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This little unicorn makes me so happy. Always a joy shooting Jodie in her @aloyoga threads. @yogi.jodie | Houston | Feb 19

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How I felt looking outside this morning and seeing rain! Working with the weather as a photographer is a never ending dance of frustration and surrender. P.s how fierce does Mary look in this photo, what a beauty. @m_ary0 | Houston | Feb 19

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Had the most amazing day shooting a group of phenomenal, kind, beautiful women! Editing into the evening with a glass of wine in my hand, friends on in the background and gratitude in my heart. Thank you for being so warm and welcoming Houston. @oxford.adriana | Houston | Feb 19

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So in love with these threads from @divinegoddessyoga we have some exciting stuff in the works with this glorious brand! Stay tuned. @divinegoddessyoga | Byron Bay | Dec 18

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It feels so nice to touch down in Houston! Ready for a busy week of photoshoots, nude workshops and cuddles from this lovely human. Spent the afternoon location scouting and taking some test snaps. How is anyone even this stunning!? @amararisa | Houston | Feb 18

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Los Angeles, we were an absolute blast (as always). Saying goodbye to La La Land today and heading East to spend time with one of my favourite communities on the planet! Houston, here we come! @alexz.xo | Byron Bay | Dec 18

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NAKED BEAUTIES! Super, duper excited to announce I am taking In Your Skin to #saltlakecity and hosting an event at a phenomenal yoga studio @mavenstrongslc - it is going to be an amazing night of expression, discussion and sisterhood! Head over to @mavenstrongslc to sign up as it is already filling up fast! We have 1 spot left for the Portland workshop on March 17th! And 2 spots left for the Vancouver, WA workshop on March 11th. Exciting times ahead sisters! Let’s get naked!

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In the words of this angel... ‘Messy is just as magic as perfect.’ @alexz.xo @arcaa_movement | Byron Bay | Dec 18

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A moment to focus. Beautiful @jordanstanford modelling for @kula on a chilly morning shoot in London. @kula | London | Jan 19

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The sweet dance between woman and water. @love_fromamy | Byron Bay | Dec 18

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Shopping for shells at sunset. What an angel. @crystal_anthea | Gold Coast | Dec 18

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Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers. They smell good. @divinegoddessyoga | Byron Bay | Dec 18

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I don’t for a second think that an evening of taking naked portraits will change the way a women views her body for the rest of her life. Nor do I believe an evening of nude photography and powerful conversation will change the advertising industry or how society judges a woman’s body. But what if these evenings spark something within a woman. And maybe, just maybe that spark turns into a flame, and that flame turns into a roaring fire. What if a night of getting naked and getting expressive and having it frozen in time for ever is the next step in a journey to true self love. What if this offering shifts our perspective on what we see, read and hear in the media. It’s about little ripples that will eventually cause a tidal wave. This is my offering to you. This is my wish for these events. Little shifts. Little steps. For a bigger change. 1 spot left for Portland. 1 spot left for Vancouver. Salt Lake City coming soon. #inyourskin

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Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving forward. @amyobrienyoga | Ireland | July 18

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These ladies are absolutely killing it and have achieved so much goodness since this shoot back in December. If your in the Brisbane area go visit @mana.yoga.studio and give these beauties a big hug from me. Keep it up chickas! @estherwallacehill @patty_perlman_yoga | Gold Coast | Dec 18

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Open up to the possibility that what you have in this moment is enough. Allow yourself to feel complete, to feel content. @love_fromamy | Byron Bay | Dec 18

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Those eyes. She had me mesmerised. @divinegoddessyoga | Byron Bay | Dec 18

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Is your world changing? Love this little teaser for @michelle__cassidy and her incredible teacher trainings that she hosts in her sacred retreat space tucked away in the rainforest in the Gold Coast Hinterland. It’s always such an honour to film people doing what they love and adore. Keep changing peoples worlds Michelle! @michelle__cassidy @essenceofliving | Gold Coast | Dec 18

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