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Forget about your #chapstick filled with mineral oil, treat your lipy's with some #moisturizing #and protective #sheabutter #lipbalm 😍💋

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We support The Heart Fund, to fight cardio-vascular diseases. - Inna Zobova (pictured) was born with heart defect and she had life-saving surgery at the age of 7. In 2012 she became #TheHeartFund's first Ambassador. - Donate for children's heart diseases : www.theheartfund.eu/donate

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Prepping for dat #autumnskin 🍁🌼🍂 With seasons changing, our skin changes and need some more attention. 'three chamomile treatment balm' made with @fairtaleghana #sheabutter protects the skin without clogging the pores, hydrates and all the 'chalmomiles' soothes and heals your beautiful #skin 🌼🌼🌼

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Oh Dear @1rebeccapearson, we appreciate you sooo much and so happy to have you on board of @amberlightbeauty tribe. You were one of the first to try our #skincare and your encouragement means the world. We both share a #passion for #natural #healthy #beauty and we absolutely love your platform modeltypeface.com 🌸 Rebecca is an advocate for very important issues in the #fashionindustry including #bodyimage and has been a regular on #BBCNews to spread the word. She is also an #ambassador of @peopletree as #sustainability in #fashion is another great passion of this lovely #woman, who makes me wanna dance off all the troubles in the world, just like she does with her dance practice - we love your IG videos of it! 💃😍💃 We sat down to tickle her brain further on her #beautyrituals with our #threemintueesofbeauty: 1. What is beauty for you? Beauty is when you feel so full up of emotion, you want to cry with it all...Wonderful tears! 2. Favorite beauty ingredient, and why? Jojoba oil, because it penetrates the skin so deeply. 3. Your favorite body part? I like my waist and stomach. I’m always getting that part of my body out in dance classes with crop tops! The area has always looked defined without much effort, and I just think it looks good 💁🏻‍♀️ let’s all celebrate ourselves a bit more! 4.Is there a special beauty routine you follow that is native to your background? No, but I am inspired by the way that my mum honours each beauty product by using each pot til it’s totally run out. I used to go wild with all the freebies I get sent with blogging, but now I am also very mindful and appreciative of the care that went into my lotions and potions. 5.Did you pick any beauty rituals from your mom or grandmother? Just a general respect for myself. Gran always moisturised her feet & hands, and applied cologne & rouge every day til she died at 97. Self-care is not vanity but showing a little bit of love for yourself, so while I may not do the exact same rituals as gran, I am proudly carrying forward her very essence! Xx

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Don't underestimate the #woman that wears #pink 💗

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Don't underestimate #women who wears #pink 💗

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#SheRose from the ashes of her own existence' ~ @amberlightbeauty #TheRoseInYou

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Fantastic recap 🙌💗Repost from @liveshiv - Because @daphnedebaat is so darn talented, she not only helped us at the event - she also recorded and edited this vlog for my channel! Last Sunday @samanthasbolger and I FINALLY had the launch party for our podcast @morethanmodelradio! We’ve been running it for about a year and when we had enough content, and the timing was right.. we finally organized our launch party. I’m really proud of our event and the 70 models/supporters that came to tell us how much they love our podcast and what it stands for. 
I’ll be doing another post about the podcast later - but if you’d like to see more from our event: follow us at @morethanmodelradio! First of all, thanks to Dani & Timmy for helping me find our wonderful venue (The Farm NoMad) and for helping we find the yummiest food sponsor (@sweetgreen). Big thanks as well to my babes @daphnedebaat, @hildadiaspimentel, @ingrid_pmedeiros and @dominykag for all of their help on the day of our event! Thanks to David & Karolina from The Farm NoMad for getting the space ready for us and helping us with our other food sponsor (@nutsdotcom). And to @neoncoat for including us as one of your fashion week events and helping us reach out to some models we didn’t know, who turned into new listeners! Thanks also to our speakers @ambertolliver and @sineadbovell for your insightful words. Shout out to all of our drink sponsors: @parcellewine, @vitacoco, @kolkatachaico, @papercoffeenyc and @healthade. Huge shout out to our swag bag sponsors: @jawxjawshop, @reddbar, @smartypits, @sheaterraorganics, @deuxmainsdesigns, @ranavatbotanics, @theseaweedbathco and @amberlightbeauty. Special thanks as well to our partners: @getcroissant, @velourlashesofficial and @thefinancialgym. Last but CERTAINLY not least, huge thanks to my friends @vswrldmusicgroup and @aintthathyst for giving us their time and capturing all of the moments of our launch through their photo and video skills. This event proved to me that I was capable of running an event in NYC successfully and for something I believe in. I’m so proud of us and @morethanmodelradio. Don’t worry - we’ll be back with more soon! #mtmradio

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