ❤ Wherever you are and whatever you're doing right now Deaky I wish you the best and happiest of times with your beloved wife and six children...you have no idea how much you mean to me...to all of us ❤ . 💥A 1975 review of Sheer Heart Attack said that John Deacon "the least well known musician in Queen is one of his rock generation's most able." And I couldn't agree more... 👏 . 👉P.S. Disco Deaky forevaaaaaa 😍 . #FreddieMercury #JohnDeacon

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freddiemercuryclub. Happy birthday to @Mikainstagram who turned 36 today ❤🎊
\"I try to b

Happy birthday to @Mikainstagram who turned 36 today ❤🎊 . "I try to be like Grace Kelly But all her looks were too sad So I try a little FREDDIE 💪 I've gone identity mad..." 🎶 . 👉Mika has always been one of my favorite singers and ironically critics have actually compared him to Freddie among other artists. And there is definitely an influence there... . Not that Freddie is in anyway comparable to anybody... but here are some similarities between the two that I love: . 1. Both have come from an Eastern background and moved to other countries and finally settled down in London. Freddie was a Persian who was born in Zanzibar and Mika was born in Beirut and then moved to Paris and eventually London. . 2. Both my men have killer falsettos. 🎤 . 3. Both are excellent pianists and write from the piano. 🎹 . 4. Both are known to be gay. . 5. Both are really beautiful men. . 6. And finally they are both kind, sweet, and adorably childlike, and also have a great sense of style. . #FreddieMercury #Mika

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freddiemercuryclub. Caption this 😎
I know it's impossible to look past the sheer gorgeo

Caption this 😎 . I know it's impossible to look past the sheer gorgeousness of Freddie's face, his hypnotizing eyes restelssly staring at your soul, his divine chiseled bone structure that is those cutting cheekbones, his plump lips, and that perfectly trimmed mustache...🔥❤🔥 . But I want you guys to focus on the expression on his face and that index finger he's holding up. So let's see what you can come up with 😉 . #FreddieMercury #captionthis

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