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challengethyyoga. 📣 #GetYourPropOn
🍁Repost from @thisgoatslife -  C’mon y’all!  You mu

📣 #GetYourPropOn 🍁Repost from @thisgoatslife - C’mon y’all! You must play! YES YOU! Actual yoga props not required. Modified props are totally cool and very much welcome! 🚨 Ahhhh new challenge alert!!! 🚨 Join us for a fun filled prop challenge next week! 💥Starting TOMORROW 🤗 Monday November the 19th for one week #GetYourPropOn is all about the props that help you succeed in your yoga journey! We’ve selected a prop a day and have some fabulous sponsors! So go ahead and show us your most creative use of a prop or follow one of the “proppy” hosts. Hosts: @atimeforflowers (Breeze) @flowin_through_life_ (Martina) @thisgoatslife (Sashaba) @dphilblack (Dominika) . . Sponsors: @mamakuka @loveprayjewelry @fabricavida @aquaburns @perfectbalanceworld @dontmesswithganesh @bakasana_activewear @elevatedbodycare . To enter: 1 Repost the flyer and hashtag #GetYourPropOn
2 Follow all sponsors and hosts
3 Tag your friends and set your profile to public 
4 Show us your favourite pose or flow using the daily prop or follow one of the hosts posting (Martina will be posting flows!!!)
5 Mention the hashtag and the hosts and sponsors in your daily posts
6 Stay safe & have fun . . Prop of the day line-up (Pick whatever pose calls to you. Makeshift props and variations are always welcome.) 1 Paul the wall 2 Blocks/Box/Brick 3 Strap 4 Socks 5 Chair 6 Wheel/foam roller 7 yogi’s choice (baby/pet/anything!) ________________________________________ * * * * * * #challengethyyoga #yogachallenge #yogachallenges #IGYoga #yoga #novemberyogachallenge #novemberyogachallenge2018 #igyogachallenge #igyogacommunity #yogaeverydamnday #yogajourney #practicenotperfection #yogagram #yogacommunity #yogadaily #yogainspiration #yogaeveryday #instayoga #practiceandalliscoming

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challengethyyoga. 📣 #HappyHipStretches
🍁Repost from @sabine.appleby - 🌟Challenge anno

📣 #HappyHipStretches 🍁Repost from @sabine.appleby - 🌟Challenge announcement 🌟 Let’s flow together for happy hips. We sit on chairs and stand for long hours. Let’s all find our inner Shakira (men included too) and open our hips for happy yogis. With or without a feet-up, play around and re-connect with your relaxed hips. Open to all levels - every day has an emphasis on opening our hips through a different pose, and open to all yogi adjustments 😌💕🌵 ••• Thankful Hosts: @regularyogagirl @chelisa.marie @lauralouiseyoga @sabine.appleby 🤸‍♂️ Generous Sponsors: @feetup @blossomyogawear @vayumudra @lotusblossomyoga ••• HOW TO JOIN ✨ 1️⃣ Follow all hosts & sponsors. Ensure you have a public profile. 2️⃣ Repost this flyer & tag a few friends to join in on the relaxation! 3️⃣ Post 5 poses using the hashtag #HappyHipStretches while tagging all hosts & sponsors. 4️⃣ Practice mindfully & choose adjustments and alignments that work for you! ••• 26 November - Pigeon prep pose 27 November - King Arthur pose 28 November - Standing Splits 29 November - Lotus Pose 30 November - Wall straddle ••• ________________________________________ * * * * * * #challengethyyoga #yogachallenge #yogachallenges #IGYoga #yoga #novemberyogachallenge #novemberyogachallenge2018 #igyogachallenge #igyogacommunity #yogaeverydamnday #yogajourney #practicenotperfection #yogagram #yogacommunity #yogadaily #yogainspiration #yogaeveryday #instayoga #practiceandalliscoming

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challengethyyoga. 📣 #NovemberYogaShapes
🍁Repost from @unicorns_and_yoga - 🔹NEW CHALLE

📣 #NovemberYogaShapes 🍁Repost from @unicorns_and_yoga - 🔹NEW CHALLENGE ANNOUNCEMENT🔹 Join us from November 26 - 30 in #NovemberYogaShapes! Let's celebrate the end of fall with some yoga in this short and beautiful challenge! 🔹Hosts: @clacuru @unicorns_and_yoga @liu.yanti @fani_filou 🔹Sponsors: @arthleticyogawear @yogasling @thesamadhiinitiative @vayumudra @priyanada_inspirations @insideoutsideoutsidein @onezipper @yoggys_foryogis Pose Line Up: 1)Standing Pose 2)Backbend Pose 3)Hip Opener Pose 4)Arm Balance Pose 5)Inversion How to play: 🔹 Please follow all hosts and sponsors and tag them in your daily posts 🔹Repost this flyer and tag some friends 🔹Ensure that your profile is public so we can see your beautiful posts 🔹Be safe and have fun! #yoga #girl ________________________________________ * * * * * * #challengethyyoga #yogachallenge #yogachallenges #IGYoga #yoga #novemberyogachallenge #novemberyogachallenge2018 #igyogachallenge #igyogacommunity #yogaeverydamnday #yogajourney #practicenotperfection #yogagram #yogacommunity #yogadaily #yogainspiration #yogaeveryday #instayoga #practiceandalliscoming

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challengethyyoga. 📣 #AutumnBalancedYogis
🍁Repost from @kwang_angkana - 💛🔆CHALLENGE A

📣 #AutumnBalancedYogis 🍁Repost from @kwang_angkana - 💛🔆CHALLENGE ANNOUNCEMENT🔆💛. . Aside from physical benefits such as improved coordination, increased physical strength and more stability — balancing poses can offer many emotional and spiritual benefits! They are helpful for relieving stress, reducing tension and fatigue. These asanas also help to improve focus, concentration and memory. Join us on November 24-30st! For #AutumnBalancedYogis challenge and get all the benefits mentioned above👆🏻 . 🍁 🍂 🍁 🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂 Your loving hosts❤️: @kwang_angkana . @inspiremyyoga . @saho_yoga . @yoga_miss_tee . . Generous sponsors: @liquidoactive . @liquidodubai . @szmalas . @narabellabrand . @vyanayogadesign . @insideoutsideoutsidein . @alayama_yogawear . @layala.jp . @thehennaden . . Line up: 1. Toe balance 2. Arm balance 3. Handstand balance 4. Head balance 5. Forearm balance 6. Feet balance 7. Yogis choice balance ________________________________________ * * * * * * #challengethyyoga #yogachallenge #yogachallenges #IGYoga #yoga #novemberyogachallenge #novemberyogachallenge2018 #igyogachallenge #igyogacommunity #yogaeverydamnday #yogajourney #practicenotperfection #yogagram #yogacommunity #yogadaily #yogainspiration #yogaeveryday #instayoga #practiceandalliscoming

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challengethyyoga. 📣 #NovOmBird
🍁Repost from @bowlingandyoga -  Calling all birdies!

📣 #NovOmBird 🍁Repost from @bowlingandyoga - Calling all birdies! Bird is the WORD! #NovOmBird . Join four #namastefitchicks to close out your November with Bird themed postures! Nov 24th-30th . Details: . Each host will be presenting different levels of the daily pose so that ALL levels of Practice can feel confident in playing along. . How to play: Tag some friends to grow our flock, then repost this flyer (feed and stories!) . Prep: Ashleigh @smashletics Level1: Jules @yogifromkentucky Level2/transitions: Rebecca @bowlingandyoga Level 3/Hybrid: Kate @yogamom.journey . . Day 1: Crow Pose Day 2: Seated Pigeon Day 3: Side Crow Pose Day 4: Bird of Paradise Day 5: Flying Pigeon Pose Day 6: Pincha Mayurasana Day 7: Rooster Pose . Can't wait to play! . ________________________________________ * * * * * * #challengethyyoga #yogachallenge #yogachallenges #IGYoga #yoga #novemberyogachallenge #novemberyogachallenge2018 #igyogachallenge #igyogacommunity #yogaeverydamnday #yogajourney #practicenotperfection #yogagram #yogacommunity #yogadaily #yogainspiration #yogaeveryday #instayoga #practiceandalliscoming

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challengethyyoga. 📣 #OpenHeartswithSmiles
🍁Repost from @blaze_esther - 🎊🎉NEW CHALLEN

📣 #OpenHeartswithSmiles 🍁Repost from @blaze_esther - 🎊🎉NEW CHALLENGE ANNOUNCEMENT🎉🎊 . 💥SAVE THE DATE!💥Open your hearts with us in your yoga practice in #OpenHeartswithSmiles from November 23 - 29 💗💫 . How many times do we take a moment to breathe and smile? 😁 In this challenge, we will share various asanas that help open the Anahata or heart Chakra 💚 to create a yoga practice that can help you stay mindful and smile throughout your backbending postures. 😊 . . How to play: 1) Repost this flyer and tag a few friends who might want to join! 2) Follow all hosts and sponsors. 3) Take a pic/video of the daily practice/pose and post it using the challenge hashtag #OpenHeartswithSmiles. Don't forget to tag all hosts and sponsors in every post! 4) Be sure your account is set to public so we can see your posts in the gallery. 5) Check in with your fellow participants, make new friends, and have fun! . 💗Hosts: @satoko_yogini @blaze_esther @alysia_cen @mikaila_nyc . . 🎁Sponsors: @kundalini_clothing. @insideoutsideoutsidein. @khromaherbs. @alayama_yogawear. @c2v.accessories. @mymalanecklace. @fnc_wellbeing. @fitrebelapparel. @om_style . . 💝 Daily lineup: 1. Any Ustrasana aka camel variation 2. Any Natarajasana aka dancer variation 3. Any Urdhva Dhanurasana or wheel variation 4. Any Kapotasana or pigeon variation 5. Any Hanumanasana or splits, or Anjaneyasana or low lunge variation 6. Any Sirsasana or inversion (open heart) 7. Your favorite open heart pose 💖 . . Honor your body temple, and let’s open our hearts! 😍 . . ________________________________________ * * * * * * #challengethyyoga #yogachallenge #yogachallenges #IGYoga #yoga #novemberyogachallenge #novemberyogachallenge2018 #igyogachallenge #igyogacommunity #yogaeverydamnday #yogajourney #practicenotperfection #yogagram #yogacommunity #yogadaily #yogainspiration #yogaeveryday #instayoga #practiceandalliscoming

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challengethyyoga. 📣 #balanceandbreathe
🍁Repost from @beliznamli -  YOGA CHALLENGE ANOU

📣 #balanceandbreathe 🍁Repost from @beliznamli - YOGA CHALLENGE ANOUNCEMENT I am so excited to announce hosting my first ever yoga challenge on this Instagram page! @mindfully.me_ @alohaandcoffee @natashacornishyoga And myself @beliznamli Will guide you through this challenge, focusing on the concept of balancing ourselves out for the coming cold months ahead through the use of movement and breath. The poses we have lined up will literally challenge our physical balance, build heat in the body - great for this time of year - and encourage us to use our breathe to find grounding in the face of challenge. . And what’s more: we have some AMAZING sponsors lined up for this one, each of which will be gifting a prize to some lucky participants of the challenge. A big thank you in advance to: @anaheart @vayumudra @prettyathletic @vegateam_uk I will be layering the asanas with the aim to make them more accessible so do not feel like a lack of experience is a reason not to take part! Excited to host alongside these amazing people and sponsors. To take part simply: ~ follow the sponsors (to make sure you are eligible for a prize) ~ follow the hosts (so that you don’t miss out on the) ~ use the hashtag #balanceandbreathe each day you post so that we can find and follow you during the challenge ~ let your friends know so that they can take part and have a chance to win as well 💕 ________________________________________ * * * * * * #challengethyyoga #yogachallenge #yogachallenges #IGYoga #yoga #novemberyogachallenge #novemberyogachallenge2018 #igyogachallenge #igyogacommunity #yogaeverydamnday #yogajourney #practicenotperfection #yogagram #yogacommunity #yogadaily #yogainspiration #yogaeveryday #instayoga #practiceandalliscoming

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challengethyyoga. 📣 #propthepose
🍁Repost from @tiarvafilin -  My first ever yogachalle

📣 #propthepose 🍁Repost from @tiarvafilin - My first ever yogachallenge ! Very exciting 💕❤️❤️ NEW CHALLENGE 26 Nov. - 2 Dec. Very CREATIVE challenge here to share ideas on HOW TO USE PROPS in our practice! We will only give you the type of poses to do every day. Following this you will choose your pose and your prop! Every host will be using one prop during all the challenge in order to give you more ideas on how to use it for your own practice. RULES: Don’t forget to follow all hosts & sponsors, to set your profile on public, to tag all hosts & sponsors in your posts and to use the hashtag #propthepose in your posts so that we can find you easily. Hosts: @clsfitmom - wheel @juraspfit - chair @shelymas - wall @tiarvafilin - strap @thesakurayoga - block Sponsors: @confusedgirlla @kickassyoga @om_life_oils @soleactiveapparel @vayumudra Type of poses: 1. Standing pose 2. Forward fold 3. Twist 4. Backbend 5. Arm balance 6. Inversion 7. Yogi’s choice . ________________________________________ * * * * * * #challengethyyoga #yogachallenge #yogachallenges #IGYoga #yoga #novemberyogachallenge #novemberyogachallenge2018 #igyogachallenge #igyogacommunity #yogaeverydamnday #yogajourney #practicenotperfection #yogagram #yogacommunity #yogadaily #yogainspiration #yogaeveryday #instayoga #practiceandalliscoming

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challengethyyoga. 📣 #AsanasYogaLab
🍁Repost from @aerialyogagirl_ - 🌬NEW CHALLENGE ANN

📣 #AsanasYogaLab 🍁Repost from @aerialyogagirl_ - 🌬NEW CHALLENGE ANNOUNCEMENT 🍃 This is my first challenge as a host, I'm so excited to see what will come out from our and your poses !! 😜 - #AsanasYogaLab 26-30 Nov, 2018 🍃 Join us for 5 fun days while we experiment with our asanas in the 🌬AIR and 🍃EARTH! You can choose to fly, ground yourself or you can even get creative and add some of the other two elements (🔥 and 💧) and be careful! 😋 Two hosts will be giving options for aerial yoga and the other two for yoga on the mat. You can follow along or spice up your experiment! 🔥🍃🌬💧 What results will your experiment show? Can’t wait to see it! Open to all chemistry levels😘 🍃 . . 🌬 Hosts ♡ @vittoria_fox @aerialyogagirl_ @saraalaire @flaviayogalicia 🍃 🌬 Generous Sponsors ♡ @leonnordactive @emibysuragh @yogashero @morpho_jewels @aerialyogagear @vayumudra 🍃 . . 🌬 To participate and qualify, please be sure to 1. Follow all hosts and sponsors. 2. Use hashtag #AsanasYogaLab and post daily. 3. Tag hosts and sponsors in your photos. 4. Be sure your profile is set to public so we can see your beautiful photos. 5. Repost this flyer and tag 2 friends to join. 🍃 🌬Pose lineup♡ Day 1 Locust Day 2 Goddess Day 3 Bow Day 4 Split Day 5 Any inversion 🍃 ________________________________________ * * * * * * #challengethyyoga #yogachallenge #yogachallenges #IGYoga #yoga #novemberyogachallenge #novemberyogachallenge2018 #igyogachallenge #igyogacommunity #yogaeverydamnday #yogajourney #practicenotperfection #yogagram #yogacommunity #yogadaily #yogainspiration #yogaeveryday #instayoga #practiceandalliscoming

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challengethyyoga. 📣 #TheSoulOfaYogi
🍁Repost from @slh.yoga - 💥NEW CHALLENGE!!
Join us

📣 #TheSoulOfaYogi 🍁Repost from @slh.yoga - 💥NEW CHALLENGE!! Join us from November 25-December 4, for a 10 day journal prompt challenge that will help us get to know ourselves and each other just a little bit better Myself and my beautiful co-host @awildflowersoul are passionate about challenges that reach people on an emotional level. Challenges that make you think a bit and delve deeper into your own being. Each day Alex and I will ask you guys something and give you a pose that corresponds to that question. We ask you guys to dig deep and let us into your hearts and your practice over these next 10 days. Our hope is that you learn a new thing or two about yourself while telling us all about it ✨ The rules are simple; 1.) repost this flyer using the hashtag #TheSoulOfaYogi 2.) set your profile to PUBLIC 3.) follow and tag both Alex and I and all sponsors in your posts so we can see them in the gallery! 4.) listen to your body, engage with each other and enjoy❤️ For those of you who like to plan ahead here is a list of our problems and poses☺️ Day 1 - mermaid - what is your sign? What is the strongest quality your sign brings out of you? Day 2 - wild thing - in your opinion what is the most beautiful thing about life? Day 3 - handstand - what is one thing you consider to be the most unfair in the world today? Day 4 - any bind - what is something you’ve always wanted to say to an ex? This could be a lover or a friend. Day 5 - boat pose - Sunlight or moonlight? Tell us why. 📣CTY Note: Edited for caption length *Refer to host page for complete details/pose list* ✨ Hosts: @slh.yoga @awildflowersoul Sponsors: @earthshineartistry @vayumudra @insideoutoutsidein @soter_bentes @glassticbottle @zenpolitan @safari_blankets ________________________________________ * * * * * * #challengethyyoga #yogachallenge #yogachallenges #IGYoga #yoga #novemberyogachallenge #novemberyogachallenge2018 #igyogachallenge #igyogacommunity #yogaeverydamnday #yogajourney #practicenotperfection #yogagram #yogacommunity #yogadaily #yogainspiration #yogaeveryday #instayoga #practiceandalliscoming

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challengethyyoga. 📣 #IgniteYourChakras
🍁Repost from @gemmacarletonyoga - 🔥NEW CHALLEN

📣 #IgniteYourChakras 🍁Repost from @gemmacarletonyoga - 🔥NEW #IgniteYourChakras November.25-December.1 . Join in and create a flow that will be sure to wake up each of your 7 chakras! . We can’t wait to see the flows you create using our lists (SWIPE for lists) 😃 Option to pick just 1 pose and post a photo is available too! . The “repost app” is very easy to use and free!! Just to be extra sure all hosts are seeing your wonderful posts, please TAG us as well ❤️ . How to play along: 🔥Follow all hosts and Sponsors 🔥Public profile 🔥Repost this flyer on your feed 🔥Post a video/photo each day 🔥Tag a few friends to join 🔥Play safe and Have fun . HOSTS: @gemmacarletonyoga @yogi_ivysagittarius @lalli_yoga_alchemy @shaynarooney @wapatoose @pantaleon_belen . . SPONSORS: @prana @mymalanecklace @glassticbottle @omstarsofficial -6month membership plus ALL participants will receive a free 1 month membership!(code is IGNITEYOURCHAKRAS) @pranavidastyle @mymalagarden @theyogadirection @yogapaws @dansearl @tinydevotions - ________________________________________ * * * * * * #challengethyyoga #yogachallenge #yogachallenges #IGYoga #yoga #novemberyogachallenge #novemberyogachallenge2018 #igyogachallenge #igyogacommunity #yogaeverydamnday #yogajourney #practicenotperfection #yogagram #yogacommunity #yogadaily #yogainspiration #yogaeveryday #instayoga #practiceandalliscoming

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challengethyyoga. 📣 #FallForCore
🍁Repost from @yogawithgandha - 👋🏼 Hey Yogis!

📣 #FallForCore 🍁Repost from @yogawithgandha - 👋🏼 Hey Yogis! 🍁🍄🍃 FALL is in full swing so we think it’s the perfect time to #FallForCore !!! 🔥 Join us November 24 - 30 as we show you new ways to strengthen the vital powerhouse of our bodies. For 7 days we will present fresh, fun ideas so you will have a whole new repertoire for your personal practice!Here’s how to play along :: 🔸 Follow all hosts & sponsors. 🔸 Share this flyer on your page with the hashtag #FallForCore & tag some friends to join 🔸 Check out the hosts’ posts each day of the challenge for helpful ideas, tips & tricks. Then share YOUR practice of the day’s pose! 🔸 Tag hosts, sponsors & include the hashtag #FallForCore each day on your public posts so we can see you & give you some love. 🔸 Most importantly—do what feels comfortable for YOU and have fun! . 🌻Hosts :: @yogawithgandha @ritaayoga @yogawesermarsch @cece.carson . 🌟 Sponsors :: @Liquidoactive @liforme @organicsocksofsweden @niinaa_corner . 🔥 Lineup :: 1 on hands & feet 2 on tummy 3 on butt 4 on back 5 on head/inverted 6 on forearms (and feet) 7 on hands . ________________________________________ * * * * * * #challengethyyoga #yogachallenge #yogachallenges #IGYoga #yoga #novemberyogachallenge #novemberyogachallenge2018 #igyogachallenge #igyogacommunity #yogaeverydamnday #yogajourney #practicenotperfection #yogagram #yogacommunity #yogadaily #yogainspiration #yogaeveryday #instayoga #practiceandalliscoming

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challengethyyoga. 📣 #YogisLikeToFly2
🍁Repost from @omniyogagirl -  Arm balance challen

📣 #YogisLikeToFly2 🍁Repost from @omniyogagirl - Arm balance challenge alert! Annoucing #YogisLikeToFly2 !! #YogisLikeToFly was so fun we decided to do another round! 🎉Please join us in getting on our hands... Yogis like nothing better than to fly right?! Whether you’re a frequent flyer, or just getting started, then join us for this super awesome challenge! Line up included below for your convenience 😆 💜 #YogisLikeToFly2 November 24-30th 💜 Flying Hosts: @ina.yoga @omniyogagirl @shreeyoga 🦅 Amazing Sponsors @dharmabumsactive @onzie @liforme @consciouschocolate @yogisurprise @malabella_jewels @feetup @yogapaws 💜 Pose Line Up: Day 1 Side crow Day 2 Peacock Day 3 Pincha mayurasana Day 4 Handstand Day 5 Headstand Day 6 Eight angle Day 7 Free choice 🦅 Guidelines To Enter: 1. Repost This Flyer and Hashtag #YogisLikeToFly2 2. Follow All Hosts and Sponsors 3. Tag a couple friends to join 4. Post daily, hashtag #YogisLikeToFly2 with all posts, and tag all hosts and sponsors so we know you are playing along. . ________________________________________ * * * * * * #challengethyyoga #yogachallenge #yogachallenges #IGYoga #yoga #novemberyogachallenge #novemberyogachallenge2018 #igyogachallenge #igyogacommunity #yogaeverydamnday #yogajourney #practicenotperfection #yogagram #yogacommunity #yogadaily #yogainspiration #yogaeveryday #instayoga #practiceandalliscoming

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challengethyyoga. 📣 #headshoulderskneesandtoesasanas
🍁Repost from @popsterivy - 🔥NEW

📣 #headshoulderskneesandtoesasanas 🍁Repost from @popsterivy - 🔥NEW CHALLENGE 🔥 ● We are bringing back an old classic with #headshoulderskneesandtoesasanas 💪 but we are giving this well known childhood song a new twist, focusing on each body part at a time through our asanas. So if you are interested come join us from November 24th-30th and let your inner child come play! 😆 . To be eligible for a prize: 1. Follow all hosts and sponsors. 2. Repost the flyer and tag 3 friends who might want to join in! 3. Post the selected pose each day using the hashtag #HeadShouldersKneesAndToesAsanas and tag all hosts and sponsors. 4. Make sure your profile is public so we can see your pictures. . ♥️Hosts @nataliee_yoga @yoginidevon @kittyfhloe @popsterivy . ♥️Generous Sponsors @liquidoactive @mala_lesateliersdebrahma @soter_bentes @gocleveryoga @azendea . ♥️Pose line up Day 1 Headstand Day 2 Fallen Angel Day 3 Shoulderstand Day 4 Kneeling mermaid Day 5 Horse Face pose / Vatayanasana Day 6 Toe stand Day 7 Yogis Choice ________________________________________ * * * * * * #challengethyyoga #yogachallenge #yogachallenges #IGYoga #yoga #novemberyogachallenge #novemberyogachallenge2018 #igyogachallenge #igyogacommunity #yogaeverydamnday #yogajourney #practicenotperfection #yogagram #yogacommunity #yogadaily #yogainspiration #yogaeveryday #instayoga #practiceandalliscoming

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challengethyyoga. 📣 #ChakrEnergyYogis
🍁Repost from @yoglove - ✨Challenge Announcement✨

📣 #ChakrEnergyYogis 🍁Repost from @yoglove - ✨Challenge Announcement✨ ~19.-25.~ #ChakrEnergyYogis We would like to introduce you to the chakra doctrine and explain what chakras are and how to influence them. Chakras are energy wheels in your body. you have 7 pieces. with certain asanas, you can use energies to flow, re-flow and release blockades. every chakra is attributed to about seven years of your life. Stay safe and have fun 🧡 ✨ Hosts: @cassydoesyoga @lezette.marie @_clarityoga_ @yoglove ✨ Sponsors: @omstarsofficial ~ one month free for my followers and participant of this challenge with CHAKR @vayumudra @hathamat_berlin @earthlingsbrand @sashka_co @urbanizedbeauty @insideoutsideoutsidein ✨ We are so proud to announce our upcoming challenge! The challenge starts in a few days, don’t forget to take part 🧡 - To eligible to win a prize: 1. Follow all hosts and sponsors, don’t forget to tag us 2. Repost the flyer and invite a few friends 3. post a pose with hashtag #ChakrEnergyYogis every day and tag us hosts and the sponsors 4. Make sure your profile is public 5. and have some good Energy together ✨ - ________________________________________ * * * * * * #challengethyyoga #yogachallenge #yogachallenges #IGYoga #yoga #novemberyogachallenge #novemberyogachallenge2018 #igyogachallenge #igyogacommunity #yogaeverydamnday #yogajourney #practicenotperfection #yogagram #yogacommunity #yogadaily #yogainspiration #yogaeveryday #instayoga #practiceandalliscoming

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challengethyyoga. 📣 #GroundingAndGratitude
🍁Repost from @darla_coffman - 🍃🍂🍁PLEASE

📣 #GroundingAndGratitude 🍁Repost from @darla_coffman - 🍃🍂🍁PLEASE JOIN US🍁🍂🍃 #GroundingAndGratitude The holiday season can be hectic and it's easy to forget what/why we are celebrating!!! Join us for a week of intention to invite the goodness of Thanksgiving into our daily practice. Each day we offer a focus, you choose the grounding pose and a caption that compliments it. Feel free to get creative and make this your very own🍁. . . . . 🍃Grateful hostesses🍃: . @darla_coffman @rockabetty25 . 🍂Generous sponsors🍂: . @liquidoactive @nuflofit @urbanizedbeauty @gocleveryoga @narabellabrand @yogapaws OUR DAILY FOCUS where/how you find gratitude in: 16 family 17 your body 18 yoga practice 19 self 20 challenges/fears 21 milestones 22 holidays/traditions Feel free to be creative with your photos or edits however you choose. To Play: 🍁follow ALL Hosts and sponsors - we will check! 🍂 post a daily pic or video 🍃tag posts with #GroundingandGratitude and tag hosts - mention sponsors in your caption 🎃as always, be safe , and modify with props as needed See you in the Gallery! . . ________________________________________ * * * * * * #challengethyyoga #yogachallenge #yogachallenges #IGYoga #yoga #novemberyogachallenge #novemberyogachallenge2018 #igyogachallenge #igyogacommunity #yogaeverydamnday #yogajourney #practicenotperfection #yogagram #yogacommunity #yogadaily #yogainspiration #yogaeveryday #instayoga #practiceandalliscoming

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challengethyyoga. 📣 #flexy4fall
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📣 #flexy4fall 🍁Repost from @jennyg2bfit - 🍁🍂New Challenge Announcement! 🍂🍁 . #flexy4fall . November 24-30 . Fall is a time for change and adapting our practice to this new season of shorter days and cooler temps. As the temps drop let’s keep the yoga heat by practicing often and to promote flexibility. This challenge serves to invite you to share what poses are the ones in your practice that you feel most flexy in. Let’s inspire one another to continue our yoga practice through season changes. . . 🧡Hosts: . @beahappyamy @honeylemonyoga @jennyg2bfit @love.yoga.travel . . 🧡Sponsors: . Sponsors: @yobaby_hk @everstretch @glassticbottle @yogaevo @insideoutsideoutsidein . . 🧡For those of you that like to plan ahead. Our lineup: . . 1️⃣Any Hip opener 2️⃣Any Heart Opener 3️⃣Standing Fold/Seated Fold 4️⃣Any Flexy bird pose 5️⃣Twist/Bind 6️⃣Prone/Reclined 7️⃣Arm balance/Standing balance . . 🧡 How to play to be eligible for sponsor prizes: . . 🍁Follow all sponsors and hosts . 🍁 Post a daily pic of a flexy pose . 🍁Tag all hosts and sponsors in your caption or comments. 🍁Use #Flexy4fall in each post⠀ 🍁Make sure that your IG profile is public so that we can see you . 🍁Listen to your body and play safe⠀ . ________________________________________ * * * * * * #challengethyyoga #yogachallenge #yogachallenges #IGYoga #yoga #novemberyogachallenge #novemberyogachallenge2018 #igyogachallenge #igyogacommunity #yogaeverydamnday #yogajourney #practicenotperfection #yogagram #yogacommunity #yogadaily #yogainspiration #yogaeveryday #instayoga #practiceandalliscoming

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challengethyyoga. 📣 #IGYogaTwins
🍁Repost from @jennyg2bfit - 💖NEW CHALLENGE 💖

📣 #IGYogaTwins 🍁Repost from @jennyg2bfit - 💖NEW CHALLENGE 💖 . . #IGYogaTwins . November 24-28 . 👯‍♀️Hosts: @JennyG2BFit @AmyWeckerMD @That_Damn_Hippie_JennaMetal @CrazyAsiaYoga @AimeeMasch @AmyYogaMomOf3 . 💜Sponsors: . @CodeFitMiami @Vayumudra @TheSamadhiInitiative @YogaPaws @Insideoutsideoutsidein @The_Tattooed_Hippie @MyLuckyKarma We are so blessed to have found a virtual community of positive, empowering, supportive yogis on instagram! And if you’re anything like us, then somewhere along the way your IG friends have become IRL friends, even if you haven’t met in real life! To celebrate these sacred, beautiful relationships we bring you #IGYogaTwins, a “twinning” themed challenge. 🌎 Don’t worry if you and your best IG friends live on the opposite side of the world! You can participate in this challenge with a partner, you can individually celebrate the relationships you’ve made here, or you and a buddy can work together and separately post a twinning pose regardless of where either of you live! The goal is to recognize our relationships, and our positive exchange of energy, all over the world through this platform. ✌🏼 . 🙏🏼 Our daily lineup themes: 1️⃣Inversion 2️⃣Arm balance 3️⃣Hip opener 4️⃣Heart opener 5️⃣Yogis choice . . 🏆 To be eligible for prizes: 1️⃣ Follow all sponsors and hosts 2️⃣ Post one daily and use the hashtag #IGYogaTwins 3️⃣ Tag all hosts and sponsors in your captions 4️⃣ Repost the flyer and tag some friends to play along 5️⃣ Make sure that your IG profile is public so we can see your posts 6️⃣ Let us know if you are an international yogi or living in the US (post in bio, tag posts or include in caption) . ________________________________________ * * * * * * #challengethyyoga #yogachallenge #yogachallenges #IGYoga #yoga #novemberyogachallenge #novemberyogachallenge2018 #igyogachallenge #igyogacommunity #yogaeverydamnday #yogajourney #practicenotperfection #yogagram #yogacommunity #yogadaily #yogainspiration #yogaeveryday #instayoga #practiceandalliscoming

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