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#GIVEAWAY!!🚨 Everyone in the conference room, LA, because we're bringing you The Office Trivia Night! You can win two tickets to our first-ever trivia night at the LA Kitten Lounge, on June 27th at 7:00pm! For one night only, test your knowledge on everyone's favorite mockumentary with the kittens in this 5-round trivia competition. Do you have what it takes to be Assistant (to the) Regional Manager? TO ENTER: 1. Tag a friend who has seen every episode of The Office! 2. Make sure you’re both following @crumbs_whiskers (we check😉) 3. Post this to your Instagram story and tag us for an extra entry! . *Contest valid only for our LA Kitten Lounge location. No limit to number of entries. Winners will be selected at random and notified via DM. Contest ends tomorrow, 6/20 at 6:00PM PST. Bookings available at www.crumbsandwhiskers.com/kittenloungela *

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It’s good that Dora loves the camera, because we love looking at her adorable little cheetah face. 💕 Thanks for sharing these beautiful shots with us, @xkflyaway! 🥰 A D O P T A B L E L O C A T I O N: L A #crumbsandwhiskers #catcafe #thekittenlounge #kittenlounge #kittenloungeLA

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Lucky and Beans are ADOPTED!! 🎉These two sleepy boys are going to their forever home together, and we are so jealous of their future family, becuase they are an awesome duo. Congratulations to Lucky and Beans on becoming the first #cwalumni of The Kitten Lounge LA!😻 A D O P T E D L O C A T I O N: L A #crumbsandwhiskers #catcafe #thekittenlounge #kittenlounge #kittenloungela #adoptdontshop

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The Kitten Lounge is here, LA, and our babies are ready to find their forever homes!! 😸 We’re working with our friends at @straycatalliance to create meaningful bonds between animal lovers and our adorable kittens all summer long. Whether you’re looking to adopt, or you’re looking for your next favorite Instagram, come say hi! 😻 Just one visit helps to socialize the kittens, and who knows, you may even fall in love. 💕 BOOK NOW: www.crumbsandwhiskers.com/kittenloungela A D O P T E D #crumbsandwhiskers #catcafe #thekittenlounge #kittenlounge #kittenloungela

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Cheerio is out of his shell!!😻 When he first came to us, Cheerio was shy and rarely left his perch on the back pillows. He was okay with being carried, but was still nervous around new friends. Now, less than one week later, Cheerio is out and about and LOVES to play with new friends! Come say hi to Cheerio and his friends at our LA Kitten Lounge before he finds his forever home. 💕 A D O P T A B L E L O C A T I O N: L A #crumbsandwhiskers #catcafe #thekittenlounge #kittenlounge #kittenloungela #adoptdontshop

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This is how we feel when we hold a kitten too, friends. 🥰😹The Kitten Lounge LA is officially open and here to bring you all the happy tears in the world. 💕 A D O P T A B L E L O C A T I O N: L A P H O T O S: @alexcottle @jesstravelingsong @bigg_krisss #crumbsandwhiskers #catcafe #thekittenlounge #kittenlounge #kittenloungela

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CLOSED: Congratulations to our winner, @tarynmaria13 💕 GIVEAWAY!!! LA, are you ready for KITTEN YOGA??? 🙀 Starting this Sunday, we’re back with everyone’s favorite workout, but this time it’s with kittens!😻 To celebrate, we’re giving two best friends the chance to come join us for our first session at 9:30am on June 23rd.💕 TO ENTER: 1. Tag your yoga buddy. 😸 2. Make sure you’re both following @crumbs_whiskers 3. Repost this on your Instagram Story for an extra entry!🎉 . *Valid for our Los Angeles Kitten Lounge only. Contest ends tomorrow 6/18 at 8:00pm PST. Winners will be picked at random and DM’d. No limit to number of entries. Yoga mats are not provided by C&W for class.* #crumbsandwhiskers #catcafe #thekittenlounge #kittenlounge #kittenloungela #kittenyoga

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Happy Father’s Day to all of the cat dads out there! 😻💕 #cwalumni A D O P T E D L O C A T I O N: L A #crumbsandwhiskers #catcafe #thekittenlounge #kittenlounge #kittenloungela #Pawthersday

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The kittens can sense when you need some extra snuggles, and they’re not shy about getting cozy! 🥰 When you come in to visit, lay down on a pillow, and watch as our kittens completely ignore your personal space and crawl all over you. It’s probably the cutest thing you’ll ever experience. 💕 Come get covered with kittens in our new LA Kitten Lounge! . BOOK NOW: www.crumbsandwhiskers.com/kittenloungela

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BOOP! 😻 Bea and her friends are buzzing to meet everyone coming to The Kitten Lounge LA this week!! Bea herself is more of a parrot than a kitten, because she likes to perch on your shoulders and meow back at you when you talk. 😸 Want kittens to climb all over you like this? Come say hi! www.crumbsandwhiskers.com/kittenloungela A D O P T A B L E L O C A T I O N: L A #crumbsandwhiskers #catcafe #thekittenlounge #kittenlounge #kittenloungela

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LA, The Kitten Lounge has arrived. 💕 . A D O P T A B L E L O C A T I O N: L A P H O T O S: @therealhannahjoy @carlyoros90 @saraiyer #crumbsandwhiskers #catcafe #thekittenlounge #kittenlounge #kittenloungela

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Aspen is up early making biscuits for all of our visitors today!!😸 She’s a natural at caring for others, and we always find her cleaning her friends or curling up on top of them for a nap. (Yes, you read that right. She likes to be the blanket.😹) Aspen is 3 months old and LOVES to make new friends. Come meet Aspen this weekend at The Kitten Lounge LA!💕 BOOK NOW: www.crumbsandwhiskers.com/kittenloungela A D O P T A B L E L O C A T I O N: L A #crumbsandwhiskers #catcafe #kittenlounge #thekittenlounge #kittenloungela

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