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WARAK ARISH • rice and finely diced vegetables wrapped in grape vine leaves (V GF)

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Лаконічний дизайн, зручна форма та якісне виконання роблять мишку MSI Clutch GM30 вашою найкращою зброєю для ігор 💪🖱️ ______________ #MSI #GamingGear #clutch #gm30 #clutchgm30 #мишка

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marisahollertietze. Hora de recomeçar! Setembro chegou!
Práticos e rápidos no preparo, pro

Hora de recomeçar! Setembro chegou! Práticos e rápidos no preparo, promovem saciedade, auxiliam no processo de emagrecimento, ricos em vitaminas e sais minerais! A saúde ao seu alcance!! Experimente e veja vc mesmo os resultados!! Oferecemos o acompanhamento completo na sua dieta!! Chame no whats 51 999390602 #hnd #morango #baunilha #bananasemlactose #capuccino

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The Minilogue XD Module is the new desktop version of the Minilogue XD, the four voice polyphonic analog synthesizer customizable multi-engine and built-in stereo digital effects! Save on desk space and pair this synth with your favorite controller or DAW, or you can chain it with another Minilogue XD or Minilogue XD Module and you'll have a robust eight voice polysynth! We have XDM's in stock, come by and hear it for yourself on our showroom floor Tuesday-Sunday 12-7 or check them out on our website! ____________________ @korgofficial #miniloguexd #minilogue #miniloguexdmodule #desktopsynth #synth #synthesizer #synthesis #synths #synthesizers #synthstagram #polysynth #daw #ableton #musicgear #musicmaker #musicproducer #musicproductions #musicproduction #korg #korgsynthesizer #korgsynth

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@jayworthy142 the #gfunk and #playa and #gangsta rap genres are your my g keep putting out that knowledge #killacali #lndndrgs #california #playashit

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That is the look of a satisfied sprint workout! See, aside from the lack of tomatoes growing this summer, my other small fail was my new running shoes from a few weeks back. I was having issues with heel slippage with the right shoe. Enough to cause blisters. And the narrow toe box was just a tad too tight when I would have hormonal water retention. Sadly, I was dreading my sprint workouts. FAIL! So today, I broke down and bought new runners. For years, I've been interested in the minimalist movement in shoes....especially since I've always had issues finding running shoes that don't cause me issues. I picked up a pair of Nike Flex Experience RN 8, which are Nike's precursor to their minimalist Free line. And? I am absolutely in love! This was the best, most comfortable sprint session I've had yet. Since my feet were so comfortable, I was able to focus on my form and speed.... which was a PR! If you're curious about going minimal, do your research first. There are many pros and cons that you need to weigh out against what your specific needs might be. But it's definitely worth the time and effort.

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▪️CHRISTIAN: @christianhogue ▪️ @thesocietynyc @lamodels ▪️

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