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So grateful for the last few weeks spent with our jungle family in Panama. So much love to be found in this community, already planning our return. Now we are off to a different kind of paradise! Next stop, Thailand. @divinegoddessyoga | Panama | April 19

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Flower power. @divinegoddessyoga | Byron Bay | Dec 18

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Countdown is on! Only one month till we land back in Australia. Nothing beats coming home. @alexz.xo | Byron Bay | Dec 19

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San Fransico and Divine Goddess meet. The beautiful @lihiyogini rocking it in the new threads by @divinegoddessyoga - so excited to share the latest shoot from Panama. Coming soon! @divinegoddessyoga | San Fran | March 19

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Capturing two of my best friends on their special day was the biggest blessing. Trying to focus the camera whilst crying my eyes out was a bit of a challenge, but one I would accept any time. These two souls were born to be together. The love and freedom that exists between the two make me bubble with joy. I love you two monkeys. Let’s travel and adventure together forever. @kenedy_cedeno @laurenspinner | Panama | April 19

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Little monkeys climbing a tree. Panama has been such a gift already. Thanks to these beauties for playing in the jungle for the newest @kula shoot. @lakenbadley @laurenspinner | Panama | April 19

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Yesterday we said a sweet goodbye to the USA. We had the most amazing 6 weeks, creating, connecting and collaborating. I was lucky enough to host 5 In Your Skin workshops during our time here, the women who showed up will forever be in my heart. There is so much power in sisterhood. The US is a special place to us and we are already planning our return. But for now, the jungle is calling. In Your Skin | March 18

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Mermaid in the blue. @_mayraochoa | Houston | March 19

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The beautiful @yogawithbriohny sharing her knowledge and understanding of the yoga practice. We love animating these little, informative videos for Bri, if you haven’t checked out her page already go and give her some love! @yogawithbriohny | Los Angeles | Aug 18

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Missing this kundalini queen! As much as we adore travelling the world and meeting new people, nothing beats arriving somewhere familiar and being welcomed by the people you love most. Can’t wait to squeeze all my Aussie friends in a just over a month! @yogamadonna | Gold Coast | Dec 18

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Do it with passion, or not at all. Today I have my head buried deep in editing for all the latest In Your Skin workshops from Portland and Salt Lake City. Feeling deeply passionate and driven. Everyday women, getting naked, capturing intimate moments, frozen in time forever. Grateful to you all who participated, I see you. I am you. You are me. In Your Skin | Houston | March 19

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What a wild and wonderful week it has been. From three back to back In Your Skin workshops, filming in Albany with the @willamettevalleypoweryoga crew, up in the mountains of Utah with @panicbuttonmedia on a snow mobile, to Disney Land with the best group of humans! It has been so full on and so perfect! Ready for a week of editing, stillness and rest in beautiful Portland. @biancabulle @kula | Los Angeles | Feb 19

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The attitude of gratitude is keeping me going today as I host my third In Your Skin workshop in a row! This time I am in Portland with @pdxpoweryoga and the incredible @mluksch as my co-host. Heart is open and ready to hold space for another group of amazing women. Let’s get nakeddddd. @yogi.jodie | Houston | Feb 19

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Missing this beautiful, soulful community. We are counting down the days until we are back in the land down under! Excited to dive into some new exciting projects and collaborate with @essenceofliving and @michelle__cassidy again. We will be back in Australia for all of May and June. DM if you wanna create some magic! @essenceofliving | Gold Coast | Dec 18

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Feeling so deeply grateful for the opportunity to host another In Your Skin workshop last night at @mavenstrongslc in Salt Lake City. What a phenomenal group of women who showed up so fully. We get to do it all again tonight and I cannot wait! 1 spot left for the Portland In Your Skin this Sunday 17th! DM for the last spot. In Your Skin | Vancouver | March 19

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Surrender. @buddhabellyyoga | Houston | Feb 19

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Say cheese. @alexz.xo | Byron Bay | Dec 18

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Feeling so deeply driven and whole after tonight’s In Your Skin event here in Vancouver, WA. I always get so nervous before the event, then I walk away and I remember...this has absolutely nothing to do with me. This is a bigger message, a greater project, a necessary movement that is so, so much bigger than little old me. For a long time I said to my husband, I just want to take photos of women, all women, all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. I want to make them feel powerful and strong and wild. I want them to see their beauty and to deeply feel it. I want to illustrate that it is ultimately our differences that make us all the same. I want photography to be a tool for healing and acceptance. I want to make people see themselves the way I see them. Tonight during this intimate workshop I had the opportunity to listen to stories and tales of courage, of heartache and of struggle to fully love themselves. I sat there, looking at these beautiful humans, sharing so openly, loving so deeply and I felt it...this isn’t my project, this is OUR project. Together we will celebrate differences. Together we will learn to love ourselves. Together we will change the way the world see’s a women’s body. In Your Skin | Houston 2019

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