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Even our 2017 WMD Mansa can't wake up this new batch of Catnap tea trays and coasters.

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While we will only have a few new one soon, we're hoping to relieve some of the pressure people have been giving us to carry more Jianshui zitao tea jars before the requests turn to threats.

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Our Yixing and Chaozhou clay pots have it easy. Every morning when we get into work, there they are. Just sun bathing without a care in the world, until it's time for one of them to make #tea.

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Found this tea eating dragon in Jianshui recently. Spits 90ml of fire with each brew.

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Tired of pouring your tea directly into your mouth? Need a way to drink tea without scalding your mouth? Fortunately we've got just the solution. These revolutionary devices are called "teacups" and we'll have 5 new hand painted styles coming soon.

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How can you improve upon a hand-engraved Xinjing Yixing zhuni teapot? Why by painting it with 24k gold of course.

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After plenty of plantation and qiaomu sheng puer samples recently, we decided to take a break with a small shou-down of sorts. Anyone who knows us or is capable of browsing our site can tell we're sheng people through and through. Sure, shou is nice from time to time, but it's gotta be really good or have something special to impress us. Well, 6 teas later we found one of those, which you'll hopefully be able to find mingling with our 2019 spring teas, whenever those are ready.

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We started running out of room for our cakes at the studio, so we invested in a new "small" Jianshui #tea jar that only holds about 14 cakes. Here it is with a 357g cake for scale and a 60ml Chaozhou teapot for confusion.

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Spent some time in the dark forest recently... This gushu dianhong (aka really old tree Yunnan black #tea) wasn't around for too long last year and even our personal stash is dwindling. This is one of the most exquisite and rich black teas we've come across, period. Our Sabertooth gushu black is already head and shoulders above any other Dianhong we've tried, but this is in another category of its own. Safe to say we're quite looking forward to making another trip to Fengqing for this one soon.

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Relaxing with some 2018 WMD Mansa and plotting our next steps after bringing in our first tea of spring 2019 to be pressed this morning. 1 tea down, XX left to go...

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If you received an email within the last 24 hours warning you that your Tea Miles are expiring, please feel free to ignore it and rest assured that we are not taking away your hard earned miles, no matter what any email says! Now that the scare is over, please allow this Liufang Duanni Yixing teapot to help soothe your nerves with its beautiful lines.

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Sometimes you just can't beat a classic shape. Our newest additions from Chaozhou, these zhuni clay shuiping teapots are perfect for Chaozhou style or solo brewing, measuring in at only 65ml.

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We added more new teaware than we expected to this week, making for a lot to take in. One of many little gems that we snuck in were there new re-styled Magnolia fair cups. Although they're fairly wide, their overall capacity is quite small at 125ml, but that makes them perfect for using with ~100ml teapots - and what a coincidence, we have those too!

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There's still time to earn an additional 1000 Tea Miles on your order (of $75+), and what better way to do it than by picking up one of our new Sublime wood fired teapots. #tea

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New teaware is up, plus earn 1000 bonus Tea Miles on all orders over $75 for the next 2 days! This month we've added a lot of teapots, including these hand engraved Xinjing (Heart Sutra) Yixing teapots. The difficulty of engraving these is compounded by their size, all under 100ml.

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Double the teapots, double the... #tea? You can expect new woodfired teapots arriving in multiples of 2 very shortly.

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This month's giveaway: a pair of these beautiful soda ash glaze teacups. Also, congratulations to MaryJane H, our winner for February's teaware giveaway! For those of you who just got here, we giveaway a piece (or in this case 2 pieces) of teaware every month to a completely random winner. All you have to do to be entered is make sure you're signed up to our mailing list (link in our bio, 1 email per person!) and stay signed up to continue being entered every month. It's like a teaware lottery that you actually have a chance of winning.

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Our Moon Surprise gaiwans are back in stock. These gaiwans are the exact same as our Moonlight/Moonshadow/Full moon gaiwans, the only difference is that you let fate decide your gaiwan. But when each one looks this good, it's not too bad of a trade off for 25% off.

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