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I am a big kid at heart I love being silly 🙃 #positivevibes#

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Gymtime Avengers style #inspired#

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Hope you can start the day with a smile and that you feel blessed with who you are and what you have 😊 #believeinyourself#

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Went to the park with my daughter got on a swing next to her...why the hell did I think that was a good idea #trainer

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In life there are no limits to what you can achieve if you believe in yourself #nyc

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Happy sibling day to my 10 brothers and sisters my older brother Anthony is not in a photo but much love to you too bro #love

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Took a week off now back to the grind. Listen to your body if it needs rest then rest. #yoga

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I hear this from my clients a lot #butt

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Sometimes the warm up can be just as tough as the workout if you’re just a beginner. It gets easier the more you keep working out with your trainer or in a class #positivevibes

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No excuses if the weather is bad outside then workout at home #butt

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Workout hard for that hot sexy butt don’t buy #weightlossjourney

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Always thinking positive thoughts and staying focused on my goals #weightloss

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Never give up your hard work will be seen and admired by everyone #bodygoals

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Don’t let fear stop you from living out your dreams #nyc

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Stay focused on your #bbw #nyc

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Time to get focused and work on getting your body ready for summer #fitnesslifestyle #bbwlover

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Have a great workout and enjoy your day #nyc

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