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It’s only been two days, but we already miss holding Shrimp like a baby. 😩💕 The bittersweet part of our job is saying goodbye on adoption days, but we’re thankful for your pictures that remind us of all the fun times we have while our fosters are here. 😸 A D O P T E D P H O T O: @filisthorpe L O C A T I O N: L A #crumbsandwhiskers #catcafe #kittencafe #kittensofinstagram #shrimpfanclub

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It’s official, we’ve reached 1,322 adoptions!! 🙀 In the past month alone, 42 cats and kittens have gone to their forever homes. Excuse us for a moment while we happy cry. 😻🥰 A D O P T E D L O C A T I O N: D C #crumbsandwhiskers #catcafe #kittencafe #adoptdontshop

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Kittens. Coffee. Kisses. 😻 That’s it. That’s the post. (And the contents of our weekend plans.😉) A D O P T E D L O C A T I O N: L A #crumbsandwhiskers #catcafe #kittencafe #weekendplans

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We loved having Sunshine at the DC Kitten Cafe. When it was one of those days full of gloomy skies, we always knew we could count on her to brighten the mood with a sweet head rub and some soft cuddles. 💕 A D O P T E D L O C A T I O N: D C #crumbsandwhiskers #kittencafe #catcafe #fridaymotivation

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A very happy day with @leahmichele8 ✨💕 Thank you for sharing this sweet photo with us, we love tender moments like these! 🥰 A D O P T E D L O C A T I O N: L A #crumbsandwhiskers #catcafe #kittencafe #kittensofinstgram

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SHRIMP AND OTTER ARE HOME!!😻 We know you’ve been waiting for this good news for a while, and we are overflowing with joy to say that the twins have found their perfect forever home. Sometimes it takes a little extra time to find the right fit, and in this case, it was worth the wait. 🥰💕 A D O P T E D L O C A T I O N: L A #crumbsandwhiskers #adoptionjourney #kittencafe #catcafe

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“Sometimes Leo makes me feel like we should start a ferret cafe or something” - a direct quote from our team member Ollie in DC. 😹 Leo is that friend who straight up SPRINTS away from you when you’re trying to get it together at the end of the night. He’s wiggly. He’s fast. He won’t sit still for anyone but his sister, Sarabi, who gets extra gentle treatment from him once he’s done with his morning parkour. 👏🏻 Leo can be identified by his resting stern face, tiny meow, and big round belly. We highly recommend giving him tummy rubs any time he’s napping, because you’ll get to hear his extraordinarily loud purrs.😻 Come meet Leo at our DC kitten cafe! A D O P T A B L E L O C A T I O N: D C #crumbsandwhiskers #kittencafe #catcafe #kittensoftheworld

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Before Marnie left to her forever home, she had to pass the baton of mischief to her best buddy Shrimp. Lesson 1 was how to knock over a coffee cup without the hoomans seeing them. We saw them. 😹 . A D O P T E D L O C A T I O N: L A #crumbsandwhiskers #thekittenlounge #kittencafe #catcafe #mischiefmanaged

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What’s better than Billy’s tiny little feet tufts? Well... nothing. 😹 But a close second is a free visit to the kitten cafe! 💕 Every week we give one lucky newsletter subscriber a kitten experience on the house, because why not! Plus, you get inside details on special events, early kitten introductions, and notes directly from our founder. 😻 If that’s not enough for you, you’ll also receive exclusive kitten pics! You can sign up for our weekly newsletter on our website at https://crumbsandwhiskers.com/newslettersignup ✨ . A D O P T E D L O C A T I O N: D C #crumbsandwhiskers #weeklygiveaway #catcafe #kittencafe

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Us: “Marnie, high five!!” Marnie: “mmm... you get a handshake.” 😹💕 . A D O P T E D L O C A T I O N: L A #crumbsandwhiskers #kittencafe #catcafe

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CLOSED!! Congratulations to @itskatiepank & @kent.adams 💕🎉 GIVEAWAY !! ⏰ Looking for your next thrill? We’re giving away two tickets to Scary Movie trivia this Thursday at 7:00pm in LA and DC! That’s right, 4 lucky winners will get to join the kittens during trivia for free.😻 TO ENTER: 1. Like this photo!💕 2. Tag someone who LOVES scary movies (or just loves kittens!)🙀 3. Post this on your Instagram story for two extra entries👏🏻 . *Contest ends tomorrow 10/15 at 7:00pm PST. Valid for our LA and DC Kitten Cafes only. Both parties must be following @crumbs_whiskers on Instagram for valid entry. No limit to number of entries, tag everyone you know!😼*

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We’ll take this Monday with a side of Millie, please! 😉😻 . A D O P T E D L O C A T I O N: D C #crumbsandwhiskers #mondaymoods #catcafe #kittencafe #cats_of_instagram

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