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Lunch is now being served @TheMarshalNYC! Stop by from Monday - Friday, 11 am to 4 pm and choose one starter & one main course for just $19 (full dinner menu will be available too) 😋

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That’s a wrap on our Winter Wine Dinner Series! I want to give a big thank you to everyone who joined me this season @TheMarshalNYC and @DianneandElisabeth. There’s nothing that gets my creative juices flowing better than creating pairing menus with some of the best wineries in America, including @DamianiWineCellars, @RedtailRidgeWinery, @AnthonyRoadWine, @RedHookWinery, @BrotherhoodWinery, @TIWinery, @BellangeloWine, @MASelections and @LiebCellars 🍷❤️ . 📷: @lucianapampalone @queengotham

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This Saturday is #NationalMeatballDay! Celebrate at @TheMarshalNYC with our Greenane Family Farm Pork Meatballs 😍 . [Winter Sun Farms tomato sauce, "Farm" e-san cheese and wood oven cheesy herbed bread sticks]

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Who’s joining me for @TheMarshalNYC’s final Winter Wine Dinner Series with @BrotherhoodWinery?! Save your seat for next Monday (3/4) now by clicking the link in bio 🍷

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Thank you for capturing this beautiful photo @RestaurantGroupie! I made this Cocoa Braised Boneless Beef Short Rib with smoked sirloin bits, cherry thyme barley, beef jus & puffed berries for @TheMarshalNYC’s last Wine Dinner Series featuring @AnthonyRoadWine and it was a hit ❤️🙌 . For my upcoming wine dinners, make sure to click the link in my bio now to save your seat 🍷

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Can’t wait for the next Wine Dinner Series @DianneandElisabeth and @TheMarshalNYC 😬 . I’ve got some special menu items planned that I know you’re gonna love! View the upcoming dinners, menus and reserve your seat by clicking the link in my bio 🍷

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Just a little taste of last night’s event with @TopOwens_Collection 😉 swipe left to see some of the tasty treats I made for the special occasion: . - Lemon Merengue Tartlets: lemon curd, candied lemon peal and mini merengues in a mini tart shell - Caprese Skewers - Ahi Tuna: tamari glaze, cucumber, B&W sesame seeds - Lobster Tartlet: Maine lobster, lobster bisque cream and preserved lemon served in mini tart shell - Goat cheese wrapped in green & yellow squash ribbons - Duck meat balls a l’orange - Beef Short Rib Sliders: caramelized onions and lemon garlic thyme aioli

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Valentine’s Day is coming! Enjoy a romantic farm to table dinner with your loved one @DianneandElisabeth or @TheMarshalNYC ♥️ . Check out the menus and make your reservations by clicking the link in my bio now ☝️

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Get ‘em while ya can! Chili Maple Baby Back Ribs with my house-made BBQ sauce now on special at @DianneandElisabeth 😍

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So excited to announce that our 2019 Winter Wine Dinner Series are back! Get the full details and reserve your seats for both @DianneandElisabeth and @TheMarshalNYC by clicking the link in bio 🍷

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Have you tried the Pork Lardon & Swiss Cheese Croquettes from @dianneandelisabeth? They’re made with bacon, cheddar, and caramelized onion mayo 😋

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Wishing everyone a souper 2019 🤗 . [Roasted Cauliflower Soup: local cauliflower, potato, vegetable stock, crispy cauliflower, butternut squash oil]

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I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! So happy to be back home visiting the family and hanging with my favorite chicks @FullBloomFarm 🐔😄

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The holidays aren’t complete without some decorating! I had so much fun at @Gotham_West showing an awesome group of their residents how to build their own gingerbread houses 😄

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Roasted Smashed Roots for a festive side dish @DianneandElisabeth! Beets with Greek yogurt & dill, rutabaga with horseradish, and carrots with local honey & mustard seed (swipe left for the finished dish) 😉

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Give farm-to-table style this season! @DianneandElisabeth and @TheMarshalNYC gift cards are now available for pickup at both restaurants or by clicking the link in their bios 😘

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Thank you @dominickmarangiholiday for bringing your unique holiday touch to @themarshalnyc and @dianneandelisabeth! We’re ready for the holidays 😊

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This lil cutie @Hi_Im_Chewie came to visit us @DianneandElisabeth! Thanks for coming 😊

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