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This is one of the shots I took from yesterdays snorkeling I had in #moretonisland with @sunsetsafaris . Before jumping in the water I asked the tour guide if I would see any fish... she said.. “ if I was lucky I might see a couple” 😉. Yeah, she was really making fun of me 😂 lot of fun! #sunsetsafaris #ad

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Today I had a fantastic day. I've been in a day tour with @sunsetsafaris to #MoretonIsland , the second largest sand island of the world (the biggest one is near here too 😜🇦🇺). We first went to the "desert" to have a sandboarding (I ate a lot of sand, believe me! Lol). After that we came back to the beach snorkeling and kayaking between the famous shipwrecks and lot of fishes. I hope to have a lot of days like that 🙏 #sunsetsafaris #ad

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Even in the darkest days, the sun will rise anyway 🔥 - SYDNEY ❤

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Today is my last day in #ByronBay. I loved so much this hippy cute little town and his beaches. Tomorrow I'm heading to Brisbane whit my #GreyHound #whimit pass. Thank you @greyhoundaustralia for taking me in all these beautiful places without spending a fortune 🙏❤ #ad

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📍Bondi, Sydney 🇦🇺 The most photographed ocean pool in Australia, filled by seawater directly from the ocean. If you're in #Sydney you should definetly check this pool out 😉

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📍 Lighthouse Byron Bay Travel because money returns, time doesn't. Memories will last forever ❤

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Last week I flyied to #Melbourne and Sydney, but flying is so expensive! From today I'm gonna finally use my #GreyHound #Whimit pass to travel the Australian #EastCoast. I've started my trip from Surfers Paradise and headed to Byron Bay. And for the next weeks, thanks to this pass I can jump on any Greyhound bus, going in any direction, so the only problem I have to worry about is where to go next 😊. That's the most flexible and cheap way to travel in #Australia, so if you are a backpacker in a tight budget (like me LOL) that's a great deal! #ad @greyhoundaustralia

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📍West Gate Park, Melbourne 🇦🇺 A lot of you guys have been asking me about this lake. Not even most of melbournians knew about it. I know, I've been so lucky cause the lake turns pink just once a year for natural reasons and I saw it from the West Gate bridge while I was going to the city centre. So if you're planning to visit #Melbourne or if you just live there and didn't know about this lake, just go to see it, it's not an usual thing to see and it's not a difficult place to reach 😉

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Just an epic shot of me and the #Operahouse . Today is the last day in this magic city. I've spent such a good time in #Sydney and met such beautiful people. I always say that travelling solo doesn't mean traveling "alone". I think it is just a big opportunity to meet a lot of people and see things in a different ways. If you guys have a chance, don't be afraid, don't wait, just book that damn flight and go, cause we have just a fk life and time goes so fast. Magic start out of your comfort zone 😉.

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📍Sydney, New South Wales 🇦🇺 - "Smile to life, and life will smile you back" ❤ - Had a swim in the Australian's most iconic swimming saltwater pool. So salty 😜 That's one of the most Instagramable spot in #Bondi

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📍Sydney, New South Wales 🇦🇺 - “I hope to arrive at my death late, in love, and a little drunk.” - #Sydney it's an incredible city. You can be at the Opera House, and just half an hour later in this amazing beach 🔥

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During this trip I'm discovering incredible places. #Australia, I begin to deeply love you! ❤🇦🇺

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That's another shot from the road trip I had yesterday in the #GreatOceanRoad : the famous lookout of the #TwelveApostles , a group of giant limestone located 7km east of #PortCampbell . Up to 75 meters high, the cliffs are considered some of Victoria’s most dramatic scenery. Actually the rocks left are just 8, due to the constant battering of wind and waves. In fact, in July of 2003 one of the 50m stacks collapsed leaving only eight stacks remaining. the Twelve Apostles are a must see attraction on any visit to Victoria. In the past years I've been seeing a lot of pictures of the Twelve Apostles on Instagram, and promised to myself to come visiting it one day. So, here I am 😊🙏

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Today I've been in a road trip along the #GreatOceanRoad , one of the world's most scenic coastal drives, along the south-west coast of #Victoria , #Australia 🇦🇺. The Great Ocean Road begins a 90 minute drive from #Melbourne 's city centre, continuing for 400 kilometres. First we stopped to the #12Apostles (stay tuned for the pics 😜) and after that we went to the famous beach of #LochArdGorge (in the pic you can see the massive rocks behind me 🔥). Well, it's been a busy day 😎.

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Did you know that there is a pink lake right next to #Melbourne? 🇦🇺 The lake in Westgate Park turns #pink due to the high salt levels and high temperatures. It has been turning pink since summer 2002! I noticed it the day I was coming from the airport by bus. I was amazed! The water looks like a strawberry shake! 🍓 When I was in Mexico I didn't have time to visit a famous pink lake over there, and I was so sorry for that. So, thank you universe for letting started my adventures in this great pink way! 😂🙌 What about you guys? Never been in a pink lake? 🔥

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📍Brisbane, Queensland 🇦🇺 "Life is like a rainbow. You need both rain and sun to make its colors appear" 🔥 - Hello Brisbane! - These are gonna be my last days working. Soon I'm gonna start a big trip, almost 3 months traveling around Australia and Asia 😍 stay tuned 💪🌎✈

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I developed the love for traveling at a young age, I credit my uncle for that. But the “travel bug” became real under the Caribbean sun of Panamà, in Central America. There, I got to see how big, amazing and beautiful the world is. In the pic I was in Playa de las estrellas, in Bocas del Toro 🇵🇦 . I flew with @southwestair to Costa Rica, and from there I reached this beautiful place. If you haven’t been there, I definetly recommend visiting it! (PS. I TOOK THE PIC KEEPING THE STARFISH UNDERWATER. IT IS SUPER ALIVE YET 👌) #SouthwestStorytellers #Contest ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ . . . . . . . . . . #panama #panamá #visitpanama #igpanama #pty #507 #panamatravel #panama507 #panamagram #panamacity #panamazing #panama🇵🇦 #carribean #starfish #playadelasestrellas #bocasdeltoro #passportlife #wanderlust #solotravel #solotraveller #solotraveler #neverstoptravelling #solotrip #travelalone #goprotravel #goprohero #goprophoto

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