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Touch down Athens, next stop Milan. Already missing the beautiful beaches from our home, but so excited to see what Europe has in store for us this time! Tomorrow we will be filming all day with @mot_studios and we couldn’t be more pumped to create some magic for this awesome health and wellness space! @actionjacquelyn | Byron Bay | June 19

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Bye for now beautiful Australia. We love you dearly. Milan, here we come! @divinegoddessyoga @tillyjacsmith | Byron Bay | June 19

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I can’t believe we leave Australia tomorrow. It has been exciting, stressful, love-filled, hectic and everything in between. I love coming home. And I love going away again. I love missing this land and I love grounding back down. We are so excited for what’s ahead, and eternally grateful to always be able to return home to Australia. See you September my loves. @trinskyyoga | Byron Bay | June 19

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Monday morning movement. Grateful to have captured this beach goddess. @kirstennielsenyoga | Gold Coast | June 19

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We are so proud and honoured to have captured content for the newest, hottest, coolest rock climbing studio opening soon on the Gold Coast, Australia. @alpineindoorclimbing is gonna blow your socks off when it opens it’s doors in July 2019. @alpineindoorclimbing | Gold Coast | May 19

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In Your Skin. Womanhood is anything you want it to be. It means whatever you need it to mean. It isn’t a box, it’s a freaking galaxy. Be who you are and love whatever that is. Thank you to these Aussie Queens for taking the leap and baring it all. In Your Skin | Gold Coast | June 19

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The naked truth is always better than the best dressed lie. @trinskyyoga | Byron Bay | June 19

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We absolutely adore what we do. Creating content for businesses and brands that align with our personal values and beliefs is the greatest joy. This day we captured @tillyjacsmith and her sister @elle_may_smith on the beach of Byron Bay for the stunning clothing brand @divinegoddessyoga - every human in this whole process brought their own spark of joy and light to the set. Can’t wait to share more soon. ✨ Music @djtazrashid HMU @phoebefever Goddesses @tillyjacsmith @elle_may_smith Clothing @divinegoddessyoga Filmed and edited by us!

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Every time a woman defends her rights, she defends the rights of women all over the world. What is wrong with a woman’s body being shown on social media? Why does @instagram block, shame and sensor the female form? And when it is done in an expressive, empowering and creative way? Even when we abide by their oppressive rules of hiding women’s nipples (but not men’s). Isn’t it strange that women’s bodies are hyper sexualised when used to sell and advertise, but when it comes to free and artistic expression all of a sudden it is deemed unacceptable? What are we teaching our future generations? When will the power of what one does with a woman’s body belong only to her? @instagram will most likely hide my account for a while now, just like they did the last time, and the time before that. Punishment for showing this glorious woman in all her power. A choice she made to get naked, to express, to empower. That will be taken away from us for a short while. But I won’t stop. We will never stop. @amyeagle | Gold Coast | June 19

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Sunday mornings. Excited to be heading to Byron today to get creative with the lady under this tee. @alexz.xo | Byron Bay | Dec 18

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GOLDEN STATE OF MIND. We are beyond stoked to reveal the music video for @mcyogi’s new song featuring @harmoniousessentials ✨ This was one of our favourite projects to date as we have always adored Nick’s music and the way he beautifully combines the teachings of yoga with modern day sounds and styles. Grateful to be on this journey and to be creating for the creators. Thanks for the epic opportunity Nick! To watch the full video head over to @mcyogi and follow the link in the bio. @mcyogi | San Fransico | March 19

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Grateful. Today, and always. @simone.kelly.x | Gold Coast | May 19

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Last nights In Your Skin event here on the Gold Coast was nothing short of magic. The women who showed up, the vulnerability and unshakable strength they exuded, their ability to connect so deeply and love so openly. It was magic. Every single moment. Grateful to them for joining the rebellion. The greatest threat to the system is us loving ourselves, so let’s show em what we’ve got! @divinegoddessyoga @elle_may_smith | Byron Bay | June 19

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Kick off your shoes. It’s a brand new day. Loved creating this little video deep in the Panamanian jungle with one of my favourite humans to walk this Earth. @laurenspinner and @divinegoddessyoga you look good together! More videos for Divine Goddess coming very soon. @laurenspinner @divinegoddessyoga | Panama | March 19

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Feeling so refreshed after 2 nights away in the rainforest. You can work hard all you like and love what you do, but if you don’t take those little moments for yourself and the one you love, what’s the point in it all? We made a promise to get away from the hustle and bustle more often, to spend hours on end making the perfect pizza, to lie for hours and watch the sun go down, to allow ourselves the time to draw, read and create. To us success isn’t money or fame or fancy things, it’s all about time to do the things we love. What does success look like to you? @trinskyyoga | Byron Bay | May 19

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Mermaiding around with the beautiful @tillyjacsmith in Byron Bay. @wolventhreads @divinegoddessyoga | Byron Bay | May 19

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My coven. Feeling excited as ever today, me and the hubby are off into the rainforest for a two day digital detox! We spend our days looking at a screen or looking through a lens, our bodies are calling for some relief and rest. So off to the mountains we go! And when we return it will only be 1 week until my next In Your Skin, nude portrait workshop. We still have 4 spots left! DM me if you would like to book in. See you on the other side Instagram. In Your Skin | Houston | Feb 19

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Is Woman Crush Saturday a thing? If so...Bess you are mine! @bessyyoga | Byron Bay | May 19

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