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Next week, we’re taking you under the #Alegria Big Top to chat with artists; Elena Lev, Emilie Therrien and Lisiate Tovo. Let us know your questions in the comments below for a chance to be answered LIVE on Facebook! 🎪 /// La semaine prochaine, nous vous emmenons sous le Grand Chapiteau d’Alegría pour discuter avec nos artistes; Elena Lev, Emilie Therrien et Lisiate Tovo. Posez-nous vos questions dans les commentaires ci-dessous pour avoir une chance d’être répondu en direct sur Facebook le 27 mars prochain! ✨

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#FridayFriyay with #OVOCirque! The #weekend is here! Cheers to that! #brasil🇧🇷 🥥

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This #WorldWaterDay, we're looking back at @1night1drop, the event in support of the @1dropwater charity, dedicated to providing access to safe water: www.onedrop.org #OneNightForOneDrop

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#Mystere’s flying high tonight at the @vegasgoldenknights versus @nhljets game! Catch all of the action in our Instagram story. 🤸‍♀️🏒🥅 #goknightsgo

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Get carried away with life #Reno! ✨Join our festive parade at the @lawloreventscenter #Corteo is in town until Sunday only, the time is now or it will be too late...😱😭

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cirquedusoleil. Happy #WorldPuppetryDay! Watch the video to see the magnificent creatu

Happy #WorldPuppetryDay! Watch the video to see the magnificent creatures of #Pandora brought to life by our puppets and puppeteers on #TORUK!

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#ThrowbackThursday: #Alegria artists sang the national anthems and performed a hula-hoop act for a lucky crowd at the @canadiensmtl game on Saturday night. Thanks again to the Montreal Canadiens and @centrebell.mtl for welcoming us (and #Youppi too). See you April 18th under the Big Top: cirk.me/AlegriaEn /// Au cas où vous l'auriez manqué, des artistes d'Alegría ont chanté l’hymne national et interprété un numéro de cerceau devant un public très chanceux lors du match des Canadiens de Montréal, samedi soir. Merci encore aux Canadiens de Montréal et au Centre Bell pour leur accueil (sans oublier #Youppi). Rendez-vous le 18 avril sous le Grand Chapiteau: cirk.me/AlegriaFR.

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#RioDeJaniero! É a nossa estréia hoje à noite! #OVOCirque hope to see you all at the @jeunessearena! ☀️🐞

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When you tackle everything in your to do list and it’s only Wednesday. 😎 #cirqueway 🎥: #BeatlesLOVE artist @bboyluka

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cirquedusoleil. The🌞over the mountains of #Reno area. #Corteo's juggler @laidodittmar

The🌞over the mountains of #Reno area. #Corteo's juggler @laidodittmar took some time to appreciate the gorgeous view. 🌄

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Go, go, go! This midweek mindset is inspired by #KA’s #capoeira artist @perninha_capoeira. 🤸🏻‍♂️🙌

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💦Time to dive into the adventure #Phoenix! #Amaluna is premiering tonight!💦

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