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I think when we fully step into living in a way that means a lot to us, we do what we need to in order to make sure we’re at our 100%. As I’m taking a quick break from packing my bags, I had a moment where I thought “damn I packed some things I would have never packed a year ago.” For example, I packed my handstand blocks, supplements, essential oils box, resistance bands, a mini sized luggage INSIDE of my luggage that just has a ronin s (a gimbal ((a thing that holds my camera steady))) and all these things take up most of my check-in luggage. But the handstand blocks built up the strength in my wrists a ton, the supplements wooooooo I can’t tell you how much they’ve saved me from eating street food 🤮/being sore from demoing hours a day 😵, and the oils when I’m feeling less than 100%/stressed/inflammation 🤧. And with all the yoga demoing there are other parts of my physiology that becomes unbalanced and it’s something I can use on a 1 hour taxi ride to the airport or photo location. On these travels I’ll never allow negligence of my health or laziness for not wanting to carry gear be the reason that I don’t show up 100% for anyone who signs up for my workshops or not getting the photo/video that I envisioned. What it comes down to is... How much does what you do matter to you? #actionhiroyoga #capturingtheworld #whatsinmybag Maybe I’ll do a “what’s in my bag” on my BTS page @actionhiro_bts and how beautiful is this hotel/location?! Thanks for having me @fourpointsdanang ☺️💕🙏

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“Stack your knee on top of your ankle, and your hip over your knee...” A cue that all us teachers have used/were taught in yoga. I stopped using this cue when I started to see the value yoga has as a mirror for life off the mat. What that means is, stacking joints & finding that balance point gives you “positional balance” aka balance at one point, but not balance anywhere else. Life doesn’t work like that. You don’t “find balance” and then you’re done, it’s a constant flux of losing/re-finding it. So focusing less on the stacking and more on the muscles that dictate the bones will give you more consistent control 👍👍👍. Try these 4 exercises out! They’re all relatively accessible and brings active stretching to your adductors/external rotators. #functionalflow #actionhiroyoha During my travels I typically use Expedia but since someone told me about Agoda I’ve been finding better deals and ease of use. And I’m finding places like this house where I can find tutorials (which is hard to find clean, big spaces for cheap while traveling)! With over 2 million properties worldwide, I know I'll always find incredible properties - especially through my Asia tour. Check them out: https://ago-da.co/2JsSpGQ #Agodalens #agodahomes

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It was great spending a couple days exploring in Da Nẵng and getting to have some downtime in the slower paced beach town. Especially when @fourpointsdanang is on a quieter beachside, it was a perfect recharge before starting the first day of workshops here in Hanoi. Super excited because this workshop is going to be pretty different, @vietyogi build a really strong practicing community here so I can really bring the 🔥🔥🔥 today! #recharged #readytowork #actionhiroyoga

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The world is either a gift or always trying to get you. It just comes down to how we choose to see things. Traumas, hard experiences, can lead us to always be on the defensive. It’s a choice to either see the lessons or the demons, a choice to continue living in victimhood or become stronger, wiser, more compassionate. This is something over the last year I’ve been dedicating all my efforts towards: not letting a moment or moments in the past, things that happened YEARS ago, dictate the way I see the world today. I’m still trekking on that path and the vulnerability is scary of course, but I’d rather choose not knowing what’s ahead than seeing the world as out to get me. Leave a 💪 in the comments if today you’ll choose strength over victimhood! #perspective #emotionalintelligence #alwayslearning On another note, Da Nẵng has been awesome! I’m excited to head to Hanoi tomorrow to teach workshops over the weekend! DM @vietyogi if you’re in the area and interested in getting smarter in your body and flowing with more functionality!

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This room shows a collection of all my posts on my Instagram along with key words from each caption. When I look at this collection of my last few years, I’m reconnected with the bigger scope of how things have gone for me over the years, what social media has the potential to be, what I potentially have to contribute. Regardless of circumstance, feeling lost, scared, unsure of myself, what helped me find my path, re-find my passion for life was 1. Just trying - regardless of fear of failure. 2. Not stopping to think smarter but keep trying and taking action while doing so. I used to think that finding self confidence meant one day not having fear in whatever I’m doing. The reality is I’m always trying to step into growth, which means always outside of comfort, which means yea I’m afraid a lot of times! But I do have confidence that “failure” is a PART of success so knowing that, it just comes down to never giving up and always self evaluating along the way. And I have confidence I’ll always try and do my best to check myself. Leave a comment if this resonates! #selfreflection #failforward #actionhiroyoga

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Thanks for being awesome Tokyo and giving me all your deliciousness! And a big thanks to all the yogis who came out to take my workshops. Can’t wait to come back again in the future and explore a bit more. But now I’m on my plane and off to Vietnam! My first time so I’m super excited to experience the culture, the warm weather again 🐒, and meet more amazing yogis! #travelyogi #grateful 📸 @dimlitesnotwits

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I found this big beautiful space on @agoda here in Tokyo so my first thought? Let’s do tutorials here! So here is the first one: functional core for your inversion practice. Whether you have your inversions down or are working towards it, one misconception is that you need more core strength. The reality is core stability is what’s going to keep you from wobbling around when you’re trying to get upside down. These exercises are great for testing out your core stability while coordinating different positions and movements. Give these a try and for you guys outside of Asia, @agoda has the perfect app to look at over 2M+ properties for your next trip out here. Check them out: https://ago-da.co/2JsSpGQ #agodalens #agodahomes #actionhiroyoga

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It’s interesting how we can be in the same place twice and have two completely different experiences. Japan feels different, and yea the city may have changed since last I was here, but I know I have. It just makes me excited to know that the world has so much to offer and more than just places or things to do, we are always evolving so every experience is unique. Dropping in and meditating has been a huge help with being able to feel more of the subtleties in my life. Why do you meditate if you do? And if you don’t, wouldn’t it be great to experience more of life? #perspective #livemore #actionhiroyoga

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I think I walked more today than the whole year collectively (doesn’t say much 🐒😅) but man what a cool city! I haven’t been here in like 15+ years. Fun fact: I’m half Japanese and my mom raised me more Japanese than Taiwanese so I always felt closer to this culture. So far, finished day 1 of workshops at @namiyogastudio excited for the rest of the weekend and of course some more exploring around town. So if you’re around the area hope I get to meet you at a workshop and if not... Best restaurants and coffee spots 3, 2, 1... go 🐒🙏! #travelyogi #explore #tokyo

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Morning routines are great and can really set you up for success. When I’m traveling, that routine can be a little challenging. Looking at what about a “morning routine” helps, it’s things that mentally prepared you to go through the day with effective positivity. So, the actual “routine” the “things” can vary. One day I might have a morning yoga class and a meditation and home made cappuccino, other days that might be a 5 minute meditation in a taxi in a foreign country. As long as we stay aligned to the bigger purpose of a thing, then we avoid running the risk of becoming attached to a thing, even things like morning routines. Some things I learned about myself especially during these travels. Really great when I do get the time to have the opposite experience of being rushed, like at @banyantreephuket where I can start with yoga, do a coffee tasting, and spend a bit of time at the beach before teaching/working. #perspectiveshift #align #actionhiroyoga

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actionhiro. Headed back to Asia today to teach for the next couple months and I’m

Headed back to Asia today to teach for the next couple months and I’m excited to experience the different yoga communities. One thing I’ve found is each city is a little different so far, the tendencies towards certain injuries especially. It makes sense that weather, lifestyle, food culture, yoga style predominance, all have impacts in the habits we’ve developed, so I’m excited to keep learning about habitual impacts on our physicality and difference ways of bringing optimal function back. Gonna be a fun journey for sure. Hope I get to meet some of you in person along the way! #functionalflow #actionhiroyoga #travelyogi

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Last minute packing before heading off to spend the next 2 months teaching around Asia! First stop, Tokyo with @namiyogastudio . I’m excited and here’s a little series of progressions with hips. Hips connect our lower and upper half of our bodies and building more control and awareness around the hips can provide a lot of information about past injuries, compensatory movements, or prevent future injury by expanding on different movements. Enjoy these! And I hope you can make it to a workshop if you’re in Asia! The website in my bio has all the locations of where I’ll be. #functionalflow #actionhiroyoga #smarterhips

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