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Did you know I couldn’t do lolasana for like 10 years of my practice? I focused so much on trying to understand my core and trying different things. Even when I could do it, it wasn’t consistent...it’s almost as if I didn’t eat before, I got warmed up, I wore the right shorts, then I could do it. But if I could only do it under specific circumstances does that mean I really get it? Of course the answer is no. It wasn’t until I truly let go of trying to make my body do lolasana and instead just focused on what movements in my body are not working as optimally in all ranges of motion and starting there. What I intended with “Full Body Core” on @alo.moves is you get to try different movements in your yoga practice that can identify the gaps in your body movements, not your poses practice. Try it out and do it again and again so with the awareness you can fill the gaps! Link to ☝️“Full Body Core”☝️ in bio. #core #functionalflow #bethechange #awareness

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I did an instastory yesterday asking what you guys would like me to cover and one of the responses was around neck pain/safety during the yoga practice. So here are some exercises that will help support the neck in your yoga practice. A lot of the neck pain prevention is really just around shoulder awareness and learning how to use/coordinate them to release the tension in the neck. Try out these 3 exercises to build a stronger more coordinated and functional shoulder to level up your practice! #actionswithhiro #functionalflow #neckpainprevention

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One thing that I’ve been experiencing lately is how much time in the past I’ve spent around “thinking” about how to make changes: trying to reframe my thought process to set myself up for effective changes. The reality is, we don’t know nor understand what we don’t know and haven’t tried. So staying on this commitment of having truthful, intimate connections with people has gotten harder and easier at the same time. Harder in the sense that a lot of fears and insecurities have come up. Easier in the sense that a lot of the energetic drain has come from being in my head so much, so just DOING has been awesome. Today I’m really grateful for the leadership program I’m doing, because even though I’ve intellectually “understood” this and have been told this by those closest to me, sometimes it just takes a leap outside of a box for me to realize that the box of fears I’ve been living in has been the reason for all the lack of change I’m trying to create for myself. #justdoit #wayoutisthrough #bethechange #takeaction

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Here are 2 exercises that will be supportive in opening your shoulders for down dog, forearm stand, straight arms in handstand, and binds! Really try to limit the moving parts like the ribs popping out or dropping the front shoulder and keeping the shoulder blades pulled down so that you really explore end range mobility in the shoulder. #actionswithhiro #functionalflow #shoulder

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When I focused in on getting connected with my body and listening to the little alarms of what’s going on emotionally and mentally that I might not have been listening to. 💩💩💩 CHANGED...across the board. Which is why functional core is special to me. It was one of my personal break throughs in my own yoga practice because I found myself authentically finding movements that were outside what I’ve always been told was the way to understanding my “core” and start looking to truly get CONNECTED with understanding through feeling and coordinating in my body differently. So come join me and try on a different hat, and I hope you get connected and learn about yourself in a different way like I have! Click 👆the link👆in my bio to try this class with me on @alo.moves !! #functionalflow #functionalcore #actionswithhiro #connected

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When we start to see the gaps of what’s holding us back from everything that we want more and more clearly, the more we realize it comes down to the choices that we make. This last weekend at my leadership training was a huge wake up call for the prices I pay and the price people in my life pay from my fear of vulnerability and intimacy. Which is why I’m committed to practicing that in my way of BEing more and more every day. What’s your commitment to who you want to be in this world? I’d love to hear! #vulnerability #intimacy #committed #action

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If you’ve ever struggled with balancing on 1 foot like I did, this will be a game changer for you as it was for me. I used to just try over and over and over again to do warrior 3 or any other one legged standing pose thinking that with just practice and stacking joints I would eventually master my balance. Not only did this exercise help me with my balance but my foot also shrunk over 1 shoe size 🤯 (I have really flat feet and my arch would collapse - crazy right?!) So gives this a try it takes a while to get used to coordinating keeping ball of foot down completely, heel down and arch up but keep at it guys! #actionswithhiro #functionalflow #octopusfoot #balance from the #groundup

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What’s the benefit to vulnerability? Connection. Being vulnerable to ourselves creates the space for self love. But what’s the cost for vulnerability? Ego. And we will find ways to rationalize why we’re right in closing off! So I’m excited to be stepping into another weekend for my leadership training to build some deeper accountability and the question I find myself asking is “which of the two am I more committed to?” Because one leads to being the man I want to be in the world and the other keeps me right where I am. Who else is with me ✋? #committed to #growth #bethechange #vulnerability

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A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broke down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action becomes a reality. Hit me with a 🙌 in the comments if you’re about making this year the best year yet! #takeaction #clearvision #bethechange Wearing the new well-being blue plow board shorts by @aloyoga

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I’m loving connecting with SO MANY of you on @alo.moves ! I wanted to offer this to you as one of the transitions from the class for a little more detail AND an easier(lvl 1) AND harder (lvl 3) option for those of you getting after “Full Body Core.” A few times a week 👏👏👏. I super proud of you guys and hearing how it’s building more function and wider range of movement in your body. Keep it up! #actionswithhiro #functionalflow #yoga

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Man this is going to be a big year, I can already feel it. I can feel the resistance, the excitement, the limiting beliefs, taking action in spite of them, all of it! If ever you feel afraid around that new venture, next step, or trying anything new to break old cycles, I’m right there with you... Just know that on the other side of that big 🍑 mountain is everything you want and everything you’re working on being. So stay uncomfortable and commit! I’ll be right there with you shoulder-to-shoulder. #commit to #growth #bethechange

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What is the WHY in teaching all these exercises, tutorials, classes? I’ve been dedicated to yoga since I was a teenager and the reasons for doing this practice has changed as I’ve grown older. There came a point when I said “man I’ve been doing this a long time, my physical, emotional, mental, spiritual practice doesn’t really reflect in how much time I’ve been dedicating into this.” So when it came to the physical practice, I took a hard, deep look at what was going on. In short, I was always validating my growth based on the shapes I could make. When I decided to shift into dedicating my practice and prior knowledge of the body from the medical field and the sciences that I studied almost all my life, my practice transformed...FAST! So I’m excited for this “Full Body Core” class on @alo.moves because it really combines the classic yoga postures which I love with the exercises that I came up with focuses on increasing function in the overall body. I hope you enjoy this class the 👆link👆 is in my 👆bio👆and I wanted to know, if I were to film a series, what do you want to see? #actionswithhiro #functionalflow #core

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