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Feeling that glowing #springskin today Repost from @elliottsailors - Thank you @olimpiavallifassi for throwing this together for me so quickly when the agency asked! Any others of you who want beauty videos she has the most reasonable prices 😉 www.olimpiavallifassi.com

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amberlightbeauty. Weekend obsessions 💫🌸 Repost from @alessiaelysee - I love my @amberl

Weekend obsessions 💫🌸 Repost from @alessiaelysee - I love my @amberlightbeauty beauty products! 💖 Thank you beautiful Dominyka for making such wonderful skincare. 🙏🏻 After I tried your amber clay masque, I was hooked! ✨ Definitely recommend for everyone to try ⚡️

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Repost from @rebeccacasciano Cannot wait to start #SacredBeautyCollective 💫 I am ready to get inspired, to open my heart, to be supported, to learn and to gather some tools to live my unapologetic story 🙏📿🔮 🎥 x Nina Paley 🎶 x Kaytranada

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#ThreeMinutesOfBeauty with yogi goddess @queengotham 🧘🏻‍♀️ I was so inspired by her story and absolutely love her classes led in the salt room @modrnsanctuary and live her endless community support with @yogalovesorg 🙏📿🔮 We sat down to chat beauty: 1. What is beauty for you? 📿Beauty is a truthful laugh, a sobbing tear, a hug from a true friend, sharing a good meal with loved ones, living truthfully & authentically in the moment, confidently being yourself through all phases of life. 2. Favorite body part? 📿My eyes & my back. My eyes are able to disarm or arm someone in one look. I speak mostly with my eyes. My back, well, you need a strong spine both literally & figuratively on this earth & in this city. I’ve landed pretty hard a few times on my back. I consider my back a place of strength and protection in my being. 3. Favorite beauty ingredient and why? 📿Anything natural or homemade, essential oils, lavender, citrus, one energizes one relaxes, I like both. Products that are made out of non-toxic ingredients, paraben free. 4. Is there a favorite beauty routine you follow that is native to your background? 📿Olive oil in my hair. I’m half Italian, Sicilian & Neapolitan. My mother learned to cook authentic recipes from her Italian grandmother. We always had the best olive oil in the kitchen. Growing up, I used to comb the olive oil through my hair and wash it out in the morning. It takes a few washes but is a natural way to soften your hair and make it silky and shiny. 5. Did you pick up beauty rituals from your mom or grandmother? 📿Yes. I grew up watching my mother powder her face & put on mascara before she went out. I knew it was something that made her feel good inside & out as a child. To look polished & have confidence accentuating your features is ok. We also spent lots of time without makeup in the yard, or at the beach or while baking cookies and meals during holidays. I was raised to feel confident both with makeup and without, I ❤️ that! My Nana always had polished hands and feet. I do the same.💋

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Repost from @jezzhill - 👈🏼 SWIPE LEFT FOR THE BEFORE AND AFTER (NO MAKEUP, NO FILTERS) 😱 Maybe it’s because I was about to get my period, maybe it was the weather, maybe it was the fact I did a tutorial about drugstore products days before. I’m not sure what it was, but my skin was congested and I had to do something about it. I chose not wearing makeup, quitting all the skin care products I normally use and give my skin a break. This was my 5 steps skin care routine (am/pm) I did for a week that totally worked for me, clearing my skin and making me feel myself again: 1) Wash face with water. 2) Using @revivelighttherapy Poof only in the congested areas to destroy acne-causing bacteria. It helps calm redness and inflammation. 3) Apply @amberlightbeauty moonlight face treatment balm all over the face. Anti-inflammatory, calming and soothing balm. Full of Vitamins A, E, F and fatty acids. 4) Gua Sha to stimulate blood flow and healing #guasha365days 5) @boironusa #homeoplasmine just in the areas where the skin is irritated and congested. . ESPAÑOL: Tal vez fue porque me estaba por venir, tal vez fue el clima, tal vez fue el hecho de que hice un tutorial sobre productos de farmacia días antes. No estoy segura que fue, pero mi piel estaba congestionada y tenía que hacer algo al respecto. Elegí no usar maquillaje, dejar de usar todos los productos para el cuidado de la piel que uso normalmente y darle un respiro a mi piel. Esta fue mi rutina de cuidado de la piel de 5 pasos (am / pm) que realicé durante una semana y que me funcionó totalmente, aclarándome la piel y haciéndome sentir yo misma nuevamente: 1) Lavar la cara con agua. 2) Usar @revivelighttherapy Poof solo en las áreas congestionadas para destruir las bacterias que causan el acné. Ayuda a calmar el enrojecimiento y la inflamación. 3) Aplicar moonlight face treatment balm @amberlightbeauty por toda la cara. Bálsamo antiinflamatorio y calmante. Lleno de vitaminas A, E, F y ácidos grasos. 4) Gua Sha para estimular el flujo sanguíneo y la curación #guasha365days 5) @boironusa #homeoplasmine solo en las áreas donde la piel está irritada y congestionada. . #congestedskin #breakouts

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Repost from @dominykag - Happy International Women’s Day!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💕 We are sending love to our beautiful community of female leaders and celebrating @amourvert’s Women’s Day project to support charities @casadorio_ and @ancientsong, which were chosen by two of our members @carolfontaneti and @iamhartje and are close to their hearts. @casadorio_’s mission is to build venues in the Amazon for a sustainable society, integrating global and local issues of contemporary times, with a direct impact on approximately 300 women and families in the region. @ancientsong is a small, Brooklyn based organization providing free doula care to women in New York who could otherwise not afford prenatal or postnatal care. Check out @amourvert and @buckleynow for more on their collaboration to donate proceeds from sales to these charities for Women’s Day. ❤️ Thank you to @varamode for hosting us in your beautiful space and to @1fabionunes for cooking the most delicious, vegetarian meal! ✨ #modelactivist #happywomensday #community #love #internationalwomensday

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Bathroom shelf goals 🛀🧴🎀

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Repost from @rebeccacasciano - Have you heard the news? Sacred Beauty Collective is NOW OPEN for March - May membership! The Collective is a live, group program that I lead for 6 Sessions/ 3 months in New York City. We're looking for just 12 women who are ready to be part of an exciting movement that redefines beauty to empower women and girls! We invite women who are ready to show up for themselves and one another in uplifting and powerful ways. Together, we'll be exploring authentic beauty through self-love, spirituality, sisterhood and of course, the best in #cleanbeauty makeup! 💖⠀ "In Sacred Beauty Collective you receive a makeover of love and authenticity for your body, mind and soul. I left each session with a natural high and clear mindset for the weeks to come. The women in Sacred Beauty Collective are some of the kindest women I've ever met; I now have more friends with whom I can be my true self. If you want to show yourself some love and dig deeper into your soul, joining SBC is a must." - Madeeha⠀ 🙏🏼💞 Tap the link in my profile for all the details about the upcoming program. Also watch insta live at @dominykag for some real talk about #beautyinsideout, #sisterhood and #selflove. I'm SO excited to share this love with you next week and hopefully in the months to come! Please feel free to DM with any questions!⠀ 🙏🏼💄 - @rebeccacasciano

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In a great company thanks to a super #makeupartist @jezzhill 💫 Repost from @jezzhill - 👉🏼 LET’S TALK ABOUT OILY & ACNE PRONE SKIN: . ✔️ Use a Cleanser with Salicylic Acid. ✔️ Don't Skip Toner. Toners help regulate skin's oil production. A toner with ingredients like lactic acid helps to promote cellular renewal and prevents congestion. ✔️ Exfoliate Once a Week. ✔️ Don’t skip Moisturizer: Using a moisturizer is key to keeping oil production under control. ✔️ Use face oils. Yup! The right oil can actually help balance oil production, and fight breakouts. If you use a product with a harsh ingredient, serums can also calm the negative effects. ✔️ After cleansing, apply a mask with clay or salicylic acid once or twice a week. ✔️ Use Oil-Free Primers. ✔️ Wear Oil free, matte foundations. ✔️ Set Your Foundation with powder. Specially your T-zone to soak up additional sebum. ✔️ Oil control paper: If your face often starts looking greasy later on in the day, then oil-control paper is your friend. ✔️Always check with your dermatologist. . Check my products recommendations and more information in my stories. . ✔️ Usar un cleanser con ácido salicílico. ✔️ No te saltees el tonico: Los tónicos ayudan a regular la producción de aceite de la piel. Un tónico con ingredientes como el ácido láctico ayuda a promover la renovación celular y evita la congestión. ✔️ Exfoliar una vez por semana. ✔️ No te saltees el humectante: Usar una loción o gel hidratante es clave para mantener la producción de aceite bajo control. ✔️ Usa aceites para la cara. ¡Sip! El serum adecuado puede ayudar a equilibrar la producción de aceite y combatir los brotes. Si usas un producto abrasivo, los serums también pueden calmar los efectos negativos. ✔️ Después de la limpieza, aplica una mascarilla de arcilla o ácido salicílico una o dos veces a la semana. ✔️ Usa oil free primers. ✔️ Usa bases de maquillaje oil free y mate. ✔️ Fija la base con polvo. Especialmente en la zona T para absorber exceso de aceite en la piel. ✔️ Papeles matificantes: Si tu rostro comienza a ponerse brilloso durante el día, entonces el papel matificante es tu amigo. ✔️ Siempre chequea con tu dermatólog@. . C

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The beauty, the brains, the daughter, the mother, the friend, the activist, the world changer, the woman @iammarimalek 🖤 Learn her story 💫 Link in bio

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So happy @iammarimalek loves our ‘the rose in you’ priming serum and ‘white amber masque’ 💫 Read about her incredible life story and beauty rituals at @intothegloss now 🌸🌿 ‘ My mom always used to tell me, ‘Mafish halawa min gheir nar,’ which is Arabic for ‘there’s no beauty without fire.’ It means you have to have a regimen for your beauty.’ - Mari Malek 💫🙌

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Check out another wonderful write up about what went on at ‘Calm Before The Storm’ by @brittbergmeister at @odmodc 🌿 Link in bio 💫 📷 @jryanulsh

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Every #beautyritual is absolutely important, but without proper cleansing skin ritual, all the other steps won’t make sense. I looove cleansing oils because it takes the dirt out without stripping your beautiful skin of its natural microbiome. Gentle cleansing is always my No1 advice, doing it often you won’t need harsh and abrasive cleansers or scrubs to keep your skin clear. Check out my #igtv all about oil cleansing 🧖‍♀️ 📷 @jryanulsh

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This was one of the reasons why @dominykag the founder of @amberlightbeauty started her mindful skincare line. Through her research and cosmetic science studies she found that a tone of chemicals used in our personal care products are extremely harsh not only for our skin and health, but environment too. We are all connected and live in one ecosystem, so what we will ingest, use on ourselves and in our daily life eg. cleaning products - it will all end up back in our ecosystem. ♦️515♦️the average number of chemicals women put in their bodies - every day!! -through cosmetic💋and personal product usage. Ingredients are sourced from a variety of countries and are not required to pass any safety or toxicity testing in the US - This finding is just one from the transboundary pollution report made by @pureearthnow. The petition asks the UN and governments to make more commitments to combat all forms of pollution Learn more about what you can do at https://bit.ly/2AFAHN5 and link in bio 🙏 @modelactivist got together to share the awareness about it all, see the slides 💫 #PollutionKnowsNoBorders #BeatPollution #modelmafia #protectmotherearth #sustainability #sustainablebeauty #cleanbeauty #safemakeup #monday #selfiegram #naturallipstick

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Love starts within 💕🥰💞 #selflove first Check out #oilcleansing video at our #igtv Picies by @jryanulsh 💫

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‘Calm Before The Storm’ is a pre-fashion week event founded by some of my favorite people @brittbergmeister and @daniseitz💫 It was a night filled with word of wisdom from supermodels @sineadbovell of @wayetalks and @gracemahary of @projecttsehigh 🤓, wellness insights with @misteryogadan , @love_facelove and yours truly @amberlightbeauty 🌸🌿, deliciously healthy food and drink from @lighthousebk, @himrmak, @magicmixjuicery and @healthade, introductions to supportive communities like #CBTS, @modelactivist, @morethanmodelradio, @dawnlgallagher and introductions to ethical business like @shiffonco, @tulerie_ , @kwtravel_ and of course our hots at most eco friendly laundromat @celsious_social founded by sister duo @thetheresawilliams and @corinnawilliams 💫 The most important outtake of this event was supportive #community, that is always here for you 💫 All these gawjus picies were taken by @jryanulsh 💫

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3rd ‘Calm Before The Storm’ a pre-fashion week event took place at @celsious_social - the most eco friendly laundromat and cafe. The founders of the event @daniseitz of @lady_ballerzz and @brittbergmeister of @odmodc did it again - they brought together the most wonderful community - from inspiring leaders like @sineadbovell of @wayetalks and @gracemahary of @projecttsehigh to most ethical brands like @tulerie_ and @shiffonco 💫 All of the participants and the guest felt like in the most like minded community who they can rely on 🥰🤗 bliss 🌸🌿 @amberlightbeauty set up for the evening 👆 and @love_facelove working their magic 💫 📷 @jryanulsh

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...and then there was a discovery set... 🌹‘the rose in you’ face serum 🌼’three chamomile’ face balm 💫’white amber’ face masque 🌿’basil’ lip balm

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