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Handstand practice after an hour long HIIT sesh after a meditation sesh. What are you doing today that’s going to get you closer to your #goals? #handstandpress #handstandpractice

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abby_yogi. CHAKRA 2 (sacral): “I feel”
Location: end of tailbone (sacral, pub

CHAKRA 2 (sacral): “I feel” . . Location: end of tailbone (sacral, public region) . . Stone: rose quartz - stone of love 😊❤️ aids in healing emotional body, aid in fertility, ease loneliness and promote forgiveness 🙏🏻 : . Meditation: breathe in and visualize qualities of creativity, joy, happiness and vigor into your 2nd chakra, exhale into your lower abdomen and feel energies of love around you and in you. . Affirmations; “I feel joy and happiness flow from me“ “My physical health is strong and stable” “ I accept and acknowledge my sexuality . . #chakras #balancingchakras #meditation #sacralchakra #rosequartz #love #happiness #guidedmeditation #handstandpractice #handstandcanes #backbend

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BALANCE UR CHAKRAS WITH ME! 1st CHAKRA (ROOT) : “i live” . . Location: base of spine / perineum . . Stone: red jasper (any red stone is fine, or any stone at all ... whatever resonates with you) . . Your first chakra represents your basically survival needs. Your sense of GROUNDING - health, prosperity, safety, security, physical vitality . . If out of balance you may experience : Restlessness. Insecurity. Excessive anger and aggression. Impatience. Greediness. Obsession with materialistic matters . . Meditation: Sit comfortable. Close eyes. visualize passion, courage, strength, and forgiveness. Imagine these energies flowing into your root chakra - base of spine - . . Affirmations to repeat while meditating: “I am safe and secure with myself and my life” “I have courage and strength” “i live with passion” “i trust life supports me in fulfilling my purpose” . . #chakrabalance #rootchakra #toestand #yogagirl #meditateeveryday #meditation

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I have meditated every day for the past 20 days. This is by far the strongest my meditation practice has EVER been. . . I think a lot of times, people want the benefits of meditating but something is stopping them. Maybe they can’t sit still, maybe they are afraid of what may come up, they are unsure of how to meditate or are simply discouraged from past attempts. . . In my experience, the first few days of meditating were indeed hard. I started with just minutes and I wasn’t really able to focus on my breathe or observe my thoughts, because they were moving to quick. I really didn’t feel like I was meditating at all. My mind had been running wild for too long and i didn’t know how to control it. : . Well, by the 5th day I was up to ten minutes and by the 10th day i was up to 20. . . The last week of meditating consistently have been a true gift. I feel GROUNDED and IN CONTROL. . . I spend the first moments tuning inward and sorting out lingering thoughts. Stressors, feelings, emotions - I feel these through and let them go one by one. Ahh. A weight has been lifted. . . Then the space between my breathes lengthens and the space between my thoughts do as well. . . I play around focusing my energy to different parts of my body - my hands start to fire up. I notice where I’m holding tension. Release. . . Then at the deepest point i start to ask myself questions. When my mind is the clearest is when I find the most clarity. . . Before i know it 20 minutes have gracefully gone by and i open my eyes seeing vibrantly the world around me.. it’s time to begin my day ❤️ . . The point of this post is to encourage anyone who has the slightest interest in meditating to give it a go. The secret? Showing up everyday with no expectations. . . It’s kind of like exercising and training your mind. I think of my mind as a wild animal I need to train. The brain is a muscle, yeah? So we need to exercise it as we do our bodies if we want them to function properly to their highest abilities. . . I have found strength, confidence, and a feeling of connectedness after 20 days of practice. I am very non reactive. Calm. And enjoying life. Give it a go. #namaste

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abby_yogi. New skills on this fine Sunday ... channeling my inner #americanninjaw

New skills on this fine Sunday ... channeling my inner #americanninjawarrior

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abby_yogi. The many sides of abby: a selfie series.
Reminder to Keep redefini

The many sides of abby: a selfie series. . . Reminder to Keep redefining yourself everyday! You are not limited 🚨❤️ you can be a model one day and a business woman the next. Glam it up one day and rock no make up the next. Frankly, you can do ANYTHING that makes you happy. Anything that makes you, YOU. Explore the many sides of your soul and get to know YOURSELF! #beyourself #namaste

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Only slightly obsessed with this girl’s goofy self, sexy pole moves, rock hard abs and epic fro 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Lae- thanks for always getting creative with me and making me laugh. I LOVE U 🚨 @laelatate . . . . #friendgoals #absonfire #yogafriends #poledancing #polefitness #empoweredwomen #liberated #confident #goodvibes

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Current mindset: make each day my masterpiece 🎨 . . . Each day I wake up and make sure the first thoughts that fill my head are light, excited and grateful vibes 💫 no need to start your day with complaints, a to-do list, or comparing yourself to others online. Stop that shit- each day is a new day to start again. make today your masterpiece ‼️ . . . . . . . . . #handstand #backbend #heartopener #freeflow #currentvibe #yogachallenge #yogagirl #inversionistas

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abby_yogi. I use my tv as a clothes rack #watchagonnado

I use my tv as a clothes rack #watchagonnado

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My mindset is built on a strong foundation. Started as only seeds planted in me. Seeds of self love. Seeds of self esteem. Seeds of self awareness. Seeds of confidence. I’ve watered the fuck out of these seeds I’ve planted. I worked my ass off. 2018 brought growth upon growth; lesson after lesson. But that’s why I’m here. To learn. I’m ready to keep thriving in 2019. Riding the highs, and using the lows as my guides of growth and expansion. Surrendering with grace to every moment. Nothing can stop me 💯let’s get it. Let’s enjoy LIVING ‼️ #2019goals #newyearsameme #letskeepitgoing #wildride

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Handstanding on the canes clearly wasn’t challenging enough so my beanie did a nice job blindfolding me 😰 #handstand #handstandcanes #handstandpractice

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Behind the scenes 🎥

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abby_yogi. Yo🤷🏽‍♀️


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I love morning pole practices with @laelatate and @melspirations ... we take turns free-styling and always record ourselves which has been key for us to see what works and to improve techniques and of course funny #fails like the end of this one! . . . I’m obsessed with this song “when the party’s over” - billie eilish . . . . . . . #polefitness #polefitnessvideos #dancing #freestyling #booty #girlswhosquat #yoga #yogagirls #yogabody

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Today marks the last day of being 23 years old! It’s a very exciting time of year for me: yesterday was the winter solstice, my birthday is tomorrow, & I get to visit home for Xmas eve and Xmas day. This morning i walked to the Venice pier (still pinch myself that I can walk a mile and be at the beach) and screamed THANK YOU! Into the waves at the top of my lungs ❤️ #thankyouuniverse #sideplank

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If I could drive one message into everyone’s head it is to do what the fuck you want. This is your life. If your reason for not doing something is because you are worried what other people will think. Heads up- people are always going to have their opinions of you and guess what?! None of them have ANYTHING to do with you! If you aren’t doing something because you think you aren’t worthy of it. YOU ARE. If you want to dance on a pole in your underwear .. dance! If you like to sing .. sing! If you like to act ... act! If you want to make working out and living healthy your career... DO IT. I like doing all of these things and only this year did I muster up the confidence to pursue them. And guess what? My confidence is growing. It’s becoming stronger and more authentic by the MINUTE. Because I’m living my truth, following my path, listening to my heart instead of my fears. Do people judge me? I know for a fact they do, yes. Do I care... absolutely fucking not. I do what makes me happy and try to make others happy because I come from a place of love. BECAUSE I threw out the window what I thought my life was supposed to look like. A life chosen for me. MY life being chosen by SOCIETY, FAMILY, FRIENDS. It was MY responsibility to shed the layers off and I’m finally not ashamed to admit that I am a performer. I am an artist. I love to dance and do yoga and paint and grow my own business and I will never have regrets because I am PURSUING these things. In my own way. At my own pace. No one is going to give you shit. You have to do it yourself. you have to heal yourself. Learn who the fuck you are. What the fuck you want. Why you were put on this earth. Everyone has a purpose. Believe in yourself. Naaa maaa steeee. . . . . Sorry for all the f bombs 💣 . . . #wakeupcall . . #liveyourfuckinglife #believeinyourself #chaseyourdreams #fuckthehaters #poledancing #polefitness #yogagirl #dreamchaser #belove #belight

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Who else is riding that focused, playful, in the moment, determined wave right now?! . . The ebbs and flows of life are simply inevitable and when I’m flowing, I take full advantage of the good vibes and try to spread them to others! . . . . . . . . #headstand #inversion #yogagirl #yogajunkie #goodvibes #ridethewave #spreadgoodvibes #determined #bootypics #bootyfordays #bootylicious🍑

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“I’M JELLO” only posting for the end reaction... 55 reps 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 with @mollyg_fit and @jt_zen at @goldsgym today 🖖🏽 . . . . #squats #bootywork #bootyworkout #girlswhosquat #abs #yogisofinstagram #goldsgymvenice #goldsgym #LAvibes

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