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Sunday morning church service Eleven Eleven How to handle Worry and Anxiety When we start to worry, we are basically trying to predict our future!!! When we obsess over what we think is going to happen in our life, we are saying we don’t trust in GOD and what GOD word says!!! I know in my life, when I try to control the situation and hold onto to things it only makes things worse!!! As you let go and give your concerns over to GOD, this gives you freedom and peace over that situation!!! So test yourself and put GOD’s word into practice and see how this will change your situation!!! The big commitment “do you trust in what GOD says and promises!!!” Lift it up Let it go Live it out #promises

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Sunday morning church service Eleven Eleven Questioning One of the biggest questions people ask “is there really a GOD?” You are not alone in doubting the existence of GOD, many people question their faith!!! Sometimes in our doubt we forget the things that GOD has already done in our life!!! In our unbelief we question the existence of GOD because we as people need proof that Jesus Christ really existed!!! You will have times in your life that you will have great faith, you will have times when you have great doubt!!! Three things you can start doing while dealing with doubt: S: start with openness E: examine the evidence T: tell yourself the truth #through

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Game 7 2019 World Series @minute_maid_park Nats vs Astros!!! 4 tickets Mezz Section $$$$, Barbecue @jacksonstreetbbq $$, Irreplaceable memories made with family $$$$$$Priceless!!! #priceless

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Sunday morning church service Eleven Eleven Cruise Control When you put your life on cruise control, be ready for it to crash!!! Sometimes we try to put GOD on cruise control, there are some things you need to think about in your quest in this life!!! First question you need to ask yourself “are you seeking GOD”!!! The second question is “are you serving others”!!! The third question you need to ask yourself “are you surrendered”!!! We must let go and turn over everything over to GOD!!! GOD honors you in the things that you have surrendered over to HIM!!! Biggest question? Are you seeking GOD or has GOD already been seeking YOU!!! #god

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Blessed Day!!! Had the opportunity to tour the new player development center @uhcougarbb with Head Coach Todd Whitting!!! Also had the privilege to contribute to the program w/ my donation to the former player locker room name plate sponsorship!!! So be on the 👀 for D. “Tattoo” Hernandez circa 1996!!! #part

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Sunday morning church service Eleven Eleven Is What We Need Everyday we are always dealing with conflict in our lives!!! We all need someone to intervene to speak words of encouragement!!! Always remember that negative words can cause damage to the people that they are spoken against!!! We must encourage one another and build each other up, remember we all need encouragement!!! Look for opportunities to find someone and affirm them of their value!!! When someone speaks words of blessing over you, those words stick with you!!! The power of an encouraging word, We all need it!!! Encouragement is oxygen to the soul!!! I believe in You!!! #someone#

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Sunday morning church service Eleven Eleven What Is Truth? Truth is universal, Truth is unchangeable and Truth is what is real!!! The big question “how do you know what truth is!!!” We must remember that ideas have consequences!!! When we become disconnected from the truth, we are like a ship navigating without a rudder!!! Truth is livable, Truth is knowable, so are you living in truth or are you living a lie!!! Truth always finds a way to raise to the top!!! Ask yourself a question? What area of my life am I not free!!! All Truth Is God’s Truth, no matter where it is found!!! #gods #free

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Taking in tonight’s Yankees / Astros ALCS Game 1 with the family!!! Thank GOD for the blessing, Go Yankees!!! World Series Ring #28 #2019

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Taking in tonight’s Yankees / Astros ALCS Game 1 with the family!!! Thank GOD for the blessing, always nice to watch my team play while they are in town!!! Go Yankees, my love for this team goes all the way back to the days when Bernie Williams patrolled center field in Old Yankees Stadium!!! #6

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Sunday morning church service Eleven Eleven Spend Time The enemy’s main purpose is to keep us busy and not focused on GOD’s word!!! There are many things to worry about but there is only one that is important!!! We must make the right choice and take time out to listen to GOD!!! We all have important things to do everyday but I would say if Jesus took time to be alone and pray; we should do the same!!! Let GOD’s word steep and penetrate your heart!!! Open your heart to HIM!!! If it’s important, do it everyday!!! #everyday

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About last night: Good Times w/ Good Friends!!! The greatest gift you can give a person, is your time!!! #precious

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Sunday morning church service Eleven Eleven Ken Freeman Plan and Purpose GOD and the devil have a plan, a purpose and blueprint for my LIFE!!! Remember we are all one choice away from our eternity!!! You can know about GOD but not have a relationship with GOD!!! There are two voices you hear in your head, one with a truth and one of deception!!! The enemy doesn’t mind you coming to church but he does mind if you hear the message!!! JESUS is in the saving business, even when we are screwing up GOD will save US!!! One thought, you can live eternity with GOD or without GOD!!! Always keep bringing people to the party, never quit inviting people to come meet Christ Jesus!!! ALL IN!!!! #in

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Equinox Fall Winter Solstice Party w/ some food bits from @fuelhealthbar!!! A wonderful way to get the body working and get some healthy food at the same time!!! Fuel Kitchen and Health Bar is located in the lobby of Equinox in River Oaks District!!! #fuelheathbar

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Day 267 of 2019 Daily Devotional And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart..." (Galatians 6:9) God, I don’t know when You are going to do it, but I trust You enough to believe that You will do it, that the answer is already in my future.” Today and every day let this be your prayer: “God, give me the grace to accept Your timing.” That means you’re asking for God’s strength, His supernatural empowerment to stand strong while you are waiting. Choose to keep believing, choose to praise Him, and choose to accept His timing, whether it’s twenty minutes or twenty years, knowing that what God promised He will bring to pass!!! #way

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Sunday morning church service Eleven Eleven Authentic Spiritual Transformation The question proposed to us all “will you have the humility and courage to seek out The Big Truth!!!” If you want to be born again you will have to trust in HIM!!! GOD made the ultimate sacrificed for us all because HE loved US!!! The word of GOD can transform any person no matter what you have done or where you have been!!! You can’t inherit or be born into Christianity, YOU have to make the commitment to be a believer in Christ!!! The big ?, will you be willing to risk it all to follow Christ!!! #god

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Day 263 of 2019 Words of Inspiration No matter what you may be facing, make the most of today!!! Victory is always on the way, says the Lord!!! #way

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Great walk, awesome view, beautiful company!!! Great way to end a blessed weekend!!! Blessed to be blessed!!! #company

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Sunday morning church service Eleven Eleven Control We all want the power of control, especially the situations of our life!!! We try to control things that can not be controlled, we try to control the situation and usually that doesn’t work out the way we planned!!! When we are battling with control, we must humble ourselves to the will of GOD!!! We should stop spending so much energy on trying to change the situation and spend more time trusting GOD!!! GOD does care what you are going through right here, right now!!! Usually it’s pain that brings surrender!!! GOD help me to live one moment at a time!!! Surrender and let GO and let GOD!!! #will

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Last night on the island @galvestonisland@number13steakhouse for dinner with the GC fellasz!!! Great weekend with great teammates and friends!!! #teammates

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Memories!!! 25 years ago at @galvestoncollegewhitecaps, wow how time flies!!!! Blessed to be blessed!!! By the way my # was 1!!! #family

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Beautiful Day for golf @moodygardensgolf with the GC fellas!!! #theisland

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Good morning from G-Town, @galvestoncollegewhitecaps 1994 JUCO National Championship Team Weekend /w the fellas!!! Now time to play a little golf @moodygardensgolf #priceless

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25 Year Reunion of the 1994 JUCO National Championship Baseball Team from @galvestoncollegewhitecaps!!! So blessed to be apart of hell of a team!!! #team

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Sunday morning church service Eleven Eleven Inspirational Figures Where have all the inspirational hero’s gone? We need more people in this world to stand up and stand out to be inspirational leaders that will inspire others!!! We must set ourselves on a path that will honor GOD in order to bring others to HIM through the life we lead!!! Sometimes we have to understand we can’t always be the center of attention, we have to be the person that prepares the way for the person!!! When people question you about your faith, don’t make the mistake and start to doubt yourself!!! You have to be willing to take a stand for what you believe!!! Being a follower of GOD is never easy, it’s never popular!!! It’s not about how long you live, it’s about how you live and what you live for!!! How do you know there is a GOD, “Show and Tell”!!! #showandtell

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