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Yes, it's about time for the popular angle from Triangeln 😄 One of the spots that gave me a better understanding of what does the term 'jaw-dropping' actually mean 🤯 * Triangeln Station is an underground railway station in Malmö 🇸🇪 , located by St. John's Church, close to the neighbourhood of Möllevången and Pildammsparken. The station was designed by Sweco Architects AB + KHR Arkitekter and opened in December 2010 💯

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This is the façade of Horten HQ in Copenhagen 🇩🇰 Horten is a law firm and the way this building looks made me think that a lawyer career at Horten doesn't sound that bad at all 😍😄 * Designed by @3xn_gxn and completed in 2009, Horten HQ building on the Copenhagen waterfront "reflects the duality between the classic and the contemporary, combining solidity with an advanced choice of sustainable materials that express the profile of the practice. The custom-designed façade features complex geometry while responding to the requirements for the local building code."

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There is a high percent chance that even the tribe members from Amazon Forest with no internet access have seen a picture from this place 😂 Yes, it's a beyond-classic IG spot...but hey, if you're 'gramming' in Copenhagen, you gotta do it properly! 💯 * Grundtvigs Kirke was erected in commemoration of the great Danish priest, poet and reformer N.F.S. Grundtvig (1783 - 1882). * This monumental church is referred to, in modern terms, as a gothic cathedral. Master builder and architect Peder Vilhelm Jensen Klint (1853 - 1930) died before the church was finished. The task was entrusted to his son architect and designer Kaare Klint (1888-1954), who completed the building of the church in 1940. Kaare Klint has also designed the chairs for the Grundtvigs Church - a chair made of beech wood with wickerwork seat - a Danish furniture design classic. * Source | @visitcopenhagen

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One of many cool architectural pieces in the Ørestad neighbourhood of Copenhagen 🇩🇰 * I couldn't find the info about the architects, but what I can tell you is that this residential building is located on Robert Jacobsens Vej, right next to a parking garage 💯

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Ladies and gents, one of the most easy-to-enter IG classics in the city of Copenhagen 🇩🇰 * Axelborg is home to the Danish Agriculture and Food Council. The building was built in 1920 and was originally constructed for a bank. It is constructed in red brick. It has a central rotunda which is topped by a large, domed lantern 💯

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I guess it's because this is kind of an 'older' project, but it took me some time to find out that the Handelsbanken building in Copenhagen 🇩🇰 was designed by @wingardhs and completed in 2007 💯

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I guess you could call this picture "A less popular angle of Triangeln" 😆 * Triangeln Station is an underground railway station in Malmö 🇸🇪 , located by St. John's Church, close to the neighbourhood of Möllevången and Pildammsparken. The station was designed by Sweco Architects AB + KHR Arkitekter and opened in December 2010 💯

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The Silo...yes it's literally a former grain silo converted into a top notch residential building with 17 stories of luxurious apartments and public areas! 🙌 * This masterpiece of remodelling was made by @cobearchitects and completed in 2017 💯

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If we exclude the Turning Torso seen from the airplane 😄, this building was the actual first architectural impression of Malmö 🇸🇪 * With its flowing shape and elegant façade, Glasvasen stands out like an organic green sculpture in the public space. It is a 6-story building with focus on low power consumption, durable materials and a high degree of technical innovation. It was designed by @kanozi_arkitekter and completed in 2015 💯

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Pier47 is a DGNB Gold-certified office building located on the Langelinie Pier in Copenhagen 🇩🇰 It was designed by @lundgaardtranberg with inspiration from 19th century warehouses. It was completed in 2015 💯

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Till this day, I believe this guy intentionally positioned himself at the very exact top of this little urban hill, to act as perfect final touch for people's pictures 😆 * Superkilen is a public park in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen 🇩🇰 Designed by the arts group Superflex with the collaboration of @big_builds  and @topotek1 , a German landscape architecture firm, the park was officially opened in June 2012 💯

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Portland Towers are two former Aalborg Portland silos which have been converted into a BREEAM-certified office building in the emerging Nordhavn district of Copenhagen 🇩🇰 The conversion was completed in 2014 to design by DesignGroup Architects.

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This one is a must for every symmetry enthusiast when visiting Copenhagen 🇩🇰 * Another take from the Forum station, but luckily, as I mentioned in my previous post from this place all the underground stations look pretty much the same, so you have options for a shot like this 😄

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Nordea is a prominent Nordic bank. Its Danish HQ building, located in Copenhagen, was built on a base of slate with scintillating, transparent façades and it sets new standards for the financial sector by opening up to the city. The building was designed by @henninglarsenarchitects and completed in 2017.

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To make it clear right away, this building doesn't exist on @googlemaps 😆 ...which makes it another lucky find! * I was on my way to Royal Arena and some other Ørestad architectural gems, but this façade made me do a challenging 90° right turn on my super-charged turquoise rental bike No. 5 😂 ...and stop to take a snap of this beauty 💛 * CABINN Apartments is a part of the CABINN Metro Hotel, designed by @daniellibeskind and completed in 2011.

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The first one of a few unexpected ( read: not 'pinned' on @googlemaps ) finds during the Copenhagen 🇩🇰 trip... * Building complex called 'Nexus Cph' is the administrative center of Banedanmark, the Danish Transport Authority, the Danish Road Directorate and the Danish Energy Agency. The building is placed as a visual landmark at the gateway to central Copenhagen, as one of the largest and most significant settlements on Kalveboderne Quay West - both to drivers along Kalveboderne Quay and train passengers to and from Copenhagen. It was designed by @arkitema and completed in 2014 💯

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I'm usually pretty chill when it comes to architecture, but for this one, I feel a tad uncomfortable 😅 Namely, I hope that the overall façade look similarity of @achotels Bella Sky with the @saxobank HQ building (also in Copenhagen 🇩🇰) has something to do with respecting some rules/tradition/whatever because otherwise I don't see a point in a well-known architecture firm designing buildings with such similar façades in the same city...🤔 * The four-star AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen is the largest design hotel in Scandinavia with its 811 design rooms, spa, fitness center and 5 restaurants and bars. It was designed by @3xn_gxn and completed in 2011 💯

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The SEB Bank building, designed by @lundgaardtranberg and completed in 2010, includes two separate buildings, in part the company's own domicile for approximately 650 employees, and in part an office building with rental purposes with the capacity for approximately 350 employees 💯 * The two building volumes frame a landscape facility, rising more than 7 meters from Bernstorffsgade in the north to the southern demarcation of the lot. The buildings are shaped to accommodate the location and views of the harbour and city 🇩🇰

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