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This being human is a guest house. Every morning a new arrival. A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor. Welcome and entertain them all! Even if they are a crowd of sorrows, who violently sweep your house empty of its furniture. Still treat each guest honorably. He may be clearing you out for some new delight. The dark thought, the shame, the malice, meet them at the door laughing and invite them in. Be grateful for whatever comes. because each has been sent as a guide from beyond. — Rumi . . . . . . Welcome all that comes: Monday 7:15p Gentle @Eaton.dc Thursday 5:00p C2 CPY dupont Saturday 12:30p C2 CPY dupont . 📸 @frannie11 . #thisisyoga #rumi #theguesthouse #utah #reversewarrior #worldmentalhealthday

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•balance• Always a delicate dance between push and pull, softness and strength, lifting and grounding. Happy libra season! Find equanimity with Gentle Yoga Monday at 7:15pm @eaton.dc 📸: @frannie11 my #1 IG husband . . . . #thisisyoga #asana #eaglepose #findyourpark

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After a soul-filling @5girls1rv adventure out West, I’m back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow: @eaton.dc Monday 7:15pm Gentle Yoga @corepoweryoga Dupont Circle Thursday 5:00pm C2 and Saturday 12:30pm C2 . #thisisyoga #chinstand #asana

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home-on-wheels practice with my gals @laurenkemple @frannie11 . . . After days of hiking and driving it’s beautiful to see the practice reflect what each heart and body needs. To move freely in whatever ways feel nourishing. Different, yet exactly the same. Full of gratitude for the past 10 days with @5girls1rv . . . . #yoga #thisisyoga #homepractice #rvlife #soulsisters

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Feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude for this day and this life. For Mother Nature, phone cases, and mostly the goofy gals that also like to stare at rocks and sunsets. @5girls1rv I love each and every one of you. So many laughs and we are just getting started!

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abbypatersonyoga. Summer 2019 has been one for the books. I have learned more about myse

Summer 2019 has been one for the books. I have learned more about myself in the past 4 months than I could have imagined. I have seen my fears, habitual tendencies, and shed light on my shadow side. And I am better for it. I let it inform my teaching and embraced the vulnerability. It was ugly and uncomfortable but an opportunity none the less. A chance to walk the talk. To utilize the tools and put in the work to live my yoga. And through it, I was supported by all of the incredible humans I have collected. They lift me up and keep me humble and never fail to make me laugh. I am grateful for this time and every single one of them. . . Off on holiday next week with @5girls1rv . . Back to teaching: CPY Thursday 19th at 5:00pm Eaton Hotel Monday 23rd at 7:15pm . . 📸: @devinmaier . #thisisyoga #yoga #growth #vulnerability #friendship

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abbypatersonyoga. You are not your body. 
You are not your emotions.
You are not your th

You are not your body. You are not your emotions. You are not your thoughts. ✨ If you can witness it, it cannot be you. ✨ You are the one doing the watching. You are the pure light of awareness. You are connected to everything and everyone around you. ✨ Whatever version of higher power you subscribe to, it doesn’t matter how you connect, just that you do so often. ✨ Yoga Fundamentals at 7:15pm Monday @eaton.dc #thisisyoga #asana #meditation #soulconnection

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How could you not feel at home in a space like this? ✨ Starting a new class every Monday at 7:15pm on Yoga Fundamentals. So grateful to teach in such a stunning environment. ✨ @eatonworkshop @eaton.dc 📸 @kurtslanaker

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I’m reminded today of a sentiment @shivarea108 left with us after a @flowyogacenter workshop this summer. ✨ Chaturanga has become synonymous with yoga in the West. And in power vinyasa, can be the measure for how intense class is. But it’s purpose, the transition to a pranam, was seemingly lost in translation of our Sun Salutations. “A prostration, or pranam means to nam, or bow, to the life force, prana. Chaturanga Dandasana originated as a way to get into a prostration upon the earth.” A laying-down of the body, the ego, to bow to something bigger. ✨ This half-way-lower is the start of an offering; merely disguised as a tricep push up. An offering of ourselves back to the earth. A surrender of control in trust of something bigger. A reward of relaxation to balance the heat of effort. ✨ But instead of releasing, we lower and stop - just inches from the floor - inches from the connection we are seeking. Only to press away and tilt our heads to the sky. ✨ Try it on, let yourself rest in full prostration after your chaturanga. Revel in this posture of humility and peace, palms outstretched, open to the sky. Bring back the balance of releasing to source, before rising again. ✨ . . . . For more: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.yogajournal.com/.amp/practice/shiva-reas-prostration-practice-for-summer-solstice-and-international-yoga-day #thisisyoga #prostration #chaturangadandasana #yogaretreat #yoga

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abbypatersonyoga. Positive Phototropism: Growth towards a light source.
A reminder fro

Positive Phototropism: Growth towards a light source. . A reminder from nature to move towards the light. The light of compassion, awareness, and acceptance. “It doesn’t matter what is happening to you. What matters is how you relate to your experience.” . . Always towards the light . . . . #thisisyoga #radicalacceptance #meditation #ustrasana #camelpose

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abbypatersonyoga. Happy International Day of Yoga! Grateful for this practice and the pl

Happy International Day of Yoga! Grateful for this practice and the places it has taken me. From the corners of the earth to the depths of my soul. Grateful for the people and the peace it has brought me. Grateful for all I have learned, and to know I have only scratched the surface. #thisisyoga #idy2019

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Touch. It’s so easy to take this sense for granted. The feel of fabric on your skin, of pressure on your muscles, of weight in you foundation. The gift of purposeful, loving touch can enhance sensation, deepen postures, relieve tension, express emotion. But there is a sacredness to this offering; a reverence to cultivate before you enter someone’s space. Is touch welcome today? Why am I laying hands on this person? Am I clear in my intention? Am I adding value? Am I physically stable? Am I energetically grounded? It is all too easy to rush through adjustment and move through the motions without seeing the soul that is in front of you. From handshakes to handstand adjustments, remember the weight of your touch. . . . 📸: @rafeedhussain Corepower Dupont Thursday 5:00pm Saturday 12:30pm #thisisyoga #handson #adjustments #affirmativeconsent #restorativeyoga

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Different, yet exactly the same. 💛 big love @marleyivyyoga @vistamar_ayampe #thisisyoga #soulsister #yogaretreat #homepractice

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abbypatersonyoga. Meditation. Is. Hard. 
Sometimes it’s seated. Sometimes it looks like

Meditation. Is. Hard. Sometimes it’s seated. Sometimes it looks like this: outside, breathing, just listening to the birds. Sometimes this is enough, but I’m trying to be more intentional. I’m using it as a way to plug-in. To what exactly? I’m not sure. To the universe, spirit, god, source, truth, nature, love... the name doesn’t really matter. I choose to start my day grounded in trust of something bigger than myself. Each morning I sit or lay or child’s pose to breathe ask ask: “Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say, and to whom.” I choose to see in every relationship, even the most difficult or casual of encounters, a divine meeting. It doesn’t always happen, but I choose again and again to see the opportunity for soul growth. A chance to be love. My intention is to be in relationship with the universe. In relationship with something bigger. To be love. For more inspiration, listen to Marianne Williamson’s most recent Super Soul Sunday Podcast. It’s a game changer. #thisisyoga #doyoga #beyoga #childspose #balasana

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I still can’t find the words. Even if I could, they wouldn’t be able to encapsulate the love and joy and peace I experience assisting on retreat with @marleyivyyoga. It was everything I could have hoped for and more. The heartwarming hospitality from @vistamar_ayampe, the lush variety of nature, the depth of friendships new and old. It was a dream, and I already can’t wait to return next year. Hasta Ayampe! . . . #thisisyoga #yogaretreat #ayampe #vistamar #reversewarrior

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abbypatersonyoga. Off to Ecuador to assist @marleyivyyoga on retreat!!!
Taking time to r

Off to Ecuador to assist @marleyivyyoga on retreat!!! Taking time to reconnect by disconnecting from tech. ✌️ for two weeks! Back to regularly scheduled programming Thursday 5:00 C2 on April 24th!

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B E A M I N G at the thought of S P R I N G! ☀️ Reset and refresh with 108 Sun Salutations in honor of the Spring Equinox! Thursday 5:30-7:00 at CPY Dupont Circle . . . 📸: @rose.bastian . #thisisyoga #spring #equinox #yoga #yogaretreat

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today, and #theother364 • Happy International Women’s Day to my global girl gang. May we lift the world by lifting each other. #internationalwomensday #everyday #thisisyoga

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