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aurorabowkett. How I like to practice, study and read...
(Swipe for video of the real

How I like to practice, study and read... (Swipe for video of the reality of this in my actual home 😆) . . Jokes. But seriously I do find it tricky often to study at home (especially self practice!)simply because of the many distractions and other things that are around me. I wouldn’t trade these doggies for anything, so I’ve learnt to create a little space for me to focus. My workspace. I set it up, allow myself to sit and turn off any distractions. Not going to lie... it doesn’t always work, so I like to go to classes or work out of the house. BUT it does help. . . How do you get you work done at home? I welcome any tips in the comments below! Teach me your ways organised people!. . . . On another note / who would like a tutorial on this hollowback? . . . Using @liforme mat in @yoga.room Plasky, from my recent trip to Brussels! . . #yoga #yogaanddogs #dogyoga #homepractice #forearmstand #forearmplank #coreyoga #dogsandyoga #hollowbackpincha #yogadaily #yogaeveryday

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aurorabowkett. Journey or destination?

The simple act of focusing on our destination

Journey or destination? The simple act of focusing on our destination can often lead to complete ignorance for our journey. The path we have taken and the lessons and experiences gained. I was speaking with the beauty @gi.s.ela this morning as she gave me another amazing self help book to read and this idea of what is the importance of a goal if we don’t appreciate how we got there. With each day that passes I’m realising more the importance of not just reaching goals but also the act of presence in the moments getting there. If i rush to get to my end of a mountain climb but on the way I’ve missed incredible views and wonderful moments with friends what have I really gained? Other then a mountain climb? As soon as you reach the top you’ll see the next mountain to climb and be off without ever really stopping or taking stock of everything you’ve learnt along the way. You may make the same mistakes, bypass potential friends and partners, miss out of incredible memories and maybe even run past something which is even more spectacular then the goal your running for. Life is like this. We can make it an endless search for goals and achievements. Getting high on the adrendeline and validation of what we achieve - or we can look at each journey as an opportunity to learn as much as we can. Appreciate every second and be present in the life that we are living. . . Goals are good. But the journey we take to them is what’s important. . . . Day 5 of #summerasana is our favourite balance and this is one for me. It’s been up and down with any balance in my life but every day I’ve learnt something new and with any step back or forward I’ve gained a better idea of what I need in my life. . . Can’t wait to see your balance - and don’t forget to check out my other hosts and awesome sponsors! . . ★ Badass HOSTS: @sylviasyoga @aurorabowkett @lucie.beyer @elesalvucci @calliyoga @mimiacro ・ ・ ★ Magical SPONSORS: @spoonsoftaste @lilikoi.yoga.clothing @liforme @osiris.ch @purya.protein @skyretreats#backbendpractice

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aurorabowkett. Recently I’ve been reassessing things in my life.


Recently I’ve been reassessing things in my life. Priorities Wants Needs Choices I’ve been asking why I do things, or want things. Is this for distraction or enjoyment. Does it really bring me joy at a deep level or does it simply fill a small gap in my time. Levels of exhaustion can be big when you’re running around trying to do 2600000 things in a mere 24 hours. So the things that you do during that day need to be worth whatever you feel after. They need to make you fulfilled and happy. At a root level. So my reassessing has been big this month. And I’ve realised what is actually important to me right now. In this moment of my life. It may change as time passes but I’m realising right now what I truly want. So try it yourself. Sit down and stop for a moment. Take time to write out everything you do in a day or week of your life. Who you spend your time with, what are your aims for your time, why you do things. See how many of those things make you truly happy. And you know what? If you find something isn’t anymore you can let it go. You really can. You can find things which do make you feel complete and fulfilled. No matter how big or small they are! . . . Day 2 of #summerasana and it’s inversions time! This is my favourite inversions because it’s combining getting all bendy with being on my hands. Two of my favourite things! Also it’s a fun pose to do while casually walking down the street 😂 Can’t wait to see your posts and check out my co hosts for this week and awesome sponsors! ・ ★ Badass HOSTS: @sylviasyoga @aurorabowkett @lucie.beyer @elesalvucci @calliyoga @mimiacro ・ ・ ★ Magical SPONSORS: @spoonsoftaste @lilikoi.yoga.clothing (wearing) @liforme @osiris.ch @purya.protein @skyretreats ・ ・ ★ TOPICS: 1 - A warming up flow 2 - Any inversion 3 - Splits! 4 - Your favorite backbend. 5 - Any foot balance 6 - A partner pose 7 - Yin. How do you rest? ・ ・ #yoga #handstand #yogi #igyoga #yogahandstand #scorpionhandstand #yogadaily #yogamotivation #igyogacommunity #backbends #bendyyogi

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aurorabowkett. My warming flow for #summerasana

If I’m honest I’m always super tight

My warming flow for #summerasana If I’m honest I’m always super tight when I first start living so for me my warm up is lots of wiggling, stretching into my body and flow. But once I start going I normally get far too excited and can’t stop 😂- So here’s my warm up/mini flow for you all! Wearing @dharmabumsactive leggings! Using my new liforme mat who’s kindly sponsoring us! 👏 I’m really excited to be collaborating with my beautiful friends to bring you this challenge as well as the amazing sponsors we have supporting us! . Can’t wait to see how you warm yourself up to move! ・ ・ • ❥ We invite you to play and get creative with us! 🤸🏻‍♀ No matter if it’s a park, a forest, a field, mountain, ocean or just dreaming about it, we want to connect with (our inner) nature, through our asana practice. Let’s have some real fun!!! 🌻🌻🌻 ・ ・ ★ Badass HOSTS: @sylviasyoga @aurorabowkett @lucie.beyer @elesalvucci @calliyoga @mimiacro ・ ・ ★ Magical SPONSORS: @spoonsoftaste @lilikoi.yoga.clothing @liforme @osiris.ch @purya.protein @skyretreats ・ ・ ★ TOPICS: 1 - A warming up flow 2 - Any inversion 3 - Splits! 4 - Your favorite backbend. 5 - Any foot balance 6 - A partner pose 7 - Yin. How do you rest? ・ ・ ★ Here is how to play: ➳ Share this flyer ➳ Follow all hosts & sponsors ➳ Post daily in your feed inspired by our theme of the day ➳ Use #summerasanas in each post ➳ Make sure that your profile is public, so that we can see your posts ➳ Listen to your body and respect your limits ➳ Make new friends and show some love to other participants ➳ Invite your friends to play! The more the merrier! ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ #yoga #strikeapose #handstand #instagood #igchallenge #instafit #yogateacher #yogaflow #yogagirl #instafit #instagood #iloveyoga #yogainspiration #yogalife

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aurorabowkett. There’s moments in life where you finally give in to things you know y

There’s moments in life where you finally give in to things you know you have to do. This week has given me so many of those moments. The universe getting fed up with subtle nudges I ignore and instead chucking down massive hammering punches. It’s like someone laid out a line of cards and each one told me something I know. I have known for a while. And that have been ignoring... why? God knows. That’s the honest truth. I’m saying today that I’m going to make these changes. Take the steps in the right direction to alter and little by little hopefully it’ll stick. But I also know there’s a reason why I have been resisting for so long. Change is bloody hard. No matter whether you know it’s right or not. Altering habits, changes mental patterns and trying to stop any unconscious emotional sabotage patterns is not something that happens with a clock of the fingers. But awareness is a good step. Even if it doesn’t happen for a month or year or decade. So as I sit here aware of so many things I have to figure out and fix I’m not feeling bad or upset at myself (one step in the right direction there...). Instead I’m feeling glad that at least I’m aware now. And with that awareness actual change can begin to seep in. . . . Wearing @lululemonuk

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aurorabowkett. How do you engage your glutes?

The ever asked question - to engage yo

How do you engage your glutes? The ever asked question - to engage your glutes in a backbend or not... People consistently say different things but I’m for once going to argue adamantly in one way. YES YOU DO. And here is my reasoning. You may not know but we actually have 3 glute muscles: The Glute Maximus the Glute medius And the Glute minimus The glutes create safe extension on the hip flexor with full pelvis stabilisation through the glute medius, allowing you to extend lumbar spine without compression or stress. “But why does my lower back hurt when I engage my bum?” Simple answer? You’re doing it wrong. We often mistakenly just engage our lower gluteal muscles - Glute Max - which simply extends the hips and slightly externally rotates the hips. Without the engagement of the upper glutes you don’t have the added stabilisation of the pelvis and the internal rotation of the hips to stop the lower back collapsing. You can use the idea of a slight thrust of the hips forward with a squeezing action. Place your fingers on your upper glutes to make sure they are fully turned on and working! So basically engage your glutes - but in the RIGHT way. 4th slide shows 1. The full engagement of glutes and 2. Just the lower Glute engagement If you have any questions please comment below! And save this for future bum engagement referencing 🙏🏽 Swipe across for some guide explanations, a fun anatomy drawing of our bums (you want to see that) and also a brief and simple vocal explanation from me! . . . Welcoming in the unedited bum shots while Wearing @dharmabumsactive in all slides!

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aurorabowkett. When you arrive into a space where you just feel at home after 5 minut

When you arrive into a space where you just feel at home after 5 minutes. I arrived in Brussels yesterday and already feel at home with the amazing @_sparklewolf! . I used to want everyone to love me and like me. I used to try the hardest with those that didn’t give a shit believing that if they didn’t appreciate me then there was something wrong. Honestly? It was exhausting. I’d chase after guys who didn’t give a shit. I’d hang out with friends who didn’t appreciate me. I’d beg for validation from people who I meant nothing to. And for what? To receive the odd bit of praise, to be treated like crap and then feel like 💩. I blamed everyone life or the universe for me constantly attracting the wrong people until my mum and my sister (gotta love the fam for their honesty) sat me down and gave me an intervention. They told me to look at why I kept bringing these people into my life. Why was i seeking them out. Why was I CHOOSING give a damn what they thought of me. It was a harsh truth but not everyone is going to like you. Not everyone is going to appreciate you. And not everyone is going to want you in there life. You can’t control that. You can’t control what they want. But you can control what YOU bring into YOUR life. So choose carefully and make sure that the people who you spend time with or invest in are truly there for you. Now I spend my time with people who really give a shit and it’s the best feeling in the world. Support, love and true kindness. Remember you deserve to be loved and appreciated so find the people who live you for you, and appreciate you 100%. And thank you @acroharmony for the beautiful snap! #appreciationpost #selflove #bekindtoyourself #findyourtribe #friendsforlife #truefriendship

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aurorabowkett. Swipe for my feels after a full 5 hours of admin work today a anyone e

Swipe for my feels after a full 5 hours of admin work today a anyone else feel me on this?! Haven’t moved, haven’t stretched, haven’t been able to do anything except drink coffee, eat and stare at my computer. (This picture was probably the only bit of movement Ive done so far 🤣 - and shoving my head out of my window....) But I do feel like a bit of weight has been lifted as each thing on my todo list was crossed off one by one. I’ve recently tried to take on the attitude of less is more. I used to think unless I was so busy I couldn’t think I wasn’t successful. Time off was a waste of time and successful people don’t waste time. But recently I’m realising that time for myself to see friends, relax, move for myself or just sit in my room and be by myself (this is a true story) is just as important. It’s a balance - and one I’m still learning to find. So until I’m perfect I’ll just pull weird ass backbends and hang my head out of my window 👏 . How do you find your balance? . . Wearing @vayumudra - 15% off with Aurora15

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aurorabowkett. Stop Wrist pain - by correct Shoulder Rotation in Down Dog.

Swipe for

Stop Wrist pain - by correct Shoulder Rotation in Down Dog. Swipe for more examples and a video of how to externally rotate your shoulders in Down Dog. I have constant questions from students about Wrist Pain in poses - especially Down Dog. Wrist pain can be caused by many things BUT one of the main causes which I see constantly from students is not actually their wrists but their SHOULDERS. • With any weight bearing if something is collapsing further up the chain and isn’t doing it job of stabilising and supporting, it means more weight will fall on the lower areas. So if your shoulders are collapsed or not fully extended, not only will this cause shoulder issues but it will put excess weight into your hands and wrists. • one of the main causes of shoulder collapsing is internal rotation. Internal rotation of the shoulder is pretty inefficient in weight bearing as the shoulder girdle is placed in a compromised position. It also turns off major scapular stabilising muscles such as our serratus anterior and lower trapezius. Instead over recruiting our upper trapezius and deltoid which leads to neck pain and shoulder issues. Due to either lack of shoulder mobility or lack of strength we also tend to hang in the joint or force our shoulder into this internally rotated position to give it more appeared opening - rather then looking to extend and externally rotate. . . Why is this a problem? Often when we internal rotate in poses like down dog the elbows begin to bow out and appear slightly bent. This causes our weight to fall mainly into the outside of our wrist which can lead to compression and wrist injury. Something to help!: One tactic which can help to encourage the external rotation is to turn your hands out to 45 degrees. Make sure to allow this rotation to happen from the shoulder not just the wrist - draw your elbows together and draw your triceps (under arms) inwards towards your face. Focus on lifting from underneath your armpit and your side rather then squeezing through the upper shoulders and neck. Any questions please ask! I’ll be emailing a video with tips and further explanations to people on my mailing list so subscribe to get it!

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aurorabowkett. Have you ever felt like your floating above your body?  I’ve had this

Have you ever felt like your floating above your body? I’ve had this experience a few times on different scenarios. A performance that just flowed like no other. A mind blowing orgasm (because come on now that will send you floating high). And my movement practice. The last is my most regular - unfortunately 🤣 - but each time it happens I feel this absolute sense of bliss. Caught up in the movement of my body, disconnected from my mind, moving in the present moment without distraction. Each sensation heightened, led by my breath and felt in my body. Breath connecting movement. The true meaning of Vinyasa. When people tell me you have to do Sun Salutations to do yoga I laugh. When I’m told my lack of traditional vinyasa isn’t yoga I bite my tongue and smile because I know that statement is rubbish. Movement connected to breath, letting go of pre conceived ideas and allowing the body to feel and the mind to be present. This is yoga. Whether it’s with chaturangas galore or not. . . Let me know what you think below - I’d love to hear your thoughts! . . Practicing in @dharmabumsactive on my @mysugarmat. Genuinely crazy soft, and enough to send me into an amazing shavasana 😊 . . #yoga #traditionalyoga #steppingputofthenorm

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aurorabowkett. There is so much more to each asana then simply lifting the leg or arm

There is so much more to each asana then simply lifting the leg or arm. Each pose tells you something about your body, what muscles are working, what imbalances you have in this moment. It tests our awareness, consciousness and enables us to really tune into our body, using our breath and focus to feel and search. Explore each space we create for ourselves. Taking your movements to places you may yet have to explore. But this conscious thought can only be done if you do it. It sounds silly to say but we often become complacent in life, moving through things as we would every day. We lose our curiosity, our intrigue. And above all we stop progressing and learning. I teach people how to be strong a flexible yes but I also teach them to explore and find new movements. I ask them to be mindful and aware of their bodies, a skill which can be taken into every part of their lives. I ask them to be open to learning and trying new things. And above all I ask them to have fun and be prepared to fall or not get it first time. Have a look at my upcoming workshops and retreats in Bali and Spain on my website, as well as my class schedule in London. Come play and listen to all the above in person - interlaced with some bad jokes. . . . Wearing @dharmabumsactive . #yoga #yogi #yogateacher #exploremovement #exploreyourbody #morethenasanas #yogainspiration #yogagirl

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aurorabowkett. This photo.  My stories. My videos and classes.  They give you an impr

This photo. My stories. My videos and classes. They give you an impression of who I am, of what I think and how I act. But it’s a small part of myself. The external part shown to the world. Its would be so easy to pretend that this small snippet of my life is all there is. The good parts that I share and the amazing memories I’ve made in the past. To allow people to think that the 2D smile you see in each photo is how I am all the time, at ease and loving life. But that would be a lie. When people speak to me many believe I’m incredibly confident. They see a smile and hear my non stop chatter and believe that I’m like that and have always been. I’ve even heard someone say that it must be so good to never feel insecure or worried. This comment rocked me to my core because despite my appeared confidence I am so full of insecurity it would make you laugh. I’ve had moments when I sing where I couldn’t make a sound because I’d been frozen in fright. I’ve had weeks before workshops where I’ve doubted and doubted myself, my abilities, ripping myself apart until I’m a ball of nerves sat in my room. I’ve been in conversations where words have come out of my mouth which I didn’t even know I was speaking because my social anxiety has overtaken and I lost control of my ability to formulate English sentences and words. I am able to appear confident because I’ve worked on it. I’m able to be confident because I’ve learnt to stand up, even in my most vulnerable times, and create space for myself. It’s hard, and it’s a constant journey of awareness and conscious thought. It’s an ability to trust yourself and your talent, to let go of self judgement and self critique, to move past fear of what people think or of failing expectations. Its a skill. And it can be learnt. But it comes with a lot of self work and self acceptance. It comes with a lot of tears and vulnerability. It comes with fear and discomfort. And it’s a lifelong job - working and maintaining. But you’ll not only be confident, you’ll learn to truly care and love yourself and your abilities. #confidence #beconfident #loveyourswld #selfloveclub #selflove

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aurorabowkett. The summer is here and it’s made my heart full with sun, friends and b

The summer is here and it’s made my heart full with sun, friends and beautiful classes and retreats. My website will be updated this evening with all my upcoming summer events so please check it out! Im guest teaching in BRUSSELS this August 5 - 15th, at @theyogaroom, so come train and flow in one of my classes there. I’ll also be returning to @nataraja_studio this September 22nd and 23rd. I’ll be looking at inversions, beginners Acro-Yoga and calming hto r body with a Yin and Meditation workshop, as well as a transition flow class exploring movement and freedom through the body in our inbetween poses. Planning for next summer already? My 2020 retreats are also finalised with 4 retreats in Spain and Bali. Join me in the stunning Nature Reserve in Andalucia with @luciayogacom from March 25-30th 2020 for a beautiful retreat of hiking and nature in the stunning mountains of Andalucia. Beautiful accommodation, stunning Mediterranean cuisine and incredible hikes and yoga. . . I’ll be heading back to Bali from 25th April - 2nd May 2020 with @sylviasyoga to hold our 7 night ayoha and Pilates retreat at the amazing retreat Center @soulshinebali. Deepen your practice through the combinations of these two disciplines while enjoying delicious Balinese cuisine and the untouchable nature of Bali. . . And finally I’ll be heading to Granada with @luciayogacom from 7th - 12th August. Spend 5 days in my favourite Spanish city enjoying the beach, mountains and quaint cultural wonders that Granada offers. . . Check out my website tonight for more info (link in bio). See you soon! . . #yoga #yogagirl #yogateacher #yogi

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aurorabowkett. Sometimes it’s easier to just do the things we’re good at.  To keep pr

Sometimes it’s easier to just do the things we’re good at. To keep practicing those non challenging movements, or habits, sticking within our box. Sometimes we don’t even realise we are surrounding by walls of our own making. Trapped without even knowing. It takes a lot to take a step over that line. I struggle constantly with staying stagnant and thinking I’m growing when actually I’m chasing myself in circles, running laps around the walls I’ve planted so strongly. But life always has a way to nudge me. To shake things up and keep me moving forward. Whether it’s food poisoning which forces me to give up caffeine. A teacher who doesn’t let me stay stagnant in my practice. A friend who calls me out of my shit. It’s how I live, it’s how I teach. So if you like growing and learning, if you like being called on things and helped to not stay stagnant (even if that actually means being physically still!) drop me a message or subscribe to my emails. I hold group classes, workshops and 1-1s in London as well as retreats and workshops abroad, and I’d love to share with you. #keeplearning #dontstopmoving

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aurorabowkett. When your friend @upsidedown_page is tired you gotta hold them up... T

When your friend @upsidedown_page is tired you gotta hold them up... This week I took a step back from this app, my work at home and left all my thoughts behind. I immersed my energy into my students and myself for a week of yoga, connections and study. Our lives can be draining, getting caught up day to day, energies being chipped away piece by piece. It can be difficult to step back sometimes and see the beautiful things we have. See the simple joys in just connection and letting go of our day to day worries and troubles. This week I was reminded with a big thump exactly how lucky I am, and I’m so thankful to have been able to share and facilitate classes and workshops for those that joined me. Not only did I make beautiful connections with new people but I was able to reconnect and deepen current relationships, as well as watching people flourish in their practice on the mat. Teaching is more then just a job, it’s something which gives me joy and meaning. It’s not just preparing a workout and being there for that hour but it’s holding space for someone to explore and learn. Find comfort in their discomfort and overcome boundaries they didn’t know they had. So if you want to study with me follow me and subscribe me o my mailing list and YouTube for workshop info and online classes. Upcoming retreats in Bali and Spain next year so DM for details! #handstandpractice #yogaconnection #dailyyoga #yogalife

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aurorabowkett. Throw back to @tomwilsonleonard @twl.photography amazing picture with

Throw back to @tomwilsonleonard @twl.photography amazing picture with me and @acroyogasanctuary. . I still can’t believe I got into this pre coffee at 7am 😂 - who’s have thought I was freezing my a** off here? . As deceiving as this little app can be I always try and pride myself on being as open and honest as possible. I’ve found in life if you hide who you are you just attract people that won’t truly appreciate your actual qualities. Why pretend and then spend the rest of your life afraid of someone really knowing you? I’m a bit of an idiot - yes. I say stupid things sometimes - yes. I have an annoying habit of spilling my coffee constantly - yes. But I don’t hide this because it’s going to be seen at some point. Plus I want people in my life that appreciate these thing as well as my good points. Take the good with the bad and all that... So don’t hide you. Be honest and let the people that appreciate ALL of you come into your life. They’re there, you just have to let them in! . . #yoga #yogalife #backbend #bowpose #betruetoyou #selflove #honestyoga #loveyourself

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aurorabowkett. A weekend of pure happiness in Manchester!  With all the beautiful peo

A weekend of pure happiness in Manchester! With all the beautiful people and all the new entries and H2H! The acro community is amazing and I genuinely feel such a strong connection to you all. Thanks for having me and throwing me around a bit! Awesome basing and teaching in this Scorpion by @jonnydoesacro who casually chucked me into this first time 😂. #feettohead #acroislife. Wearing @dharmabumsactive

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Breath. Openness. Experimentation. Self love. Self boundaries. Connection. Overcoming fear. Joy. This is what I explore in a week and you can too. Retreats are a favourite teaching environment for me. The safety that they create for participants to fully step outside their normal routine, habits and fears. Opening their minds and exploring their practice. Releasing their daily stress and finding this inner calm to bring back into your life. I love seeing the joy and happiness on peoples faces. The transformation between the first and last day. Being able to part of your journey each step. Next year I’m hosting a yoga and Pilates retreat in Bali with @sylviasyoga at @soulshinebali from 25th April to 2nd May 2020. I want to take you on this journey, exploring your practice and allowing you to fully unwind and release your body and mind. Fully immersing you into the peaceful nature of Bali. Creating a safe space for you to open and explore. Want to join? Check out the link below (and in bio!) for further details and come spend this week in paradise. It will be that and more I promise! https://www.soulshinebali.com/events/yoga-pilates-handstand-retreat-with-aurora-sylvia Wearing @aloyoga #yogaretreat #yogacommunity #baliyoga #yogateacher #backbends

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