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Midweeks callings... I know you need a reminder 🧴 🛀 ...and #relax... no need to wait till the weekend 🤩

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Just a Monday morning #shelfie 🧴⚗️🧴

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Friday plans 🙌 Repost from @jezzhill - SELF CARE IS BETTER WITH FRIENDS ✨✨✨ by the one and only @aralereartesv

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#Ambermagic 🔸🔶🔸

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Repost from @dominykag - #nomakeupmonday just some @amberlightbeauty

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Nice little @amberlightbeauty collection ⚗️🔮🧪 what are you addicted to? 📸 @oksanajager 🙏🦋💙

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What memory would you want ‘the scent’ to take you back to 🦋🌸🌿 Smells have the stronger link between memories and emotion than any other senses, what’s your #olfactory memory? 💫

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#newmoon 🌝🌙💫🌚 ‘Once In The Blue Moon’ face treatment serum, swipe for benefits 👉

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GM 🌞🌼 Are you masque’ing??? #whiteamber #masque

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It’s back and it’s yours 🔸🔶🔸 #WhiteAmber #facemasque. Fantastic after sun treatment to sooth and heal 🙏💫

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Hope all @neoncoat and @modelactivist members can join us for the evening of badass #modelactivist’s sharing how to make a difference in the world and support causes that matter most in to our planet 🌎🌍🌏 Also very exciting for community catch up and treats, including your favorite @amberlightbeauty 🌸🌿💫

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It me @dominykag the founder of @amberlightbeauty 🧖🏼‍♀️👩🏼‍🔬 I am not only the guinea pig of all your favorite products, but also a cosmetic scientist behind all the formulations and sole maker of all the products. This way I make sure each batch I make are highest quality, I have the ability to use most luscious ingredients and test it on my face, which definitely had all the make up and skincare you can possibly imagine for the past 20 years in my modeling career 🧝🏼‍♀️ Here I was making our ‘White Amber’ face healing #masque and soothing, anti flammatory and rosacea calming ‘Once In The Blue Moon’ face treatment #serum 🔸🌼🔸 If you are a member of @neoncoat or @modelactivist join us on Mon for a panel of a few role models and learn how to make a difference and support causes that matter most to our planet, and bring home some of your favorite @amberlightbeauty goodies 🌸🌿

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My little morning #beautyroutine: healing and soothing #ambermasque 🔸 with a drop of #OnceInTheBlueMoon serum 🌙 for extra hydration and anti inflammation ✔️, followed by #guasha365days with #OnceInTheBlueMoon #serum to enhance dat #glow. A little exiting surprise awaits @neoncoat and @modelactivist members for our next event on Mon, so go have a lookie 👀 😍

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Repost from @genna.makeup - Be the light 💫💫💫

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Our Spring/Summer Discovery Set 💫 Repost from @iamsvett - Your skin is your best accessory, take care of it. ✨I’ve been using @amberlightbeauty skin care serums and face oil cleanser for few weeks and I absolutely love it . The products are super light and don’t make me oily . Since using it my skin has less discoloration and a glow out of this world . It’s also, perfect to use prior make up application . All natural, hand made cleanser . Loving blue moon serum that makes my skin flawless every day . Thank you @amberlightbeauty ✨🙏🏽

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A little kiss’n’tell board of some of our products 🌸📋🌸

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Monday #glow on with the best 🥀 #roseserum Repost from @heithchanel - 💄💋 @dylandamman #MakeupMonday

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