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So excited to announce that our 2019 Winter Wine Dinner Series are back! Get the full details and reserve your seats for both @DianneandElisabeth and @TheMarshalNYC by clicking the link in bio 🍷

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Have you tried the Pork Lardon & Swiss Cheese Croquettes from @dianneandelisabeth? They’re made with bacon, cheddar, and caramelized onion mayo 😋

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Wishing everyone a souper 2019 🤗 . [Roasted Cauliflower Soup: local cauliflower, potato, vegetable stock, crispy cauliflower, butternut squash oil]

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I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! So happy to be back home visiting the family and hanging with my favorite chicks @FullBloomFarm 🐔😄

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The holidays aren’t complete without some decorating! I had so much fun at @Gotham_West showing an awesome group of their residents how to build their own gingerbread houses 😄

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Roasted Smashed Roots for a festive side dish @DianneandElisabeth! Beets with Greek yogurt & dill, rutabaga with horseradish, and carrots with local honey & mustard seed (swipe left for the finished dish) 😉

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Give farm-to-table style this season! @DianneandElisabeth and @TheMarshalNYC gift cards are now available for pickup at both restaurants or by clicking the link in their bios 😘

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Thank you @dominickmarangiholiday for bringing your unique holiday touch to @themarshalnyc and @dianneandelisabeth! We’re ready for the holidays 😊

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This lil cutie @Hi_Im_Chewie came to visit us @DianneandElisabeth! Thanks for coming 😊

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Throwback to last week’s @chchearing event with @ernieanastos! It was such an honor to be part of such an incredible cause 🤗

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I’m honored to support #Dough4Good where cookies and connections are making a difference this holiday season! Check out glamourgals.org/cookie for more details 🍪

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So excited to be part of @chchearing’s 25th Annual Feast on Nov 5th! This is a great event that will help to raise money for those in need. I’ll be making these beautiful duck bacon wrapped scallops and I hope you can join me for an amazing cause 🤗 . For tickets and more details visit: chchearing.org

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Cooler nights mean warming up with our Famous Wood Oven Roasted Meat Loaf @TheMarshalNYC 🔥 . 📷: @jeaniuseats

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Thanksgiving’s coming to D&E! View the menu and make your reservations by clicking the link in @DianneandElisabeth’s bio now 🦃

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Autumn is here and it’s time for some gorgeous Delicata Squash Tempura @DianneandElisabeth! Served on a salad so you still get your greens in 😉

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Sliding into your heart ❤️ . Thank you for sharing @YelpNYC and @GirlEatsNYC for the beautiful photo of our Jersey Ridge Farm Organic Beef Sliders @DianneandElisabeth 🍔

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The perfect night for meatballs 😍 . [Greenane Family Farm Pork Meatballs: Winter Sun Farms tomato sauce, "Farm" e-san cheese and wood oven cheesy herbed bread sticks]

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Going to miss summertime and all the ingredients that come with it! But don’t worry, I’ve got more specials coming @DianneandElisabeth this fall 😋

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