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Inspired by @the_real_iman’s post of @he

FEATURED ARTIST: RENA KASUYA Inspired by @the_real_iman’s post of @helengreeen’s most recent work, we’ve decided to join in and share some love through Bowie Art on a regular basis too. As you know, we’ve been a champion of Helen’s for almost five years now, since we featured her beautiful Bowie illustrations in January 2015. So we thought we’d give somebody else a chance who might not have been on your radar yet. We have been following Rena Kasuya’s work since January 2016 and she has been producing some extraordinary work from her home in Japan. Using an iPad Pro but without photo tracing, Rena is hugely prolific and the standard of her work just keeps getting better. Check out her Instagram page @renalabo_art and also her Instagram account dedicated to her sketches @rena_draw1891 #DavidBowieArt #RenaLaboArtBowie #HelenGreenArtBowie

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davidbowie. 9-PAGE 1969 BOWIE FEATURE IN JANUARY UNCUT “And so the story goes…” Th

9-PAGE 1969 BOWIE FEATURE IN JANUARY UNCUT “And so the story goes…” The January 2020 issue of @uncut_magazine (Uncut Take 272) comes in a printed presentation bag and celebrates 50 years of Bowie's Space Oddity album and the release next week of the Conversation Piece 5CD set. The bag contains a special Collector's Cover and Uncut’s bespoke Bowie Bulletin - a double-sided fanzine documenting Bowie’s 1969 lift off, bringing together archival pieces from the pages of Melody Maker, NME, Disc And Music Echo and the lesser-spotted Fab 208 on one side, folding out to a beautiful A1 poster on the reverse. The Bowie Bulletin accompanies a 9-page cover feature, wherein Tony Visconti recalls the full story of Bowie’s stellar breakthrough year in close-up – even down to the type of sandwiches he and Bowie enjoyed for lunch during recording sessions at Trident Studios. The presentation bag, Collector's Cover and Bowie Bulletin are only available on UK newsstands, though a limited number of copies are available to buy online here: https://smarturl.it/UNCUTsubscribe (Temp link on main page) The January 2020 issue of Uncut is out on November 14. #BowieUNCUT #SpaceOddity50 #DBCP2019

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davidbowie. David Bowie Polaroid by Diego Uchitel taken during a 1991 photo sessio

David Bowie Polaroid by Diego Uchitel taken during a 1991 photo session with Tin Machine in Los Angeles. The picture is among Uchitel's personal favourites and he had this to say regarding the shoot: “I just remember him saying, ‘What if I put red lipstick on?’ At that moment many people were taking pictures of David Bowie, but not like that.”. Apparently Bowie was inspired to recreate the look after he saw an otherwise ordinary looking chap in a dark business suit, strolling casually through Lausanne in Switzerland, wearing bright red lipstick. #RandomBowie #BowieUchitel #BowieTinMachine

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davidbowie. WILD EYED BOY (SINGLE VERSION) [2019 MIX] LINKS “You'll lose me though

WILD EYED BOY (SINGLE VERSION) [2019 MIX] LINKS “You'll lose me though I'm always really free...” On the very day that Space Oddity peaked on the UK single chart at #5 (1st November 1969), we are celebrating with the release of a new streaming single in the shape of Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud (Single Version) [2019 Mix], the track that was the b-side of that original 45. Go here to listen to the full thing on the platform of your choice: https://lnk.to/DavidBowie-WEBFF (Temp link in bio) #SpaceOddity50 #WEBFF2019SingleMix

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davidbowie. WEBFF (SINGLE VERSION) [2019 MIX] OUT NOW “You'll lose me though I'm a

WEBFF (SINGLE VERSION) [2019 MIX] OUT NOW “You'll lose me though I'm always really free...” If it's gone midnight into the early hours of 1st November where you are, the Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud (Single Version) [2019 Mix] should be available to you via your favourite streaming service. Hot on the heels of Tony Visconti’s 2019 mix of the Space Oddity single, this is the second track to be released from the upcoming Conversation Piece 5CD box, due on 15th November. In our montage is a small excerpt regarding Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud from a handwritten note by David about the Space Oddity album, and it’s just one of the many rare artefacts featured in the 120-page book accompanying Conversation Piece. If you can’t quite read it, here’s what David says about the spontaneous creation of the original performance of Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud. “Wild Eyed Boy was the reverse side choice and quite last minute. I played my twelve string and Paul ad-libbed a cello part.” The track was recorded for the original B-side of Space Oddity and featured a simple and powerful performance by David on vocal and twelve string guitar, accompanied by Paul Buckmaster, apparently on bowed double bass, not cello. FOOTNOTE: See if you can guess David’s own favourite track on the Space Oddity album, something else revealed in the Conversation Piece book. #SpaceOddity50 #WEBFF2019SingleMix

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davidbowie. DAVID LIVE RELEASED 45 YEARS AGO TODAY, PROBABLY “And he was alright,

DAVID LIVE RELEASED 45 YEARS AGO TODAY, PROBABLY “And he was alright, the band was altogether...” According to the flyer reproduced here, David Live was released in the UK on 29th October, 1974. October 29 was a Tuesday back in 1974, a highly unusual day to release an LP in the 70s as the great majority were issued on a Friday. Given the other information available, we can deduce that the true release date would normally have been Friday November 1. Whatever the truth, the date didn't hinder its success as David Live entered the official UK album chart at #2 on 16th November, 1974, and remained in the Top 20 for another six weeks till the end of the year. David Live was Bowie’s first officially released live album, and it was compiled from performances during a run of shows in July 1974, at the Tower Theatre in Philadelphia during The Diamond Dogs Tour. It’s a magnificent recording capturing the energy and excitement of a completely new band that had started the tour a month earlier in Canada. Incredible to think that Bowie had only arrived in New York three months earlier, but within two months had learnt and rehearsed a whole new set and embarked upon his most ambitious stage show to date. The album really does stand the test of the past forty five years and sounds as exciting now as it did when it was released in 1974. Listen to the 2005 mix (remastered in 2016), the most complete version, here: https://smarturl.it/DavidLive2005MixSpot #BowieDavidLive

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davidbowie. David Bowie photographed by Steve Schapiro during the recording of Dav

David Bowie photographed by Steve Schapiro during the recording of David’s appearance on Cher (an American TV variety show), on 18th September 1975. The Cher show was filmed at CBS Television City in Los Angeles and was broadcast the following month. Enjoy this and many other iconic shots in Steve Schapiro’s superb book, BOWIE. #RandomBowie #BowieSchapiro #BowieCher

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davidbowie. 8-PAGE BOWIE COVER FEATURE IN SHiNDiG! “I SHiNDiG everything…” The nex

8-PAGE BOWIE COVER FEATURE IN SHiNDiG! “I SHiNDiG everything…” The next edition of SHiNDiG! magazine in the UK (Issue #97 due on shelves 7th November), has an 8-page celebration of Parlophone’s upcoming Conversation Piece collection. Check out the @shindig_magazine Instagram page for more information. #DBCP2019 #BowieSHiNDiG

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STYLOPHONE CAPITALISES ON BOWIE SUCCESS 50 YEARS AGO TODAY “And I think my spaceship knows which way to go...” The week before Space Oddity reached its final destination of #5 on the UK singles chart (it was at #6 fifty years ago today), Dubreq made the most of the record’s success by placing @stylophone_official adverts featuring Bowie in the music weeklies and trade magazines. Bowie himself was keen enough on the handy little ‘pocket synthesizer’ to resurrect it for Slip Away on 2002’s Heathen album, and he even played it live right up until his final tour in 2004. The live picture here was taken during Slip Away by @blamsnap in Dublin on 3rd November, 2003. #SpaceOddity50 #BowieDubreqStylophone

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davidbowie. David Bowie photographed by Brian Ward, London, 1971. 
This picture is

David Bowie photographed by Brian Ward, London, 1971. This picture is one of many that were taken for the session that produced the cover of Hunky Dory. #RandomBowie #BowieBrianWard #BowieHunkyDory

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davidbowie. JIM REEVE REVIEWS AMSTERDAM LAZARUS PREMIERE “I’ve got drama, can’t be

JIM REEVE REVIEWS AMSTERDAM LAZARUS PREMIERE “I’ve got drama, can’t be stolen…” Jim Reeve is currently researching for a book about Lazarus, which will also cover Blackstar and elements of The Next Day. The project has taken him all over the world to see productions of Lazarus, including to Australia, Brazil, Israel, Germany, Austria, Norway, Denmark and, most recently, the Netherlands. As far as we know he is the only person to have seen all of the productions. A lifelong Bowie fan, Jim has spoken with numerous actors, directors, musicians and production staff to understand their approaches to the play and the themes that they have found within it. He has also extensively researched the rich background of Lazarus, its antecedents, its diverse and often surprising inspirations and, of course, the influence of both Walter Tevis’ novel and Nicolas Roeg’s movie of The Man Who Fell To Earth. The recent Dutch-language production of @lazarus_nl at the DeLaMar theater in Amsterdam is the first chance for two and a half years for audiences to see Ivo van Hove’s original staging, as previously mounted in New York and London. At our invitation Jim attended the premiere, read the concluding paragraph below and the full review here: https://smarturl.it/LazNLPremReviewJimR (Temp link in bio) + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + Audience members to whom I spoke at the after-premiere party were uniformly enthusiastic, with the word “moving” cropping up frequently – pleasing to hear about a play which has sometimes been criticised for not sufficiently engaging its audience emotionally. The production is set to run for six months at the DeLaMar, with some 75,000 tickets reportedly already sold. It’s great news that so many people will finally get the chance to see a production that brings Bowie’s vision to the stage so accurately and well. + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + #LazarusNL #LazarusMusical

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davidbowie. DAVID AND DUNCAN DONATE DOVE DOODLES “Rise together, Through these clo

DAVID AND DUNCAN DONATE DOVE DOODLES “Rise together, Through these clouds, As on wings…” This story started with David Bowie twenty years ago and has gone full circle in that time to reach its conclusion tonight. Doves for Peace was established in 1999 by Dorothy Claxton in response to the plight of innocent children caught up in violent conflicts and fleeing from war torn countries around the world. High profile personalities were invited to make a spontaneous drawing of a dove. On Thursday 17th October, 2019, from 7:00pm BST, 107 drawings donated to Doves For Peace over the past twenty years will go under the hammer in aid of UNICEF. The first of those pieces was created by David Bowie (Lot 75) on the 25th October, 1999, and the last was donated just a few days ago by Duncan Jones (Lot 107). View both lots here: https://smarturl.it/DBDJDovesForPeace Register to auction and see the full catalogue of all 107 doves here: https://smarturl.it/107Doves4Peace While you're waiting for the auction to start, read the full history of how David Bowie kick-started Doves For Peace here: https://smarturl.it/Doves4PeaceDBFB (Temp link in bio, also leading to auction links) #DavidAndDuncan #DovesForPeace #Unicef

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davidbowie. David Bowie photographed by @AlecByrneArchive at Paddington Street Gar

David Bowie photographed by @AlecByrneArchive at Paddington Street Gardens, London, 24th September 1969. © Alec Byrne A rare shot recently rediscovered and just one of the exclusive images from the upcoming Conversation Piece book. This picture was originally used in an issue of the UK music magazine, Music Now, but was erroneously credited to Chris Walter. #RandomBowie #BowieAlecByrne #SpaceOddity50 #DBCP2019

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davidbowie. FIRST BOWIE MAGAZINE COVER IS FIFTY TODAY “I can work the scene babe,

FIRST BOWIE MAGAZINE COVER IS FIFTY TODAY “I can work the scene babe, I can see the magazines...” In the week that David Bowie entered the UK Top 20 at #13 with Space Oddity, DISC and MUSIC ECHO magazine rewarded him with his first ever front cover. * The pictures was taken by @AlecByrneArchive at Paddington Street Gardens, London, in September 1969. Inside was an interview feature by Penny Valentine who had long been a champion of David’s. Her love of Space Oddity only cemented her belief that Bowie would amount to something special. Here’s the concluding paragraph: ““Space Oddity” is the first tenuous link in a long chain that will make David Bowie one of the biggest assets, and one of the most important people British music has produced in a long long time.” The front cover (swipe to view) also featured new skinhead band, Slade. Ironic that both these newcomers would have to wait for the emergence of the glam rock movement before they found lasting success. Skinheads themselves dampened David’s enthusiasm for performing live, apparently he wasn't keen on having lighted cigarettes flicked at him. Thankfully, the fast-moving music scene of the early 70s was more prepared for David Bowie when he returned as a “Cosmic Yob” in 1972. You will have noticed that the beautiful painting we have posted with the magazine cover is a piece by @saracaptain (based on another of Alec’s shots taken on the same day), called AN OCCASIONAL DREAM. * The cover of NME in January 1966 doesn't count as it was a paid for advert for Can’t Help Thinking About Me. #BowieAlecByrne #SpaceOddity50 #DBCP2019 #SaraCaptainArt

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davidbowie. VH1 STORYTELLERS VINYL RELEASED TOMORROW “With the hymns of night, Sin

VH1 STORYTELLERS VINYL RELEASED TOMORROW “With the hymns of night, Singing come to me...” As mentioned previously, David Bowie’s 23rd of August 1999 performance to an intimate crowd at The Manhattan Center’s Grand Ballroom in New York, will be released by Parlophone as a limited edition double vinyl LP tomorrow (11th October), with four bonus recordings not included on the original 2009 CD version. Recorded for the VH1 Storytellers series, Bowie used the opportunity to promote his forthcoming album, 'hours...'. And he had a right laugh while he was about it. Pre-order here: https://lnk.to/DavidBowieVH1 (Temp link in bio) #BowieStorytellers

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davidbowie. BOWIE’S FIRST TOTPs BROADCAST 50 YEARS AGO TONIGHT “Do you remember a

BOWIE’S FIRST TOTPs BROADCAST 50 YEARS AGO TONIGHT “Do you remember a guy that's been, In such an early song…” Taped the previous week, David Bowie’s appearance on Top Of The Pops with Space Oddity was broadcast fifty years ago tonight on 9th October, 1969. The single had reached #13 and it would continue its ascent of the UK chart till it peaked at #5. Sadly, the tape was wiped by the BBC, but were you lucky enough to catch this historic performance? The mono pic in our montage is another exclusive and previously unpublished shot by BBC photographer Harry Goodwin taken from the Conversation Piece book. #SpaceOddity50 #DBCP2019

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davidbowie. NETAID AT WEMBLEY TWENTY YEARS AGO TONIGHT “What to wear, What to say,

NETAID AT WEMBLEY TWENTY YEARS AGO TONIGHT “What to wear, What to say, What to do on a sunny day, Who to phone, Who to fight, Who to dance with on a Saturday night...”* Thirty years to the day after Bowie’s first appearance on Top Of The Pops with Space Oddity, David chose to celebrate the occasion with a short set and few folk at Wembley Stadium for NetAid. NetAid was an anti-poverty initiative to raise awareness for the challenges in developing countries, and to allow people to volunteer online, donating their skills to help people in the developing world. NetAid's goal was to make global philanthropy to support developing countries more efficient. Following a press launch that included Bowie, Bono and Wyclef Jean, NetAid was globally launched with concerts on October 9, 1999 at Wembley Stadium in London, Giants Stadium in New Jersey and the Palais des Nations in Geneva. Performers at Wembley Stadium included: Eurythmics, The Corrs, Catatonia, Bush, Bryan Adams, George Michael, David Bowie, Stereophonics and Robbie Williams. Proceedings were kicked off by Iman and footballer David Ginola. The duo of Bowie and Mike Garson opened the six-song set with Life On Mars? They were then joined alphabetically by Sterling Campbell, Gail Ann Dorsey, Page Hamilton and Mark Plati, to perform a set which included two songs from the new release, 'hours...', for which David thanked the audience for the success of. 01 - Life On Mars? 02 - Survive 03 - China Girl 04 - The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell 05 - Drive-In Saturday 06 - Rebel Rebel Emm Gryner and Holly Palmer joined the band from China Girl onwards For the occasion, Bowie wore a customised-by-sharpie shirt with braces (suspenders to some of you) and grey trousers. Watch the full thing here: https://smarturl.it/BowieNetAid99YouTube (Temp link in bio) * Correct, the original lyric says “Sunday night”. But the NetAid show was on a Saturday. It all makes sense now. #BowieHours #BowieNetAid

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davidbowie. CHANGES 69 TOUR COMMENCES 50 YEARS AGO TONIGHT “As he breaks the night

CHANGES 69 TOUR COMMENCES 50 YEARS AGO TONIGHT “As he breaks the night to cry: “It’s really Me...”” Though booked to perform his mime routine, David Bowie played on the ten-date CHANGES 69 UK package tour as a solo acoustic act accompanying himself on 12-string guitar. The first gig of the tour at the Coventry Theatre took place fifty years ago tonight, on 8th October 1969. Bowie played a short set at these dates of some of the songs that would be featured on the forthcoming David Bowie album on Philips, including the then current hit single, Space Oddity. By the time of that first gig, David was a newcomer to the Top 20 as Space Oddity continued its slow climb to #5 on the UK chart. The pictures here were taken on the tour by @AlecByrneArchive and David is pictured with his friends Steve Marriott and Peter Frampton of headline act, Humble Pie, backstage at the Brighton gig in the top picture. Pictures of Alec’s from the session of David Bowie at Paddington Street Gardens in London from September 1969 feature in the book accompanying the Conversation Piece set due 15th November. Other shots of Bowie by Alec feature in his photo book, London Rock: The Unseen Archive: https://smarturl.it/AlecByrneLondonRock (Temp link on main page) #BowieAlecByrne #SpaceOddity50 #DBCP2019

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davidbowie. David Bowie photographed by @greggormanphoto in 1982. © Greg Gorman Ph

David Bowie photographed by @greggormanphoto in 1982. © Greg Gorman Photography Often reported as having been taken in 1983, a picture from this session was used for the sleeve of the 1982 RCA compilation, Bowie Rare. Promotional photographs featuring some of these images were circulated by both RCA and EMI at the time. #RandomBowie #BowieGregGorman

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davidbowie. MINNESOTA GETS SOUL 45 YEARS AGO TODAY “For you’re dancing where the d

MINNESOTA GETS SOUL 45 YEARS AGO TODAY “For you’re dancing where the dogs decay...” After a break of almost three weeks away from the stage, on 5th of October 1974 David Bowie recommenced his The Year Of The Diamond Dogs tour of North America, which had kicked off in Montreal on the 14th of June. By this point he had dispensed with the trappings of the theatrical spectacle that was Hunger City and had stripped back the show to a simpler presentation, for what became affectionately known as The Soul Tour or Philly Dogs Tour, a reference to the new setlist which included songs from the forthcoming Young Americans album, mostly recorded in Philadelphia during the August break from the tour. As you can see from the flyer and ticket, the first show of this final 29-date* leg of the tour was at the 18.000-seater St. Paul Civic Centre Arena in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The musicians for these shows were: Mike Garson (piano, Mellotron), Carlos Alomar (guitar), Earl Slick (lead guitar), Emir Ksasan (bass guitar), Dennis Davis (drums), Pablo Rosario (percussion), David Sanborn (alto sax, flute), Richard Grando (baritone sax flute), Michael Kamen (electric piano, moog, oboe), Geoff McCormack, Ava Cherry, Robin Clark, Jean Fineberg, Anthony Hinton, Diane Sumler and Luther Vandross (backing vocals). Were you at any of the 1974 shows? We'd love to hear about your experiences in the comments section. *Though it’s generally accepted to have been 29 shows, these statistics have changed over the years as new evidence of previously unknown and cancelled shows is uncovered. FOOTNOTE: The accompanying photograph of Bowie in our montage was apparently taken by Tony De Nonno. We've not been able to find out which particular show it was shot at though. #BowieDiamondDogs #BowiePhillyDogs #BowieSoulTour

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davidbowie. #Repost @lazarus_nl with @get_repost

#Repost @lazarus_nl with @get_repost ・・・ BELANGRIJKE INFORMATIE VOORSTELLING VANAVOND 4-10: De tweede try-out van Lazarus in @delamartheater in Amsterdam gaat vanavond helaas niet door wegens ziekte van hoofdrolspeler Dragan Bakema. @eventimnl neemt maandag contact op met alle bezoekers van de voorstelling van vanavond. Hen zal een alternatieve datum worden aangeboden. #lazarus #lazarusnl #davidbowie #delamartheater #amsterdam

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davidbowie. 'hours...' GETS PHYSICAL TWENTY YEARS AGO TODAY “I can see it now...”

'hours...' GETS PHYSICAL TWENTY YEARS AGO TODAY “I can see it now...” Though it had been made available as an online download for a couple of weeks already and BowieNet members had been teased with snippets and the album's sleeve, the physical version of the 'hours...' album wasn’t released until 4th October 1999 in the UK, twenty years ago today. It was released the following day in many other territories. Preceded by the top 20 hit Thursday's Child in September (The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell in some territories), it's hard to imagine now just how pioneering the download version of 'hours...' was. Here’s a bit from Rolling Stone magazine published on 30th August 1999: + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + David Bowie has pulled another cyber-coup by becoming the first major-label artist to sell a complete album online in download form. Starting Tuesday, Sept. 21, fans will be able to purchase the digital files for hours… at VirginRecords.com, BowieNet (www.davidbowie.com) and at participating record-store Web sites (unspecified at press time). More than fifty stores have signed on to offer the record for the two-week period preceding the album’s North American CD release on Oct. 5. Pricing will be left up to retailers. “I couldn’t be more pleased to have the opportunity of moving the music industry closer to the process of making digital downloads available as the norm and not the exception,” said Bowie in a statement Monday. Bowie has long been a fan of the Internet and digital distribution. He was one of the first name-brand artists to release a single online in 1997 (the drum ‘n’ bass track “Telling Lies”), he pioneered the use of Webcasts and chats, and launched the world’s first artist-created Internet service provider in 1998 with the formation of BowieNet. + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + Supported by a heavy TV and radio campaign of Bowie appearances, the David Bowie and Reeves Gabrels produced 'hours...' was another top five hit in the UK for Bowie...and downloading became quite popular too. #BowieHours

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davidbowie. David Bowie by Peter Freeman, London 14 August 1967. From a session fo

David Bowie by Peter Freeman, London 14 August 1967. From a session for an issue of Fabulous 208 magazine published 30 September 1967. Though this issue was a “TEEN SPECIAL”, Bowie was already 20 and despite his advancing years, the feature boasted what was most likely the very first full page colour image of him. #RandomBowie #BowieFab208

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davidbowie. BOWIE HITS UK TOP 30 FIFTY YEARS AGO TODAY “I'm stepping through the d

BOWIE HITS UK TOP 30 FIFTY YEARS AGO TODAY “I'm stepping through the door...” David Bowie entered the Official UK Singles Chart Top 30 for the very first time fifty years ago today. Space Oddity blasted off on Friday 11 July 1969. Eight weeks later on Saturday 06 September it reached #48 and that seemed to be that. However, another two weeks later on Saturday 20 September it re-entered at #39 and the following week it entered the Top 30 at #25 and continued its slow climb to #5, where it peaked on Saturday 01 November, 1969...sixteen weeks after it was released. Here’s an excerpt from an NME article from 04 October 1969, headlined: DAVID WAITED FIVE YEARS + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + "SPACE Oddity," the strangely appealing, highly contemporary disc, inspired by Kubrick's "2001 A Space Oddysey," has given David Bowie the chart break he has waited five years for. Major Tom, the astronaut, who simply chooses to remain in deep-space rather than return home, is a space-age drop out. "Home for Bowie and Major Tom," says David, "is the world we inhabit, where we eagerly sub-scribe our taxes to finance the space programme and where all we want in return is to know what our helmeted heroes eat for breakfast." + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + As you know, the song did eventually hit the top spot when it was re-issued by RCA. It gave Bowie his first UK #1 on 08 November 1975, six years and one week after it peaked the first time around. #SpaceOddity50 #BowieOCC

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