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When you need yoga, but you’re also ready to party.🏁 #monaco #longweekendmood #travel #memorialdayweekend #memorialday

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Memorial Day weekend mood. #monaco 📸: La Piscine, 1969. #travelgram #memorialdayweekend

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Happy Friday beauties! I loove entertaining and I like to offer my guests the healthiest and yummiest foods—an extension of my lifestyle—so I reached out to my dear friend Sally aka @mysexyveggies to help me create the perfect veggie and dip platter. 👩🏻‍🍳 Watch the video and see what we created! Full clip in our bio. #healthycooking #eattherainbow #sexyfood #mysexyveggies #delaheart #cookingvideo outfit cred @frankiemiami

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Harness the power of your story to inspire your future. Your life, your terms. When life gives you #makelemonadeanyway 🍋 #wellness #miamiwellness #stepintoyourpower #inspiration #delaheart #mybodymychoice

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The moment we’re born our story is born. Stories define who we are, and they help shape us into the people we’ll become. Honor your journey with awareness so you can rewrite your future. 🚀 #honorypurpast #inspireyourfuture #wellnesswednesday #wellness #meditation #awareness 📸 by @gerardobriceno

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“I was drawn to fitness and nutrition from a very young age. Once I began working in the healthcare industry over 10 years ago, I realized how important a healthy lifestyle was to disease prevention and overall wellness. After I became a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant and Health Coach, the weight loss practice in my husband’s medical practice took off. I’m working a little less while I enjoy my little ones, but I love helping patients reach their goals and achieve balance in their life”. @lemonadeanyway #girlofthemonth #empoweredwomen #career #wellness #miamiwellness #health #community

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MONDAY: nothing a bit of yoga can’t fix. #newweek Have a great week everybody! #yogini #yogapractice #wellness #miamiwellness

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A big part of self-care is getting radically honest about what’s good for you and what is/isn’t serving you.💜 #selfcare Shake it off and twirl into the weekend. Happy Saturday natural beauties x #selflove #wellness #beyourownhealer #mood #miamiwellness

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“The moment you accept yourself you become beautiful”. -Osho #fridaymood #selflove #selfacceptance #wellness #mybodymychoice

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“Life can be challenging, but if you learn to practice gratitude and self-love, dealing with issues can become easier”. @lemonadeanyway #girlofthemonth Learn about how yoga helped Monica overcome the loss of her mother. Read more on the blog! #yogini #yogainspiration #yogapractice #miamiwellness #wellness #yoga

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I’ve openly shared my struggles with my skin in my 30s—acne and melasma. When I turned 30, my skin took a turn and looked like I had just turned 13 and was going through puberty. Which is funny, bc acne didn’t happen to me when I was 13—a few of the blessed teenagers. Since then I’ve tried it all: the best dermatologists, all the “diets”, all the chemicals, lasers & peels. I’ve accepted my melasma as a reminder that I had way too much fun in the ☀️(sunscreen free) throughout my 20s. Staying away from the sun and wearing sunscreen helps prevent getting more spots—so that’s my current antidote. As far as my acne, I’m way more mindful of the supplements I take as supplements like collagen make me break out like crazy. My current derm @dianewalder_dermatology took me off all chemicals with the exception of a mild retinol a few times a week. Going chemical free is what’s worked best for my skin right now. I’ve cut 90% of animal products from my diet—this might have helped too? And I avoid any type of skin oils as my skin is naturally oily. With this said, I have some great skin days but I also have not so great skin days and that is OKAY. Our skin is our largest organ and a constant reminder that we are human and alive! #cleanbeauty #skincare #chemicalfreebeauty #beauty

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