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alliemichellel. Connection is your loneliness set free
Love is what you want most

Connection is your loneliness set free Love is what you want most And yet being seen is what you fear most Do you think if you are seen you will be denied of love? The question has never been if you are loveable It was if you are able to let love bring out the wonderfully weird person that hides inside of you For the cage that encloses your wild is known by the name of “normal,” to everyone else But you and I both know it is a noose Your shackles are my shackles So I will keep trying to draw out your heart In poetry and divine laughter Until you break our chains Or did you forget you had the key this entire time? 🌿🐘 Photo @taylorcutfilms

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I once looked into a mirror of shadows meant to test the strength of the soul It reflected every piece of me I had not made peace with that kept me from becoming whole The looking glass showed me the worst, All those messy and unlovable parts The ways in which I hurt and was hurt, But contrast is required in any work of art Those who love honestly Are never dishonest with themselves They do not expect to live flawlessly For perfection is it’s own kind of hell I recognize those who looked into the mirror By the twinkle of humor in their eyes They are the ones who were brave enough to heal And remember all that is not love is a lie 🌿🌹 Photo @dakotaadan

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I saw an elder playing the river flute with the freedom of one who gives themselves entirely to their gift. His withered hands moved with the grace of the wind as his breath created music that broke the silence of my heart into a roaring celebration. You can always recognize a master, for each one has swallowed a star that dances in their eyes with the light of a thousand suns. I asked him how he created such sweet music, and he said it was his way of piercing through the smokey mirror that keeps us from our truth. Part of our journey was to find a path to follow with every speck of our soul so we may one day see an honest reflection of life. Maybe suffering boils down to all the ways in which we cling to a temporary world, as though anyone or anything could ever belong to us. Even our bodies are a borrowed sanctuary. What is worth giving yourself fully to?

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New York has taught me a lot this past week. At first I was overwhelmed by it all- the river of people that flooded the streets, the buildings that made me feel like a little ant, the energy that taught me the true meaning of hustle. Then we were on the subway one day. Humidity stuck to my skin as so many bodies were packed together, too many to even learn all their faces or wonder what their story was. But then this man got on the train, and he started singing. Loudly. A megaphone would have been useless in comparison to his vocal chords. No one was even looking at him as he danced and sang. He was just doing his own thing. I fell in love with New York in that moment. The way there is always someone more wonderfully weird than you. It’s like every burrow and street corner is begging you to turn up the volume on who you are. “Normal,” is a foreign concept in the concrete jungle. So perhaps that’s the key- to see everyone as though they were characters in a book. Their flaws and quirks what make them so colorful and unique in this strange melting pot that draws millions to it. After all, beauty is birthed from chaos. 🌃✨ Song: Mounika - Love You Sweet It’s What I Do Flowing with jungle queen @plantifulsoul

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alliemichellel. relationships are a sacred road map to our healing
though we often sho

relationships are a sacred road map to our healing though we often shove away those who make us feel the pain of becoming whole this world is an infirmary for the soul but our wounds are invisible to the naked eye love liberates from all that keeps us from cradling each moment as we would our last there is a place so pure within your heart that can never be touched by suffering’s fingerprints in order to reach it, we must follow that road map that is the path of the soul the choice is yours: you can follow it crawling or follow it dancing 🌿🌹

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alliemichellel. When the foundations of your world have become unsteady, remember it i

When the foundations of your world have become unsteady, remember it is Love’s hands who shake them. We think we have to do so much before we are ready, but that is hesitation in moving towards our discomfort. Knowledge is only an idea until it has lived in your bones, but fear has turned most of our hearts into stone. Have you forgotten the strength it takes to be soft? Or do you cling to life because you are afraid to be lost. We’re all lost, and I’ll tell you why: no one has figured out why we’re alive. But every experience will unearth why on earth you are here. So come alive- I promise you will not drown in the darkness of your fear. I will become the flame that lights your way. I will be your compass when your mind leads you astray. I hope you understand that you need no longer stand alone because within your own heart exists an unbreakable home 🌿🌍

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Death makes all of life sacred, And what is the meaning of sacred but that which is holy? There is nothing in existence the divine has not kissed ✍️✨ Write a poem below :) I love when you all share your work and we get to connect with one another. Thanks for the song rec @christineolivia_ by earth goddess @deyadova called “grandmother tree and the feathered serpent” 🐍 I cant wait to be back in these Bali jungle vibes 🌿

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alliemichellel. We yearn for connection, yet isolate ourselves. We seek love, but fear

We yearn for connection, yet isolate ourselves. We seek love, but fear loss. We dream for someday, instead of trying for today. We want change, but don’t want to change. We over-consume, then wonder why there’s no space to create. We love the ocean, yet buy plastic. We advocate for education, then bury our students in loans. We want health, but for a price. We believe in equality, but struggle to bridge the gap of inequality. We ask for better leaders, but don’t think to lead. We wish for a better world, but not at the cost of comfort and convenience. There’s a disconnect here. And it’s not any one persons fault. The world is made up of both beauty and brokenness. Most of the time, I believe we have our hearts in the right place. The problem is how overwhelming it all seems, but change is made up of small moments. Change happens when we have been hurt, but choose not to act from our hurt. Change happens when we see someone who seems upset, and ask how we can support them. Change happens when we don’t pretend to have all the answers, but are willing to ask the uncomfortable questions. The truth is, if we knew the whole story behind everyone’s actions, we would see why they are the way they are. And it doesn’t excuse it, but compassion is the birthplace of change. Photo @travisburkephotography 🌿

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alliemichellel. I dreamed I saw each person as a walking puzzle piece. Each one whole,

I dreamed I saw each person as a walking puzzle piece. Each one whole, and yet part of a greater picture. I watched as some of the pieces fit together, adding on to each other’s masterpiece. Then, there were the ones who looked close to fitting, but maybe weren’t quite right. And I saw how, out of fear, they forced their pieces to fit until their edges became soft and they molded into an entirely different shape. What they did not realize was that the shape they had before was perfect. Now the piece originally meant for them would pass right by and not recognize them. Imagine if every piece had remembered that all of its strange edges and colors are not always meant to make sense at first, but that they carry within them a key to the cosmic puzzle. 🌿🥀from, “The Rose that Blooms in the Night” available for pre-order in my bio

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alliemichellel. I know of a woman whose spine was forged by the roots of the oldest tr

I know of a woman whose spine was forged by the roots of the oldest tree. A woman whose strength would cause mountains to quiver. I know of a man whose heart is tender as the petals of a rose. A man who is unafraid to express his emotions, and listens to the guidance of the beating compass beneath his chest. I know of a child that is honored for her wisdom. A child who lets truth tumble from her lips, for she knows she is here to remind us of the gift life has given. I know of an elder with stars swirling in his eyes, an elder who knows there is no age that we are meant to stop coming alive. I know of these people, who are both soft and tough. These people who understand a life lived from love is more than enough. 🌿🌎💧🥀 Photo @plantifulsoul

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alliemichellel. Love is not the absence of darkness, but the absence of separation. An

Love is not the absence of darkness, but the absence of separation. And perhaps the most beautiful thing you can do with your precious life is become such a clean mirror that every soul that looks into your eyes weeps at the sight of themselves. I have met a few of them, these mirrors with eyes of such love it is nearly painful. Most mirrors are muddled, and our reflections have become warped beneath the filter of our own stories. Never underestimate the simple power of kindness in small moments. To offer someone a brief moment of peace from the war waged within can give them a glimpse into their true nature. 🌿🌎 ♥️ I’m starting a new online challenge on June 12th-18th. It’s called “deep dive,” we’ll be swimming to the depths within ourselves as we practice incredible healing tools together. If you’re looking for transformation and community, the details are in my story :) Song: Holocene (Satchmode Remix) Bon Iver

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alliemichellel. I asked a woman how she chooses to be happy in the face of so much suf

I asked a woman how she chooses to be happy in the face of so much suffering and she said, “everything is leading you closer to god.” And I saw it. How every moment shines light on the holes within us so we’re able to become whole. How sad would it be if no challenges ever happened to us. If our lives were so fluid that our hard shells were able to remain intact. Beauty is revealed as every piece that is not truly us is chipped away by our experience. And that takes time. That’s an unfolding process that comes with giving yourself permission to do it messy. When things get messy, they also get honest. No longer able to cover up who we really are, we begin to feel exposed from the inside out. And yet that exposure is what reveals our humanity. It reveals the part of us that is most potent and lovable. I think of that woman and the way she smiled with the kind of joy that comes from the bottom of your soul. And I remember again: Stop trying. Trying to heal, succeed, and grow so quickly. Trying to act right and do it right. It is in the haste of trying that we choke life of its possibility because we attempt to bend an unbendable force to our will. Surrender to the possibility that everything is leading you closer to love, and the invisible current that is your life will begin to carry you. Thank you @storyofsage for capturing @jadealectra and I in the eye of the storm ⚡️🌪 Song by @dermotkennedy

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