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Today is day 1 for my leadership training in level 2 and it’s all about “break through”.... breaking through the self limiting beliefs that stop us from being our best versions of ourselves. I’m excited and terrified, which probably is exactly what I need. There has been so much growth over this year and I’ve been a lone wolf for much of it. After my first weekend here I’m reminded how powerful a like-minded community driven to grow and progress is. So pardon me for being MIA, I’m busy working through some 💩...😉🤣. #bethechange #dothework #takeaction #sd21

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Success, progress, change, comes from making a ton of mistakes: learning from them and making new mistakes. But the big part we glance over is the fact that the mistakes are made. Whether it be relationships, career, health, it’s all the same, which means new waters need to be tread. So forget being worried about not making mistakes, because the difference between success and failure, or lessons and failures, depends on whether or not you get back up...not on falling down or not. #progress #standup #showup #bethechange

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Here we’re working on shoulder stability through transitions! 4 different exercises for you, your students, your puppies, anyone! Keep pushing out of that shoulder girdle so you don’t feel pinching, impingement, dumping sensation into your shoulder joint. #actionswithhiro #functionalflow #shoulderstability

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Going up always feels great, but I’ve learned to love coming down... Because in the face of fear, that’s where we have the most opportunity to grow. #bethechange #takeaction

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I posted the second photo 6 months talking about how I’ve always struggled with fluctuations: whether it be weight, happiness, etc. I also talked about realizations that made take a hard look at emotional state of being and changing the core beliefs we have for ourselves...that “self talk.” And here we are! 6 months later, now more than ever, it’s so clear to me how just how much real change...sustainable change...transformation, needs to start from the foundation of the core beliefs. I think it was Tony Robbins on a video about self sabotage who talked about if we believe we’re only worth making $50k a year, even if we bust our ass and make $250k, we will subconsciously (or consciously) find a way to get back to that $50k level. The same is true for relationships, physicality, happiness, all of it! So there’s still a lot in my life that is a work in progress, but today I’m celebrating! I’m celebrating the fact that for a long time there were so many areas in my life that seemed hopeless, that this life was always going to be one of suffering, and now I have faith in that we REALLY can take control of our lives if we take control of our core beliefs. I’m excited for what 2019 is going to bring, I’m excited for today... I’m excited for this life I’m going to create and the new stories I’m going to live by, because I’m done living from the stories of my past. #transformation starts with #belief #bethechange #selflove

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Ok the sequel to the last video! Finding internal and external rotation in the hips without leveraging push on the ground. How deep can you rotate (with some added core strength 😉). #actionswithhiro #functionalflow

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What beauty would you experience, create, if you truly stepped out of your comfort zone? So much has happened this year and as my birthday creeps up in several days I’ve been reflecting on how much I’ve gained as a person from persistently stepping out of my comfort. One thing that I’ve come to realize is how SMALL we think of ourselves. We are capable of so much if we just raise the quality of self talk, and in those times when we’re not sure how, just stepping into the new anyway. After all, the new life you imagine for yourself is going to cost you the person that you are right now. #bethechange #selflove #mindset #livemore

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Here are 2 warm up progressions that’s part of my practice right now as soon as I hit the mat. (Great self test prep for the next videos...stay tuned)! Living and teaching around Los Angeles there’s a lot of sitting in a car (🙌 if you can relate) so opening up the hips and the sacral area is so great when I do get a chance to practice. In video 1️⃣ I am pressing down the sides of the legs that’s in contact with the ground in both legs. And finding deeper rotations in the direction it’s already going in. **try to keep your chest and belly button facing the back of your front knee** I.e. external rotation in the front leg & internal on the back leg. In video 2️⃣ I’m engaging the muscles that are being stretched in those rotations. And then I am trying to maintain the engagement when I lift. I.e. outer glute in the front leg & inner thigh back leg. Try this out before you start your practice and see if it makes a difference in your practice. Enjoy! #actionswithhiro #functionalflow

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Man am I feeling how powerful holding onto the past is affecting all areas of my life, which is why I’m so excited to take massive action next week in my level 2 leadership training. Sometimes to really break the hold we have on ourselves we have to do something bigger, stronger, that will show us it’ll be ok to let go. Go make big moves! #massiveaction #letgo #ego

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I think a lot of us can relate to the fact that what prevents us from having, doing, being what we envision for ourselves isn’t us innately missing an ingredient to our being. It’s skewed perception, expectations, fear, limiting beliefs that we’ve adopted over the years. I can’t remember a time where I’ve been this terrified and excited! The thought of unraveling all the 💩 that’s held me back, especially after seeing how powerful this year has been so far when I’ve started to actually put effort into breaking past those limiting beliefs. What a weekend whew! Finished level 1 of my leadership program. Super grateful for the amazing people I’m connecting with, the angels who pushed me to do this and for @chrismotivador for leading the level 1 training 💕. Can’t wait to read his book too, what a powerfully magical human 🙏🙏🙏. . #takeaction to #yourbestself #bethechange

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So I’m at this weekend long leadership training in San Diego and the most interesting thing so far that I’ve realized is, as much as I learn and try to put into practice at home around “change,” getting in front of close to 100 people and sharing the things that hold me back from being the best version of myself, or even just doing exercises for myself have been such a huge challenge. . I think this is a great opportunity to making progress though, finding more situations to put new tools to the test and seeing where or when it falls short just gives a clearer direction of what to work on, or how to work on becoming your own best version. . I am so grateful for you guys that engage with me, whether it be in comments to posts, IG stories, IGTV or DM’s and sharing with me your process of progress. So I just want to say, keep searching for the places, instances where the change that you’re embodying is finding resistance because that’s where you’ll get one step closer to becoming. . Happy Sunday action takers! #selflove #bethechange #opportunity #notfailure

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One of my home flows for prepping my legs/hips for backbends. 3 levels for stretching/strengthening hip flexors and inner thighs (adductors). Finding strength while stretching your adductors will help prevent dumping into your low back/sacrum when getting deeper into your backbends. . Enjoy! #actionswithhiro #functionalflow

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