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Right now, you have two choices: Comfort or change Most people choose to remain the same, Until life cracks them open and they finally see That who they have been is not who they are meant to be There is all this talk of letting go As though it were effortless to surrender our sorrow But I prefer to let the world in So that I am not numb to feeling the warm sun on my skin Or the smell of a rose blooming in the night We give life meaning so whether you think it’s good or bad, you’re right 🌹 Video @dakotaadan thank you for bringing the poem to life

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Give yourself fully to all that reminds you of why you are here. You are made of earth and water, flesh and bone. Don’t hesitate in surrendering to what your heart yearns for. Surrender is the most powerful state you could possibly experience. Surrender lives in art. In sex. In birth. In inspiration. It is impossible to feel those things with one foot out the door. No longer careful and curated, you melt into the moment with every atom of your being. Humans are complex creatures. We are both hard and soft. Both cruel and compassionate. Brilliant yet blind to so much. We ache for the answers, but become overwhelmed when we cannot solve the questions. How quickly we forget that our purpose is in the process. 🌹 Photo @jadealectra

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alliemichellel. I took my time in my practice, feeling my limbs turn to honey. It smel

I took my time in my practice, feeling my limbs turn to honey. It smelled like wet grass and plumerias as the roosters interrupted the quiet of the morning. My hips were so tight it made my eyes water and my breath become shallow. It would have been so easy to rush through the stretch like I rush through life. How much of the world do I see without truly seeing it? The thought haunted me as I sank further into the pose. The more meaningless a situation, the more I create meaning and cling to it. So I deepened my breath even as my mind battled itself. Eventually the muscle loosened at the bottom of my exhale. My body felt weightless as a drifting cloud, free of the pain it had silently carried. The most difficult conflicts occur inside of us. It’s a seemingly simple thing to have these knots, but our body often tells the story we are too afraid to tell. Who would we be without our story? Does that make us who we are? I often wonder if the previous chapters write the blank pages ahead, or if we have been holding the pen the entire time without realizing. ~ Yoga flow powered by @gomacro. I’m so happy to be partnering with conscious companies who truly live their values from their incredible team, to the way they source their ingredients, and truly give back. Song: stay the same - bonobo

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alliemichellel. Today is my 22nd birthday...
I reflected on who I have been in my time

Today is my 22nd birthday... I reflected on who I have been in my time here on this spinning blue ball and thought I would share some of the things that I’ve learned in my experiences so far 🌹 1. No person or amount of success will fill the holes inside of you, but doing what you love will 2. Ask real questions and deeply listen. Everyone has a story that can change your life. 3. Pancakes are always the answer 4. Judgment is an easy and lazy thing. It takes far more strength to respond with love 5. Imperfections are the unique quirks that make someone truly beautiful 6. Every situation that comes our way is an opportunity to grow beyond our patterns 7. No one has the answers. We’re all just making this up as we go. Meditate. Write. Listen to your heart first. 8. Enjoy the honest moments. Home cooked meals with friends, the warmth of another’s skin against yours, the smell of the sea breeze. These are the simple joys of living. 9. Be a new student at something 10. Between our first and last breath is the story we create. Fall in love with the process. There is no finish line or point of arrival. 11. What is meant for you will never miss you. Surrender everything you think you know. 12. Never love someone for their potential. Everyone has a right to where they are standing on their path, and we can’t save or fix anyone. 13. Taking care of yourself is selfless. An empty well cannot give water to a village. 14. What we want most is often what we fear most, but be vulnerable and do it anyways. Regret is a terrible thing best avoided by unapologetically going for it. 15. Create art for the simple joy and fulfillment of it. Not for anyone else. 16. People will sing your praises and tear you down, both of which are a reflection of them. Stay in your lane. 17. True joy comes from helping others. Community is everything. Take care of your people. Their wins are your wins. 18. Have a sense of humor about yourself. We’re basically just consciousness walking around in advanced monkey suits.

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alliemichellel. I scroll through my feed and wish I had my life 
I watch as people los

I scroll through my feed and wish I had my life I watch as people lose their worth comparing followers and likes They tell you that you’ll be successful If you become more like them But your power comes from the unique ways that you’re you I have never done well at fitting into a square box I compare my squares to theirs And all of a sudden I feel lost Then there is the pressure to constantly produce perfect art It is forgotten instantly and then you’re right back at the start How can I be original in a space with so much noise? I suppose all I really have is my own authentic voice It is a dangerous game that we’re all playing Chasing money, chasing fame And finding our core values straying If a flower worried about instant gratification She would never have time to bloom So turn off your phone Put your hands on your heart And give yourself some room I promise that double beat is more real than any content you consume 📷 @dakotaadan

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Free yourself from the burden of trying to get it right. Instead, seek experiences that force you to stretch. When you feel the fluttering behind your rib cage of a heart that is ready to fly- remember that a bird can soar only when her wings are not weighed down by so many cares. Have patience for all that is arising within you. Every emotion is valid and deserving of respect. It’s funny, really. How much life we waste thinking, “as soon as...” but pushing back the finish line to our happiness only puts us in a lifelong race with our own mind. Do not compare your internal process to someone else’s external success. Success is fleeting, and so is failure. We were born to enrich the world through our unique spark. So become the love you wish you found. Become the compassion you needed. Become the freedom you wish everyone felt. 🌹🌿💧 Photo @dakotaadan

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alliemichellel. My grandmother called me her little one 
Though she looked at me as th

My grandmother called me her little one Though she looked at me as though I were anything but little As though she saw the size of my heart mirrored her own And the same river of strength ran in my blood She taught me how to dine like a lady and play poker in the same day She would have me sit for shabbat dinners but then sneak me ice cream instead of matzah But that was her, you see Full of contradictions and the stubborn refusal to let anyone tell her who she is She was fiercely gentle And had a sparkle of joy permanently painted on her eye But beneath that sparkle there was a slight worry Never for herself, no She was worried for her family Always thinking of their happiness As though she could be the sun, the water, and the fertilizer that made them bloom If only she knew she didn’t have to be all things Because the truth is her love was everything I hope to find a fraction of her strength in myself 🌹 For my grandmother who just passed away at 94. Everything she did in life, she did with joy. I think it was her way of celebrating being alive. Death puts things in perspective in such a beautiful way. I hope none of us arrive at that last breath saying, “I wish I...” her life story was an extraordinary one. She loved deeply, lived joyfully, and gave fully 🙏🏽

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alliemichellel. Sometimes you meet people, and you immediately get passed all the smal

Sometimes you meet people, and you immediately get passed all the small talk and normal niceties. You find out what puts a sparkle in their eye, what they have been through and the strength it taught them. It takes a certain kind of courage to drop beneath the part of ourselves we’re used to presenting. To see and be seen. To feel and be felt. To hear and be heard. Approach every person as though they have a story that will change your life, because I promise you they do if you make time to listen. ✨ Song: Treat Me Like Fire - LionBabe Fun side note: the first time I met @jadealectra she picked me up and drove me to big sur when I thought we were just going to get dinner 😂 we slept in her car and woke up to the sun rising over a waterfall. Most friends just get coffee 🤷‍♀️ but it’s worth finding the ones that will surprise you with an adventure.

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alliemichellel. you’re worth it, I tell you
you’re worth walking that path you are so

you’re worth it, I tell you you’re worth walking that path you are so uncertain of the path towards what you love and fear most walk it trembling if you must, but keep placing one foot in front of the other you’re worth it, I tell you you’re worth healing not because you need to be fixed but so that you can know what it is to feel free inside once the weight of your pain is gone you’re worth it, I tell you you’re worth the kind of love that forces you to be courageous in your own life the kind of love that is relentless in its demand for your most honest and wonderfully weird self you’re worth it, I tell you you’re worth following that beating compass in your chest as it guides you on that path with your name on it you are the knight on the horse and the hero in the cape you’ve been waiting for 🌹 Rainbow threads by @spiritualgangster Hair by @christinesilvermancolor PS...looking for new books to read! 📚 Comment your favorite below so we all have an epic recommendation list 😘

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alliemichellel. She learned the most honest thing she could do was to live her life as

She learned the most honest thing she could do was to live her life as an endless question- curious, listening, and willing to take the risk of walking into the unknown. When she made a choice, she gave her heart fully to it, because life is not meant to be lived with one foot out the door. She learned that courage was not a test of grandeur, but a vulnerable heart willing to embrace each and every life experience. That true courage is made up in the smallest of moments. She learned strength is being daring enough to say, “yes,” to your own heart even if that means saying, “no,” to someone else’s. She learned that awareness means being honest with yourself about everything without shaming yourself for it. Your patterns, desires, attachments, dreams, hopes, and feelings. Most of all, she learned that if she could be courageous in the small moments, it would see her through the big ones. 📷 @travisburkephotography

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I once knew a bird who was tamed by being convinced she was broken. They trained her to believe that if she attempted to fly free, she would experience pain. Her cage then started to feel safe. She could avoid pain within those four walls. But then something else happened. Those wings that were meant to soar lost their strength. Her life force weakened from not using her gifts, and so she experienced deep sorrow. She was born a wild thing, you see. And though it was far more terrifying for her to explore the edges of this uncertain world, it was also what made her very blood sing. Her mind entrapped her within this room of doubt, but her heart knew the gate had been open the entire time. Have you allowed yourself to become caged, my love? 📷: @jadealectra

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Speak to me of what you care for, Of what you would bow your heart to Speak to me of what will matter, When you reflect on all you have been through Speak to me of your sorrow, And how it has carved your strength Speak to me of what you love so much, You would fight for at any length 🌹🌿 Flowing in organic threads by @ivoryella. I love conscious, intentional companies who are making a positive impact on the world. They’ve raised over $1.6 million for Save the Elephants in helping stop the ivory trade 🙏🏽🐘 definitely check them out Song: 100% - Goldilox Video @jadealectra

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