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took a lil insta break & went to find machu picchu, gonna stay off a lil while longer and see what else i can find 😊💫🌻 happy summer y’all !

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chandlersinging. 🚀 nasa - ariana grande 🌟 •
ok this cover is definitely a lil out o

🚀 nasa - ariana grande 🌟 • • ok this cover is definitely a lil out of my usual comfort zone BUT it’s such a friggin bop i just had to try it out myself! (fake it till u make it right??) 🤗 we stan a self-aware independent woman jam!!! 🌻🎶 thank u @arianagrande#arianagrande

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☀️ found this old lil jack johnson clip & thought it might help get y’all as excited for summertime as i am 🤠

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it me 🥰🎵

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✨song: a letter to my younger self - ambar lucid ( @ambarlucid ) 🥰 • • we STAN a bilingual uke bop!!! 🌻☀️ feels like this song came into my life at the perfect time. the best inspiration & encouragement + i friggin love it y’all 🌟😭👏🏻 so so so excited for what’s coming... 🎶 (hint: ambar & i might have a lot in common soon 😉)

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chandlersinging. this is what my monday daydreams look like... 🙊 although i don’t get

this is what my monday daydreams look like... 🙊 although i don’t get to surf quite as often as i’d like, it’s still a big part of my life & my music & why i love california so much!! ☀️ . writing music for me has always been a lot like catching waves. 🌊 i know it sounds cheesy, but inspiration has always been a thing of chance for me - which makes me feel really really lucky whenever i get that creative “ding!” in my head! 💡 i’ve always written straight from personal experience & i live most of my life trying to absorb as much around me as possible, so i can have plenty to write about whenever the next creative “wave” comes 🏄‍♀️ it feels like these past few weeks have been a lot of me doing some creative stockpiling for the music that’s coming next...! ✨😘🎶

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☀️ here’s a lil flow from not too long ago, bc i miss the sunshine & not being sick 😣🤒 . it’s not a perfect flow by any means, and it’s super easy for me to pick apart every little movement and detail BUT that doesn’t make it any less of a video and most importantly, it doesn’t make this any less “yoga” ✨ . this has been one of the biggest lessons yoga has taught me - perfection is not the goal and, no matter what your goal, it will require PATIENCE and PRACTICE !!! this applies to music, school, life, everything! 🌻 . for me, putting out music, videos, flows, whatever, has always been about giving myself a timeline where i can see progress & growth (both inside & out!). sharing with other people is SO vulnerable, and it still takes some getting used to every time i put something out 💛 . been learning & growing lots this season. focusing on healing, and patience these next few days 🌟 . 🎶 song is a happy uke tune by me called “stuck in love” - link in bio! 😊

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☀️canción: lento → julieta venegas ( @julietavenegasp ) 🎶 acordes: F Bb Gm Eb ✨ • letras: y poco a poco olvida el tiempo y su velocidad frenar el ritmo ir muy lento cada vez más lento 🌻 se delicado y espera dame tiempo para darte todo lo que tengo (x2) • ya lo extraño el sol de los angeles aquí en tejas !! 😭 cuando estaba en el estudio grabando mi nueva canción “baila/dance” encontré esta canción por una referencia y la me enamoré inmediatamente 😍 ¡qué increíble esta música! sus letras describen perfectamente los sentimientos de un “crush” 😉 es una de mis favoritas de 2019 🌟🤞

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chandlersinging. u guys asked for this & here it is ✨🤞billie, you’ve really done it ag

u guys asked for this & here it is ✨🤞billie, you’ve really done it again with this one 😍 @wherearetheavocados 🎶 • #billieeilish #wishuweregay #billieeilishcover #ukulele #ukulelelove #ukulelecover #uke #ukesongs #billieeilishmusic

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i often find that the meaning of yoga changes a little bit for me each passing day (just like music!). some days it’s patience and forgiveness, other days it’s strength, and still others it’s a combination of breath and vulnerability. i still have so much to learn and i still feel so new each time i step on my mat, but i know that no matter where i am or the type of day it is that, in yoga, i will always find the space to grow 😊🌻

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chandlersinging. youtube link in bio ✨ ( https://youtu.be/FQAt9QjruQE )

youtube link in bio ✨ ( https://youtu.be/FQAt9QjruQE )

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still not over this @corinnebaileyrae 🌻

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song: ✨exist✨ by me !! • got the full @uscsoundstage video(s) up on IGTV 😘✨ half interview + half performance, so u get to hear me ramble, play a kissing game (?!), and i let y’all in on my next single release 😉 (hint: mi próxima canción tiene españolll 🌻😍) check it out!!! 📺

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what an incredible weekend it’s been getting to meet & flow with the amazing @aminahtaha 🌟!! for those of you who don’t know, my yoga practice is a HUGE part of my life - and it’s something i want to become more comfortable sharing with you all on instagram ✨🌻 through this platform, i’ve been able to combine yoga and music in ways i never even knew were possible, and there is only more to come! 🧘‍♀️ i am so so excited to keep flowing and singing with you all! ☀️💕 (p.s. check out my☽ story highlight to see some of the yogis i’ve been working with the past year 😘🎶)

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song: 👻 monster by @doddleoddle 👻 • • my favorite thing about instagram, is how it connects me to other humans that i absolutely adore (+ occassionally get to work with!) 😍🎶 if you like ukulele, you’ll definitely love what @helloabbylyons & i came up with! our second video is over on her page 😘✨🌻 • • • • #ukulele #dodie #monster #cover #uke #ukecover #doddleoddle #ukulelelove #ukulelecover #human #dodiehuman #dodiecover #dodieclark

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been v sick this past week (🙁), but found some time in the sun to strum out one of my favorite @norahjones songs “sunrise” ☀️ looking forward to see her in @pussnbootsmusic in LA this weekend! 🌟 i on the other hand have got some new videos + good tunes headed your way, hang tight y’all 😘 (&& pls wish me a speedy recovery!! sick sucks!!) 😅

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i suppose these faces best describe how my past weekend at the #NAMM show went! 🎶🌟✨ what an absolute blast it was showing you all some of the fantastic tech from @centrance & running into so many friendly faces 😊💛 having a weekend of music like this reminds me why i wanted to be out in LA in the first place 🌆☀️ each year, things just seem to shine a little brighter! (the countdown for NAMM 2020 is SO on!!!) 🤩 • • P.S. is this martin guitar not the raddest thing you’ve ever seen?? 🤭 thanks @jus10h for the rad pics & chance to strum a bit! 🎸

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listening to @weezer ‘s new Teal album like 🥰🤩😱🤤 (i mean, r u kidding?! @tearsforfearsmusic IM IN LOVE) • • pls enjoy this cover i made while eating lunch between classes - ALSO if you wanna meet/sing/hug/laugh/cry together i’ll be at the NAMM show in Anaheim this weekend working @centrance ‘s booth and would LOVE to see ya!!! ✨🌟 gonna b a rad one!

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