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I’ve got nothing for ya...except for #MakingShapes, wearing @aloyoga with the master of light @yongsubi behind the 📸🙏👊 . #yoga #yogi #yogateacher


#MovingMeditation . Kapalabhati kriya + uddhiyana bandha + flight = happy Dice 👍😊 . Wearing @aloyoga . #yoga #yogi #yogateacher #movement


Trying hard to become a part of this Santa Monica fixture...😆 . Taking it back to a time when my brother from a different mother, @yongsubi was in town. Miss you 🙏❤️🙌 . Wearing @aloyoga with the man @yongsubi behind the 📸 . #yoga #yogi #yogateacher #yogainspiration


Your vulnerability can propel you into the strength that you never knew you had. The strength that has lay dormant, but has forever been within you, waiting to emerge when you felt good enough. Whole enough. Capable of being loved enough... . But there is also a flip side to vulnerability. One can also USE their “vulnerability”, masked only by what is truly at play...there is a difference between BEING vulnerable and USING your vulnerability. I say this because all too often many people, myself included share our stories of pain, suffering, and overcoming something, or someone. The true question to ask is, how much of our vulnerability is put out there for true connection, or put out for self validation? These are honest questions, we as “influencers” need to ask ourselves on a daily basis, especially upon sharing day in, day out on platforms like IG. It’s odd to write all of this now as this exact topic is what I’m doing as I express here on Instagram. I’m constantly “at war” with what I share, how I share, and what I reveal on a personal level, because that’s all I really have to offer. And how odd...I have a random picture that has nothing to do with the topic I’m discussing 😑 I’m full of weird contradictions, questions, and assessments of myself at the moment, but finding this journey ever so beautiful, and as always, finding the space to #EnjoyTheProcess . Does any of this make sense? Thanks for reading. I’d love to hear your thoughts, whoever you might be 🙏❤️ . Wearing @aloyoga . #yoga


#MovingMeditation...focused on backbends and the revolutions in between. Always a work in progress ☺️👍 . Wearing @aloyoga . #yoga #yogi #yogateacher #movement


I ate all my vegetables 🥦🥕🍆 as a kid...and all I got was longer arms, not longer legs 😑🤣🤷🏻‍♂️ . Australia 🇦🇺 bound. All that’s missing is my Bubba. Missing him immensely 😔 . Wearing @aloyoga with @actionhiro behind the 📸 . #yoga #yogi #yogateacher #yogainspiration


On my way to you, my love @_melissa_mai ❤️😘


“You’re gonna prickle your butt” 😭😂 . My little reader at 5 years old 😍 So proud of this little guy. Grateful that I get to witness his growth, his triumphs, his little hiccups, and be beside him every step of the way . Currently in love with #DrSeuss and #HopOnPop. Perfect reading for these beginning stages. I love you, Bubba 😘❤️🙏 . #youngreaders #books #readingisfun #pricklebutt

diceyoga. Finding that floating feeling ☺️
Wearing @aloyoga with @drishti_vide

Finding that floating feeling ☺️ . Wearing @aloyoga with @drishti_videography behind the 📸🙏 . #yoga #yogi #yogateacher #yogainspiration #toetaps


The beauty in complexities is not that you overcome them...it’s that you have the possibility to learn from them. To see them after, like you’re watching from the outside looking in. Play by play, minute by minute, you can replay your steps if you so choose. The overcoming is a formality. The learning is up to you 🤔 Learning...not the hard way, or the easy way. Just learning 👍 . As always, if you’ve read this far and continue to follow, much much gratitude for going with this rant 🙏 . Wearing @aloyoga with the master of light, Brother @yongsubi behind the 📸🙌 . #yoga #yogi #yogateacher #yogainspiration


There’s nothing like...making out with a dirty rock climbing gym floor😂😘 . Working the HSPU more and more into my practice again. Although this one only brings my nose to the floor, it’s still tough holding shape and making the line stay pure. Always inspired by @patrickbeach @dk_movement @yuri_marmerstein @phillipaskew @davidregelinyoga @mike.aidala @dylanwerneryoga , just to name a few 🙏🙌 . Working my #MovingMeditation at @cliffsofid wearing my fav plow board shorts by @aloyoga . #yoga #yogi #yogateacher #movement


Oh you know...just casually tryin’ to grab some palm trees whilst side-angling myself on a ledge 😂 . Wearing @aloyoga with @yongsubi behind the 📸🙏🙌 . #yoga #yogi #yogateacher #yogainspiration