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One of the most common and classic shapes, the Xishi teapot is inspired by one of the 4 ancient beauties in China of the same name. In case you're wondering how a pot's shape could be influenced by human form, we have a member of our team to help demonstrate.

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What, you mean it's not normal to hold a fully wrapped cake of puer with one hand while you brew? Well, we couldn't help it. Thanks to the talented @sasha.ignatiadou, we're fortunate enough to have something worth showing off when it comes to this year's Eden design. This Manzhuan raw puer was one of our personal favourites from last year, and we love it just as much this year, as it's just started to really settle back into itself almost 2 months after pressing.

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Been spending lots of time getting better acquainted with all the new teas. Some are still a bit shy after pressing, while others have wasted no time coming out of their shell. We recommend keeping this in mind as you break into those new cakes and dig into the samples. There's still plenty more tea 'n things to come soon as well...

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We're happy to say that our 90ml Dragon engraved Jianshui zitao teapots will be available again soon. The reason they're not available now is because we had to take brand new pictures of this batch all because of some small differences in details, like the shape of the lid knob. Even when we request a new batch of teaware to be exactly the same, we're lucky if 95% of the design is the same. That's just the way it is though, and more often than not it means remeasuring and new photos - all in a day's work.

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We're really feeling these new siting shape Yixing teapots. Each one is made from aged zhuni clay in a "fanggu" style, with a rougher texture of 20目 (mesh). This is on the lower end od the range in terms of fine-ness, which usually falls between 20-120目. Also loving these cups... Which may or may not have cats on them. We also have teaware that is cat free, I promise.

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Some days really feel harder than others. Or is it the other way around and some days are easier? It's not always so clear. Fortunately, every day has good #tea in it, whether the world is conspiring against us or things are going swimmingly. And for that we can be grateful - plus extra thanks to the floating hand that magically brought it.

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Big leaf. Big flavor. Big brick. Small price. Unlike the rest of our puer, this tea is a blend of the huang pian material from the entire productions of our '18 Year of the Dog (stored in Yiwu) and this year's Pig material. But it works. The extra year of more humid storage gives it a little more of a dynamic character than typical huang pian. It's predictably sweet, as Yiwu HP should be, but also pretty damn tangy. And we've got a few cases of 'em, although we're strongly considering keeping them to ourselves and "forgetting" about them for a decade or so...

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Drinking a new yellow #tea today (which we'll share soon). Our tea helper tea pet joined us too, but only under the condition that he wears his protective helmet at all times. He's already had 2 devastating accidents this year, which have required invasive super-glue surgery. We really can't afford to be less careful.

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Just a short taste for the eyes of the garden where our Year of the Pig (and dog and rooster and rat and...) Yiwu comes from. For the full video and a few others, check out our revived YouTube channel (link in bio). And of course like/subscribe in order to motivate us to make more. It's been a while since our first YouTube uploads before we even started as a company, which consisted of a few how to brew videos for each tea we offered, even though the instructions were almost exactly the same for each. We just assumed people didn't know how to gongfu brew at all, but you've all proven to be quite capable! Our goal now is... Well, no goal. Just share a bit of Yunnan through our own lens and hopefully give you a few minutes to relax and escape.

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Checking in on our Year of the Pig Yiwu now that it's more than a month out from pressing. Puer can take a little of time to settle after pressing - keep that in mind as you new cakes arrive! And while the tea itself is good and all, it's what's on the outside that counts, right? It's always an honour to work with talented and unique artists, and we couldn't be happier with this year's design by Beijing and New York based artist, @qiuruidu. If you haven't checked out his work yet, then what are you waiting for?

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Since our recent batch of Jianshui tong and water jars didn't last long, we figured another order was necessary. After almost a month of making and engraving, we popped down for a night to catch our next batch of jars being loaded into the kiln for firing. Although the clay is red now, 5 large tanks of gas and a day and a half of firing in a giant kiln will see them come out black.

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With our new Spring teas up, you still have another day or 2 to benefit from an extra 100 Tea Miles per cake purchased, with no limits. But aside from tea, we also have some beautiful new Yixing teapots in stock, including this little Duanni bamboo engraved fella.

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We're happy to say we've muscled together the best #tea we could from Yunnan this year. Our spring puer is now available on the site and we're celebrating by offering an extra 100 Tea Miles per cake purchased. It doesn't matter what size or how expensive, each cake purchased between now and June 7th will earn you 100 extra Tea Miles. Buy a tong, that's 500-700 Tea Miles. Buy 50 cakes, get 5000 Tea Miles... Bonus part II: Purchase either our Bitter End or Bitter End Xtra Laomane (cake or sample) and you'll have the option to join our tea gang. Just check the box and for $0.25 we'll include a tattoo to make sure nobody messes with you. And for the first person decides to get this design permanently tattooed on their body, we'll send you a tong of Bitter End to help wash away the regret.

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We really wanted to use this new Yixing pot and also this little Yixing cup, but something just wasn't right... Can't figure out where we went wrong.

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An Yixing teapot with feet always feels more elegant, but the there's always that worry in the back of heads that it might run away. We really hope this one is still there when we get to work tomorrow...

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When you drink a lot of #tea, it's inevitable that you'll need to releive yourself. This Yixing teapot brewed several rounds of young sheng before we caught it breaking the seal on our favourite ficus.

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As much as we love hand made one of a kind cups, sometimes all you need is some simple glass. More of that, coming soon.

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An Yixing teapot for true comrades. Picked this one up for the personal collection, partly because of the inscription and partly because it's (supposedly) older than we are. How old? What does it say? You'll have to brush up on your Chinese to find out...

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