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I love photographing humans who are so down to play. This beautiful being laughed and giggled as she climbed the trees, rolled in the sand, hung onto branches, played in the ocean. For me, it’s not just about creating incredible content, it is about creating memories, having a laugh and expressing your true nature. @life_of_fee | Byron Bay | Nov 18

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Only one more week on the sunny Gold Coast before we head off to a slightly colder part of the world. We are so excited to head home, wrap up warm and celebrate Xmas with our families. @love_fromamy | Gold Coast | Nov 18

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Breathe, all will be OK. @steffywhiteyoga | Bali | May 18

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So excited to be filming with the wonderful @michelle__cassidy for the next couple of days. Creating content for people who love what they do, makes us love our job even more. @mana.yoga.studio | Gold Coast | Nov 18

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My little heart is full of excitement today as my hubby surprised me with a Nikon F2 35mm film camera from 1974 for my birthday! I have always wanted to explore film deeper and enjoy the slow, more in-depth process of developing images. Can’t wait to share our first snaps from Byron Bay with you all. Happy girl today. @jamielim_ | Houston | Oct 18

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If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete. @luckeyamanda | Houston | Oct 18

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Feeling elated after photographing an amazing event hosted by @rachel.blu and @alexz.xo in Byron this evening. Watching a group of driven, passionate and soul-full women come together to manifest their dreams has inspired me beyond words. Thank you for having me ladies, can’t wait to edit the yummy images. @melanie_mcneil | Gold Coast | Nov 18

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Obsessed. What a glorious mamma to be. @violetgraydesign | Gold Coast | Nov 18

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I can’t help but wake up with gratitude and a huge smile on my face... Yesterday I found out that my computer was going to cost $2,500 to fix, I was continuing on my path of taking everything in my stride but felt absolutely devastated. Especially considering the computer was only 1.5 years young. I decided to call @apple - I calmly and respectfully told them my story, who I was, what happened, and why an unexpected cost like this has harmful repercussions on our little business. After a while the man on the phone asked me to write something down, he slowly spelled out...E X C E P T I O N. He asked me to read aloud the word he spelled, I said ‘Exception?’. ‘Yes’ he replied, ‘We will make this exception for you Vicky, don’t worry about a thing, we will get your computer fixed up at no expense.’ I burst into tears and thanked the dude. This whole trust and grace plan worked out even better than I could have imagined! I can’t help but wonder how differently this situation would have worked out if I have went with frustration, anger and resentment? Thank you @apple for being awesome. @rochelleclaire | Byron Bay | Nov 18

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When you get to film a woman who lives and breathes her vocation. So stoked to reveal a little teaser from some of the footage we have collected with Madonna. Watching this goddess in action brings me ultimate joy. Can’t wait to share the finished campaign. @yogamadonna | Byron Bay | Nov 18

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Leaning into patience and grace as my trusty computer died on me last night. She is off to the computer hospital today to try and bring her back but it isn’t looking great. When things like this happen my immediate reaction is frustration, sadness and ultimately the victim mentality, but this time I am choosing to just let go and trust that I need some space from editing and I can focus on other stuff in the mean time. Easier said than done, but I am giving it a go! @chelfenn | Houston | Oct 18

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This woman illuminates my life in so many ways. Madonna, you teach me what it means to live from truth, trust and compassion. Thank you for always shining your light. I love you. Cannot wait to share what we have been filming for this wonderful human! Stay tuned. @yogamadonna | Gold Coast | Nov 18

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It has been so empowering getting back into surfing since returning to the Gold Coast. I absolutely love being in the water, challenging my body and connecting to Mother Nature. I only wish I looked as gorgeous as this angel when leaving the water! @love_fromamy | Gold Coast | Nov 18

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Be stubborn with your vision, but flexible with the details. @steffywhiteyoga | Bali | March 18

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A little piece of my heart is permanently with this mumma and her baby. Although having a child is something I am not ready for at all, capturing these pictures made me feel so at ease at the thought of one day holding a baby in my belly. The way Alex moves, her contentment and grounding energy shifted my perspective on the whole parenting gig. Grateful to have caught these moments for the ultimate earth goddess. @violetgraydesign | Fingal Head | Nov 18

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Sandy stretches with this babe. @rochelleclaire | Byron Bay | Nov 18

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Love that body of yours ladies and gentlemen. Because I’ve got news for you...it’s PERFECT! In Your Skin | Houston | Oct 18

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Throw back to our time spent with this incredible organisation and their warrior leader! @bawabali_official is a rescue and rehabilitation centre, dedicated to protecting animals and educating the beautiful beings in Bali. Meeting the animals and being apart of the never ending battle against animal cruelty was very challenging but equally rewarding. We take our hats off to everyone involved at BAWA, you are true hero’s. @bawabali_official | Bali | April 18

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