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asanamat.it. Reposted from @_sara_scafidi_ -  Non sai dove andare questa estate???

Reposted from @_sara_scafidi_ - Non sai dove andare questa estate??? Ecco qui una proposta meravigliosa. 🎁Tieniti in forma, scopri cosa sa fare il tuo corpo, scopri il tuo potenziale e soprattutto visita posti da paesaggi mozzafiato. #trip #vacancy #training #fitnesscamp #scafitrainer Adoro viaggiare, esplorare, imparare ma tutto è più entusiasmante in compagnia. Conosci nuove persone e nuove idee, punti di vista differenti che possono aprirti la mente. Se la pensi come me, direi che è il tuo viaggio!!!! 🛫✈️🛫✈️🛫✈️ Maplensa palermo easyjet EJU2805 h 7 arrivo 8,40 36€ Palermo malpensa ryanair FR1441 h21.30 arrivo 23.20 50€ - #regrann

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asanamat.it. Fitness camp a Marrakech con la bravissima @_sara_scafidi_ 

Fitness camp a Marrakech con la bravissima @_sara_scafidi_ Prenotatevi!!!

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asanamat.it. Reposted from @ele_argi -  Happy Monday to all 🤗💓 for me, today, it

Reposted from @ele_argi - Happy Monday to all 🤗💓 for me, today, it resumes with work, the end of the holidays and the beginning of the new year! wake up early and go🏃‍♀️... it was so good on vacation!😂😛🤔 ..... Day 2 of #salute2019withyoga #plankpose Today we have the plank pose...be original, fun and incredibly yourself!😊 and do not forget to look at the photos of my friends hosts 🙆‍♀️ ..... wearing @vayumudra leggings mat @asanamat pc @baldastifler90 ...... ❤Hosts: @frog_queenyoga @crazygot79 @rp_yogawerks @ele_argi @piccolayogini ...... ❤Sponsors: @emibysuragh @thenduranceclub @earthlywovencrochet @urbanizedbeauty @yogaprowheel @vayumudra @vyanayogadesign @chicmoda.sport ....... 🤗List of poses: 1)standing forward fold🍭 2)plank🍭 3)chaturanga dandasana 4)warrior 1 5)updog or cobra 6)downdog 7)tadasana __________________________ - #regrann

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asanamat.it. Reposted from @sarahuactive - 🎉 NEW YOGA CHALLENGE ANNOUNCEMENT!! 🎉

Reposted from @sarahuactive - 🎉 NEW YOGA CHALLENGE ANNOUNCEMENT!! 🎉 . Hey friends!! Here’s the next challenge I’m hosting from Xmas till the New Year!! ☺️💙 . This world needs some more kindness! If we all could be kind, the world would be a better place, for everyone. Yogis, don’t be afraid to act kindly, make kindness this new year resolution! . #NewYearInKindness is our way to encourage you to feel a little more kind, regardless of the reaction 💛 especially because we'll start on Xmas day! And to lead by example, we’ve gathered a bunch of loving sponsors! 🎇 Your kind hosts: @norayogini @sarahuactive @itsmyoga @__sil_06 ❄️ The lovely sponsors: @arctic.flamingo.leggings 🎀 (1 leggings) @vayumudra 🎉 (1 bra) and code “hu15” for a 15% discount @asanamt.it 🎊 (1 yogamat) @rockinyogilove ✨ (1 crystal) @everstretch 🌟 (1 yoga strap) @panda.shopz 💠 (1 bracelet) @vibratehigerofficial 💮 (1 top) and code “newyearinkindness” for 15% discount 🌲 The poses are optional, you're free to do any pose, what's important is the intention: 🎄 Dec 25th - tree pose + prana mudra - be kind to your family, you have only one Dec 26th - shoulder stand - kindness over disregard Dec 27th - pigeon pose + lotus mudra - be kind to nature, clean your neighborhood Dec 28th - dhanurasana - be kind to your significant one, your pet, even an object Dec 29th - side plank - don't judge others, you don't know what's happening in their lives, respect them Dec 30th - compass/8 angle - let someone sit/pass/eat instead of you Dec 31st - ardha/chakrasana - care for someone else, tell a stranger something nice, bring a homeless some food or help a senior cross the road Jan 1st - Yogi's choice - #treatyoself be kind to yourself! 🗻 . To enter the challenge: 1 - Follow every sponsor and host, and set your profile to public so we can all see and give you love! 2 - Use the hashtag #NewYearInKindness and repost this flyer! 3 - Tag a couple of friends to join in: the more, the merrier! . See you on the 25th!! 🤗 _____ #igyogacommunity #igyogachallenges #yogaportugal #yogalisboa #igyogafam #hipopeners #winterchallenge #winteryogachallenge #igyogafamily #decemberyogachallenge #yogachallenges #yogachalle

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asanamat.it. @Regran_ed from @marastina -  Last night was the most magical of the y

@Regran_ed from @marastina - Last night was the most magical of the year for me ❄ . . Saint Lucy's night, between december 12 and 13, it was believed to be the longest and darkest of the year. In this night Saint Lucy, on her little chariot, hauled by a donkey, brings gifts and candies to all the good children 🎁 . I remember very well when I was a child I thrilled every time I heard her bell and I couldn't fall asleep the night she used to leave her gifts! 😍 . Today I still do gifts in this day, while I don't usually give them for Xmas... 🙄 I love this tradition and love the idea a woman travels all the world to make people happy. It is still so magical! ✨ . Do you know Saint Lucy? . Happy happy day to you all and may you have the sweetest morning hours! ❤ . . ~~~ Total red outfit from @organicbasics and mat by @asanamat.it, both with 10% discount with code MARASTINA ❤ ~~~ . . . . . #compasspose #saintlucy #santalucia #magical #wintertale #winternight #yogapractice #yogaphotography #yogalove #magicnight #yogaitalia #yogaitaly #italiangirl #yogini - #regrann

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asanamat.it. @Regran_ed from @micoldelloro -  #12DaysOfFitmas GIVEAWAY 🎅🏼 🎁 .

@Regran_ed from @micoldelloro - #12DaysOfFitmas GIVEAWAY 🎅🏼 🎁 . 8 girlfriends sharing the passion for a healthy life. 12 days of positive vibes and 1 goal: to be a team, supporting and inspiring one another. This is a giveaway created by women for women to spread the holiday spirit of gift giving! . Every day till the 22, we will share yoga flows, workouts and recipes. To partecipate: - follow us @claudia__casanova @delicious.breakfast @fit_cello @itsdesifit @micoldelloro @serefitfun @stefaniasugarfree @valeairoldi and the sponsors @asanamat.it @damiano_organic @glamovefitness @onzie @vivoo.it ; - do our workouts, flows or recipes; - tag us in your posts using the #12daysoffitmas; - tag 2 friends in the comments - keep your profile public for the challenge .. 8 ragazze innamorate della vita. La passione per uno stile di vita sano e 12 giorni per condividere vibrazioni positive. L’obiettivo? Fare squadra, ispirare e farsi ispirare condividendo lo spirito natalizio del donare. . Attraverso i nostri profili fino al 22 condivideremo flows, allenamenti e ricette. Per partecipare dovete: - seguire noi @claudia__casanova @delicious.breakfast @fit_cello @itsdesifit @micoldelloro @serefitfun @stefaniasugarfree @valeairoldi e gli sponsor @asanamat.it @damiano_organic @glamovefitness @onzie @vivoo.it ; - taggarci nei vostri post in cui condividerete ricette, flows e allenamenti usando #12daysoffitmas; - taggare 2 amiche nei commenti; - profilo pubblico per tutta la durata della challenge . Noi che amiamo fare squadra, vi chiediamo di aiutarci a diffondere questo modo di vivere i rapporti al femminile perché insieme possiamo tutto e anche la vetta più alta non è poi così lontana e irraggiungibile se ci teniamo per mano. ❤. #fitgirlsrock #yogagirls #loveandalliscoming #fitgirlsunite #yogaoffthemat #fitinspiration - #regrann

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asanamat.it. @Regran_ed from @taniagenova84 -  Pilates flow, rolling like a ball to

@Regran_ed from @taniagenova84 - Pilates flow, rolling like a ball to teaser, on my @asanamat.it wearing @junglefit.it. Per info su tappetini e abbigliamento fitness, contattami in pv 🧘🏼‍♀️ #pilates #matpilates #pilatesflow #rollinglikeaball #teaser #fit #fitness #fitnessmotivation #pilatesmat #junglefit #fitnessclothing #fitnessbrand #fitnessclothes - #regrann

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asanamat.it. @Regran_ed from @marastina -  Follow your inner way without fears 🏃‍♀

@Regran_ed from @marastina - Follow your inner way without fears 🏃‍♀️ . . Once upon a time there was a girl in a car with her parents 🚗💨. She held in her hands the pamphlet of a University and she was reading out loud all the exams she would have to pass. . She was worried because the path seemed tough, but also thrilled and happy! . That girl was me 🙋‍♀️, seventeen years ago. I can remember that moment so clearly! I am lucky my parents always believed in me, I am lucky I could follow my dreams. I couldn't imagine how far I'd come and what I would have become ❤. . Deeply inside me, I just knew it was the right path for me, it was a call, something very near to a dharma. . When you feel like that, no matter the fear you may have, focus on that thrill. . It will lightening your way ✨ . . . . . . . . . #yogaforlife #yogastretch #yogapose #followyourheart #dharma #dreams #storytelling #grateful #yogapic #yogini #myyogalife #yogajournal #yogaitalia #yogainspiration - #regrann

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asanamat.it. Una passeggiata veloce veloce allo @yogafestival_italia Milano... un s

Una passeggiata veloce veloce allo @yogafestival_italia Milano... un sacco di bella gente 🙏

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asanamat.it. #yogafestival Milano... noi siamo pronti. Vi aspettiamo

#yogafestival Milano... noi siamo pronti. Vi aspettiamo

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asanamat.it. Yogassisi festival!!! #yogassisi #yogabimbi #tappetinoinlino #mydaught

Yogassisi festival!!! #yogassisi #yogabimbi #tappetinoinlino #mydaughter #myson

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asanamat.it. @Regran_ed from @yayabanny -  When i need to think..upside down 🙃

@Regran_ed from @yayabanny - When i need to think..upside down 🙃 . . #yoga #yogachallenges #yogagirl #yogalove #yogateacher #yogalife #yogaeveryday #yogaeverywhere #upsidedown #upsidedownlife #freedom #feelingfreedom #ellyogamat #sea #sealove #sealife . . 📸@eleonorasargenti Tappetino in sughero ecologico EllYogaMat ❤️ More info su @asanamat.it - #regrann

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asanamat.it. @Regran_ed from @fisiostore -  @Regran_ed from @carolinamarcialis - 🍑
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asanamat.it. @Regran_ed from @angelasnurr -  Happy Monday 💜 just playing with pige

@Regran_ed from @angelasnurr - Happy Monday 💜 just playing with pigeon pose variation, this one is really great to improve chest opening and flexibility. I'm using my little creation Cora as mat. The material is simply perfect for me, I can flow for hours without loose the grip and if you follow me for a while I'm sure you already know my sweaty hands problem 😂 Use the code ANGELASNURR to get a discount on @asanamat.it - #regrann

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asanamat.it. Ready to start

Ready to start

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