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Swing by our DTinas Boutique booth and check out our merch. 🖤 Come meet the squad! @showfitnessandbeauty 🎉

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Come check out our booth over at the first ever @showfitnessandbeauty expo in Doral, Florida. 🖤 - We can’t wait meet you. Ask any of our representatives for assistance it’ll be our pleasure to assist you. 😊 - Our booth has displayed a variety of our goodies: Leggings, Shorts & Sports Bra. 🎉

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🔥🔥 Deep Magenta shorties are trending now 😎 Supplex quality 💯💯 beautiful and bright color, super comfortable, amazing fit and squats proof 🍑🍑. ••• DTinasBoutique.com®️

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🔥🔥 This Golden Cobra 🐍 Print is so beautiful 😍 ••• ✔️ Unique and fun print. ✔️ Lighter Supplex base fabric. ✔️ Glossy finish. ✔️ Squats proof and breathable. ✔️ Available in all options. (Leggings, shorts, Sports Bra and Create Your Own items). ✔️ Limited edition. ••• DTinasBoutique.com®️

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Thanks for participating!!! This contest has ended 😘 Stay tuned for future giveaways and surprises 🎉 ••• DTinasBoutique.com®

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We’re so exited to announce that we’re going to be part of the @ShowFitnessandBeauty 🎉 When? Where? How much? 😱 👉🏼 May 25 and 26 at @LaCaimaneraSoccer Doral and admission is FREE!!! • Thanks to our friend and model @YaritzaMdina for inviting us 🥰 She’s bringing an amazing “Choreofit” dance that you can’t miss! 👯‍♂️ • If you leave in Miami or South Florida area, come and say hi, we want to see you!!! We’re going to have a lot of new items, deals, games, gifts and surprises... We can’t wait to see you there 😎. •••••• Estamos emocionados de anunciar que vamos a ser parte de la primera edición de @ShowFitnessandBeauty 🎉 Cuando? Donde? Cuanto? 😱👉🏼 Mayo 25 y 26 en @LaCaimaneraSoccer Doral y la entrada es completamente GRATIS!!! • Gracias a nuestra amiga y modelo @YaritzaMdina por la invitación 🥰 Ella estará dando una clase “Choreofit” que no se pueden perder! 👯‍♂️ • Si vives en Miami o en el área de South Florida, ven y pasa a saludarnos, queremos verte!!! Vamos a tener muchos productos nuevos, descuentos, juegos, regalos y sorpresas... Te esperamos! •••••• DTINASBOUTIQUE.com®️

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🔥🔥 NEW RELEASE 🔥🔥 Guys these new items are fire 😍. ••• ON FIRE SPORTS BRA. ✔️Available in all solids and prints. ✔️Removable pads. ✔️Medium impact. ✔️Beautiful back strappy design. ••• ADJUSTABLE SCRUNCH WAIST SHORTIES. ✔️Available in all solids and prints. ✔️Adjustable and versatile scrunch waistband. ✔️Best fabrics and amazing fit. ••• You’ll turn heads with this outfit 😎. You can get them as a set or separately 🥳. ••• Code: GIVEME30 ✨✨ is on for 30% OFF everything today ✨✨. ••• DTinasBoutique.com®️

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😍 NEW Cooler Days Fishnet Top 🖤🖤. ••• 📍High quality black fishnet mesh. 📍Relaxed fit, cropped length. 📍Perfect for intense workouts and daily activities. 📍Go with your regular top size. Available in S, M, L and XL. ••• Today’s code: GIVEME30 💥🎉 is on for 30% OFF everything. ••• DTinasBoutique.com®️

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💙 BLUE STARDUST 💙 These are ridiculously beautiful 🤩 You can also get them as a set for the ultimate look 😎... Looooove the ombré shade! ••• Code: WEEKEND is on for 30% OFF everything 💥💥. ••• DTinasBoutique.con®️

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Our solids are the best 😍 Soft, breathable, squat proof and perfect fit 😎 If you haven’t try them yet, you need to get them 👌🏼. ••• 💥💥 Check our story for a super mega flash sale code📲📲. ••• DTinasBoutique.com®️

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Super cute 😍 The Adjustable Scrunch Waistband in Black and White Camouflage 🖤🖤 The best 😎. ••• We have a mega sale in all prints today 🎉🎉... See story for details 📲. ••• DTinasBoutique.com®️

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@stacymgardner 😍 rocking the Neon Stardust Leggings 💚💚 with Scrunch Booty 🍑 Amazing 😎. ••• DTinasBoutique.com®️

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