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How to spend your kitten time to the fullest potential: USE BOTH HANDS!😻 Our kittens love each other like siblings, even if they aren’t from the same litter, so they’ll try to crawl over each other for your attention. The easiest way to make everyone happy is to simply pet them both! 💕 After all, two kittens are better than one.😻 A D O P T E D L O C A T I O N: D C #thekittenlounge #crumbsandwhiskers #catcafe #kittenlounge #visitwashingtondc

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Hawaii always looks like he’s just been told a shocking secret. 😳😹 He’s named after the big island, because he’s beautiful, everyone loves him, and he’s associated with a good time. 😼 Okay, maybe that’s not WHY he’s named Hawaii, but it’s true!💕 Recently, Hawaii got adopted by a member of our LA team. He’s now living with another #cwalumni, coincidentally named Maui! 😻 A D O P T E D L O C A T I O N: L A #thekittenlounge #crumbsandwhiskers #catcafe #adoption

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Nickel may be our biggest boy here in LA, but that doesn’t stop him from playing fast and crazy like his tiny counterparts. 😸 When Nickel first came to us, he frequently stayed put in his perch above our supply cabinets, peering at all the action below him. Now, Nickel has become quite the ladies man, who loves long cuddle sessions and warm hugs. (Yes, he hugs you back!😻) Nickel is now our longest resident at the LA Kitten Lounge, and we know he will find his perfect forever family soon. Know someone who needs to adopt an affectionate new roommate? Tag them below so they can meet Nickel, too!💕 A D O P T A B L E L O C A T I O N: L A #thekittenlounge #crumbsandwhiskers #catcafe #kittenlounge #kittenloungeLA #adoptablerescuekitten #adoption

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#GIVEAWAY!! Not long from now, in a kitten lounge far far away…. We’re bringing you STAR WARS TRIVIA, LA!! 🛸🎉Join the kittens for a night dedicated to everyone’s favorite space franchise, with five rounds of intensive trivia to challenge even the most loyal fans. Tickets are on sale now, and we’re giving you the chance to win two free tickets for Star Wars Trivia on August 29th at 7:00pm in LA!😻 TO ENTER: 1. Tag the biggest Star Wars fan you know. 2. Make sure you’re following @crumbs_whiskers (We check!) 3. Post this photo on your Instagram story for an extra entry! *Contest is valid for LA Kitten Lounge only. No limit to number of entries. Must be following @crumbs_whiskers for valid entry. Contest ends tomorrow, 8/21 at 8:00pm PST. Winner will be notified via DM.*

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WEDNESDAY IS ADOPTED!!😻 This fluffy girl stole our hearts from the moment she scampered into The Kitten Lounge in early July. She’s made many friends, eaten countless treats, and took a year’s worth of naps in her one month with us. Please join us in wishing her farewell as she heads to her forever home! 😸💕 A D O P T E D L O C A T I O N: L A #missheralready #thekittenlounge #crumbsandwhiskers #kittenlounge #kittenadoption #catcafe #lacatcafe #adoptdontshop

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Coffee & Bea, Please! 💕 A D O P T A B L E L O C A T I O N: L A #thekittenlounge #crumbsandwhiskers #catcafe #kittenlounge #kittenloungeLA #lacatcafe

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TAROT IS HOME!! 🎉 This chill girl has been with us in DC since February, patiently waiting her turn to meet her forever family. Yesterday, our partner rescue and in-store team introduced her to her new family during #ClearTheSheltersDay.❤️ Thank you to every friend who has come and visited Tarot this year while she lived in our DC Cat Cafe. Because of your support and socialization, Tarot bloomed into the lovely lady we know and love. We’ll miss you, Tarot!😻 A D O P T E D L O C A T I O N: D C #crumbsandwhiskers #catcafe #thekittenlounge #catcafedc #dccatcafe #adoptionstory #adoptdontshop #cleartheshelters2019 #rescuecatsofig

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Chloe wears this mischievous smize, and has a fiery personality to match.😼 She and her brother, Aiden, are identical twins who are attached at the hip. If Chloe and Aiden were in a movie, they would be the eccentric siblings who wear matching ski suits and plot to win a competition by any means necessary. 👏🏻 Chloe and Aiden are insanely smart, and teach each other new tricks every day. Recently, the two learned how to climb into our shoe racks (to keep your shoes warm, of course) and to slide into purses and backpacks (just to ensure all your belongings are safe). 😹 If you want to get to know Chloe’s playful side, grab one of our worm toys and she’ll drop everything to come and wrestle for it!💕 A D O P T A B L E L O C A T I O N: D C #thekittenlounge #crumbsandwhiskers #kittenlounge #catcafe #kittenloungedc #catcafedc #adoptdontshop

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Happy Black Cat Appreciation day to all of our house-panthers out there. 😻 Black cats are often overlooked in shelters because of old superstitions and stigmas. We believe that every black cat deserves a loving home, and hope to build a #NoKillNation with our dedicated partners and wonderful supporters. 💕 A D O P T E D L O C A T I O N: L A #blackcatappreciationday #thekittenlounge #crumbsandwhiskers #catcafe #kittenlounge #adoptdontshop #blackcatsofinstagram

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Today is National #ClearTheShelters day, when rescues, shelters, and fosters across the country work together to find every homeless animal their forever family.😻 We’re proud to announce that our partners @straycatalliance, @homewardtrailsrescue, and @animalangelaid are all participating in this movement! Check out their pages to see how you can join in on #ClearTheShelters2019. Whether you’re looking to adopt, or you have spare change to donate, every little bit makes a huge impact. ❤️ A D O P T E D L O C A T I O N: L A #crumbsandwhiskers #catcafe #cleartheshelters #nationalclearthesheltersday #rescuecatsofig #thekittenlounge #kittenlounge #adoptdontshop

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Kitten Yoga. This Sunday at 9:30am. You, your friends, and 25 kittens climbing all over your body. We’ll see you there. 😼💕 www.crumbsandwhiskers.com/kittenloungela A D O P T A B L E L O C A T I O N: L A #thekittenlounge #crumbsandwhiskers #kittenlounge #kittenyoga #kittenloungela #catcafela #catyoga #weekendinlosangeles #losangeleslife #visitLA

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Wally believes he is more effective than coffee. We 100% agree, because coffee doesn’t bounce on us like a jumping bean to let us know it’s time to get moving!😹 Pro Tip: Cut back on your caffeine intake by adopting a kitten! We guarantee you’ll never sleep past a meowing alarm clock. 😼💕 A D O P T E D L O C A T I O N: D C #crumbsandwhiskers #thekittenlounge #catcafe #kittenlounge #kittenloungedc #adoptdontshop #adoptakitten #adoptarescue #morningbrew

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