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Enjoy your Halloween and don’t forget to stay mobile 😃🎃

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Here are some great abdominal exercises using a 12” #Pilatesball . A foam roller or smaller ball may be used as well! Having a ball placed under your shoulder blades helps support your upper body in a crunch position. If you are working on abdominal strength, have osteoporosis or just want an additional challenge definitely try it! THINGS TO NOTE- 1️⃣ ensure your cervical spine is in neutral. Don’t over tuck the chin or “lead” with chin. Head should be in alignment with rest of spine. 2️⃣ Maintain neutral scapula placement. Meaning don’t let your shoulders roll forward. Stay broad with your clavicle, show off that necklace 😉 3️⃣ when hands are behind head allow your head to be a little heavy. This helps prevent you from pulling with your arms and compromising neck. #pilatesforlife #corestrength

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#headprop Cervical spine placement is one of the 5 @merrithew Stott Pilates principles and so important. Over time poor posture and muscle imbalance will change your necks shape. This will cause pain, chronic issues, and even “shrinking” over time. The good news is with consistency and commitment you can improve it! First make sure anytime you are in supine (on your back) for exercises you have a head prop to start with neutral spine. This means your chin and forehead should be level. Depending on the amount of extension in your neck you may need one as small as half an inch or up to 3-4”. This encourages the neck to stay in neutral which is the safest position for your neck. I’ll be continuing my #postureimprovement series all week so stay tuned 😘

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#Pilatesring Some super fun exercises with everyone’s favorite circle ⭕️ of death 😈 this can be turned into a 10 minute Pilates series that will have you love/hating life 😬 1️⃣The ring is an excellent prop to help you work on perfect form for those pushups! Key things** Engage abs, no sinking hips, push up up up out of those shoulders and draw scapula down the back! 2️⃣ Hamstrings and booty for days! ** keep your hips square to mat, push out of shoulders, abs on! 3️⃣ Assisted Teaser- it’s a little stretch , a little abs, a little back ** keep shoulders back! Don’t let the ring will your shoulders forward, and underhand grip will help with this. Articulate the spine on your way down and try to find a slight extension when you’re in the teaser pose. 4️⃣supported ab prep- love this one! This is great for anyone who experiences neck tension when they’re doing abs. Make sure to place the pad of the base of your head and at the top of your cervical spine to support your head. Keep your head heavy. Elbows forward towards your knees for a little tricep work. Make sure the abs doing the work not the arms! 5️⃣ Quads/Chest- *** don’t try to kill the ring as you gently press to activate your chest. Find a slight tuck with the pelvis to ensure your abdominals are engaged and glutes are activated. Shoulders down!

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Asian sweet potato slaw 😋 Simple, tasty, and makes great #leftovers Ingredients 3 small sweet potatoes or yams 1/4 cup toasted sesame oil 1/2 medium head red cabbage 2 medium carrots 3 small scallions 1 cup cilantro 1 cup arugula 1 tablespoon sesame seeds 1 tablespoon white miso paste 2 tablespoons rice vinegar 1 tablespoon soy sauce or tamari 1 teaspoon fresh grated ginger 1 small garlic clove, pressed or grated Prepare- - Roughly peel the sweet potatoes and slice into small cubes. - Heat sesame oil in a large skillet and add the sweet potatoes. Stirring occasionally, cook until the potatoes are starting to brown and are tender (about 12 minutes). — Using a slotted spoon or spatula, transfer the potatoes to a large bowl, leaving any remaining oil in the skillet. Meanwhile, shred the purple cabbage and julienne or shred the carrots. -Thinly slice the scallions and roughly chop the cilantro and arugula. Add everything to the bowl with the potatoes and toss together with the sesame seeds. - To make the dressing: in a medium bowl, whisk together the miso paste, rice vinegar, soy sauce, ginger, garlic and the remaining sesame oil from cooking the potatoes. - Toss the dressing with the cabbage slaw and serve with extra sesame seeds on top

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Flexibility is just one of the things Pilates can help with! I am definitely not the most flexible person. Any flexibility has come with persistence and practice. When I was younger and in sports I would half a$$ the stretching. Perhaps if I would have committed myself to it at a younger age I would be much more flexible now. But you’re never too old to better your body! Movement heals ❤️❤️ #pilatescadillac #pilatesteacher #pilateslife

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A little side flow series with the ring. The key with this series is keeping your hips stacked and your obliques engages. You want to find the little “mouse house” under your waist to keep your obliques engaged and to keep your spine in neutral. It’s also tempting to put weight on your front arm but it should be there strictly to help you balance your body. **sped up** #pilatesring #pilatesflow

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So went to a wedding with some llamas... because NO DAH 😂😜

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foodfanee. I read a great a great meme that said “You don’t have to count calorie

I read a great a great meme that said “You don’t have to count calories if your food doesn’t come with nutritional labels.” BRILLIANT! It’s really that simple. Produce produce produce!! #realfood #limitprocessedfoods #eatyogreens

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Just a little #Pilatesflow with the #foamroller . The damn thing kept slipping out from under me. I guess I need a proper mat to prevent that. Sped up x2

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#iheartpilates After being away nearly 2 weeks it’s time to start seeing my beautiful clients again! Love the opportunity to travel but always good to get back into the real world and my passion ❤️

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#realbread Ok, so many people may see this picture and think NASTY! But I see it as a beautiful thing! Let me explain... Believe it or not this was a beautiful loaf of bread I bought from @mattyjsbakery in Saline before I left for Europe 12 days ago... I can assure you it didn’t look like this when I bought it. I had forgotten to freeze it before I left. The reason why I was so happy to see this furry green mess when I got home was because it reminded me why I purchase REAL Bread from local bakeries. NO PRESERVATIVES 🙌🏽👍🏻👌🏻 REAL food is meant to go bad. It is not meant to last for months or even weeks. 🍞 I remember when I had an epiphany about this. I was moving out of my apartment and was cleaning out the cupboards and had found a bag of Sara Lee hamburger buns that had been shoved into the back. There was not a touch of mold on them. They actually looked the same as when I had bought them 9 months earlier 😦 minus the fact that they were as hard as hockey pucks. It blew my mind so did some research and learned about the terrifying things that get put into food. I actually read that bodies are taking longer to decay because we are consuming more and more preservatives 🤢 🤯 This started me on my journey towards real food! Remember- convenience is not always a good thing in the long run. If you are buying things out of a box or bag chances are they are full of all sorts of nasty things that lead to long term health problems. Remember, real food goes bad and that is good 🤗🤗

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Another great opportunity to travel overseas! This trip is @citybadenbaden in Germany. Right outside of the Black Forest 🤗 Stunning views, architecture, wine, friendly people! This where the coo coo clock was first made 🐦 🕰 . #livefortravel #coocooclock #smallvillagelife

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I love my simple little space! It doesn’t look like much but a lot of hard work goes down in here! I love the opportunity to work one and one with people and make a workout that’s specific to their needs. #pilatesforever #privatepilates #ilovemyjob

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Another quick #10minutemeals ! Toasted rye bread, rubbed with garlic 2 scrambled eggs Half tomato that I grated over eggs Grated Parmesan cheese Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and fresh dill 🤗 DONE AND DONE! 👍🏻👌🏻🙌🏽

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I love my simple Pilates prints! They add so much to my little private space in Ann Arbor! #pilatesart #privatepilates #supportsmallbusiness

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#quickeats Most days I’m running between classes and clients and generally have no more than 30 minutes to figure out a meal. Having easy options that are also healthy is a must. Salads, eggs and oatmeal tend to be my go tos. This Citrus Fennel salad is a fav! It takes 10 or less minutes !!! 🤗 Ingredients- 1 orange 1 grapefruit Fennel bulb sliced thinly Pistachios Mixed greens Olive Oil S&P How- CUT the peels off of fruit. This allows the juice to adhere to salad quicker which is your dressing! Thinly slice fennel. Assemble your fruits and veg. Sprinkle on the pistachios and drizzle with a lightly serving of OO, salt and pepper as desired and BOOM- you done 🙌🏽🙌🏽 about as easy as it comes! Also a great side salad at dinner 🤗

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#moveyourbody I have many clients that ask me which form of exercise is the best. I of course say Pilates 😜 but the reality is the best thing to do is MOVE. Find something you enjoy and stick with it. Our bodies are meant to move! Obviously listen to your body and find a form of exercise that works for you and keeps you safe. 🤗🙌🏽

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#pilatesforposture What a lot of people don’t realize is that Pilates has the ability to help correct postural issues that have developed over time, usually from being sedentary... cell phones, offices,etc 😓 Our spine was meant to move in many directions and if it doesn’t it’s shape can begin to change (think hump back) or stiffen up. Many people believe Pilates is for older people, I mean it can be for sure! But what you don’t realize is if you worked on these issues before they even begin they are never issues. It’s The best preventative care for your spine out there! #pilatesforeverybody . . Photo credit- @laurelphotography

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Just hanging on for that weekend! 😂 Am I right?! #pilatescadillac #readyfortheweekend #fridaymood

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Congrats to my brother @silver_line13 and his beautiful wife @artwithmskirvin ! I’m so incredibly happy the two of you found each other. To many years of love, laughter, and tears! Xoxo 😘

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#newspace So excited to have my new Pilates space up and going! Nothing like a fresh coat of paint and some Pilates prints to liven up the space. If you live in #annarbor area and are looking to improve your core strength, posture, and overall health head to my bio page for link to learn more. #annarborfitness #entrepreneur #pilatesreformer

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Mandarin Apple Ginger SMUICE!! Smoothie/Juice 🤗 Drinks like a juice but has the benefits of smoothie 🙌🏽🙌🏽 This is a favorite. I make a liter of it most weeks for a nice after dinner cleansing drink. Super simple and has tons of nutrients and fiber. I have a @Vitamix and it works great for turning anything into a liquid. A cheap blender may not do the trick My husband has an obsession with our vitamix . We joke he loves it more than me. Needless to say he is a creature of habit and has been making the same smoothie EVERY morning for 5 years. If we are on vacation he generally scopes out where he can find a good smoothie place. He even insisted we have an outlet installed in one of our cupboards just for the Vitamix 😂 To be fair- when it’s on high it does sound like a small lawnmower 😅 SMUICE RECIPE- Servings – 1 Liter Ingredients - 2 apples, core removed 8 mandarins, peeled 1.5” square piece of ginger, peeled 1.5 C water **option to add fresh mint** Directions- Place all ingredients in blender and let ‘er go! The more water you add the more juice like it becomes. WARNING- If you hate pulp you may have an issue with this as it does contain whole mandarin which will result in some pulp. #appleaday #drinkyourvitamins

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Had fun tonight hanging around on the Cadillac! The thing about Pilates is it always looks easier than it is. The reason for that is #Control - when you engage the muscles correctly movements should look fluid. Think of a ballerina 👯‍♀️ Movements look fluid and beautiful because they have worked very hard to make it that way! #pilatescadillac #neverstoplearning #spreadeagle

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