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The idea of REWARDING ourselves and needing to be GOOD enough. ⠀ I was chatting with someone the other day And the topic of doing things for yourself came up. Example: I’ll buy that when I do X, I’ll go on that vacation when I make X, I’ll do something for myself once X is accomplished... You get the point. ⠀ I’ve always been a believer in rewarding yourself... Get up early so I can take Ollie for a long walk in the afternoon, Working my ass of now for a better life when I’m older. ⠀ But the other side of it is that we’re always trying to prove ourselves, TO ourselves. We’re waiting for moments that we DONT know will EVER come. ⠀ We get wrapped up in this cycle of living by limitations, waiting and dancing with fear. ⠀ So... BUY the damn dress TAKE the damn trip DO what you want to DO while you CAN. ⠀ Happy Saturday friends, get out there and do something for YOURSELF 💪🏻 Wearing all @koa.nyc Capture by @thericklash #yogspiration #iamwellandgood #selflove #fallfoliage #wyapc

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c o n n e c t i o n (noun) a relationship in which a person, thing or idea is linked or associated with something else. ⠀ It’s funny how in a time when people are so technically “connected” through things like social media, We’re yearning for the ACTUAL connection itself more than ever- In-person, face to face, conversations... A friendly hug or touch on the shoulder... These things MATTER. ⠀ Connection is one of the BIGGEST parts of going and being on a retreat, And is one of the main reasons I’m so excited for my TULUM retreat this January. ⠀ It is so much more than than daily yoga and hanging out on the beach It’s connecting with LIKE MINDED people from all over the world, Coming together for a similar purpose. ⠀ One of the (many) beautiful things about this practice, Is the community and C ON N E C T I O N. ⠀ There’s still room on my TULUM retreat January 11-15, 2019 - swipe to see pics of where we will be staying!! ⠀ DM me for more info- I’m also making roommate connections so if you’re interested in a shared accommodation I do have people looking for a friend to share with :) ⠀ Link is in bio for even more info! Xx ⠀ Wearing all @lilybod #lilybodbabe 📸 @ljbny1 #wyapc #yogainspo #Yogateacher #fallfoliage #tulumretreat #yogaretreat

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danielle_radulski. 😜Life is a series of T R A N S I T I O N S😜
🙏🏻 From Warrior 1 to W

😜Life is a series of T R A N S I T I O N S😜 🙏🏻 From Warrior 1 to Warrior 2 📍From place to place 🤔From job to job ⠀ But all of these things are really transitions from ❌D E C I S I O N to D E C I S I O N❌ Life is a series of C H O I C E after choice, Which is both exciting and extremely daunting. ⠀ Learning to find the pause and the beauty in the transition Is not something that should only stay on the yoga mat. When we learn to move just a little bit slower, And with just a little bit more M I N D F U L N E S S, We see the magic in the process, And N O T just in the end result. We also oftentimes find C L A R I T Y Surrounding the decision we need to make. ⠀ Wearing all @beyondyoga #livebeyond 📸 @ljbnyc1 #yoganyc #iamwellandgood #mindbodygram #yogateacher #wyapc #yogspiration #openyourheart

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Happy Monday beauties 🍁 Exciting workshop announcement! Join me Saturday December 1 for an ADVANCED ASANAS WORKSHOP: Inversions, Backbends & Arm Balances at @total_fusion in Harrison, NY! ⠀ Take this opportunity to dive deep into the asanas that we momentarily cover in class during this two hour workshop. Deepen your practice and expand your knowledge of inversions (headstands, forearm stands, handstands), arm balances (crow, side crow, 8 angle pose, flying pigeon) and backbends (camel, wheel pose). Through the use of hands on assists and props - guide yourself into advanced asanas to take your practice to the next level! ⠀ For more info or to signup click the link in my bio, or message me! Can’t wait to meet and play with you all ❤️ Wearing all @lilybod #lilybodbabe 📸 @ljbnyc1 #yogaworkshop #yogawestchester #inversions #wyapc #backbend #inversionsworkshop #westchesteryogaworkshop

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The J O U R N E Y Of getting to know YOURSELF, is one of the BEST journeys Of all time. ⠀ #selflove #selfcare Wearing all @beyondyoga #livebeyond 📸: @ljbnyc1 #wyapc #fallfoliage

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danielle_radulski. Reminder to myself (and to you, too):
You are E N O U G H.
Your worth

Reminder to myself (and to you, too): You are E N O U G H. Your worth is N O T measured in likes and comments, or monetary things You are allowed to F E E L, however you want to feel, W I T H O U T reason You are B R A V E You are S T R O N G You are H E R E. ⠀ Happy hump day friends ✨ Wishing the trees would stay this red forever 😍 #FallFoliage captured by @thericklash wearing all @mpgsport #lifeinmotion#yogspiration #iamwellandgood #Mindbodygram #yogateacher #nyyoga #newyork #autumn #wyapc

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Honestly, being a mom is BADASS 🤷🏼‍♀️👏🏾Little me over here- I’m just a #furmom, but having a sick doodle yesterday truly made me NOT even be able to imagine having a sick little one. ⠀ @olithedoodle also celebrated his 4th birthday on Sunday - seriously such a light in my life! Thankfully Ollie is doing much better after his little vet visit yesterday - but just recovering slowly and requiring extra snuggles and love ❤️ ⠀ Friends - do you have kids or #furkids? Tell me about them in the comments below! ⠀ Wearing all @koa.nyc 📸 by @thericklash #yogspiration #dogmama #wyapac #yogateacher #goldendoodlesofig (Scroll to see some of my favorite pics of the birthday boy!)

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danielle_radulski. Everything is a journey.

Everything is a journey. Inward Outward Backward Upward. ⠀ How YOU CHOOSE to enjoy your journey, Is up to YOU. ⠀ Wearing all @beyondyoga #livebeyond 📸 @ljbnyc1 #yogspiration #wyapc #bepresent #iamwellandgood #mindbodygram #journeyinward #yoga

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STORY✨telling // I got the pleasure of collaborating with @ljbnyc1 yesterday and it totally re-ignited the reason I love content creating. ⠀ A few months back Chris and I were chatting about something, and he mentioned the fact that I post pics of myself all the time as a bit “narcissistic” 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 From the outside looking in (he doesn’t have an Instagram) I guess I can somewhat understand why he would say that. ⠀ But this whole thing sparked an even bigger conversation both with him, and within myself…. ⠀ The reason I love creating is to tell a story. To combine colors, shapes, lines and light to invoke different feelings. To capture moments and emotions. ⠀ Sometimes these moments are more picture perfect and planned out, Sometimes they’re more candid and carefree (kitchen-floor yoga, anyone?) ⠀ Whatever it is, wherever it is, whenever it is… It tells a S T O R Y. ⠀ To me- these tell a story of how much I LOVE being outside, in nature, and in my actual favorite time of the year. The colors FEED my soul. The light makes me HAPPY. Yes it may be planned, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. ⠀ I love being in places that have such vastly different looks that you would think we were in 5 different countries (wait until you see these shots - some look summer, some look like salt flats, and others look like a fall wonderland!) ⠀ Such a pleasure collabing with you @ljbnyc1 and I can’t wait to do it again! ⠀ Friends- what do you love about creating, or sharing? Let me know in the comments! ⠀ Wearing all @lilybod #lilybodbabe 📸 @ljbnyc1 #fallfoliage #fallwonderland #getinverted #iamwellandgood #mindbodygram #wyapc

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FALL FOLIAGE INTERRUPTION 😂 for an exciting TULUM RETREAT PROMO! For the next 48 hours my January #Tulum retreat is $100 off per person - and off of ANY accommodation type! ⠀ I’m SO excited for this retreat and can’t wait to relax, restore, practice allll the yoga and connect with so many amazing new people ❤️ ⠀ Here’s what you can expect from this retreat- 😍5 days, 4 nights accommodations in beautiful Tulum accommodations - January 11-15, 2019 🥗Nourishing daily meals (catering to all dietary restrictions - swipe to see some #foodporn!) ❤️Twice daily yoga classes in beautiful ocean-view Shalas 🙏🏻One 2 hour special workshop (backbends or inversions - beginner friendly) 🌊 Magical tour of the Cenotes in Tulum (underwater caves!) ☀️Full access to resort facilities - pool overlooking the ocean, spa and more 🤗Plenty of down/free time to relax, nap, explore Tulum or anything else your heart desires! 🙋🏻Room sharing opportunities - if you’re looking to save some money and room with a fellow yogi- I can match you up! Let me know. ⠀ This promotion ends 10/31 11:59PM EST so please let me know if you’re interested or reach out to me directly. You can also find more info through the link in my bio! ⠀ Wearing all @koa.nyc in magical #tulum ⠀ XX #tulumyoga #tulumyogaretreat #yogatulum #wyapc #yogaretreattulum #iamwellandgood #Mindbodygram

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Never stop learning, Or trying new things, Or doing something you think you “can’t” do. ⠀ Since I started teaching yoga a few years ago (Im sure like lots of other teachers) My personal practice has taken a bit of a backseat. Im lucky if I get to one class per week, and just cant seem to focus on my practice at home. ⠀ I worked during the day yesterday and promised myself that I was going to TAKE a class once my work was (somewhat) done. I got to take a class I can’t usually make it to - with @katsudayoga at @tovamiyoga I truly admire Kat’s strength and dedication to her practice (and it doesn’t hurt that she’s funny as hell) ⠀ I can really say that I showed up to the class without expectations for myself. I was actually somewhat nervous - I hadn’t taken a true Level 2/3 class in a WHILE, especially since my back has been bothering me. ⠀ Minutes into her class I was having SO much fun. I was truly OUT of my head and INTO my body. I was doing movements I had never done before, In sequences I’d never done before. ⠀ I tried new things, I laughed at myself, I sweat a LOT, My muscles were shaking. You get it.. it was AWESOME. ⠀ My point with all of this - is to NEVER stop learning. Never stop PLAYING. Even if its not yoga, if it’s something else you love or are really good at - there is ALWAYS something more you can learn. Taking Kat’s class not only reminded me of my strength, but also re-ignited my love for this practice, and for teaching. Sometimes we all need a little nudge or a reminder 🤷🏼‍♀️ ⠀ A puppy press (what I’m playing with in this video) is something I NEVER imagined I would be able to do - but with the help of an open mind, an amazing practice, and a great teacher - anything is possible ❤️ ⠀ Never, ever stop learning my friends ✨ Fellow teachers or students - how do you continue to stay inspired and dedicated to your practice? Comment below! ⠀ XX Wearing all new @amariactive (use code ‘danistribe’ for 30% off!) these leggings are high waisted with pockets on the side and are SO cute and comfy! 🎶Nothins on Fire @theholdupmusic #puppypress #handstands #getinverted

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Happy weekend friends! ✨ Spent most of the morning working (so #grateful) and snuggling ollie in this rainy weather! ⠀ About to head to a class with @katsudayoga at @tovamiyoga (one I never get to take - so excited!) and then heading for a massage that was so generously given to me by Nicole @mindfulhealthnyc ❤️ ⠀ Really working on balancing out all this work, with a little bit of play and #selflove! ⠀ How are you spending your weekend? Wearing all @beyondyoga #livebeyond 📸 @andreea_chidu #vermont #vermontyoga #yogavermont #iamwellandgood #mindbodygram #wyapc

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✨J O U R N E Y S ✨ inward outward Wherever they take you… ⠀ They’re all different. Messy Beautiful In their own ways. ⠀ Don’t compare Judge Wish away Whatever comes with your own. ⠀ Lean in Trust the process Dream big Take chances. ⠀ Wearing all @kiragraceyoga Shot by the amazing @jayg.photo #wyapc #yogateacher #kiragrace #yogaphotography #westchesteryogateacher #westchesteryoga #silverliningswords

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Back home, in my weekly schedule, with fur baby (and 2 leg baby 😂), Flowing through it all 🙏🏻 Oh how I love a good routine 😜 ⠀ Come flow with me this upcoming week in this beautiful space @tovamiyoga Monday 6AM - 1 hour vinyasa flow Tuesday 1230PM - 1 hour lunchtime flow Wednesday 6AM - 1 hour vinyasa flow ⠀ Wearing all new @lilybod #lilybodbabe (loving this eggplant color!) Mat - the one and only @yogahustle #yogahustle Listening to “attente” by Beauvois - P.S. you can find allll my flow music and flows on my Spotify - just search “radulsdl01” #yogainspiration #yogateacher #yogaflows #wyapc

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I think that helping others find the strength that ALREADY lies within them, is one of my favorite parts of teaching yoga. ⠀ Seeing people do and try new things that they didn’t know they could do, Or maybe didn’t think they’d like. ⠀ Helping them connect to others But also to themselves Is such a beautiful thing to watch and be a part of. ⠀ So much fun this past weekend on the @mindfulhealthnyc women’s retreat to Townshend, Vermont. We hung out with the goats at @bigpicturefarmhouse , ate alllll the amazing chakra food from @emmetcooks, learned about chakras and all things nutrition and health from nicole, and got to truly relax, restore and connect! ⠀ #vermont #vermontretreat #wellnessretreat #wyapc

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Be vulnerable. Let yourself be deeply seen, Love with your whole heart, Practice gratitude and joy... Be able to say “I am thankful to feel this vulnerable because it means I am alive and I believe I am enough.” You are worthy of love and belonging. -@brenebrown ⠀ Last day on the @mindfulhealthnyc women’s retreat. Such a beautiful experience with beautiful people. Will share a full recap later but for now- just an open heart and lots of gratitude 🤗 ⠀ Wearing leggings by @amariactive Mat @yogahustle Jams “love song” by @jaredgrimble And @mcbaedoza #mindfulmosaicretreats #yogavermont #vermontretreat #wyapc

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Don’t forget to B R E A T H E ✨ #justflow #mindfulmosaicretreats (wearing @amariactive and flowing to @jaredgrimble and @mcbaedoza - “love Song”- on my fave @yogahustle mat ❤️) #vermont

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Love this space. Love this life. Love this practice. ✨ #GRATITUDE (wearing all @beyondyoga #livebeyond) 🎶 Nothin’s on Fire by @theholdupmusic #vermnot #mindfulmosaicretreats #mindfulhealthnyc

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