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Brb off to yoga 😛

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And you don’t judge me, cuz if you did baby I would judge you too🤫 free-styling on da new pole 😍💕 #poledancing #polefitness #yogi

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abby_yogi. QUICK BOOTY HITT: (swipe for each exercise) - 16 squat jumps
- 16 jump

QUICK BOOTY HITT: (swipe for each exercise) - 16 squat jumps - 16 jump squat with 180 twist - 16 single leg squat pulses (8 each side) - 16 explosive burpees.. add push-up if your awesome - 16 single leg jump switch jump squats RESTTTTT THEN REPEAT 3x Add resistance band for extra precision 💕 #bootyworkout #hittworkout #workoutroutine #workoutgoals #yoga #squats #bootylicious🍑

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abby_yogi. G r a t e f u l 🤖

G r a t e f u l 🤖

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abby_yogi. Come on fly away with me, to a place where we can be anyone we wanna b

Come on fly away with me, to a place where we can be anyone we wanna be 🌻

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🏋️‍♀️ How I like to burn myself out after a workout 🏋️‍♀️

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abby_yogi. yesterday morning I woke up with anxiety. The kind where you feel para

yesterday morning I woke up with anxiety. The kind where you feel paralyzed. The kind that has been pent up and quite literally cripples you...leaving you unable to run from it. . . I had an amazing weekend - i received lots of exciting news regarding a project and I went to bed feeling motivated. So imagine my confusion when i woke up feeling like i was hit by a bus. . . There is no “quick fix” to intense anxiety- and this I knew. I knew I had to confront the thoughts and insecurities that this was stemming from. I got my body moving and went for a walk with a friend and I had the space to talk through my feelings and finally got to the root of what was causing my anxiety. I walked the edge of the beach and screamed... it was hard at first but finally I felt myself release. . . . I guess the point of this post was to remind you that no matter how far you come in your journey and how much progress your making.. shit is going to happen that “rocks the boat” and causes insecurities / fears / etc to arise. I’m offering the advice to invite the feelings in... don’t shove them down- they will fester in you and cause more problems. Spend some time with these feelings - identify, acknowledge, release. . . I’m proud of my abilities to dig deep within me and face the realities I would’ve used to run from. . . . . Today the universe rewarded me for dealing with my baggage by giving the most amazing day so far. grateful for the ups and downs life throws at me and although it’s exhausting to feel everything. It’s what makes me, me. So imma share my experiences so people going through similar things don’t feel so alone! #mentalhealth #endthestigma #letstalkaboutit!! #plankpose #abs

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S u r r e n d e r

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Do I love my body? Yes. Does that mean I don’t have insecurities? No. Have I always loved my body? Hell no. It took WORK and TIME and CONSTANT EFFORT to build a solid foundation of unconditional love toward my body. My favorite ways to show my body love are to feed myself nutritious food, not depriving myself of cravings, getting myself sweating at least once everyday, doing a variety of workouts that are challenging but FUN, lots of stretching / yoga, getting massages once a week to aid in muscle recovery and circulation, and using CBD to aid in decreasing inflammation 💕💕 how do you show your body love?! #selfloveclub #handstandpractice

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Epic acro flow: backbends, backflips, and blowing kisses 😘 . @theacromachine and I gettin it yesterday! . . . . . . . #chloexhalle #thekidsarealright #chloeandhalle #beyonce #chloexhallefan #backtuck #acroyoga #partneryoga #acrobat #yogabody #yogabooty #yogaeverything

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abby_yogi. Monday reminder - you go glen cocoooo!

Monday reminder - you go glen cocoooo!

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Back to my roots 😭😇😍🤩 Okay so I legit felt like I was on ecstasy tonight. This was my first time playing on the uneven bars with grips on (thanks @linettemenaskan) since 2007 ... 11 years! Learning these skills for the second time..and round two is way scarier😂 but already feels better! I LOVE GYMNASTICS and already love this community! 🤸🏻‍♀️ can’t wait to keep playing... . Who thinks i should post more gymnastics videos?! #onceagymnastalwaysagymnast #gymnastics #unevenbars #yoga #turned #gymnastics #sohypeduprightnow

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Midwest squaaaa 💪🏼 #handstandgoals #yogagoals #friendgoals #strongwomenunite

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abby_yogi. Journey home 💕

Journey home 💕

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I have been extreme #introvertvibes lately but I’m loving me time 🙈😍🐶 . . I’m a simple girl🌝 Tonight’s festivities include: all my faves: #mybed #giantbeanbag #balconyviews #painting #spotify #lightyoga #stockedkitchen #withtraderjoes #plaintainchips #yeti #palosanto #rollingout #angrymuscles #visionboard #bookofshadows #fuzzyblankets ....ya knowwww the usual!!!!

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abby_yogi. you’ve always known you were different
you’ve known since you were a c

you’ve always known you were different you’ve known since you were a child (and you LOVED IT) the fact that you were the only left handed person in your class. that you loved to cartwheel and dance and walk on you hands and climb trees. that your parents kept having babies and naming there with the letter A,but you didn’t know why because they weren’t like other mommys and daddys. they fought all the time with hate for the other in their eyes. this cant be love. you remember feeling confused at your friend’s houses seeing their parents kiss and hug, is things got messy along the way. you learned about shame, and guilt, and betrayal, and fakeness, you learned about the pain and darkness in the world. and you saw it everyhwere. you carried it with you. it became too much. and all of the sudden you didn’t like being different so much anymore. so you put on a mask. you smiled and pretended nothing was wrong.”this is what it means to be strong” you thought “I’m the strongest there is” ill take on everyones pain. that’ll fix it. but you were wrong. and learned that being brave does not mean to push your pain so far down that it suffocates in the darkness of your smallest crevice but to bring it to the surface of you skin and bones. to inhale it up through your spine and exhale it off the tip of your lips. to bring honor to its existence so that you can legit go. for this pain was too heavy to carry around with you. my dear. but don’t you see? this is what kept you different. your soul chased darkness from a young age so that you could become light. so that you could share your story and spread your message that were all on this together. we all all go through shit me must heal and we don’t have to pretend so much. can’t we hate a little less and love a little more?

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Upon starting yoga I was so amazed with myself because I literally learned and “mastered” (notice the quotations) every yoga pose I tried almost instantly- including full dancer, pincha, full camel- the list goes on. My form wasn’t necessarily terrible butttt..... looking back i realize MANY mistakes. (Most stemming from my hips not being squared, and neglecting the right side of my body - my weaker side) . : : Forcing myself into poses without having first the proper foundations and alignment has OVER TIME resulted in injuries and has now caused me to have to relearn everything I thought I already knew. i haven’t flowed in over a month.. strictly doing foundational classes..I feel like I’m learning yoga for the first time - a rebirth - a new beginning : . I am no longer concerned with what my practice looks like and the depth of my poses, but with my alignment and keeping my precious joints safe. Having said that, i know nobody has seen anything done on my right side because i only post my left (wth abby🙄) so here’s a little flow showing my right leg some love - strengthening and healing it through breathe and movement ! Happy Monday to you all, let’s make it a good week 🧚🏼‍♀️ #awayslearning #alwaysgrowing #alwaysyoga

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