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Here is an exercise AND a mini flow of how this exercise can be applied to your yoga practice to build strength and control in your movements! Try out the exercise and try out the flow. You’ll start to understand in feeling more than just in your mind, how more attention to detail in the body awareness will LEVEL UP 🙌🙌 your awareness as you flow. #functionalflow #actionhiroyoga #smarterhips #smartercore

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Ok truth time...I tried this about 6 years ago and though I could “do” this I ended up re-injuring my knee when I tried it in practice. I went through all the emotions of “maybe I pushed too hard,” “maybe I’m not built for this,” and a hundred other “maybe” conversations in my head. It wasn’t until I started rethinking the way that I practice yoga, down to the “what’s the purpose of this shape?” did I start to find that deeper connection to myself...which is the deeper point of yoga, right? So, my point is check out my YouTube! I give you exercises, and nuggets of Functional understanding of what muscles are working in the poses. Getting away from what poses are supposed to look like and back into what the point of this is...understanding YOU! So “Hiro Landazuri” on the search bar and get longer than 60 seconds of edumacationisms AAAAND I’ll be sharing other tips/tricks/travels/stuffs on there soooon 🐒🍑 have a great Sunday! #actionhiroyoga #learnstuff #yoga

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Coming up with yoga exercises, poses, content creation for myself and for other people/businesses, it all comes from the same place: my soul. So when I feel that creative itch (like I do right now), I know I need to back off from the computer work, the whatever else work, and get back to speaking from my soul. So today that looks like exercising, shooting/editing some photos/videos (I know that technically counts as computer work...but it’s like different. Ya know?) I shot a really short, vloggy-type of thing for my last minute trip to Austin to hang out with @samsungus crew at @sxsw which was really cool, so I’m going to see if I can maybe take my non-existent experience in video and make something that’s decent 🤣🤣😭. At the end of the day this body is here for us not against us, so let’s listen! What are your body signals trying to say to you? #listenIN #awareness #selflove #workinprogress

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Stress. Fear. Words that are familiar to so many of us, myself for sure included. I mentioned in captions before and podcasts about having social anxiety. On the one hand I could always put myself in environments that make me more comfortable...but is that really helping me grow? There’s no growth in comfort. I love teaching and I truly love connecting with people, so the way out of the anxiety isn’t retreating, hiding, or changing my environment, it’s through. I think this is pretty much true of just about anything you want to grow into. What is it that you can do to get uncomfortable and grow into the person you want to be? #bethechange #vulnerability #workingthrough #growth

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Spoke on a couple podcasts over the last week and I touched on how proud I am that all of you are using Instagram as platform to learn and expand! Since I posted this video a couple months ago, there has been 50k more of you amazing learning machine bad🍑es joining in with me on this page 💕🙏💕🙏 so I wanted to do a throwback! The mastery of technique is only as useful to us as how much we use it to find that freedom in our bodies and our souls... So keep staying curious and expanding and I love you guys so hard for always being hungry to learn! #actionhiroyoga #functionalflow #crowpose

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I started yoga when I was 17. My dad actually recommended that I try it out with him to help with plantar fasciitis from running. Even though I started in my teens, I wasn’t open to the benefits of the practice on building emotional intelligence and healing until later in my 20’s. There was always a part of me that was almost embarrassed for doing yoga and meditation to process childhood traumas because I was supposed to be “a man” tough, unaffected, stoic, as men were expected to be in my generation. Yoga was about connecting to self and acceptance which at the time felt the opposite of being a “man,” which now, 17 years later, I understand is NOT the case. Which is why I’m so SO excited 🙌🙌🙌 to partner with @aloyoga in their #alogives non-profit bringing yoga & meditation to kids in free 5 minute videos building emotional intelligence in a fun way through the yoga practice...something I wish I felt was available and cool to do when I was a child! So I’m tagging @actionjacquelyn @evgeshayoga @alexasilvaggio @lauren.taus @shaylaquinn @theyoganinja to share a photo & your story of when you started yoga/meditation. And share with me your story too write a post and tag me in it I would love to hear how you started on this amazing journey that I’m in 💕💕💕 with! #startyoung #ourfuture #yoga

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Some days are a struggle, some days are strong, either way the only constant will be in Never. Stop. Trying. (past what we think we can do) #bethechange #keepmoving #takeaction

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I love my morning routine... Grinding my beans, pulling my shot of espresso, frothing my macadamia milk, mixing a bit of cinnamon and cacao powder, all the while listening to music while I recap my meetings/classes/all the things that I planned out the night before! I love starting my day with a quick morning meditation too, but realistically lately it hasn’t been a daily practice for my mornings. What is your daily routine? Share in the comments and if you don’t have one, try it out and set your day up for success! Crushing Monday’s starts on Sunday 🙌🙌🙌. #sundaymorning #morningroutine

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Here are 4️⃣ functional exercises for active hamstring stretch AND core strength. Throughout these exercises try to keep the palms down. Plug your thigh bone in and draw your belly in. These are great if you’re: 1️⃣ working on your press handstand 2️⃣ are working on stepping between your hands from down dog 3️⃣ build coordination between strength and flexibility in a functional way for your practice Tag your friends who could use an exercise for strength AND flexibility!!!! #actionhiroyoga #functionalcore #hamstrings

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There’s a man who lands in a new city, new country. He sees a little kiosk that has maps of the city available. Right now he has no idea where he is, but as he’s looking at this map he sees this awesome looking landmark. For sure getting to that spot is going to epic. Now how does he get there? Without knowing where he’s at first, that map is pretty useless. Setting intentions, goals, putting things “out there” is only as useful as knowing where you’re at to start. As much as I focus on who I’m trying to be, what I’m trying to accomplish in this life, I try to also spend as much time understanding myself truthfully and where I’m at NOW so that I can understand the best route to take to that future version of myself. If you’re working on this too, hit me with a 🙌 in the comments!

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Here is a quick Hip Opener Warm Up Routine that I do before I start my practice even if it’s in a studio! Video 1 1️⃣ push the sides of the legs down to start. 2️⃣ lift up the front leg using your core. 3️⃣ lift up higher keeping the back leg actively pressing down. Video 2 1️⃣ heels together and energetically pulling into you. 2️⃣ squeeze outer glute 🍑🍑🍑 to move knees down to ground. 3️⃣ fold forward. Video 3 1️⃣ lift back leg WHILE pushing the front knee down. 2️⃣ hover and externally rotate with straight leg. 3️⃣ actively engage into a double pigeon. 4️⃣ actively engage coming out the same way. Go crush your class! #actionhiroyoga #functionalhips #smarterhips

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If you asked me a year ago today if I wanted a life teaching classes in front of the camera, or being open and vulnerable on social media, I would have started stress sweating 🤣🤮 and told you that I’m just not made for that. When the opportunities started becoming really REAL around this time last year, I told myself I would just say “yes!” to as many things I could say yes to and create as many opportunities as I could. It’s been uncomfortable, anxiety-filled with all the “what if” conversations in my head AND super freaking awesome filled with adventure and I couldn’t be more blessed 🙌🙌. The point is, true growth is ALWAYS uncomfortable, and the things that you say you’d never be up for doing...check in with whether you’re truly not interested, or is it just a story you’ve told yourself that you’re not worthy/good enough for. Go out and try on a new hat 🎩. Be willing to get uncomfortable, you never know what you’d end up falling in love 💕 with! #growth #blessed #sayyes #bethechange

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