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Touch down in Grizzly Flats, California. We are so excited to be here to capture this beautiful couple on their big day! Let the wedding shenanigans begin! @candaceeddy | California | Oct 18


You are all amazing. So ready for change. So eager for acceptance. I feel you. I feel it all. I will do my best to deliver. Thank you sisters. Time to release that bind. #inyourskin @yogi.jodie | Houston | Oct 18


I wish to live in a world where the words ‘curvy’ ‘thin’ ‘fat’ ‘skinny’ are no longer used to describe a woman. Where we use other descriptors to talk about women. She is intelligent, timid, outgoing, hilarious, driven. Our bodies do not define us. They do not describe us. They should never bind us. The truth is we are all ‘REAL’ women, there is no right or wrong, no good or bad, nothing more beautiful than the other. I am so grateful and thankful to the 13 women who showed up with grace and courage to the ‘In Your Skin’ workshop in Houston. You are each so glorious, you showed up for your sisters, you stood in unity and acceptance. Welcome to the revolution my friends. Let’s walk this path, together. Forever. In Your Skin | Houston | Oct 18


How yogis do skateparks... It was such a blast shooting with the beautiful woman behind @loveyourbellymovement and @she.inspires - women supporting women, it’s my jam. @hailley.rose @ginamarie_vincent | Houston | Oct 18


The excitement is building for us as we are heading back to some our favourite beaches in the entire world at the end of this month...AUSTRALIA! Home is gonna feel so good after 2 years away! My Aussie family, if your looking for any filming or photography give us a DM soon as November is getting full! @yogawithbriohny | LA | Oct 18


You must look within for value, but must look beyond for perspective. @yogi_liza | Houston | Oct 18


MOVEMENT is life. And life is so much better with @yogaflamestudio. Can’t week to keep sharing the magic of this hot yoga yoga studio nestled in Lausanne, Switzerland. @yogaflamestudio | Lausanne | June 18


Feeling so fulfilled and blessed to have shot so many glorious women over the last couple of days here in Houston. The shapes, the smiles, the expressions and the love makes back to back shoots so much fun and uplifting. @chelfenn | Houston | Oct 18


The excitement is building for this Sunday’s upcoming nude empowerment workshop in Houston! To share space with 10 strong, unique and daring women is such a blessing. This movement is about sisterhood and deep, inner change. We will challenge the ‘stereotype’ to show a glorious variety of bodies, boobs, butts, legs, backs etc. To showcase that in fact it is our uniqueness that ultimately makes us all the same. NEW YORK we still have some spaces available! DM for bookings. #inyourskin


Touch down in Houston Texas! Yey! So stoked to be here with such an amazing community of humans. This morning began with shooting @sarah_montross_yoga at a beautiful industrial art space. Can’t wait to share more from my upcoming shoots this week. @sarah_montross_yoga | Houston | Oct 18


Home sweet practice. @mluksch | Portland | Sept 18


Today is all about letting go and relaxation. We have spent the last week non stop filming, editing and collaborating. As much as we love the hustle we love our down days just as much. Breakfast, coffee, books, Friends re-runs and self-care. @lousianafaaberg | Thailand | July 18


Nudity is on the horizon. Next workshop in Houston is sold out! We still have a few spots left for the NYC workshop with myself and @emilytorockio ! Let’s celebrate our bodies! #inyourskin


The women behind the magic of @willamettevalleypoweryoga - these 4 humans are so very important to us, they have welcomed us into their homes, families and community like no other. One of my favourite things about travelling the world is feeling like you have family from all walks of life. When we arrive in Oregon it’s like begin reunited with sisters. Forever grateful for this crazy, beautiful and fruitful path we are on. @willamettevalleypoweryoga | Oregon | Sept 18


Friends who move together stay together. Sending my girls at @yoganest_studio so much love and light. @yoganest_studio | Ireland | Aug 18


Still riding the high from this years incredible summit with @lwtech - here is a little announcement video we made for the inspirational @ingridnilsen. Ingrid did an amazing talk at the summit, her story, honesty and vulnerability will stick with us forever. @lwtech | NYC | Sept 18


Oh Houston, we are getting so exciting to meet you! Only a few more days here in LA before we fly to meet the beautiful Houston community! @mluksch | Portland | Oct 18


Missing those Thai sunsets and this Wonder Woman. @michalc_cohen | Thailand | June 18