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cocoonstudiosg. Exhale. Extend awareness further. Be receptive.

Photo by @davidloveto

Exhale. Extend awareness further. Be receptive. Photo by @davidlovetofly

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Inhale. Feel energy. Be positive. Photo by @davidlovetofly

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Quiet and bright, inside and outside

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cocoonstudiosg. Natsuko’s first class in 2019 starts today at New located Cocoon studi

Natsuko’s first class in 2019 starts today at New located Cocoon studio. She is ready and excited. Are you?

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Congratulations to Pauline, Lia, Noriko and Jennifer to be Certified Iyengar Teacher Introductory level 2. And Congratulations to all the students who passed the Assessment. Best wishes and all the best for your yoga journey! 🙏 #namaste

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We love Yoga! It is part of our life. We become healthier, stronger, happier, and more self-awareness. We wish 2019 a great year for all of #namaste

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Day 5 of The Yoga Camp! Thank you everyone who joined us for our Year End Yoga Camp! See you again in coming yoga events. Namaste #namaste

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Happy New Year 2019 everyone🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️ Wishing you have a blessed, happy, and healthy year ahead. We have 365 chances to stay healthy!! Namaste 🙏🙏 #newyear2019# #namaste

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Day 4 of The Yoga Camp with Trisno @iyengaryogawithtrisno #namaste

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On the 3rd day of the Yoga Camp! #namaste

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Day 4 of the Yoga Camp! We done lots of movements and challenging poses this time as Guruji BKS Iyengar says “Action is movement with intelligence. The world is filled with movement. What the world needs is more conscious movement, more action.” 🙏🙏 #namaste

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Day 3 of the Yoga Camp! Workout on hips, abs and legs! Till one student broke the belt! She must be the Ironwoman #namaste

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Day 2 of the Iyengar Yoga Camp with Trisno @iyengaryogawithtrisno #namaste

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Day 1 of the Iyengar Yoga Camp with Trisno @iyengaryogawithtrisno #namaste

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Merry Christmas everyone! Wishing you have a blessed, happy and healthy Christmas with your love one 💖🎁🎄🙏 #namaste

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Dear yoga enthusiasts, I hope the coming new year brings you joy, love and abundance! I would like to express my deep appreciation for your continuous support and joining the classes at Cocoon Studio with our dedicated teachers. It is a special path we have taken to enhance our life’s journey, in taking responsibility for the 'self', and taking care of the 'self'. We will start classes at our new home at 25A Bukit Pasoh Road on Christmas Eve 24 Dec 2018! It is not a perfect place, I see many flaws, I also see its beauty. I hope you see it as I do and that the place will bring us on the next phase of our yoga journey in a practical way. Like doing yoga, especially Iyengar Yoga, we are always looking to improve our postures for precision and alignment. We will improve together and continue to make Cocoon Studio a part of the gracious Iyengar Yoga community, in learning, and exploring the path of yoga. ​Namaste, Linda Oei Founder of Cocoon Studio

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We are getting ready and excited to our new place at 25A Bukit Pasoh rd. We will start our first class this Monday, 24 December 2018! Come and visit us at our new home. Have lovely weekend and See you soon!! #namaste

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Hi Yogis We have a good news for The Yoga Camp !! You can join any day your schedule fits at $80 per day. 3-day : $220 5-day : $350 Check your schedule and join us at our new location (25A Bukit Pasoh Road) Email us at info@cocoonstudio.com.sg to book your space. #iyengaryoga #iyengaryogacamp #yogacamp #cocoonstudiosg #yearendyogacamp

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