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Filming by myself is so hard 😩 i got all of the bad angles but nonetheless this was a good workout. Exercises: 1: conventional deadlifts 2. Shoulder press 3. Barbell bicep curls (low rep) 4. Dumbbell bicep curls focusing on twisting the arm out at the top of the curl to contract muscle more (high rep) 5. French press 6. T-bell rows Like and save and enjoy!

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As stated by @sjamesfit yesterday, normal exercises don’t get likes. Truth is, you don’t need weird exercises. There’s beauty in simplicity. You don’t need 10 exercises for the workout to be effective. You also don’t need to do weird RDLs with the bar between your legs for the workout to be effective. You don’t need to use the assisted pull up machine as a leg press. You need to work on perfecting traditional exercises. Aside from the usual squats, deadlifts, and hip thrusts, these three exercises are always in one of my leg day routines. Of course, I also included some extra info diagrams for you guys to screenshot to help you build an effective leg day routine. Hope you all have a Good Friday!

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The largest muscle in the body and also one of my favorite ones to train. 🤗

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Rather simple leg day today. Hope you guys all have a good week! Exercises: 1. Squats 2. Reverse lunges 3. RDLs 4. Leg curls 5. Leg extensions 6. Hip abduction (not filmed) Happy Monday!

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Banded warm up. You can do a couple sets till failure and then obviously warm up with the weights. Enjoy ✨

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It always feels good when your old PRs become warm ups. Ive said this numerous times in previous captions, and im going to keep preaching it. When it comes to building your glutes, you have to build your routine around squats, deadlifts, and hip thrusts. Those videos you see of influencers only doing isolated movements is all BS. The only time that’ll work is when you have good genetics. For the rest of us, we have to work damn hard. You also can’t stick to hypertrophy. Make sure you strength train. I learned this the hard way. Today’s exercises: 1) Squats 2) straddle lifts (only started doing this exercise today and loved it. Definitely a brand new concept so form needs work) 3. Romanian deadlifts 4. Hip thrusts with drop sets using a band 5. Kettle ball swings 6. Hack squat Every lift is an opportunity to improve on form and try to add 5 extra pounds to the exercise. Happy Monday!

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Happy Monday ❤️

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This weeks shorty short leg workout. This is only part of it lol, i didnt record much. Ive been extra tired this week so that means taking more preworkout than usual and handling it 🤪 I havent been over saturating my workouts with a thousand exercises. Sometimes 4 exercises is just as, if not more, effective. I’m so sore today, lord help me haha Have a good weekend!

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Y’all, strength doesnt come easy for me. Ive really been focusing on strength and finally hit 200lbs in hip thrusts. So excited to continue to improve

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Happy October 🍂 This is me taking a pic on the way out the door to work. I made it to the gym this morning but i really didnt feel well so i filmed one clip of an exercise and didnt film the rest. Perhaps ill have an ab video for you guys later. I hope you guys have a good month! Its a busy one for me between work, family, wedding planning, and basic fall activities 🎃

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Bicep burnout 💥 I tried uploading this 5 times last night so here we go again 🙃 This was initially uploaded by @leanmachine21 and i HAD to give it a shot. I personally think biceps are the toughest muscle to train because you can only do so many variations of curls. Well, why not just stick them all together in a circuit? Voila 🌈 So yea, you do this in a circuit. I did about 3 sets before my arms failed on me. Give this a shot. Have a good Saturday!

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Not perfect, but learning. Trial and error and taking everything in as a learning experience. I believe that mentality will take me far. Have a good Friday everyone! I will try to get another video up for you guys tonight. Its leg day again 🤪 Shorts are @fashionnova

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Just a few vids from today’s leg day. Ignore my ugly face lol I’m slowly starting to increase my calories so that means slowly building my strength back up. Yayyy. I’m excited to see how far I can push my limits this winter. I’m still doing cardio since I used to never do it so I need to build up my endurance. Also will be doing high intensity cardio for fat burn. Exercises: 1. Squats focusing on keeping it slow and steady. 2. RDLs with elevated toes. I’m focusing on having the bar run down my shins, keeping my chest up, and feeling that stretch in my hamstrings. 3. Hip thrust. This one was a difficult one for me today. We have no low benches or no way of lowering them to make thrusting easier. Any tips would help for a short girl like me. 4. Leg press. Push with your legs. Don’t try to drive force with your hands by putting them on your quads or anywhere where they can help. Use your leg muscles to push. 5. Leg curls (not shown) 6. Barbell lunges (not shown) Hope y’all enjoy!

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My block has finally been lifted! I can now write captions and like and comment, but I can’t go crazy or they’ll think I’m a robot or something 🙄 I’m back and it feels good!

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