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my good pal & fave graphic designer @dakmpa put me onto a little challenge by @pickup____ to cover “elated” by one of my faveeee internet friends @graceweber !!! ✨🎶☀️ it’s so fun when some of your favorite people (+ songs!!) come together like this, & i had fun getting out of my comfort zone with this one 😊 p.s. if u haven’t listened to grace yet.... idk if we can be more than friends (-; enjoy!! 🌟 • • #pickupgraceweber

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thought this was an appropriate song choice since i barely even REALIZED it was december until i started seeing christmas trees in everyones dorm windows 😅🎄 oh, and that also means it’s finals week. 🙃 (study rooms are supposed to be for making music videos...right?) 😳🎶

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✨in my element✨ • • ok y’all, playing my first @sofarsoundsla show last night was unreal. 🎶 combining yoga + music is my favorite thing & i’m so grateful for y’all’s support in making this happen! 🌟 also big shoutout to @yogaworks for hosting 💕 i’ve never felt more @ home during a show & im still overwhelmed by all the love in that room last night ❤️ thanks a milli! + can’t wait for the next one!! 😘 • • also, go listen to some other rockin’ artists i was featured with: @musicbyrel & @luketoozemusic 🎧

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alright, so this one is an old favorite. and by old i mean this song was made before i’d barely even begun high school 😳 it’s from my first album (the flashbacks), and i’ve been picking it up again lately for my upcoming show @sofarsoundsla 😘 this saturday night i’ll be playing a few suuuupperrr stripped down tunes of mine like this @ a secret location 🤫 if you’re in the los angeles area, you can click the link in my bio for tix 🤗 • • p.s. very grateful for all the people who walked by me recording this in the hallway without giving me weird looks - college is good y’all 💛😂

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y’all, i cannot even comprehend how much has changed since this time last year. college has been my biggest adventure yet & has brought me to some unbelievable opportunities + incredible souls. 🌎 the amount of gratitude i have for the people in my life who have helped me get here is immeasurable. ✨ i don’t think i’ve ever been more excited or more thankful. 💛 here’s to all songs, past & present - there’s plenty more to come! 🎶 • 📸: @lesleybohmphoto

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saw the coldplay #headfullofdreams documentary last night & my heart is sooo full! 💕 this band and their music has meant so much to me, it was so inspiring to watch their journey ✨ 10/10 recommend to any coldplay fan... 🎶 couldn’t resist doing a video of this one on uke 🌟

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so i played @themortuaryla awhile back, and then got so darn busy i forgot to even post about it!! i know i’ve showed y’all this song before, but i’m reeeeaaalllyyy diggin’ & proud & hey maybe you might be too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (💜 ¡¡Purple Lights!! 💜) - you can listen to the full version on my IGTV! • • in just a few i’ll be doing a show with @sofarsoundsla & gosh darn it i am already excited. pretty soon i’ll have a secret link to share with a secret location and some secret tickets and BOY do i hope some of you will get to come see me!!! it is bound to be a treat and i cannot wait to share some love + tunes ✨💛😊 thx 4 listenin. anticipating lots of good things soon ((-:

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just me + some sunshine + the sounds of the city ☀️ • each week, i bring in a new “songwriter of the week” to my 2nd and 3rd graders 🎶 not too long ago, we learned about johnny cash & i’ve had this song stuck in my head ever since... 🔥

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☀️ since there are lots of new faces around here lately, i thought i’d re-introduce myself 😊 my name is chandler, and i’m a 19 year old singer songwriter and music industry student at the university of southern california ❤️✌️i currently have 2 EP albums + 1 single on spotify (link in bio) + other music streaming/download services, and i’m working on getting more music to you every chance i get 🌟 i’ve been writing my own music since i was 12 years old, and i play piano, guitar, and ukulele! ✨ i started my instagram a few years into my journey, and it’s kept such wonderful milestones for me as i’ve grown into the musician i am today (remember when instagram videos were only 15 seconds??? we’ve come a long way...) 🎙 i’ve also taught music to a few dozen students over the last 5 years, and it has totally helped shaped me into the artist i am today 🎵 i’m bilingual (español 😉), but i don’t like spicy foods... 🌶 i’m originally from texas, so i do like super warm weather & a bit of yoga + surfing whenever i get the chance 🌊 jack johnson (@jackjohnson) is my all-time fave & probably the biggest inspiration for the music i create, but i also really love carole king (@carole_king) alanis morissette (@alanis) & norah jones (@norahjones) 🏄‍♀️ i’m a sucker for a good love song, and after 7 years i still haven’t gotten sick of them! 💛 i’ve been really blessed to be able to combine two of my favorite things (🎶+🧘‍♀️) on instagram with some fantastic yogis like @yogoskenz, @casa_colibri, @erinkellyart, @martina__rando & many more! these partnerships have brought many of you to my music & i am so grateful you are here! i’m always open to yoga + music collabs, so let me know if you’d ever like to flow to some of my tunes 🤗 namaste 💕

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okay, WOW! yesterday was BY FAR the best monday i’ve ever had.... for those of you who didn’t know, i’m a big yogi + @yogoskenz here is one of the best in the biz ✨ i’ve been singing songs for her videos for over a year now, and we just met yesterday! ☀️ not only did we do yoga, we SANG together (& you can see more of this on her page) 🎶 in fact, the song in this video is actually us singing together!!! 🎵 she is such a sweet spirit, who inspires me in more ways than one 🌟 i am so grateful to have such an incredible friend and supporter!!! 😘 kenz, i LOVE you & i am so so grateful to know ya 💕 (stay tuned for lots more yoga music...)

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i am still in awe of the absolute power that resounded throughout yesterday’s Out of The Darkness walk. it was such a blessing to share my story and perform. thank you to each of you who listened, encouraged, and got me to this point. i am completely and utterly blessed. shine on. 💛🌟 (full performance is on youtube + IGTV for those of you who would like to watch) • • #afsp #ootdwalksm #outofthedarkness #americanfoundationforsuicideprevention #outofthedarknesswalk #outofthedarknesswalk2018 #afspnational #ootdwalkla #alright #santamonica

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hey! if you don’t have plans tomorrow night, come watch me play at a sick loft in LA!! im on at 8, dm for deets ✨🎶 • • anyone else feel like they were raised on Coldplay?? i don’t think i’ll ever fully understand just how much influence they had on me + my musical style. 🌟 this song came on shuffle today so i naturally had to loop it alllll the way to the practice rooms ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i may have just posted this as an excuse to show off my new favorite shirt... 👔🤭

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a little different today, but wanted to share with you all something i am incredibly excited and humbled about 💛 • • here are some links for you: EVENT -> https://www.facebook.com/events/436793243415006/?ti=ia “Santa Monica Out of The Darkness Walk” MY DONATION PAGE -> https://afsp.donordrive.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=1669654

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☀️ although i’ve been spending a lot of time studying in california lately, home for me is wayyyyy back in texas! 🤠 growing up that far south meant being surrounded by country music (and A LOT of it!) 🎶 i’ll always have a soft spot for a cowboy love song... 💛 because of country, i’ve always seen songwriting primarily as storytelling - a way to take someone on a journey to share glimpses of experience ✨ this comes out in some of my songs more than others (and tends to be the kind of music i like listening to most)! • • moving halfway across the country is tough y’all, but it makes you realize and appreciate the little things that made you who you are 💛 here’s a little bit i came up with that has to do with that very sentiment 😊 enjoy!!

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many of you may not know that alongside my own music, i’ve taught music to kids for the past 5 years! 🎹 with piano, ukulele, and songwriting from ages 5-65 i’ve had the pleasure of teaching about a dozen students (some which i still teach today!!)🌟 i loooove kiddos + they keep me so grounded in who i am while reminding me what i love about music 😊 • • recently i was hired to teach music to 2nd and 3rd graders at an elementary school here in LA ✨ i’ve been having an absolute blast teaching them about songwriting! this week’s songwriter is julieta venegas & i’ll be playing this little clip of her song “me voy” for them in class tomorrow as an example 🎶 • • insider info: this actually isn’t the first time i’ve posted this song.... bonus points if you can find the original!!! 😉

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ooh man. school hit HARD this week & i’m just now getting to grab some instruments again !!! nonetheless, yknow ive got a few new (exciting) things in the works & can’t waitttt to share them with ya 💕 this one’s a chorus from an original from not too far back - it’s a love song for my best friend called “nothing without u” 🌟

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what a wonderful way to start off the week - i missed playing my piano songs live 🎹✨ here’s a clip of my song “stars” (you can find it on soundcloud if you’d like) 🌟thanks @thehotelcafe for having me back! 🎶

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been noodling around with some new ideas lately + thought u might would like to hear ((-: • • sometimes my brain gets stuck on one particular person, or place, or event & then decides to have said thing reappear in my dreams every night!! it’s a terrible habit really, and this is my latest attempt to clean out some of that subconscious goop 🙄 my dreams have a HUGE effect on my day to day life, so the weird ones can really put a damper on my day 🤭 • • if you like this (or just songwriting in general) you should come to The Hotel Cafe on Monday to hear me + more songwriters do things like this 🎶 dm me for deets!

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