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Happy Monday wishing you happy positive peaceful day #goodvibes

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53 in five months and feeling blessed #nyc

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Slurpee brain freeze...oh it’s real #west4thbasketball

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No excuses and hard work gets results. I worked 16 straight hours then hit the gym. How bad do you want #meditation#

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Morning cardio bike ride #morningride

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Positive energy and thoughts all day everyday #believeinyourself

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There are No Limits #nyc

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I have been to tired and lazy to workout hard this summer. I have to thank @maggy.hfit for inspiring me to go into Beast Mode again #weightlifting

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Hand injury from trying to catch a frisbee. I will be out for 3-4 weeks just in time for the playoffs 😂 #nyc

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Believe in yourself #nyc

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The 3 Amigos friendship since 1980. Great to see Craig again last time we saw each other was 1986. We put on some dad weight guys but we look ok for #basketballbrothers#

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Who needs two wheels when you can have one. When you’re 52 this is the best way to get around #nyc

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Upper body stretch before the workout to prevent any injuries #hardwork

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Phone wins over dad every time #love

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It’s so beautiful when all ages and nationalities can be in one place together and have fun #positivevibes

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Always give 💯 effort during your workouts and great results will follow #nyc

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Heading into the weekend ready to train hard and intense #yogainspiration

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