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bri_owens_. I caught a nasty cold this weekend, and when I demo’ed pincha mayurasa

I caught a nasty cold this weekend, and when I demo’ed pincha mayurasana in my class on Sunday, it nearly did me in. So today I’ll be staring at pictures of inversions, dreaming of the day when I’m not sick and can get upside down again. (It’s been four days, I might die, send help!) #withlovewithgratitude #andasniffleandacough #handstand #inversions


Practicing Yoga turns FIVE years old today! This place means so much to me both as a student and as a teacher. It is truly my second home, a place where I feel completely empowered to be exactly who I am 100% of the time. I, and every other teacher there, holds space for you to experience this feeling in our classes as well. There is some serious magic and a ridiculous amount of love inside these four walls. If you haven’t tried it out yet, now is the time: PY is running a bunch of anniversary specials today through Sunday! ALL classes through 7/15 are only $5, and there are discounted class packs and memberships. Come and see what makes PY so so so special. #withlovewithgratitude #practicingyoga #happybirthdayPY

bri_owens_. Hey guess what? I love pizza and I eat it at least once a week. I coul

Hey guess what? I love pizza and I eat it at least once a week. I could devour a dozen chocolate chip cookies in one sitting, and sometimes I do. I drink beer. I’ll probably drink a lot of it today. Some days I scroll through my phone for an hour in the morning and as a result I don’t have time to meditate. I didn’t roll out my mat once this weekend while I was in New Orleans and I rarely do when I’m on vacation. I cuss like a sailor...truly...fuck is one of my favorite words. None of this, I repeat, NONE of this means I’m any worse at yoga than anyone else and I’d venture to guess a whole lot of yogis have similar vices that they don’t share with the public (which is totally their prerogative). _ But yoga doesn’t keep score. Yoga doesn’t actually give a shit if you have a weakness for sugar and cheese and enjoy a good Cabernet or a cheap beer. Yoga is about being you, all of you. If we could start to liberate this notion that we all have to be cookie cutter versions of whatever an “ideal” yogi is to be yoga practitioners, I think we’d all be a lot happier and we could certainly put a lot less pressure on ourselves. Sure I put good things in my body most of the time, and I meditate and practice asana most of the time. And I do my absolute best to be a good person to those around me, and sometimes I fail, and I fix what needs to be fixed and I do better the next time. But this idea that we all have to be perfect 100% of the day is nonsense you guys. Can we let it go? Please? Said as always #withlovewithgratitude


What an incredible weekend with some truly incredible women. Till September sweet friends. #frauleinfiesta #hotgarbage #wahwahwah #asyouwish915


Words really fail me with these two. They are everything to me, and while I hate that they live across the country, the time we get to spend together is valuable beyond measure. My people through and through. #frauleinfiesta ➰ You know I snagged this fabulous vintage crop set from @maysnightmarket @maysplace_stl.

bri_owens_. What do you do when you’re the first one at the Air BnB with a couple

What do you do when you’re the first one at the Air BnB with a couple hours to kill before your girl gang arrives? I think you know the answer. #yogayogayoga #withlovewithgratitude


In case you didn’t already know, let this stand as proof that Michelle Thomas is a magician behind the camera. My exact words when she showed me this were, “oh my god that’s me??” Thanks for helping me feel beautiful today Michelle! #withlovewithgratitude (Also this @lululemon bodysuit and no bra for the win).

bri_owens_. Went on the hunt for some crystals today and found this beaut. I was i

Went on the hunt for some crystals today and found this beaut. I was immediately drawn to it the second I walked in the store, and then I found out it was Mangano Calcite which is heavily associated with the heart chakra and restoration of self love. Hiiiiii universe. I’ve been feeling a little blue about my body lately. I’m nursing a shoulder problem that is proving to be a bit of a mystery and is affecting my practice which of course affects everything else in my life including my feelings of self worth. My meditations have been ultra noisy and after starting my Reiki training this weekend, some shit has been pulled to the surface that I thought I had sufficiently banished. Sometimes we get just what we need just when we need it. Right now I need a reminder that the essence of me is my heart, and when I connect to it I’m so much more at ease in thought, word, and action. So I loved this baby up as much as I could muster, and now I’ll begin again at the beginning, at the source, at the center, at the core and #withlovewithgratitude

bri_owens_. Energy follows intention. Approaching Monday with dread sets you up fo

Energy follows intention. Approaching Monday with dread sets you up for a dreadful day. If you are able, try to find a couple of moments today to connect to something you’re grateful for, or an intention for how you want to move through this day or this week. Check back in with yourself often to notice what a shift in focus offers up. (I promise you, it’s only gonna be the good stuff, and who doesn’t want more of the good stuff??) Happy Monday all! #withlovewithgratitude

bri_owens_. Did someone say International Day of Yoga?? I’m getting ready to get o

Did someone say International Day of Yoga?? I’m getting ready to get on my mat, make some shapes, and take a nice long savasana. How are you celebrating? I hope you can find time today to connect to whatever yoga is for you—the practice is deeply personal and whatever it is for you today IS YOGA. We are all better when we are all at our best. I deeply believe yoga is a powerful tool for uncovering and accepting our best and truest selves. Keep showing up for yourself and this practice will keep rewarding your efforts and pay you in dividends mentally, physically, and spiritually. The path might look different than you imagined: things so rarely play out exactly as we envisioned, but oh baby, it is a BEAUTIFUL road no matter how it unfolds. Thank you yoga, for all you have given me and all that is to come #withlovewithgratitude #internationaldayofyoga

bri_owens_. Father’s Day is often tough for me. We lost my dad unexpectedly 14 yea

Father’s Day is often tough for me. We lost my dad unexpectedly 14 years ago, mere months after I graduated high school. I regularly feel quite cheated that I didn’t really get enough time with him to actually know him, and I feel even worse for my younger brother who was only 14 at the time of our father’s passing—certainly not enough time for him, not enough time for any of us, even my older siblings who were grown and gone or my mother who had spent 25 years married to him. _ We have such a short amount of time on this earth. Even if we see these bodies through many decades, even if humanity lasts several more millennia, our time here is a blip in comparison to how long our planet, our universe, and realms and realities we don’t even know exist yet have been around. Virtually nothing in this life is truly known and outcomes and “truths” are far from certain. What I know is this, I want to spend every moment that I have here showing love and kindness. All we ever have is the present, all we can ever know fully is now. One of a very few things we actually have control over is how we show up for ourselves and others. I think it’s oh so important to do so with heart and to make choices that allow us to leave behind something that is greater than what we were given. Many many people including those making the biggest decisions for our country and our world are not exactly paving the way for us to leave this place better than how we got it. That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop doing what I can to counter that and use my short time here for the greatest good. I hope you’ll also use your gifts to move through your life completely, honestly, with love and with integrity. _ And if you’ve lost a father or a father figure my heart is with you today and every Father’s Day. You are loved. #withlovewithgratitude


Our “holy fuck it’s hot in St. Louis” faces. And y’all know I love the heat, but wooooooof. Braving that hot hot heat for the RFT Music Showcase. #rftmusicshowcase #stlove

bri_owens_. Kick up your heels today; it’s almost the weekend! #withlovewithgratit

Kick up your heels today; it’s almost the weekend! #withlovewithgratitude

bri_owens_. I don’t find myself tied to practicing or teaching “traditional asana”

I don’t find myself tied to practicing or teaching “traditional asana” nowadays, whatever that even means, since the Western practice of yoga has long-borrowed from many disciplines. I take and teach far fewer vinyasas than I did two years ago when I began teaching, I rarely offer sun salutations at all, ditching them in favor of long winding sequences that often take 20 minutes to get through both sides (and challenge my memory to hit everything) and I teach weird shapes that often come to me in the moment and that I choose to explore. _ I rarely teach up to peak poses anymore, I spend 60-75 minutes guiding my students through a practice that moves a whole lot, and opens up many parts of the body. I focus heavily on alignment cuing to keep our bodies safe, but ultimately you know what feels good and what doesn’t, and I let you have your experience and time to play. This style of asana is what feels good to me right now. Two years ago, a vinyasa-heavy, inversion heavy, peak pose heavy practice is what felt good. In another two years, my practice and teaching will probably morph in some way again, and I hope I welcome shifts because I am never the same person with each passing year. _ My yoga practice—asana and the other limbs of yoga—reflects my current sense of self and my teaching will always draw upon many aspects of my practice, though some elements I choose to keep rather private. And right now, my practice and teaching feels deliciously authentic and wonderful. All this to say I guess that there’s power in embracing change internally and physically, there’s power in allowing your yoga to grow with you instead forcing it to be something that no longer feels true to you anymore. One of the many beautiful things about a yoga practice is that it looks different for us all and the limit to what we can do with it does not exist. Being open to change is something I think most humans struggle with, but what happens when we truly open up wide to it? Sometimes, our lives, our fulfillment, our yoga, gets even better. I’m in for the long haul and doing my best to open up to change fully and completely. Are you with me? #withlovewithgratitude


A tree among trees. I know, soooooo original, and yet...here we are. #withlovewithgratitude


What do you do after teaching Shakespeare to 11-18 year olds all day for the first day of camp? Go see more Shakespeare of course!! Break legs Romeo and Juliet cast! #intheglen #shakesfeststl #explorestl #goseeaplay