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Learned a lot from @tombilyeu yesterday about how to care deeply for your work and how to make others feel comfortable to bring out the best in them. He’s a tremendous interviewer and I recommend checking out his work. #healththeory #impacttheory #alignmethod

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If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, invest in community. There’s no greater currency than meaningful relationships. Immense gratitude to @aubreymarcus and @kingsbu for all the lessons. #alignmethod #mindbodymovement #getonnit

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alignpodcast. Working on rehab with @chuckliddell using the @alignband, it’s immense

Working on rehab with @chuckliddell using the @alignband, it’s immensely valuable to not just focus on the specific joint but all of the surrounding tissues as well. Your body functions optimally as an interconnected whole; disintegration of the parts leads to chaos in the form muscular imbalance, inflammation and likely pain. #alignmethod #mindbodymovement 🎥: @maxwmccoy

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PLAY makes fitness/life sustainable. #alignmethod #mindbodymovement

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TRADITION is powerful. Pre-podcast recording with @bengreenfieldfitness: breath work, cold plunge, tea, sauna, press record. Full video breakdown and podcast coming soon... #alignmethod #mindbodymovement 🎥: @maxwmccoy @sunlightensaunas @kion

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@mariannewilliamson has given me hope that there’s a chance at steering western values and economics toward caring for humanity as a whole if we begin waking up and paying attention. I have personally tuned most political conversations out due to a lack of trust and realize this is how a corrupt system wins. As long as the general populous is consumed by consumerism and our psychological bandwidth is occupied by soulless media, we will be in large part cogs in a corporate wheel. Comment below if you’ve grown distrustful of western politics and would like this to change. You can support Marianne at marianne2020.com. Link in bio for the YouTube video of the whole conversation. #mindbodymovement #alignmethod 🎥: @maxwmccoy 🙏: @wakingupwithryan

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At the end of your life, you won’t care about how much money you made or how many trophies you earned. You’ll value the moments you dropped your guard enough to experience love. Thanks to these amazing humans for sharing an amazing night! @chuckliddell @theangrytherapist @jessegolden @meowmeix @amandabucci @wolfmate @underwearwolf @khalilrafati @marksissonprimal @michaeltrainer @petercroneofficial @doctor.g_ @actionjacquelyn @_chloehom @kingsbu @devan.c.long @lacie_mackey @mikecatherwood @taylorkalupa and @belcampomeatco, @anyafernald, @justinrezvani and @davidnurse5 for making it possible! #mindbodymovement #alignmethod

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“The Opposite of Courage Is Not Cowardice; It Is Conformity” Rollo May in Man’s Search for Himself. Thanks to @teenie29 @acrowithjon for challenging the norm and making progress on these with me! #alignmethod #mindbodymovement

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TRY THESE movements for full body strength development with an emphasis on legs inspired by my dude, @chris.rocchio_fit. Tag a friend to try them with! #alignmethod #mindbodymovement 👖: @wolventhreads 👟: @laneeight

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No such thing as mistakes, just new opportunities. @mike.aidala is a solid practitioner of this mindset! #mindbodymovement #alignmethod

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Grateful these two humans exist. Tag a friend you’d like to try this with! @mike.aidala @britthertz 🎶: @bluestaeb #mindbodymovement #alignmethod

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EMBRACING COMMUNITY helps us live longer, and be happier says the longest longitudinal study done by Harvard. (followed 268 sophomores and there offspring since 1938). Close relationships, more than money or fame, are what keep people happy throughout their lives, the study revealed. Use movement as a medium to deepen relationships. It’s not about the exercise itself as much as it is the connection. Thanks to @nimai_delgado for the health boost. @alignband #alignmethod #mindbodymovement

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NOVELTY of movement is shown to stimulate cognitive function. Make your movement practice explorational and joyful. TAG a friend who brings more joy and novelty into your life. #alignmethod #mindbodymovement 🎥: @losefatwithpat 🎶: @axelthesleff

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DO YOU OBSERVE the meaning of your own movement? UCLA Professor, Albert Mehrabian, determined 55% of our communication comes from body language and 38% voice tonality. How much attention do you pay to the messages your body communicates? • • Big thanks again to those who came to @worldztribe for the #alignmethod workshop! @andrew7sealy @ryan_flows @kendalwhite @travisbrewer.ninja @little_beastmode @justinrezvani @fromthekgb 🎥: @mindbodyhoops

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TRY THIS simple ‘super-set’ from @adam_frater and tag a friend you’ll try it with. It works excellent as a warm-up for most any activity. #alignmethod #mindbodymovement

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Do you practice AGILITY work (let me know in the comments); it’s a huge missing link for many gym rats and yogis alike. Try these drills inspired by one of the most committed and thoughtful dudes you’ll ever meet @chris.rocchio_fit. And, he and @meowmeix finally started their podcast, check that shit out! #mindbodymovement #alignmethod

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CONTRACT/RELAX: While doing any mobility work, you can throw in this technique. Contract the targeted muscle group for around 5 seconds at 40%-80% engagement. (Share this with a friend who would like more flexibility) On an out breath, revert back to passively lengthening the tissue; repeat 2-3x. Always finish mobility work with active engagement to make sure you own the position and are not just destabilizing your joints. #alignmethod #mindbodymovement • • Techniques like this and more in the Align Method online program (link in bio) Thanks again to @andrew7sealy @travisbrewer.ninja @little_beastmode @ryan_flows @justinrezvani @kendalwhite for coming out to support! 👖: @i_amseed

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Thanks to everyone who came out for this event and the amazing coaches leading it! @coachpjnestler @docjenfit @fit2fat2fit @juliaglanz @venus2bfab @perla.dornellas 🎥: @mindbodyhoops #alignmethod #mindbodymovement

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HUMANS are WEIRD. Did you know this comes from the Old English word wyrd meaning ‘destiny’? The adjective originally meant ‘having the power to control destiny’. EMBRACE being weird: those who are ‘normal’ are typically more similar to a SHEEP. #alignmethod #mindbodymovement 🎥: @tawnyjanae 🤸‍♂️: @teenie29 🏋️: @acrowithjon @bradalicious

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Fascinating weekend in Dallas studying this fella. Take away: recognize that much of my value system has been based on creating significance and a healthier path is love/connection, growth and contribution. Huge thanks to @adamglyn for the invite and @salila_thuy for sharing the experience. Also thanks to @gypsetgoddess @patrickschwarzenegger @karatehottiemma and @levenrambin for sharing ridiculous dance moments. #mindbodymovement

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MAKE MUSIC (and dance) with friends. You’re more than just a talking face. SINGING is self-care: it tones the vagus nerve and is shown to release oxytocin making you feel more fabulous. Big thanks to @aubreymarcus @kingsbu @taitfletcher @guent @bunkercal @mehcadbrooks for sharing the moments! #alignmethod #mindbodymovement

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DO HARD THINGS with friends. Episode 242 with @doctor.g_ was 🔥🔥🔥🔥(link in bio). Instead of meeting up for coffee: hike up a steep hill, jump in a cold river, take a dance class or something of the sort. We thrive on relationships and opportunities for adaptation. Why not do both simultaneously? #alignmethod #mindbodymovement 🎥: @mindbodyhoops

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YOU CAN integrate yoga & weight lifting. Introspective self-care/mobility work opens the range necessary for functional mechanics in moving weight and lifting assist in creating stability/support for safe mobility. • • SHARE this with someone who enjoys combining methods. #alignmethod #mindbodymovement

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SAUNAS improve cardiovascular health, aid in recovery after exercise, flush toxins and help to relieve stress to induce deeper sleep. • • Pregaming with @doctor.g_, episode drops tomorrow! (Use ALIGN code for discount on @sunlightensaunas) #alignmethod #mindbodymovement 🎥: @mindbodyhoops

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