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aurorabowkett. This photo.  My stories. My videos and classes.  They give you an impr

This photo. My stories. My videos and classes. They give you an impression of who I am, of what I think and how I act. But it’s a small part of myself. The external part shown to the world. Its would be so easy to pretend that this small snippet of my life is all there is. The good parts that I share and the amazing memories I’ve made in the past. To allow people to think that the 2D smile you see in each photo is how I am all the time, at ease and loving life. But that would be a lie. When people speak to me many believe I’m incredibly confident. They see a smile and hear my non stop chatter and believe that I’m like that and have always been. I’ve even heard someone say that it must be so good to never feel insecure or worried. This comment rocked me to my core because despite my appeared confidence I am so full of insecurity it would make you laugh. I’ve had moments when I sing where I couldn’t make a sound because I’d been frozen in fright. I’ve had weeks before workshops where I’ve doubted and doubted myself, my abilities, ripping myself apart until I’m a ball of nerves sat in my room. I’ve been in conversations where words have come out of my mouth which I didn’t even know I was speaking because my social anxiety has overtaken and I lost control of my ability to formulate English sentences and words. I am able to appear confident because I’ve worked on it. I’m able to be confident because I’ve learnt to stand up, even in my most vulnerable times, and create space for myself. It’s hard, and it’s a constant journey of awareness and conscious thought. It’s an ability to trust yourself and your talent, to let go of self judgement and self critique, to move past fear of what people think or of failing expectations. Its a skill. And it can be learnt. But it comes with a lot of self work and self acceptance. It comes with a lot of tears and vulnerability. It comes with fear and discomfort. And it’s a lifelong job - working and maintaining. But you’ll not only be confident, you’ll learn to truly care and love yourself and your abilities. #confidence #beconfident #loveyourswld #selfloveclub #selflove

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aurorabowkett. The summer is here and it’s made my heart full with sun, friends and b

The summer is here and it’s made my heart full with sun, friends and beautiful classes and retreats. My website will be updated this evening with all my upcoming summer events so please check it out! Im guest teaching in BRUSSELS this August 5 - 15th, at @theyogaroom, so come train and flow in one of my classes there. I’ll also be returning to @nataraja_studio this September 22nd and 23rd. I’ll be looking at inversions, beginners Acro-Yoga and calming hto r body with a Yin and Meditation workshop, as well as a transition flow class exploring movement and freedom through the body in our inbetween poses. Planning for next summer already? My 2020 retreats are also finalised with 4 retreats in Spain and Bali. Join me in the stunning Nature Reserve in Andalucia with @luciayogacom from March 25-30th 2020 for a beautiful retreat of hiking and nature in the stunning mountains of Andalucia. Beautiful accommodation, stunning Mediterranean cuisine and incredible hikes and yoga. . . I’ll be heading back to Bali from 25th April - 2nd May 2020 with @sylviasyoga to hold our 7 night ayoha and Pilates retreat at the amazing retreat Center @soulshinebali. Deepen your practice through the combinations of these two disciplines while enjoying delicious Balinese cuisine and the untouchable nature of Bali. . . And finally I’ll be heading to Granada with @luciayogacom from 7th - 12th August. Spend 5 days in my favourite Spanish city enjoying the beach, mountains and quaint cultural wonders that Granada offers. . . Check out my website tonight for more info (link in bio). See you soon! . . #yoga #yogagirl #yogateacher #yogi

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aurorabowkett. Sometimes it’s easier to just do the things we’re good at.  To keep pr

Sometimes it’s easier to just do the things we’re good at. To keep practicing those non challenging movements, or habits, sticking within our box. Sometimes we don’t even realise we are surrounding by walls of our own making. Trapped without even knowing. It takes a lot to take a step over that line. I struggle constantly with staying stagnant and thinking I’m growing when actually I’m chasing myself in circles, running laps around the walls I’ve planted so strongly. But life always has a way to nudge me. To shake things up and keep me moving forward. Whether it’s food poisoning which forces me to give up caffeine. A teacher who doesn’t let me stay stagnant in my practice. A friend who calls me out of my shit. It’s how I live, it’s how I teach. So if you like growing and learning, if you like being called on things and helped to not stay stagnant (even if that actually means being physically still!) drop me a message or subscribe to my emails. I hold group classes, workshops and 1-1s in London as well as retreats and workshops abroad, and I’d love to share with you. #keeplearning #dontstopmoving

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aurorabowkett. When your friend @upsidedown_page is tired you gotta hold them up... T

When your friend @upsidedown_page is tired you gotta hold them up... This week I took a step back from this app, my work at home and left all my thoughts behind. I immersed my energy into my students and myself for a week of yoga, connections and study. Our lives can be draining, getting caught up day to day, energies being chipped away piece by piece. It can be difficult to step back sometimes and see the beautiful things we have. See the simple joys in just connection and letting go of our day to day worries and troubles. This week I was reminded with a big thump exactly how lucky I am, and I’m so thankful to have been able to share and facilitate classes and workshops for those that joined me. Not only did I make beautiful connections with new people but I was able to reconnect and deepen current relationships, as well as watching people flourish in their practice on the mat. Teaching is more then just a job, it’s something which gives me joy and meaning. It’s not just preparing a workout and being there for that hour but it’s holding space for someone to explore and learn. Find comfort in their discomfort and overcome boundaries they didn’t know they had. So if you want to study with me follow me and subscribe me o my mailing list and YouTube for workshop info and online classes. Upcoming retreats in Bali and Spain next year so DM for details! #handstandpractice #yogaconnection #dailyyoga #yogalife

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aurorabowkett. Throw back to @tomwilsonleonard @twl.photography amazing picture with

Throw back to @tomwilsonleonard @twl.photography amazing picture with me and @acroyogasanctuary. . I still can’t believe I got into this pre coffee at 7am 😂 - who’s have thought I was freezing my a** off here? . As deceiving as this little app can be I always try and pride myself on being as open and honest as possible. I’ve found in life if you hide who you are you just attract people that won’t truly appreciate your actual qualities. Why pretend and then spend the rest of your life afraid of someone really knowing you? I’m a bit of an idiot - yes. I say stupid things sometimes - yes. I have an annoying habit of spilling my coffee constantly - yes. But I don’t hide this because it’s going to be seen at some point. Plus I want people in my life that appreciate these thing as well as my good points. Take the good with the bad and all that... So don’t hide you. Be honest and let the people that appreciate ALL of you come into your life. They’re there, you just have to let them in! . . #yoga #yogalife #backbend #bowpose #betruetoyou #selflove #honestyoga #loveyourself

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aurorabowkett. A weekend of pure happiness in Manchester!  With all the beautiful peo

A weekend of pure happiness in Manchester! With all the beautiful people and all the new entries and H2H! The acro community is amazing and I genuinely feel such a strong connection to you all. Thanks for having me and throwing me around a bit! Awesome basing and teaching in this Scorpion by @jonnydoesacro who casually chucked me into this first time 😂. #feettohead #acroislife. Wearing @dharmabumsactive

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Breath. Openness. Experimentation. Self love. Self boundaries. Connection. Overcoming fear. Joy. This is what I explore in a week and you can too. Retreats are a favourite teaching environment for me. The safety that they create for participants to fully step outside their normal routine, habits and fears. Opening their minds and exploring their practice. Releasing their daily stress and finding this inner calm to bring back into your life. I love seeing the joy and happiness on peoples faces. The transformation between the first and last day. Being able to part of your journey each step. Next year I’m hosting a yoga and Pilates retreat in Bali with @sylviasyoga at @soulshinebali from 25th April to 2nd May 2020. I want to take you on this journey, exploring your practice and allowing you to fully unwind and release your body and mind. Fully immersing you into the peaceful nature of Bali. Creating a safe space for you to open and explore. Want to join? Check out the link below (and in bio!) for further details and come spend this week in paradise. It will be that and more I promise! https://www.soulshinebali.com/events/yoga-pilates-handstand-retreat-with-aurora-sylvia Wearing @aloyoga #yogaretreat #yogacommunity #baliyoga #yogateacher #backbends

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aurorabowkett. Forearm stand is a rocky balance needing shoulder strength and mobilit

Forearm stand is a rocky balance needing shoulder strength and mobility. Here is a tutorial I made for you all - I’m using @letsjumprope (an awesome app to edit and produce tutorial videos) as it allows voice over and step by step exercise guides! . . Have a go and let me know how you get on! Don’t forget sound ON for audio talking. #yoga #pincha

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What do you think of when you look at this pose? “Amazing flexibility” “That’s too deep.” “So strong” “I’ll never do that” “That’s fake” “Nice shorts” “Show off” “So inspiring” ... I can’t keep up sometimes with the opinions and thoughts of others. On here or in life. Everyone has an opinion, everyone has their own thoughts, and we often feel the need to share constantly what we think or believe. I love and appreciate every opinion I receive but I’ve also learnt to filter out opinions that don’t resonate or don’t work for me. Why? Because otherwise we get lost in a journey trying to please everyone. And trust me on this - it’s impossible. Instead I now say - “thank you”. I smile, I appreciate, or try to understand why they may think this, and then move on. Let it go. Because if it doesn’t work for you - that’s okay. Opinions are just that - opinions. And in this world we are bombarded by them everyday (often disguised as fact or 100% truth). So I ask you to remember next time you get upset at a comment or an opinion (even this one!) to remember you don’t have to accept it. You don’t have to take it on. Do what’s good for you with your body, life and choices! #opinionsarenotfacts

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aurorabowkett. Today I was tired. My body was tired.  But after a sweaty class with @

Today I was tired. My body was tired. But after a sweaty class with @goodlordveda I decided to finish with some free playtime and pincha work. What do you do when you’re tired?

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Holding up the ceiling like.... Not going to lie my life feels like this sometimes. Like I’m holding up a ceiling from crashing down. That by chance I’m still standing underneath this massive weight and nothing has collapsed or fallen. But I also know that if I stay there long enough I’ll get strong enough to stand up, that ceiling will feel like nothing and suddenly I’ll be free and fine from any burden. Until the next ceiling comes down. So much shit is around and people, life, jobs, relationships they all add to it little by little. Whether they mean to or not. It happens. Things pile up, or mistakes happen. Life isn’t a pile of roses (unfortunately) or maybe it is but to quote Black Eyed Peas “roses really smell like...” I used to think once I’d get to certain places in my life everything would be fine. Life isn’t like that. Because there is always growth and changes. There is always hard work and hard times. We just get better at handling them. We get better at holding up those ceiling. So if you feel like I look in this picture don’t worry, I’ve been there, I am there and I will be there in the future. But it goes and it’ll get better. Just stay with it and don’t give up. And over head squat! Makes this way easier...

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aurorabowkett. Hi my names Aurora.

Im a singer, yoga and movement teacher and self p

Hi my names Aurora. Im a singer, yoga and movement teacher and self proclaimed coffee, nut butter and sunshine addict. I love animals - all shapes and sizes - and am gradually getting over a deeply illogical fear of insects. I’m strong. Mentally and physically. But have only been able to fully encompass this strength recently. And honestly it feels damn good. I laugh and talk very loudly. And probably too much. Apologies in advance. I can’t lie if you look me in the eye. I just can’t. So I guess that makes me honest? I’ve dealt with anxiety my whole life and step by step I’ve learnt to release it from my life. I’m not ashamed and not should you be if you suffer from it too. Be kind to yourself guys, it’s a normal thing to feel, but it’s how we deal with it that makes the difference! I eat rice, mayonnaise and soy sauce. And no I’m not ashamed 🤣 I started yoga in the midst of a mental crisis and honestly it saved me - no cliché intended. But more so, it’s taught me to feel my body and mind again, helped me reset boundaries in my life. Give me cofffee, cacao or play with my hair and I’ll be your best friend for life. #simplepleasures I never used to be able to take face photos. I still don’t like them but now after forcing myself in front of cameras I’m getting better. Slowly. Im 28 but I feel like I’m 22. And get told I look it too... although I think my wrinkles belie that 🤣 I sing Opera. Sometimes while doing yoga. It’s kind of amusing to me. Im awkward as F*** sometimes, but I like it and don’t think I’ll ever change. So if you ever feel awkward with me - it’s not you. It’s me. And it potentially won’t ever get better 🤣 I tell really bad jokes in my classes and workshops. But people laugh so maybe they’re not always THAT awful (come to class and let me know! 🤣) If you’ve reached the end of this well done - and I love you for following my rambling posts. Let me know some facts inthe comments - at least 3 or as many as you want!! I love to read about you guys and get to know you all a little more! Xxx Wearing @vayumudra - use Aurora15 for a discount :)

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It’s okay to say No. It’s okay to change your mind. It’s okay to want to go another way or direction. Or to stop on a path and stand still until you know which way to go. There’s a need to want to keep going no matter what, even if it doesn’t feel right. I feel it often tugging at me, pulling me to push through, keep going, out of guilt or fear of change. The word No can be scary to say, to yourself or others. We find ourselves in situations where we don’t want to hurt peoples feelings or we think we’re in too deep to find a way out. But it’s not true. You can ALWAYS say no. You can ALWAYS step back, turn around, stop. We think it’s selfish to say that small word sometimes but truly it’s more selfish to not be honest with yourself. To keep walking down a path which isn’t right for you or others. I was scared to say no in case people were hurt. But ultimately it always became too much, that word would come out in a the end and there would be more wreckage and confusion then before. I started to say no because I knew that if the person didn’t respect my honesty, I didn’t respect them. If the situation had to change it had to change, now or in the future, it made no difference. I started to say no and be true to myself. So can you. Remember that. Who else struggles to say no? Let me know below. 💖 💖

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aurorabowkett. So guys we’ve reached the end!  Here is a little warm up for you all p

So guys we’ve reached the end! Here is a little warm up for you all playing on my hands and working into my hips. For the final press I’ve shown two options - puppy press, lifting one leg (DO BOTH SIDES!) and a full press. Both are done off an elevated surface to begin to feel the action of fully pressing without aide. Work to decrease this elevation with time and check out @sylviasyoga for the full press off the floor!

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You never know what life may throw at you, so be ready for anything. This day I stopped traffic for a handstand. And then 10 minutes later get run down by a load of runners and pedestrians on a staircase😂 (swipe for the video). Just a day in my life. And I love it. Have an amazing Tuesday guys! (Also one last minute spot has just opened up on my Yoga and Handstand Moroccan retreat in June - message me for details if you’re interested!) . .wearing @werkshop shorts And @vayumudra leggings #yoga #handstands #yogadaily #passionpassport #invertedlife #anythingcanhappen #trustyourself #yogainspiration #yogadaily #yogalife

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Going into this weekend for the @berlinyogaconference with my foot to my head and my eyes to the sky. . Yoga, acro, people. It all awaits this weekend and I’m so very excited. As I step back into being a students after a month of teaching I can’t wait to learn and experience from the teachers here in Berlin. What’s your favourite thing about being a student? #yoga #yogi #yogateacher #yogaclasses #yogateacher #yogabend #igyogafam #berlinyogaconference #yogacommunity #yogainspiration #anjaneyasana #lowlunge #backbends

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Each day I search for an understanding to myself. I delve into reactions and feelings. Hunting, searching for a deeper knowledge. To gain more insight into myself. Why? Because if I don’t understand myself no one else will. If I can’t recognise the root of my actions no one else truly can. I am responsible for knowing myself. For my own feelings and emotions. The growth that we experience as people on a day to day basis is astounding. I sat on my plane last night and a playlist from last year came on my phone. In that moment I was transported back to a time last year where I was sat in a similar place, doing a similar thing. The parallel movement of those times brought me into a weird state of reflection as I began to think over the last year and I began to laugh at the difference in myself. How this journey has seen me grow and change from my past self. How my reactions to situations are so very different. The simple action of stepping past my fear of moving on from a situation I was terrified to leave, allowing me to blossom into my full self. I have always been someone that needs to grow and search for betterment. Not because I don’t think I’m good enough as I am but because without growth and movement I become stale, static. I need the ebb and flow, the subtle changes within myself and life. We fear these changes, we fear these steps which will take us away from our place of comfort. Whether that place is good or not. We prefer to stay within those places that we hold onto things that have grown stale. But edging out doesn’t have to be scary. It can be liberating. Beginning to question our choices and ask ourselves why we do what we do. Delve into our feelings and find out what we really want. If we constantly travel, what is our purpose? To run away or to explore? If we stay in our base, what to we gain? Is it from fear of the unknown or to maintain our grounding? The questions I ask myself how daily help me focus on the road which I’m walking. Knowing that even if I can’t answer them right now, I’m on the oath to finding out. Write below what question you would ask yourself... :) I’d love to know!

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aurorabowkett. It’s week 3 of #mayipresshandstand challenge with @sylviasyoga! ❤ Join

It’s week 3 of #mayipresshandstand challenge with @sylviasyoga! ❤ Join us for the month of May where each week you will be getting a mobility, a strength and a technical drill from each of us which helps you build towards your straddle press handstand. Some of these drills will be helpful even if you feel that a press is still somewhere in the distant future. This month is really about making a consistent, regular effort at working on that elusive press handstand and noticing the change that will happen within the month. Progress is progress and we can’t wait to see you all play along. ••• Week 3: Handstand long hold 45 seconds Exercise 3: Compression and stability drill ••• Last drill for this week and they’re starting to get juicy! Start plank position with your ankles or shins resting on a Swiss ball. First stage is to draw your knees into your chest bending the legs. Stay strong through the arms - full protraction of the shoulder blades (think Cat position) and pull the belly into spine engaging your core. Draw the knees as close to your chest as you can and hold for a breath before returning to plank. Repeat for as many times as you can. Second stage is to keep the legs straight and draw the thighs as close to the belly as you can lifting the hips above the wrists. This is hard so move slowly and with control. ••• Hold a handstand for 45 seconds. Looking forward to seeing your posts!! 👏 👏

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