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Up at 4:30 could not sleep hit the gym feeling good #pillow

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Keep up the hard work it will pay off and you will see the results you #bodybuilding

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Sometimes it’s good to have a workout partner #nyc

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Stay focused don’t give up. The hard work you put in will give you the body you want #biceps

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Ok I need a new case for my phone I get but I did get my black butt to the gym this cold ass NYC morning #inspiration

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Happy Friday get your workout in and stay #positivevibes

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I never been into the whole zodiac sign thingy but I guess this is true...any other Aquarian’s out #lesbian

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Coolest birthday gift #pittsburgh#

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Love doing dips great upper body exercise #inspiration

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Feeling blessed and motivated to continue to make this year awesome...eating better,working out harder and being around my family and friends more.life is short let’s live it and enjoy #workoutmotivation#

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Why are Monday’s so damn awful I just want to stay home and watch Netflix and get in touch with my feelings #nyc

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Believe in yourself and it will #positivequotes

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Great workout today 52 Birthday 3 days away feeling good and blessed #nevergiveup

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Stay positive and never give up good things in your life are going to happen #goodvibes

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Daddy daughter time at Dave and Busters we were about to do our dance then the PAC MAN game started....she kicked my butt #nyc

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Enjoy #positivethinking

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Just be yourself and you will find happiness #fit

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Found a pic of me not wearing gym clothes...I am such a dork #laugh

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